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Continuing Education Programs

  • Program Development and Evaluation

Program Development and Evaluation

Learn the strategic development models and evaluation tools necessary to write a successful grant proposal. You will learn the key methods to planning, implementing and evaluating quality programs through the systematic logic model and organized evaluation techniques.

Design Successful Evaluations

Poor program development is the major reason organizations fail to gain or lose funding. In the Program Development and Evaluation course, you will examine the necessary components of a successful program.   You will learn both practical and conceptual aspects that are important to the development process.

This course identifies program development as both a product and a process. You will become familiar with how the logic model process results in a theoretical framework for describing the effects and consequences of a program as they are related to its development and implementation.

The course will also dissect the three types of evaluations – goal-based evaluation, process evaluation and outcome evaluation – and how to analyze output elements and reports. Emphasis is given to outcome based measures and evaluation. Course discussion topics include unmet need identification and best practices for program development and evaluation.

The intensive course further examines the necessary components of a successful program; such as a highly integrated, ongoing set of activities, resource planning, goals and objectives, organizational capacity, community partners and outcomes and evaluation.

By the end of the course you will also understand the importance of program development as it relates to outcomes and evaluation.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the Nonprofit Program
  • Know the cornerstones for solid program planning
  • Outline guidelines to keep program planning on track
  • Define program direction goals and objectives
  • Identify program process (Process, Resources and Budget)
  • Provide program evaluation
  • Find resources for successful program evaluation


The Course Outline

The workshop format is interactive with both lecture sessions and breakout groups.  You will meet and interact with others who have similar interests and needs to discuss relevant grant issues and strategies with other professionals from similar disciplines such as education, mental health, social service, health care, law enforcement, etc.

Lessons will include:

  • Need identification and best practices for program development and evaluation.
  • Goal-based evaluations
  • Process evaluations
  • Outcome evaluations


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