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Undergraduate Research


Application Process

Be sure to follow all application requirements to ensure your project is considered for the program.

1. Attend the required application workshop and review the Guidebook [pdf].
See below for dates, times and locations. Applications can be denied for failure to attend a workshop.

2. Submit your applicant information form.
This must be submitted in addition to your proposal by the deadline. For groups, submit one form — alphabetically by last name

3. Prepare your application.
Following the guidebook and working with your mentor, write your project description and complete all forms (below). Be sure your mentor has the final version to review in plenty of time for submission by the 5 p.m. deadline (dates below). Your mentor submits the application into the system.

The Guidebook [pdf] contains additional guidance regarding special situations such as:

  • group projects
  • research abroad
  • human or animal subjects
  • resubmissions.

4. Your mentor submits the formal proposal through USCeRA.
A formal proposal is the project description, budget form and mentor forms. Do not include transcripts. 
USCeRA Submission Process [pdf]


Fall Deadline

Oct. 24, 2018, at 5 p.m.
Grants start January 2019

Spring Deadline

Feb. 20, 2019, at 5 p.m.
Grants start May or August 2019



Requires you to submit an internal intent to submit form [pdf] ASAP and your proposal 10 business days before the stated deadlines 

Contact Lisa Spruill at You will also email the final version of your proposal to Spruill, not into USCeRA. 

Requires an internal review of your proposal five business days before the stated deadlines 

Contact Rebecca Wessinger at as soon as you intend to submit.

You are required to attend one application workshop.
You must attend a workshop before you can apply for the Magellan Scholar program. Your application may be declined if you have not attended a workshop. Do not miss class for this - if you cannot attend any of the dates/times below - contact for alternatives ASAP.

Registration:  Encouraged (form available in Fall) but not required. You MUST sign in at the workshop to record your attendance.
Length: 45-50 minutes, followed by an optional 15-minute session for writing tips and hints.
Workshop dates, times, & locations:  

  • SPRING 2019 workshops are complete
  • FALL 2019 workshops will be posted in August

You only need to attend one workshop, but changes occur each application round. It is your responsibility to follow the current semester's rules, requirements and forms.

Are you resubmitting a proposal? If so, review the guidebook for resubmission guidelines and requirements.

The required part of the workshop is ~45-50 minutes, followed by an optional 15-minute session on writing tips and hints.

Contact Undergraduate Research immediately! Email us at, or call 803-777-1141, we may be able to offer an alternative.

Depending on how close the deadline, you may not be able to apply this round if you've missed all the workshops.

Contact Undergraduate Research immediately! Email us at, or call 803-777-1141, we may be able to offer an alternative.

Depending on how close the deadline, you may not be able to apply this round if you've missed all the workshops.

NOTE: Workshops are posted at the beginning of each semester. Check back in mid-August for Fall and early January for Spring.

Each semester one workshop is offered by video conferencing to all campuses. See below for date, time, and location on each campus. 

If the date has passed or you are unable to attend, contact for alternatives.

Mentors are encouraged to attend one workshop.

Mentors and students do not have to attend the same workshop.

Please check the guidebook for changes and each round the newest forms are available below.


Workshop dates, times, and registration

Check back in August for Fall 2019 workshops.

Workshop attendance is required.
Download the Workshop Handout [pdf]

NOTE: If the workshop locations, dates, or times do not work in your schedule, contact or 803-777-1141 ASAP - an alternative is available. Do NOT miss class to attend a workshop!

Campus Workshop Date, Time, and Location
USC Aiken
USC Columbia


USC Upstate
ALL Campuses by video conference

Forms and Guides

Application Guidebook [pdf] 
Takes you step-by-step through the application process

Budget Form
The only acceptable format for your budget

Primary Mentor Collaboration Form [doc]
The mentor's role on the project and their plan for student training and skill building

Secondary Mentor Form [doc]
Secondary mentor's role on the project and how the secondary mentor will work with and train the student

Proposal Tips and Hints [pdf]
Additional guidance in writing your proposal

Student Mentoring Guide [pdf]
Use this to help develop your project plan and your responsibilities for this project.

Submission Checklist [pdf]  
Use this to make sure you have completed all requirements. 

Review Rubric [pdf]  
The rubric reviewers use to evaluate proposals.

Registering With the Study Abroad Office

ALL students traveling abroad for research, volunteer, internships or study must register with the Study Abroad Office. 

Follow Study Abroad Non-Credit Instructions 

Applies for USC Columbia students who are going abroad to: 

  • Research
  • Intern
  • Volunteer
  • Study (non-credit)

USC Columbia students must also comply with University Travel Policies (ACAF 2.09) [pdf]

If You Are Not a USC Columbia Student:
Contact us at or 803-777-1141. 

If You Are Not Sure If You Need to Register:
Check with the Study Abroad Office at or 803-777-7557. Be safe, not sorry!

Before You Plan Your Research...

Review the Research Abroad Guidelines Document [pdf] for:

  • Important people to meet with and contact
  • Research abroad requirements
  • Guidelines and tips for the application 

If your project includes vertebrate animals or humans (including but not limited to interviews, surveys or review of personal/private information), you must have approval through the appropriate compliance office (or a note of exemption).

See the Magellan Scholar Guidebook for full details.

Below are proposals from Magellan Scholar awardees.

  • Not all majors are represented but even proposals outside your discipline will provide you with an understanding of what is expected for a succesful project description.
  • Be sure to review the Guidebook and Tips & Hints for additional information on writing your proposal.