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Undergraduate Research

Faculty Research Database

The first step to getting started in research is to find a faculty mentor. The role of a mentor is to:

  • assist in the development and articulation of a project idea and plan.
  • help understand the methods and concepts of research and scholarship within your field.
  • guide and train you in the skills and/or techniques needed to complete a project.

Most students work directly on a faculty project. No pressure to come up with your own idea! There are many ways to find a mentor, including:

Search the OUR faculty research database

Use our database to search for faculty that have research interests similar to your own. Watch our interactive virtual Getting Started in Research workshop and learn how to find faculty mentors through the faculty research database.

Search college/department specific research area pages

Check out research pages for colleges/schools/departments/programs of interest. They are another great starting point to see what kind of research is going on in your field of interest. Note: Be open to departments that are not your own! You can do research outside of your major.

Submit online interest forms

Interested in working with a faculty member in Health Promotion, Education, & Behavior (HPEB) and/or the College of Nursing? Submit the corresponding online form below and you will be notified of next steps.


Faculty Research Database

 This searchable database will allow you to find faculty members by department or keywords and will list the research interests of each professor the database pulls up. Note: This is not a list of job postings, rather research interest areas.

Search Tips

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Name Department Research Interests Campus College Center
Feliciano-Santos, Sherina Anthropology; Latin American Studies; Linguistics Linguistic anthropology; activism; language & cultural revitalization; racial & ethnic formations; narrative; face-to-face interaction Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Casey, Joanna Anthropology; African Studies sedentism; ethnoarchaeology in northern Ghana; usage of wild resources in the farming economy; household economics and women’s businesses and trade; small scale trade in household and village economies; and marginalized specialist traders in Tigray, Ethiopia Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Wagner, Gail Anthropology archaeology; paleoethnobotany; ethnobotany; chiefdoms; maize; tobacco; ecoliteracy Columbia Arts and Sciences
Schepker, Donald Management Corporate governance, executive succession and turnover, board level decision making, and dynamics between executives and boards Columbia Business
Reynolds, Jennifer Anthropology; Linguistics linguistic and visual anthropology; language socialization and ideology; childhood; transnational migration; Guatemala, Mexico and the United States Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Hewitt, Mana Visual Art and Design multiple layered metal collages composed of original and appropriated images from historic engravings; ceramics; painting; metals; jewelry Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ivashkevich, Olga Visual Art and Design girlhood studies; social justice and feminist pedagogies; children’s and youth new media production Columbia Arts and Sciences
Simmons, Kimberly Anthropology; African American Studies racialization and socialization processes; identity formation; cultural construction of race and gender; women’s organizations; international migration; African American culture, color, and colorism; Black ethnic groups in the United States; African American – Latino relations; and African Diaspora communities; Dominican Republic; United States; Brazil; Latin America; Hispanic Caribbean Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia African American Research, Institute for; International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Bai, Ray Statistics Bayesian methodology and theory, scalable algorithms for high-dimensional data, semiparametric and nonparametric models, meta-analysis, spatiotemporal modeling, analysis of electronic health record Columbia Arts and Sciences
Beatty, Patrick Criminology and Criminal Justice criminal justice policies focused on juvenile victimization; police ethics; police systems, practices, and procedures; criminalistics/evidence collection; criminal investigation; interviewing and interrogation; court testimony Columbia Arts and Sciences
Weik, Terrance Anthropology archaeology; African Diaspora; antislavery resistance; social identity; ethnogenesis; self-liberation; race; Native Americans Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Floyd, Minuette Visual Art and Design multicultural art education; the continent of Africa; examining stereotypes and misconceptions; ethnographic methods and photography to document African-American camp meeting traditions in both North and South Carolina; curriculum taught by art educators Columbia Arts and Sciences
Collins, Bradford Visual Art and Design art history; history of Pop art; contemporary art; American art of the 1950s and 1960s; meanings of art in context: socio-economic, artistic, and biographic; 19th century European art; French paintings; 13 Views of Manet's Bar; abstract expressionism; Clement Greenberg; Robert Motherwell; Roy Lichtenstein; Andy Warhol Columbia Arts and Sciences
Graciano, Andrew Visual Art and Design the relationships among art, science, economics and politics in the Age of Enlightenment in Europe; medicine and natural philosophy; Latin American studies Columbia Arts and Sciences
Kissel, Laura Visual Art and Design; Film and Media Studies Contemporary social, cultural, and political landscapes and the use of orphan films; tan mian hua; Window Cleaning in Shanghai Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia Arts Institute
Hunter, Dawn Visual Art and Design studio art; creating biographical testimonies within artwork; historical propaganda within fashion photography; cultivating a contemporary pop body image through consumerism; social roles of women and shifts in women's status Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute
Nace, Stephanie Visual Art and Design studio art; graphic design; handcrafted, one-of-a-kind books and invitations, 3D paper structures; public awareness posters; Book Arts; Charles Schulz; time and sequence Columbia Arts and Sciences
Robbins, Kathleen Visual Art and Design studio art; photography and digital imaging; time, memory, place, and identity; cotton and flatlands Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute; Southern Studies, Institute for
Robinson, Mary Visual Art and Design printmaking and drawing; the use of forms of tress and vines to express the flux of life Columbia Arts and Sciences
