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Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

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All members of our academic community are accountable for maintaining the behavioral standards established by the university. 

Type of Report 

Code of Conduct Violation

Our reputation is built by the actions of the people who live, work and study on our campus. Violations of our code of conduct may result in educational intervention. This form should be completed if there is a concern that a student has violated a behavioral code (for example, alcohol or drug violations).
Submit Code of Conduct Violation Report 

Honor Code Violation

A student who violates, or assists another in violating the Honor Code, will be subject to educational outcomes. Honesty and integrity are integral to academic success at USC. This report should be completed if there is a concern about academic dishonesty within the classroom. 
Submit Honor Code Violation Report 


Every individual deserves to pursue their education at our university in a safe environment. Hazing is never permitted. 
Submit Hazing Report 

Off-Campus Incident

We will intervene when an off-campus offense has the potential to adversely affect the university community or its mission.
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Make a Student Care and Outreach Team (Care Team) Referral

We all play a vital role in ensuring campus safety. If you feel a student is a threat to themselves or the community, submit a Care Incident Report or contact the Care Team at 803-777-4193.

If it is an emergency, call 911 or USCPD 803-777-4215
Learn more about the Care Team »



Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

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