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Undergraduate Research

Carolina CrossTalk

Carolina CrossTalk is USC’s newest research magazine, featuring students’ personal stories of establishing or conducting research projects across all disciplines. The purpose of CrossTalk is to provide a platform to share your work, and to inspire others to pursue research.

Submission Deadline

Submit by Friday, October 18 (11:59 pm). Want to be a part of the next issue, but not sure what to write? Contact us! We will work with you on ideas.


Getting Started on Undergraduate Research (Fall 2018, Issue 1)


Get Involved

If you’re unsure of how to start your article (because starting is always the hardest part), consider the following prompts:

Explain how you got involved in your research in the first place. Tell us the “aha” moment that got the whole thing rolling. Did you email a professor because you already had some interest in something, or did an opportunity just fall out of the sky one day and you jumped on it? This part is pretty important, because one of CrossTalk’s goals is to inform its student readers about how to get involved in research of their own. Learning how other people did it can help them have a starting point. We’re interested in process. How does one even begin something like this?

What do your day-to-day activities as a researcher look like? If you’re working with others, take the time to explain what your specific part/job is, and then how does that contribute to the process as a whole? In other words, tell readers why the specific thing that you do makes a big difference to the whole project. Why is your job important?

After you’ve established what it is that you specifically do, tell us how that impacts the larger picture. Why is this research valuable to the world? What makes it distinct from other, similar research projects?

Tell us about your favorite moment in the research process that you’ve experienced so far. Articulate to readers what makes all the work worth it.

Tell us something cool you’ve learned! We do research to learn new stuff, so what new stuff have you learned that you want to share with the world?

If you’re unsure of how to conclude, perhaps you can talk about what your expectations were prior to starting, and how the experience itself has met, defied, or even surpassed those expectations. Tell us something like, this is what I was expecting, but this is what actually happened, and it’s better than I imagined it would be for these reasons.

Don’t forget to send us any cool pictures you have relating to your research! Try to come up with a snazzy title for your article. (If you can’t, send us your piece and we’ll help you out with this)

  • Articles accepted year round.
  • 10-15 articles per issue.
  • Article written about your own research.
  • Should have a conversational tone.
  • Explain technical concepts and research methods in a basic and fundamental way, as if you were explaining it to your grandma.
  • Need to have time and be receptive to editing process with team of editors. If not, article will not go through editing process and will not be published.
  • Must submit a faculty approval form for each submission. The form must be signed by the faculty mentor connected to the research in the submission.
  • If not able to provide faculty approval form, which includes research mentor reading and approving article, publication is not possible.
  • We would love to have your photos to accompany your article.
  • Submit a minimum of 2 photos (maximum 10) for us to review and put into layout.
  • Please include a short caption for each photo.
  • Resolution should be 72 DPI. To check this, go the the properties of the image and look for the resolution.
  • Save images as a .jpg or .tiff.
  • If any individuals besides yourself are present in the photo, you must also submit a signed photo release for each person so that we can publish with their permission.
  • If you would like to request a staff photographer to come to the lab, an event, or to document anything else relevant to your research, email

Faculty Approval Form

Video/Photo Release Form

Are you an editor, photographer, or designer? Email to learn more about joining the CrossTalk team.