Scotchie, Virginia Visual Art and Design ceramics; ceramic sculpture dealing with domestic abstraction; stoneware clay; mid-temperature glaze in oxidation Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Voros, David Visual Art and Design studio art; paintings describing personal history and experience in context of western mythologies; painting history and contemporary popular culture; painting materials and processes and their significance in formation of pictorial metaphor Columbia Arts and Sciences
Benner, Ronald Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean, and Environment biogeochemistry; carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous cycles in aquatic environments; microorganisms; geochemical approach; climate change; oceanography Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Ely, Bert Biological Sciences Bacterial Genome Evolution; caulobacters; bacteriophages; genome rearrangements, mutations, and horizontal gene transfer; genome evolution; genome sequencing; bioinformatics Columbia Arts and Sciences Science Education, Center for
Hilbish, Jerry Biological Sciences Marine Science; Ecological Genetics, Physiological Ecology of Marine Invertebrates; Marine Speciation and the Maintenance of Hybrid Zones; Ecological Response to Climate Change; Population Connectivity; evolutionary, genetic, and physiological properties of diverging populations; marine invertebrates; marine mussels Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Krizek, Beth Biological Sciences Cell and Developmental Biology; Molecular genetics and development; Biochemistry; Plant Biology; Flower development; floral organogenesis; Arabidopsis thaliana Columbia Arts and Sciences
Lovell, Charles Biological Sciences Marine science; microbiology; genetics; molecular microbial ecology; population and community dynamics of microorganisms; diazotrophic bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, and acetogenic bacteria; microbial diversity; ecological function; pathogenesis Columbia Arts and Sciences
Mousseau, Timothy Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean, and Environment Conservation biology; the genetic basis of adaptive variation; the evolution of maternal effects; radioactive contaminants of Chernobyl and Fukushima Prefecture, Japan and their effects Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences
Patel, Rekha Biological Sciences Cell Biology; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology and Genetics; Invertebrate Biology; Cancer Biology; Regulation of Protein Kinase PKR; Stress signaling and apoptosis; Molecular pathways leading to neuromuscular disorder dystonia; Aging and Longevity Columbia Arts and Sciences
Pinckney, James Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean, and Environment microbiology; plant biology; marine ecology; benthic microbial processes; phytoplankton ecology; local estuarine, riverine, and intertidal habitats; estuarine and coastal studies; marine ecosystems; microalgae; ecosystem functions Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences Marine & Coastal Sciences, Belle W. Baruch Institute for
Richardson, Tammi Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean, and Environment ecology; phytoplankton; phytoplankton ecology; biological oceanography; how light, nutrients, and temperature influence phytoplankton growth and taxonomic composition; marine science Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Reisman, David Biological Sciences Cell and Developmental Biology; Cell Biology and Biochemistry; Molecular Biology and Genetics; Cellular stress; Cancer Biology; Regulation of expression of the p53 tumor suppressor gene; Role of p53 in infection by HIV-1 Columbia Arts and Sciences
Smith, Deanna Biological Sciences Neuroscience; Cell and Developmental Biology; Molecular Genetics and Development; Cell Biology and Biochemistry; Mammalian Genetics; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology and Genetics; Vertebrate Biology; Cancer Biology; Regulators of Cytoplasmic Dynein; Molecular Motors Columbia Arts and Sciences Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Stratmann, Johannes Biological Sciences Cell and Developmental Biology; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology and Genetics; Plant Biology; Plant-Herbivore Interactions; Signal Transduction; MAP Kinases; Ubiguitin-Proteasome System; plant defenses Columbia Arts and Sciences
Waldman, Alan Biological Sciences Homologous Recombination in Mammalian Cells; Molecular Genetics; Gene Targeting; DNA Repair; Vertebrate Biology; Cancer; how similar two chromosomal sequences must be in order to be recombined; how cells repair breaks in chromosomes; Mutation Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wethey, David Biological Sciences Biogeography; population dynamics; predator-prey and competitive interactions; conservation genetics; Population, community ecology; climate change; field, remote sensing, modeling and forecasting studies of the mechanisms responsible for setting the geographic limits of intertidal barnacles, mussels, and infauna Columbia Arts and Sciences
Altschul, Brett Physics and Astronomy exotic physics beyond the standard model of particle physics; Lorentz symmetry breaking; astrophysical tests of relativity; limits; Lorentz invariance violation (LIV); synchrotron and inverse Compton sources; pulsar timing Columbia Arts and Sciences
Liu, Xinfeng Mathematics Computational Biology; Mathematical Modeling of Cancer Stem Cells; Mechanisms of Specificity and Fidelity in Signal Transduction; Regulation of Spatially Localized Scaffold Proteins in MAPK Cascades; Morphogen Gradient Formation in Developmental Biology; Numerical Partial Differential Equations; Front Tracking Methods; Implicit Integration Factor; ETD Method; Adaptive Mesh Refinement; Scientific Computing; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Computational Analysis of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability; Numerical Studies of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Columbia Arts and Sciences
Adams, Richard Chemistry and Biochemistry Bimetallic Complexes for Applications in Catalysis; Studies of the synthesis, structures, and catalytic properties of unsaturated bimetallic clusters and nanoparticles for hydrogen activation and selective oxidation reactions Columbia Arts and Sciences
