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Student Success Center

Submit an Alert

Through the EAB/Navigate platform, faculty, instructors, and campus partners can submit alerts on behalf of students to the Student Success Center for academic and/or financial support at any time.

Submit an Alert

Alerts are proactively submitted by faculty, instructors, and campus partners.


Progress Reports are sent out to instructors affiliated with key courses to identify students at-risk of failing during intentional times of the semester, usually between weeks 4-6 and before the 'WF' deadline.
If your course is part of the SSC's Progress Report Initiative, you'll:
  • Receive an e-mail titled 'Submit Progress Reports to the Student Success Center' and follow the hyperlink to begin entering student feedback
  • For any student you determine as "at-risk", you'll select 'yes', followed by an alert reason such as Class Absence, Student Needs SI/Tutoring/Study Skills, and/or 'Other' (please note information such as how many absences, course grade, and comments is not required but helpful)
  • Submit the Progress Reports. You can choose 1 of 2 options:
    • Submit only marked students (but I'm not done): This button will submit students you have marked as being complete (effectively removing them from your list of students). However, the students you have not marked will remain on your list. It's recommended that large sections utilize this feature. 
    • Submit unmarked students as not at-risk (I'm all done): This is your "I'm all done" button, it will submit the students you have marked as you indicated. It will also submit the rest of your students as not at-risk. It's recommended that you use this feature to quickly identify which students are at-risk but don't have to take time to identify which students are not at-risk.
Courses selected for Progress Reports are chosen because:
  • undergraduate students are expected to perform well in order to progress 
  • the SSC provides some sort of academic support for (i.e. Supplemental Instruction, Peer Tutoring, etc.)
  • College of Arts & Sciences: BIOL 101, BIOL 102, BIOL 243, BIOL 244, CHEM 102, CHEM 111, CHEM 112, CHEM 333, CHEM 334, MATH 111, MATH 111i, MATH 115, MATH 122, MATH 141, MATH 142
  • College of Engineering & Computing: CSCE 102, CSCE 145, CSCE 146, CSCE 211, CSCE 212, CSCE 215, CSCE 240, CSCE 350, ECIV111, ECIV 200, ELCT 102, ELCT 221, EMCH 200, EMCH 201, EMCH 290, EMCH 310
  • Darla Moore School of Business: ACCT 225, ACCT 226, ACCT 324, ECON 221, ECON 222, FINA 363, FINA 469, MGMT 371, MGMT 478, MGSC 290, MGSC 291, MGSC 394, MGSC 395, MKTG 350
  • School of Music: MUSC 115, MUSC 116, MUSC 216, MUSC 218
  • University 101 Programs: UNIV 101

**The abovementioned courses are up-to-date for the Spring 2021 semester

“This course participates in the progress report initiative through the Student Success Center (SSC). At key points throughout the semester, the instructor may alert the SSC of students who may not be meeting criteria that’s been established for both attendance and/or course grade performance. Students who receive an alert will get an e-mail, then be contacted via the SSC Call Center, in which they’re encouraged to connect with additional academic support resources. For more information, please contact the Student Success Center at 803-777-1000 or visit our website at”

You can refer a student by submitting an alert. Alerts are proactively submitted by instructors/campus partners and can be submitted at any time. Alerts can trigger cases to develop a response & intervention plan. 

  • Class Absence:
    • Student has missed 2 or more consecutive classes and/or missed regularly (but not consecutively) 
    • Student has stopped attending your class
    • Student has not responded to your communication after missing one or more classes
  • Student Needs SI/Tutoring/Study Skills: 
    • Student never, rarely, or inconsistently turns in assignments
    • Student has not turned in a major assignment
    • Student quiz/exam grades indicate they're not grasping the material
    • Student has missed an exam and has not contacted you within a reasonable amount of time
    • Student grade is in jeopardy if the current level of performance continues
  • Gateway Exam
    • Student is enrolled in MATH 141 and/or MATH 142 and has not yet taken their Gateway Exam
  • Money Management
    • Student mentions they're stressed about their financial situation
    • Student's financial situation is negatively impacting their academics
    • Student mentions they have limited funds in their bank account on a regular basis
    • Student has an unforeseen financial emergency
Log in to the alert Platform using your UofSC username and password. 
  1. Within your Professor Profile, on the right hand side under Actions, select "I want to...Issue an Alert"
  2. Using your course roster, type the USCID, username, or full name of the student you wish to submit an alert for in the box titled 'Student'
  3. Please select the reason you believe the student needs assistance. You can choose between the following options: Class Absence, Gateway Exam (MATH Courses only), Student Needs SI/Tutoring/Study Skills, or Money Management
  4. Please select the course the alert is associated (if applicable)
  5. Share relevant information in "Additional Comments". This can include the number of absences, number of missing assignments, test/exam grades, and even the student's current grade in your course
  6. Select Submit
  7. Repeat for additional students
After submitting an at-risk Progress Report and/or Alert, students:
  • Receive an e-mail
  • Receive 2-3 phone calls
  • Receive a housing visit from a trained & vetted member of UofSC's Residence Life team
  • Students are encouraged to schedule a Success Consultation and/or connect with other campus resources such as Supplemental Instruction, Peer Tutoring, Academic Advisor, Student Disability Resource Center, Counseling & Psychiatry, etc. 
Any time during the semester, but preferably during the first four to six weeks of class. You can submit an alert on behalf of a student as many times as necessary to let the Student Success Center know of your concern so we may connect them to resources that can help.
If you are experiencing difficulty using the alert platform, please use our Alternate Alert Form.

Problems Beyond Academics

If you have concerns about a student related to behaviors beyond academics or attendance, you may consider making appropriate referrals to:

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