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Undergraduate Research

Early Researchers

Curious about the research process? Ready to give it a try? We have a new award for early researchers: the Magellan Journey. This program helps you connect with faculty and a project that you want to explore. Let's get you started!

The Magellan Journey serves to support and encourage undergraduates to get curious, start exploring  interests outside the classroom, and be part of the discovery process.

Need a faculty mentor? We can help!

This award supports students working with a faculty mentor on a project. The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) can help you identify what you might like to explore and work with you to connect with a faculty mentor.

Deadline? Nope!

  • Students: 
    • Applications are reviewed in the order submitted
    • Applicants will be contacted within three weeks of submission with a status update, additional information, or next steps
    • Limited awards available - get started today!
  • Faculty are welcome and encouraged to submit projects year-round
  • No (or limited) previous research experience
  • Columbia campus students only
  • All majors
  • Good academic standing


First- or second- year student from one or more of the following populations:

  • TRiO Opportunity Scholar,
  • Capstone Scholar,
  • SC Honors College student,
  • Student underrepresented in research
  • or a Transfer student from a 2-year campus, community, or technical college.

Magellan Journey provides up to $1,000 in student salary/stipend for one semester of research for eligible students. Students without access to other awards, grants, or funds may be eligible for an additional semester of funding. Travel support for a conference/meeting presentation may also be available.

Future Funding Options
Most students funded through the Magellan Journey grant will be eligible to apply for other Magellan and institutional awards to receive future research support. An OUR research consultation can assist with finding the award(s) that are right for you.

Please indicate in the appointment comments that this is for a grant consultation.

Consultations for Fall 2022 will be held either in person or virtually through Teams video conferencing. If you select a virtual consultation, a weblink will be provided to you in your meeting confirmation email. Please click on the weblink at your designated meeting time to start your appointment.

   => Log on to
   => Click on "Make an Appointment" tab (right hand side of the screen)
   => Under what type of appointment, select "Involvement and Engagement"
   => Under service, select "Undergraduate Research Appointment"
   => Then click on the button "Find Available Time"
Please feel free to include comments about where you are in the research journey (curious about research, ready to get started, have a mentor/questions about funding, etc.). This helps us better help you!

*If these appointment options conflict with your schedule, please contact us directly at with days and times you are available to meet by video.


  • Complete the CITI Responsible Conduct of Research on-line training and submit to Blackboard. 
  • Review the student mentoring guide and discuss expectations and project plan with mentor.


  • Actively engage students in the discovery, inquiry, and research process of the discipline.
  • Complete a research contract with your mentee. Funds will be released upon submission to Blackboard.  This contract template is available for use and can be modified as needed. 
  • If applicable: Complete and maintain compliance requirements for projects involving human or vertebrate animal subjects.


  • Register your project each semester.
  • Maintain consistent effort towards your project.
  • Engage in regular reflection activities with your mentor and the Office of Undergraduate Research.


  • Provide regular opportunities for your mentee to reflect and receive feedback.
  • Evaluate your mentee each semester through the Research Registry system.


  • Present your research at Discover UofSC.
  • Submit, at minimum, two "research in action" pictures of you engaging in your project.
  • Submit brief project report (max 1 page).


  • Guide student in development of presentation and report.
  • Take at least one "research in action" picture of you working with your student.
  • Provide citations of publications and/or presentations that arise over time related to this student's work or contributions. Submit here.

See detailed Program Terms and Conditions here, which include instructions and guidance for completing the requirements.


  1. No faculty mentor or project needed to apply
  2. No deadline, applications reviewed within 3 weeks of submission, in the order received
  3. Awards are limited; early applications encouraged

NOTE: Please provide careful and meaningful responses to questions 14 and 15 on the application. These responses will help in the mentor matching process and may be shared with potential faculty mentors. Applicants are encouraged to review these questions, then draft and revise your responses in word. The responses can THEN be cut and paste into the application form (link below; one application form for both programs). 

Q14: What research areas or topics would you like to explore? Provide a brief description of your research interests (include 2-3 topics) to help us identify potential mentors and projects for you (broad topics are ok but specifics can be helpful); if you know 1-2 mentors you are interested in working with, please provide their name(s), department(s), and a brief description of why they would be a good match for you.

Q15: Personal Statement Please share a brief introduction about you, your academic and career goals; why you are interested in conducting research and how it fits within your goals. Please include if you are considering educational pursuits beyond a Bachelor's degree such as Masters, PhD, MD, etc.


Complete the application form here.

No deadline! Your form will be reviewed within three weeks, in the order received. At that time, the Office of Undergraduate Research will email you regarding the status of your application and next steps.

If you have any questions, please contact

No deadline! Faculty are welcome and encouraged to submit projects year-round.

This program aims to help overcome some of the barriers and challenges students face in getting started in research.

We are seeking faculty mentors willing to help students get started. Do you have projects appropriate for a new researcher? We have two new grants providing student salary/stipend support to work with you!

Eligible projects must meet the UofSC definition of undergraduate research: A scholarly effort, generally beyond-the-classroom, aimed at developing a student’s skills in inquiry through opportunities to contribute to and/or pursue original intellectual or creative work. Preference will be given to projects with potential long-term student engagement as well as contributing to publications and presentations.

How does this work? Steps to success:

  1. Initiating the match process:
    1. Faculty submit a description and details of your research opportunity here. To see a PDF of the application questions prior to submission, please view here.
      NOTE: If you have more than one project for undergraduates, please submit a separate form for each project.
    2. Students submit a program application (above) outlining their interests and commitment to research.
  2. Matchmaking:
    1. Faculty will receive names of potential students based on student interests and position details; as well as if the student is eligible for Magellan Journey/By Design funding (or not).
      NOTE: This process does not guarantee a student match as this is dependent on applications received, interests, and eligibility.
    2. Faculty decide if and how to proceed in contacting, meeting with, and/or interviewing student applicants and maintain full authority on whether or not they extend a research offer.
    3. IF a student is selected by the faculty mentor, contact to close the research opportunity and if appropriate, initiate the student funding.
  3. Funding (if the student is eligible):
    1. Magellan Journey - $1000 in student salary/stipend for one semester of research will be transferred to the mentor's department AFTER submission of the research contract and proof of RCR training to The student will need to be hired by the department as an hourly employee, with a minimum rate of $10/hour and submit to OUR, proof of the student's RCR training.
      • Students without access to other awards/grants, may be eligible for an additional semester of funding - contact to discuss.
      • Travel support may be available for a conference/meeting presentation - please contact
    2. Future Funding
      1. Most students funded through Journey grant will be eligible to apply for other Magellan and institutional awards to receive future research support.
      2. An OUR research consultation can assist students with evaluating grant options and eligibility.
      3. Students funded through the Magellan Journey without access to other awards/grants, may be eligible for an additional semester of funding. Students and faculty mentors may contact to discuss.



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