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Rembert Mound

In 1990, the Maritime Research Division joined the National Park Service to locate the remains of the Rembert Mound and village complex. The mound complex, which was occupied from around 1100-1450 AD, was the subject of popular and professional interest from the 19th century up until the area was flooded by the construction of Clark Hill Lake in the early 1950s. An underwater reconnaissance at the presumed location of the complex remains produced a dense scatter of Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian period artifacts indicating that the mound complex was occupied throughout much of the area's prehistory.

Related Information

1994. Amer, Christopher, Anderson, David G., and Elliot, Rita Flose. "Underwater Investigations at 9EB513." Archaeological Survey of the Upper Savannah River Including Underwater Investigations at the Rembert Mound Group, No. 1. Interagency Archaeological Services Division. National Park Service. Atlanta, Georgia. pp. 62-78.

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