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College of Pharmacy

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Alexander Gasparian

Title: Research Assistant Professor / Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Phone: 803-777-9325

Research interests

My research interests span various aspects of cancer biology and treatment. In my early research I identified a set of genetic markers associated with the progression of ovarian and lung cancer. In my post-doctoral research, I analyzed the mechanism of constitutive activation of transcription factor NF-kappaB in castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). Similarly to findings in other systems, I showed a protective role of NF-kappaB activation in drug-induced death of CRPC cells that provides a basis for the development of combination therapies for CRPC that include NF-kappaB inhibitors. I participated in the discovery of a new class of prospective anti-cancer drugs named “Curaxins” targeting important molecular pathways in cancer cells (including inhibition of FACT complex, inhibition of NF-kappaB and activation of tumor suppressor p53). Curaxins are currently in Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of unresectable solid tumors. My recent studies addressed the mechanisms of cancer cell death after the depletion of coatomer protein complex COPI in cancer cells. Currently I work on several projects focused on targeting transcription-regulating kinase CDK8 in cancer cells.

Master of Science (major in biochemistry)

Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1993

Doctor of Philosophy

Experimental Oncology, Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, 1997

Postdoctoral fellowship

Cancer biology, AMC Cancer Research Center, Denver, CO, 1999 – 2001




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