Angel, S. Michael Chemistry and Biochemistry Analytical chemistry, fiber-optic chemical sensors and remote spectroscopy; Optical spectroscopic techniques for environmental and process-chemical measurement problems; Nanotechnology; development of in situ characterization techniques including fiber-optic chemical sensors and remote spectroscopy including Raman, LIBS and REMPI; applying optical spectroscopy to remote measurements in extreme environments and development of fieldable spectroscopic instrumentation; deep-ocean applications of LIBS, and standoff Raman spectroscopy for measuring hazardous materials and for planetary applications Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Berg, Mark Chemistry and Biochemistry Developing new multidimensional methods to study the molecular dynamics of complex materials; polymers, ionic liquids, semiconducting nanoparticles and biomolecules; ultrafast laser spectroscopy; computer programing, numerical analysis and statistics, electronics, optics, and mechanical design; Energy Pathways in Nanostructures; Peptide Dynamics; Glass Dynamics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Chen, Donna Chemistry and Biochemistry; Chemical Engineering Physical Chemistry; Reactions at surfaces; Reaction Mechanisms; Scanning probe microscopy; Chemical analysis and characterization of surfaces; Chemistry of metal nanoparticles; Catalysis; surface chemistry on the atomic and molecular level Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia NanoCenter
Fountain III, Augustus Chemistry and Biochemistry Analytical Chemistry: Vibrational Spectroscopy, Laser Spectroscopy, Chemometrics and Electrochemistry; Development of novel methodologies; Coupling of vibrational spectroscopy (both infrared and laser Raman spectroscopy) and optical imaging Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ferry, John Chemistry and Biochemistry Environmental chemistry; fate and transport of organic chemicals in the environment; water chemistry; photochemically driven oxidation; photocatalysis; trace organic analysis; combinatorial chemistry; free radical chemistry Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Garashchuk, Sophya Chemistry and Biochemistry Quantum effects in dynamics of nuclei, development of approximate quantum trajectory dynamics method scalable to large molecular systems, incorporation of the zero-point energy, quantum tunneling, quantum effects in reactive dynamics Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Lavigne, John Chemistry and Biochemistry Molecular Recognition; Supramolecular Chemistry; Sensors; Materials; Bio-organic, Physical and Organic Chemistry; Boronates; Conjugated Polymers; Peptides Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Longley, Chet Visual and Performing Arts Theatre, scenic and light design, theatre technology Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
McGrath, Leanne Management Business, management, applying management concepts to actual situations in the workplace Aiken Business Administration
Myrick, Michael Chemistry and Biochemistry Optical spectroscopy; optics of particles and film; phytoplankton spectroscopy; forensic infrared imaging Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Peryshkov, Dmitry Chemistry and Biochemistry Inorganic chemistry and catalysis; organometallics; carboranes; CO2 reduction; synthesis of molecular catalysts for activation of important substrates such as dihydrogen, carbon dioxide, and alkenes Columbia Arts and Sciences
Stevens Andersen, Tia Criminology and Criminal Justice girls' delinquency and programming; gender and racial inequalities in the juvenile justice system; feminist theory; intersections of race, class, and gender; juvenile justice system processing; prisoner reentry Columbia Arts and Sciences
Nguyen, Huong Social Work; Religious Studies Global children, youth, family welfare; Help-seeking behaviors of Vietnamese people and help systems in Vietnam; Buddhist approach to mental health treatment; International social work; how discourses can empower, disempower, stigmatize, mobilize or silence people’s thoughts and behaviors Columbia; Columbia Social Work; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Rassolov, Vitaly Chemistry and Biochemistry Physical Chemistry; Quantum Chemistry; Electronic properties of nanostructures; Hyperfine Interactions; Use of linear operators to describe electron correlation effects in molecules; geminal theory; Semiclassical Dynamics Based on Quantum Trajectories; Correlation Operator Approach Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Brazendale, Keith Exercise Science Childhood obesity prevention ranging from exploring children’s physical activity levels in afterschool programs and summer day camps to investigating differences in children’s obesogenic behaviors during summer versus school time. Columbia Public Health
Shaw, Timothy Chemistry and Biochemistry Trace Element Geochemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Techniques development for trace elements of both anthropogenic and natural origin in the environment; Geochemical cycling of trace elements in the environment; Marine Science; Free Drifting Icebergs Columbia Arts and Sciences
Shimizu, Linda Chemistry and Biochemistry Supramolecular Chemistry; Nanomaterials; Bioorganic and Organic Photochemistry; Physical Organic Chemistry; Crystal Engineering Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Shimizu, Ken Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic chemistry, supramolecular, physical organic, and polymer chemistries; designing small molecules and polymers for, measuring weak non-covalent interactions, sensors and sensor arrays, and molecular devices; manipulating shape on the molecular-level Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Tang, Chuanbing Chemistry and Biochemistry; Biomedical Engineering Organic polymer synthesis, controlled/living radical polymerization, renewable biobased polymers from natural resources, antimicrobial polymers, metal-containing polymers, macromolecular self-assemby, polymer nanotechnolgy, clean energy; synthesis of innovative polymeric materials, including both renewable biobased polymers, nanostructured polymers and metal-containing polymers Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Wang, Qian Chemistry and Biochemistry Organic chemistry, bionanoparticles (BNPs); Materials development; Cell-recognition; Protein imaging and recognition; Creating three-dimensional programmable scaffolds that mimic the native extracellular matrices and can be used to probe the cellular activities;Genetic and chemical modification of selected BNPs; Controlled assembly of BNPs; Cell behavior modulated by BNPs assemblies; Fluorogenic reactions for bioconjugation and bioimaging Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter; Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Wiskur, Sheryl Chemistry and Biochemistry Synthetic methodology (development of new organic reactions); Organocatalysis; Physical Organic Chemistry; Bio-organic; Sensors; alcohols; separation of alcohols Columbia Arts and Sciences
