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Brown's Ferry Vessel

Discovered by sport divers in 1971 in the Black River near Brown's Ferry Landing, small merchant vessel was found laden with approximately 25 tons of bricks and other artifacts associated with the wreck.  An analysis of these artifacts led archaeologists to conclude the wreck dated to the mid-late 18th century.  Deemed archaeologically and historically important to the state of South Carolina, the shipwreck was recovered from the river in 1976 to undergo treatment at the SCIAA conservation center on the University of South Carolina's Columbia campus. Over the course of a sixteen years, the vessel was conserved using a method involving Polyethelene Glycol or PEG then moved to the Rice Museum in Georgetown in 1992. In 1993, a SCIAA team reconstructed the vessel and prepared it for exhibition.  The Brown's Ferry Vessel and some associated artifacts remain on display at the Rice Museum in Georgetown.

Related Information

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