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Division of Information Technology

Information Security Survey

The Information Security Survey is an annually recurring process to measure the overall cybersecurity posture of the University.  This survey involves the completion of a questionnaire by your designated Security Liaison, the approval of the responses by organizational unit leadership, the compilation of response results by the Information Security Office, and the presentation of response results to university leadership, including the President and Board of Trustees. The survey is intended to encourage discussion between you and your staff about cybersecurity challenges and to create a consistent way of discussing security within your unit.


Successful information security programs rely on the alignment of people, processes, and technology. By completing this assessment on an annual basis, the University demonstrates compliance with cybersecurity frameworks and diligence towards the protection of sensitive information. We expect data collected from the survey to positively impact the University's ability to safeguard stakeholder information, protect institutional resources and to increase risk mitigation strategies

Information Security Survey FAQs

Q: Who is responsible for completing the annual information security survey? 

A: Completion of the annual information security survey is the responsibility of the appointed Security Liaison. We encourage the Security Liaison to engage in conversations with OU Leadership and other internal OU stakeholders when completing the survey.  
Q: When is the deadline for completing the survey? 

A: The survey remains open and available for completion throughout the calendar allowing OUs to complete the survey when it is most convenient.  


Q: My OU is covered by an SLA with DoIT. Do I still need to complete the survey for my OU? 

A: Yes. When the OU has an SLA established with DoIT, we encourage the Security Liaison to collaborate and communicate with DoIT to answer those survey questions that require additional information that can only be provided by DoIT. 


Q: How can I request support or assistance in completing the information security survey? 

A:  Security Liaisons can contact a member of the University Information Security Office (UISO) via email. Additionally, each response on the survey has an option that states “I’d like help interpreting this question.” Selecting this option for a response with notify a member of UISO who will contact the Security Liaison to address the survey questions where the above-mentioned option has been selected. Note: If the Security Liaison has questions about all of the survey questions, please reach out to a member of USIO before completing and submitting the entire information security survey. 


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