zur Loye, Hans-Conrad Chemistry and Biochemistry Inorganic materials chemistry; synthesis of novel solid state materials and characterization of their physical properties; investigation of cooperative structure-property relationships; crystal growth of low-dimensional oxides and investigation of their electronic and magnetic properties; synthesis of organic/inorganic framework materials; synthesis of polymer nanocomposites Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Alpert, Geoffrey Criminology and Criminal Justice police use of force and deadly force; police emergency driving; police training Columbia Arts and Sciences
Brame, Robert Criminology and Criminal Justice adolescent offenders; theory; research methods Columbia Arts and Sciences
Burrow, John Criminology and Criminal Justice sentencing; race and crime; juvenile delinquency; children's rights; law and justice Columbia Arts and Sciences
Kaminski, Robert Criminology and Criminal Justice policing; crime mapping and analysis; applied quantitative methods; use of force; violence against police; less-lethal technologies; foot pursuits; training; public perceptions of police; energy weapon impact on officer and suspects Columbia Arts and Sciences
Metcalfe, Christi Criminology and Criminal Justice criminal courts; criminal justice systems; developmental and life course criminology; quantitative methods; plea bargaining in the criminal trial courts; punitive criminal justice policies Columbia Arts and Sciences
Koons-Witt, Barbara Criminology and Criminal Justice; Women's and Gender Studies women and crime; sentencing; corrections; incarcerated mothers Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Shinkareva, Svetlana Psychology Cognitive neuroscience; quantitative psychology; experimental psychology; neuroimaging; neural basis of semantic knowledge representation; neuroimaging data Columbia Arts and Sciences
Courtney, Susan English Language and Literature; Film and Media Studies U.S. film and media history; film and media theory; critical race studies; gender studies; American studies Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia Southern Studies, Institute for
Davis, Cynthia English Language and Literature; Women's and Gender Studies U.S. literature, Civil War to World War I; Women Writers / Gender Studies; Medicine and literature; Popular culture Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Dings, Fred English Language and Literature Creative Writing; Poetry; Short Fiction Columbia Arts and Sciences
Dubinsky, Stanley English Language and Literature; Jewish Studies; Linguistics Africa; Asian Studies; Jewish Studies; Linguistics; Linguistic theory; Syntactic Theory; Semantics/mathematical linguistics; Language and politics; General Linguistics Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Meyer-Gutbrod, Erin Earth, Ocean, and Environment population, community and ecosystem dynamics; anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems; demographic, spatial, and statistical modeling; quantitative approaches to conservation forecasting and management Columbia Arts and Sciences
Feldman, Paula English Language and Literature British Romanticism; Poetry; Women Writers; History of the Book; Nature Writing Columbia Arts and Sciences
Fenske, Mindy English Language and Literature Performance Studies; Visual Cultural Studies; Critical Methodology; theories of performance and visual representation to critically investigate popular and historical multi-mediated representations of the human body; how identity is visually and discursively produced, performed, and constructed in order to explore possibilities for critical and social agency Columbia Arts and Sciences
Forter, Greg English Language and Literature Postcolonial literature and theory; Twentieth-Century US literature; Utopia; Historical fiction; Gender studies and feminist theory; Critical race theory; Psychoanalysis; Flowering of historical fictions about colonialism and its aftermath; the resistant value of mimicry-hybridity, the question of how colonized societies participated in the making of modernity, and the theoretical rift between the black Atlantic (and slavery) on one hand, the Indian Ocean world (and territorial colonialism) on the other; modernist masculinities; masculinity in contemporary US film Columbia Arts and Sciences Southern Studies, Institute for
Friend, Christy English Language and Literature Composition and pedagogy; Histories of rhetoric and writing instruction; Writing program administration; Service learning/community literacies; Rhetoric and ethics; Qualitative research Columbia Arts and Sciences
Gehrke, Pat English Language and Literature Communication education, history of communication, public engagement (particularly regarding new and emerging technologies), communication ethics, and rhetorical theory Columbia Arts and Sciences
Gieskes, Edward English Language and Literature Shakespeare; Early modern drama; Theatre history; The Bakhtin circle; Literary and cultural theory Columbia Arts and Sciences
Gwara, Scott English Language and Literature; Comparative Literature; European Studies European Studies Program; Linguistics; Old and Middle English; Medieval Manuscripts and Manuscript Culture; Arthurian Literature; Great Books; Heroism; Germanic Literature; Tolkien Studies; Shakespeare; Literature Survey; Inquiry and Research-Based Learning Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Holcomb, Chris English Language and Literature History of Rhetoric; Humor Studies; Stylistics; Discourse Studies; composition studies; classical rhetoric; examining prose style as a medium for performance and resource for negotiating social meaning Columbia Arts and Sciences
Jackson, Leon English Language and Literature Early National and Antebellum Literature; The History of the Book and Authorship; Cultural history of embarrassment and shame in nineteenth century America; Print culture; Eighteenth century Atlantic literature; blackmail; American Romanticism; Fifteen Minutes: Fame, Shame, and Reputation; the Enlightenment; history of blackmail in the anglophone Atlantic world Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of; Southern Studies, Institute for
Johnson-Feelings, Dianne English Language and Literature; African Studies Children's and Young Adult Literature; African American Literature; Creative Writing; African American Film; Multicultural American Autobiography Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of; Southern Studies, Institute for
Levine, Nina English Language and Literature; Women's and Gender Studies Shakespeare; Early modern literature and culture Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Lynn, Steve Honors College; English Language and Literature Eighteenth-century literature (especially Samuel Johnson); Rhetoric and composition (especially pedagogy); Science fiction (especially nanotechnology and ethics) Columbia; Columbia South Carolina Honors College; Columbia
Madden, Ed English Language and Literature; Women's and Gender Studies; European Studies Late 19th and 20th century British and Irish poetry; Irish culture and literature; gender and sexuality studies, history of sexuality, masculinity studies; creative writing, poetry; twentieth-century British poetry; Gender Studies; Gay and Lesbian Studies Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences Arts Institute; Southern Studies, Institute for
