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University Technology Services

iCARE Center Now Carolina Tech Zone

 For the past 10 years, the iCARE Center, operated by University Technology Services (UTS), has provided free technological assistance to students. Students bring computers, tablets, cellphones or other devices into the center for free assistance with diagnosing computer problems, virus removal, Wi-Fi connectivity, slow operating systems and more. Many changes have been implemented in the iCARE Center that will make the service more efficient for students.

Last fall, President Harris Pastides introduced Carolina 2025, a plan regarding the future of the university. Carolina 2025 places a major emphasis on enhancing the quality of the student experience. As a result, UTS began analyzing several programs and determined that updating the iCARE Center would make a big impact on the student experience.

UTS partnered with a class in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, lead by Professor Jeff Ranta. The class gathered recommendations on ways to improve the services provided by the iCARE Center. After analyzing the information and suggestions gathered from the student body, the class recommended rebranding center and renaming it, to better align the name with the services offered. The class suggested the center be renamed Carolina Tech Zone (CTZ).

In addition to a new name, the center implemented an improved and more convenient sign-in system. The new system eliminates paper and allows students to register for service faster. Students begin by scanning their CarolinaCard on a tablet and answering a few basic questions about the issue they are having. They can receive a text notification when they have been assigned to a technician and can also view the status of their request on a large monitor in the CTZ waiting area. The service ticket, normally created by the technician, is created automatically when the student signs-in, reducing the amount of time a student must wait before receiving service. When an issue is resolved, the student is emailed a customer satisfaction survey.

Future enhancements to the system include scheduling appointments in advance and providing wait times on the UTS website. The team is also considering longer hours to better accommodate students’ schedules.

CTZ is located at 516 Main street and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.