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Charles Towne Landing

Charles Towne Landing was the first successful settlement in South Carolina established in 1670 and today, serves as an interactive interpretive center for the public about colonial life in the Lowcountry. Although there has been a long history of terrestrial archaeology investigations there has been limited underwater archaeological work conducted. In 2001, the Division staff worked with Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site staff to survey a section of Old Towne Creek for evidence of archaeological remains. The team used transects and circle searches to systematically map the creek bottom over the survey area. The visibility was very poor, but there were some metal and wooden anomalies to investigate. While this project yielded little in the way of archaeological remains, much more of this important historical site is yet to be discovered beneath the waters at Charles Towne Landing.

Related Information

2001. Clark, Rusty. "An Underwater Archaeology Survey of Old Towne Creek Near Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site." Legacy. Vol. 6, No. 1. July. South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology. University of South Carolina. Columbia, South Carolina. p. 16.

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