Muckelbauer, John English Language and Literature; Comparative Literature Modern Rhetorical Theory; History of Rhetoric; Rhetoric of Science; Rhetoric, Postmodernism, and the Problem of Change Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Shifflett, Andrew English Language and Literature Renaissance Literature; Seventeenth-Century Literature; Power of Forgiveness in Early Modern England; Classical Tradition Columbia Arts and Sciences
Stern, Rebecca English Language and Literature Victorian Literature and culture; Gender Studies; Economic Criticism; Popular Culture; relationship between nineteenth-century sciences and the often-conflicting means by which Victorian authors, designers, and social commentators imagined and constructed their temporal present Columbia Arts and Sciences
Vanderborg, Susan English Language and Literature Postmodern American Poetry; Artists' Books; Experimental Narrative; Science Fiction; Fiona Templeton's Amnesty International performance art work Cells of Release; Transformations of the Poetry Book as General Economy Columbia Arts and Sciences
Fisk, Nicole English Language and Literature Nineteenth-Century British Literature; Gender Studies; Composition and Rhetoric; Popular Culture; Young Adult Literature; Service Learning Columbia Arts and Sciences
Whitted, Qiana English Language and Literature; African American Studies 20th-Century African-American literature and culture; American comics and graphic novels; Southern literature; debates over the representation of race and racism in American comic books; Dr. Frederic Wertham and social/ political equality for African Americans Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia African American Research, Institute for; Southern Studies, Institute for
Ilieva, Yordanka Physics and Astronomy physics; experimental nuclear physics; physics of hadrons and nuclei; quantum field theories; Quantum Chromodynamics; Chiral Perturabation Theory; pion fields Columbia Arts and Sciences
Carbone, Gregory Geography Climate variability and change; Climate impacts; Weather; Water Resource Community; investigation of the spatial and temporal nature of drought and measurement of its intensity and duration; development and assessment of climate change scenarios and their application for regional decision making Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Cutter, Susan Geography Hazards, risk, and disasters; Vulnerability science; Environmental equality and inequality; what makes people and the places where they live vulnerable to extreme events and how vulnerability and resilience are measured, monitored, and assessed Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Dow, Kirstin Geography Understanding limits to adaptation; adaptive capacity; analytical-deliberative processes; climate impacts; co-production of science to inform decision-making climate change, impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Hodgson, Michael Geography Geographic Information Systems; Remote Sensing; Hazards; Imaging; Geospacial Data; Monitoring Geographic Change; Emergency Response/Recovery Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Kupfer, John Geography Biogeography, landscape ecology, public land and water management, spatial analysis, spatial analysis and modeling to explore the effects of landscape transformation, non-native species, and disturbances such as flooding, fire and hurricanes on plant and animal communities. Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Mock, Cary Geography Historical synoptic climatology, climate change, historical and Quaternary environments; paleoclimatology; arctic and alpine environments Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute; Southern Studies, Institute for
Kim, Kawon (Kathy) Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Service marketing: Social and interpersonal influence, social support, influence of other customers, service failure and recovery; Organizational behavior: Leadership, employee training Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Barbeau, Jr., David Earth, Ocean, and Environment sedimentary record; the evolution of tectonic plates; mountain belts; ocean circulation; climate and biogeography; sediment provenance; magnetostratigraphy; basin analysis; geochronology; thermochronology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Benitez-Nelson, Claudia Earth, Ocean, and Environment; Marine Science biogeochemistry and geochemistry; climate change; coastal processes; oceanography; society, policy and environment; water resources and hydrology Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Bulusu, Subrahmanyam Earth, Ocean, and Environment; Marine Science remote senisng; satellite sceanography; physical oceanography; ocean-atmospheric dynamics; monsoon dynamics; air-sea interaction; climate change Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Owens, Thomas Earth, Ocean, and Environment geology; collection and analysis of seismological data; K-12 science education; geophysics and seismology; tectonics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Brown, Jessica Economics labor and public economics; economics of the child care market; econometrics Columbia Business
Voulgaris, George Earth, Ocean, and Environment coastal processes; sediment dynamics; oceanography; shoreline evolution; surf-zone and continental shelf sediment transport; wave-current interaction; time-series analysis; tidal propagation in estuaries and lagoons; numerical model applications to coastal zone; operational oceanography; HFR Surface Radar measurements; limnology; environmental geosciences; sedimentology; stratigraphy Columbia Arts and Sciences
White, Scott Earth, Ocean, and Environment coastal processes; Earth systems; environmental risks and hazards; geophysics and seismology; volcanology, geochemisty and petrology; oceanography; tectonics; marine environments Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wilson, Alicia Earth, Ocean, and Environment hydrogeology, especially coastal hydrogeology; wetland ecohydrology (salt marshes); groundwater-surface water interactions; numerical modeling; variable-density groundwater flow and transport Columbia Arts and Sciences
