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Aria Dal Molin

Title: Assistant Professor of Renaissance Literary and Cultural Studies
Department: Languages, Literatures and Cultures
College of Arts and Sciences
Resources: Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Aria Dal Molin

Dr. Aria Dal Molin has recently joined the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures as Assistant Professor of Renaissance Literary and Cultural Studies. Dr. Dal Molin holds a PhD in French and Italian Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara (2015) and an MA from the University of Oregon in Romance Languages and Literatures (2008).

Her research focus stems from a long interest in the intersection of French and Italian literary and philosophical thought; her dissertation entitled, “A Transalpine Theatrical Conversation: French Farce and Italian Renaissance Comedy” looks at comedy and the relationship between French and Italian late-Medieval and Renaissance theater. Her current book project examines cultural mobilities in early modern Europe and vernacular comic theater as the preferred medium of transnational exchange between France and Italy.  She is also working on several articles, including an article on politics and rivaling academies in sixteenth-century Siena (the Accademia degli Intronati and the Congrega dei Rozzi) and two articles on representations of disabilities in medieval and early modern French and Italian theater examined through the lens of disability studies.

Dr. Dal Molin’s areas of specialization include Renaissance studies, medieval studies, performance studies, comedy, humanist theory, Tuscan literary academies, French medieval theater, and disability studies.

Her teaching interests include Renaissance Italy, early modern theater, early modern humor, Italian cultural legacies, Italian lyric poetry, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Machiavelli, French farces, Rabelais, and Molière.