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Undergraduate Research

Faculty Research Database

Use the system below to search for potential faculty mentors and their research interests by keywords, campus, college/school, and/or department. This will help you identify possibilities, it is NOT a job listing.

Remember, you are not in this alone! Every step of the way, the Office of Undergraduate Research is here to help. If you haven't already done so, please check out our Get Started page for workshops, research consultations, resources, and more!

  • Before you start, think through your interests and identify some areas and topics you might like to explore. These will be the keywords and phrases you will use for searching. Review our research interests worksheet for help with this.
  • Search by campus and keyword/general topic instead of the department of your major. WHY? Many research interests cross disciplines (such as psychology and public health; history and political science; or science, technology, and medicine)
  • Use partial words for keyword searches. Example: "biol" rather than "biology" will pull up  both "biology" and "biological."
  • Be open to departments that are not your own.
    • YES, you can work with a faculty researcher in a different department/school/college - this happens a lot!
    • YES, you can do research outside of your major. Your project can be a completely different topic, field of study, or area of interest than your major and/or career goals. Now is your chance to explore. Get curious!
    • YES, you can work with faculty at the School of Medicine.

Submit your interest and readiness to get involved in HPEB by completing the corresponding online form below. You will be notified directly by the faculty after reviewing your application. Please be patient -  this can take a few weeks.

  • Health Promotion, Education, & Behavior (HPEB)
    • HPEB student research applications are only reviewed during the Fall and Spring semesters. No summer applications accepted. 
    • To complete the application, you will need to upload your resume/CV AND a writing sample.
      • Help with a resume/CV can be found through the Career Center
      • The writing sample is meant to show the strength of your written communication skills (content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation). Any paper that you have written for a class (or lab report, essay, etc.) would be appropriate as a sample. Pick the paper that is the strongest representation of your writing skills.? It does not have to be a paper with a health-related focus.

The University of South Carolina has a wide variety of classroom and research experiences available for students interested in the structure and function of the nervous system. Faculty from across campus are available to mentor undergraduates, providing a truly interdisciplinary experience for those participating in the Neuroscience Program.

Students looking to engage in research with a faculty member from the College of Nursing should email the following items to Dr. Bernardine Pinto :

  • A current resume
  • A brief letter outlining your research interests


For Faculty and Staff:

Please email directly to be added to the system or to update/edit your entry. Include weblinks, research topics/keywords, and any other information you would like provided for students.


Faculty Research Database