Yogodzinski, Gene Earth, Ocean, and Environment trace element and isotope geochemistry to understand igneous processes; geochemistry of subduction-related magma and control by tectonics in different subduction settings; volcanology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Higbee, Doug English British First World War, English, literature; literary criticism, non-western literature, and composition Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Deal, Roger History Violence in Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire, terrorism, the path to peace and security in the Middle East; Turkish language; English as a Second Language; Early Islamic Civilization Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Geyer, Andrew English fiction writing, English, literature; alternate history/time travel novel Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Carlson, Eric English medieval Germanic literature, military studies, the psychology of violence, Girardian mimetic theory, monster studies, historical linguistics, cultural anthropolgy; how the Beowulf poet uses particular words as cultural markers to reinforce the martial ideologies of the poem’s audience Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Brown, Thomas History Civil War and Reconstruction Era; Cultural and Intellectual History Columbia Arts and Sciences Southern Studies, Institute for
Donaldson, Bobby History African American Cultural History; American South; Harlem Renaissance; Civil Rights; Race, Power, and Ideology in Georgia; Critiquing the varied and often competing rhetorical, ideological, and political strategies black intellectuals in Georgia employed as they battled white supremacy and negotiated African Americans’ precarious “place” in both the South and the nation Columbia Arts and Sciences Southern Studies, Institute for
Edwards, Kathryn History Renaissance and Reformation European history (c. 1400-1700); history of frontiers, religion, families and folklore; Western civilization; magic and witchcraft; family history; rituals; modern European historiography; ghosts Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Ford, Jr., Lacy History Nineteenth and Twentieth-century Southern history; U.S. history since 1789; American South; Political thought Columbia Arts and Sciences
November, Joseph History Biomedical History; History of Life Sciences and Medicine; History of Computing; U.S. History; Modern American History; Robert S. Ledley; the role of the National Institutes of Health in promoting the development of computer technology in the 1960s; biomedical computing; nanotechnology; how history is presented in games; computerization of biology and medicine Columbia Arts and Sciences
Harrison, Carol History Europe; Modern Europe; France; Gender and Religion; Catholics in nineteenth-century France; reconstitution of the church after the revolution; women in modern Europe; Pauline Craven; Enlightenment; French Revolution; French scientific voyages of the revolutionary era Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Lekan, Thomas History; Earth, Ocean, and Environment Germany; Europe; Modern Germany; environmental history; the urban experience in modern Europe; Nazism; relationship between nature conservation, landscape planning, and national identity in German history; history of anti-Semitic imagery in early 20th-century German nature conservation and homeland protection movements; renewable energy in Germany Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Littlefield, Valinda History African American history, women, and education; African American History Since 1815 Columbia Arts and Sciences Southern Studies, Institute for
MacKenzie, S. Paul History Film Studies; Media Studies; 20th-century British Military; Cinema and British Society; Military history and modern European history; twin battles of Kapyong and the Imjin during the Korean War; British POW experience in the Korean war; British Army as a primary subject in British television; RAF Bomber Command in British feature films and on television; evolution of warfare; twentieth century Europe; Allied aircrew experience in WWII Columbia Arts and Sciences
Sklaroff, Lauren History; Women's and Gender Studies 20th-Century American History; cultural and intellectual history; construction of racial identity; the politics of racial representation; Film Studies; Media Studies; racial policy; state-sponsored cultural programs as a form of race policy; Sophie Tucker; sexual orientation and Jewish identity among America’s famous cultural figures in the period from 1930-1970 Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Smith, Mark History The Old South, slavery, sensory history (a vibrant area of historical inquiry dedicated to examining the roles played by olfaction, hearing, touch, and taste (as well as vision) in shaping the past); reconstruction; history of mixed martial arts; southern studies Columbia Arts and Sciences ; Southern Studies, Institute for
Sullivan, Patricia History African American History; Southern History; Civil Rights Movement; Modern U.S. History; race relations; reform and politics in the U.S.; history of the Civil Rights Movement; Robert F. Kennedy Columbia Arts and Sciences Southern Studies, Institute for
Weyeneth, Robert History American Social and Environmental History; Historic Preservation; Public History; African American heritage preservation; issues of race and space; historical memory and the problematic past; Historic secrets and controversial history Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ye, Tan Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Asia and China; Chinese drama and film; Chinese; comparative theater; Asian and Chinese studies; comparative literature; Chinese cinema theater Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Beck, Mark Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Greek language and literature; leadership, sport and combat in the Ancient World; classics; psychology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Engelbrecht, Ursula Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Second Language Acquisition Theory, in particular the development of oral skills in learners of German as a foreign language Columbia Arts and Sciences
Garane, Jeanne Languages, Literatures, and Cultures postcolonial literature, theory, and film; translation studies; comparative literary and cultural studies; gender studies Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Smith, Kathleen English Composition, The British Literature Survey, The English Renaissance, Shakespeare, and Women's Literature; English early modern period; drama and cultural theories; women’s speech in dramatic and non-dramatic texts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Persels, Jeff Languages, Literatures, and Cultures France; early modern French prose and verse polemic; European Studies; French language, culture, literature, and theatre Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Ducate, Lara Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Linguistics computer-assisted language learning; foreign language teaching methodology; second language acquisition; how to effectively use technological applications to enhance the learning of language and culture; using new technological tools and applications in the classroom; teacher education; German; German