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Department of History


Jillian Breeden

Title: Graduate Student
MA, Science, Technology, and Environment
Department: Department of History
College of Arts and Sciences

Advisor: Dr. Kay Edwards

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Education: BA in Psychology and History, University of South Carolina


Jilli is a history MA student researching intellectual, cultural, and emotions history within the early-modern Iberian Peninsula. As a passionate student of both psychology and history, she enjoys marrying the two disciplines whenever she can in her research. Whether that be through interpreting the emotional/psychological effects of spiritual attacks in 16th-century Castilian nunneries or reading contemporary physicians’ philosophies on the human psyche and soul.

Her bachelor’s thesis, “Melancholy in Early-Modern Spain,” analyzed understandings of the disease then-known as melancholia through three lenses: the spiritual, the medical, and the allegorical. Through these viewpoints she explored how contemporaries understood the delicate balances and limitations between melancholy and madness.

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