language and culture Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Goblirsch, Kurt Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Linguistics Germanic linguistics; history of linguistics; medieval literature of Germany, Scandinavia, England, and the Low Countries; language typology; comparative study of sound change, word forms, and word origins Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Ivory, Yvonne Languages, Literatures, and Cultures literature; fine arts; aestheticism; space and identity; history of sexuality; culture of the fin de siècle; literary and cultural interactions between Germany and Britain Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Mueller, Agnes Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Germany; German-American relations; multicultural studies; gender issues in contemporary literature; German-Jewish studies, Jewish Studies; contemporary German literature Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Vazsonyi, Nicholas Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Comparative Literature; European Studies German identity formation; Richard Wagner; Goethe; Georg Lukacs; Culture & Civilization; Enlightenment & Romanticism; Music; Opera; Comparative Literature; Film Studies; Media Studies; 18th - 21st centuries Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Baba, Junko Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Linguistics Japanese; expressions of linguistic affect in socio-pragmatics; semiotics of food in Japanese modern literature about WWII; the effects of Japanese cinematic techniques on mimetics in story manga Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Kalb, Judith Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Russia; interactions between Russian culture and the Greco-Roman classical tradition; Russia’s reception of Homer; the image of ancient Rome in the writings of Russian modernists Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Ogden, Alexander Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Russian literature and culture; Russian regionalism; concepts of stylization in Russian literature; the interactions of folklore and literature; comparative literature Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Camacho, Jorge Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Spanish-American Modernismo; Caribbean from colonial times to the present; critical anthropology; postcolonial theory; postmodern historiography; cultural studies; Latin America; blacks and indigenous people in the Americas perception Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Sanchez, Francisco Languages, Literatures, and Cultures comparative literature; relation of literary works to aesthetic, and political-economic discourses in Early Modern Spain (16th and 17th centuries); Cervantes; Don Quijote; picaresquenarratives; Spanish Golden Age; relationships between narrative and processes of globalization in Spain’s first decade of the 21st century Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Holt, D. Eric Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Linguistics Latin America; Hispanic linguistics; phonological theory; historical linguistics; dialectology; language variation and change; Hispanic sociolinguistics; language acquisition; Spanish language, composition, stylistics and culture; Structure, sound, history and dialects of Spanish; Spanish in a socio-historic-cultural context; Spanish in the US; Spanish as a world language Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia Latino Immigration Studies, Consortium for; International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Mott, David Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience neuroscience; how synaptic transmission between excitatory and inhibitory nerve cells in the brain is modified as a result of experience; neurons in the limbic system; changes in synaptic transmission in hippocampus in temporal lobe epilepsy; defining alterations in dopamine receptor modulation of synaptic transmission in temporal lobe epilepsy; inhibitory synaptic transmission in epilepsy; Glutamate receptors in epileptogenesis; Functional properties of GABAA and glutamate receptors; Anxiety-related changes in seizure disorders; Novel GABAA receptor modulators Columbia Medicine
Boylan, Matthew Mathematics modular forms; algebraic number theory; elliptic curves; partitions; elliptic modular forms; partitions and q-series Columbia Arts and Sciences
Dilworth, Stephen Mathematics functional analysis; probability and geometry of Banach spaces; convex geometry; finite-dimensional normal spaces; special Banach lattices and other classical spaces; Fixed Point theory; Martingale Theory Columbia Arts and Sciences
Dix, Daniel Mathematics mathematical chemistry; molecular quantum mechanics; molecular geometry; molecular dynamics; protein dynamics and folding; statistical mechanics; mathematical cellular biology; systems biology; initial value problems for partial differential equations governing the evolution of nonlinear waves; asymptotic behavior of solutions; solutions with special symmetry; completely integrable equations Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
Filaseta, Michael Mathematics Number Theory; Analytic Classical Algebraic; lattice points close to a curve; distribution of special sequences of integers in short intervals; irreducibility of polynomials over the rationals; applications of Pade approximations to Number Theory; the irreducibility of polynomials over the rationals; computations with sparse or lacunary polynomials; covering systems of the integers Columbia Arts and Sciences
Girardi, Maria Mathematics functional analysis with an emphasis on Banach space theory and its applications Columbia Arts and Sciences
Griggs, Jerrold Mathematics Mathematics; combinatorics; extremal set and graph theory; graph coloring; operations research; applications of discrete math to biology; number theory; analysis of algorithms; communications Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
Howard, Ralph Mathematics mathematics; differential and integral geometry; analysis, convexity, and mathematical relativity; geometric inequalities Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ju, Lili Mathematics numerical methods and analysis; computational geoscience; computational materials science; imaging and computer vision; deep learning and applications; parallel and high-performance computing Columbia Arts and Sciences ; NanoCenter
Kustin, Andrew Mathematics algebraic geometry; Cohen-Macaulay and Gorenstein algebras; finite free resolutions; linkage; deformation theory; differential graded commutative algebras Columbia Arts and Sciences
Lu, Linyuan (Lincoln) Mathematics information networks; probabilistic methods; spectral graph theory; random graphs; extremal problems on hypergraphs and posets; algorithms; graph theory; ramsey type problems; lie groups and differential geometry Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
McNulty, George Mathematics algebra; logic; discrete mathematics; finite axiomatizability of equational classes of algebras; structural properties of the lattices of equational theories; effective computability in algebraic and combinatorial structures; computer science Columbia Arts and Sciences
Meade, Douglas Mathematics mathematical modeling; ordinary differential equations; partial differential equations; numerical analysis; scientific and parallel computation; computer algebra; interface problems; mathematical biology; Computational Number Theory Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
Miller, Matthew Mathematics ecological modeling, particularly in spatial aspects of animal behavior; mathematical biology; commutative algebra; Hilbert functions; homological techniques to investigate relationships between betti numbers and Hilbert functions Columbia Arts and Sciences
Nyikos, Peter Mathematics point-set topology; covering and base properties of regular spaces; structure theory of locally compact spaces; application of special axioms from set theory; Axioms; Boolean algebras and functional analysis Columbia Arts and Sciences
Carter, June Languages, Literature and Composition Contemporary Latin American literature; Spanish; Afro-Hispanic literature and U.S. Latino literature and culture; Romance Languages and Literature Upstate
Caster, Peter Languages, Literature and Composition 20th Century U.S. Literature and Film; Imprisonment; Gender, Race, and Sexuality; 1980s and 1990s Popular Film Upstate
Petrushev, Pencho Mathematics Approximation Theory; Harmonic analysis; Numerical methods; Function spaces; Nonlinear approximation from rational functions, splines, frames, ridge functions and more general dictionaries; approximation by ridge functions and neural networks; image processing; Spaces of distributions such as Hardy, Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in nonclassical, anisotropic and geometric settings; Construction of bases and frames (needlets) for Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in nonclassical and geometric settings; Applications of spherical needlets to approximation and fast evaluation of bandlimited functions on the sphere Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
Knight, Marilyn Languages, Literature and Composition English; Gothic Era; Women's Studies Upstate
Schep, Anton Mathematics functional analysis; Operator Theory; linear integral operators on Banach function spaces; Banach lattices; spectral properties and compactness properties of special classes of operators; positive operators and C0-semigroups of positive operators on Banach lattices Columbia Arts and Sciences
Coberly, David Languages, Literature and Composition Spanish higher education, romance linguistics, language acquisition, comparative language teaching methodology Upstate
Godfrey, Esther Languages, Literature and Composition 19th-century British literature, women's literature, and women's and gender studies; Victorian literature and society Upstate
Székely, László Mathematics Graph Theory; combinatorics and its applications; discrete geometry; graphs drawn on surfaces; reconstruction of phylogenetic trees from genetic sequences; combinatorial geometry; phylogeny reconstruction; discrete probability; design and analysis of algorithms; combinatorial optimization; extremal problems (graphs and set systems); network science Columbia Arts and Sciences
Temlyakov, Vladimir Mathematics approximations of functions in one variable and multivariable cases (approximations by polynomials, n-widths, optimal cubature formulas); integral operators; estimates of singular numbers; approximation numbers; bilinear approximation of kernels of these operators Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
Trifonov, Ognian Mathematics Analytic Number Theory and Approximation Theory; use of finite differences to determine information about lattice points close to a curve or surface; application of results to gap problems in Number Theory Columbia Arts and Sciences
Vraciu, Adela Mathematics commutative algebra; algebraic geometry; tight closure theory; linkage homological properties of rings and modules; characteristic p methods; Cohen-Macaulay; Briancon-Skoda theorem Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wang, Hong Mathematics mathematics; numerical approximation to differential/integral equations; scientific computations Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics; NanoCenter
Wu, Xian Mathematics algebraic geometry; differential geometry; complex manifolds Columbia Arts and Sciences
Bezuidenhout, Anne Philosophy; Linguistics Pragmatics; semantics/pragmatics interface; presupposition and conversational implicature; theories of verbal communication; experimental pragmatics; epistemology; indexicals; context-shifting; generalized conversational implicatures; default reasoning; scalar implicatures; anaphor resolution; cognitive psychological models of human natural language production and understanding; relevance theory Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Cai, Chao Psychology Survival analysis, mediation analysis, clinical trials, statistical design, and analysis in health science Columbia Arts and Sciences
Burke, Thomas Philosophy pragmatism; American philosophy; logic; cognitive science Columbia Arts and Sciences
Dickson, Michael Philosophy philosophy of music; medieval philosophy; game theory; epistemology of philosophy Columbia Arts and Sciences
Khushf, George Philosophy bioethics; philosophy of medicine; concepts of health and disease; ethics of emerging science and technology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Kisner, Matthew Philosophy history of modern philosophy; philosophy of the emotions; history of ethics; virtue ethics; practical reasoning and autonomy; moral psychology; Spinoza's ethics; early modern efforts to articulate the moral value of the emotions or passions; how historical work bears on ongoing issues in ethics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Pollok, Anne Philosophy History of Early Modern Philosophy, German Enlightenment; Anthropology and Aesthetics; Philosophy of Culture, Ernst Cassirer; Cassirer's Philosophy of Symbolic Forms; the creative ways of expression in respective texts on the Philosophy of Culture in the Enlightenment and beyond Columbia Arts and Sciences
Martin-Stuart, Lisa Theatre and Dance Costume Design; Historical Research; Costume Technology; Technical Expertise Columbia Arts and Sciences
Sefrin-Weis, Heike Philosophy; Languages, Literatures, and Cultures ancient philosophy; ancient science; history of mathematics; Aristotelian metaphysics; Aristotelian science; methods of argumentation in Greek geometry; ancient medicine and psychology; Plato; Aristotle; Hellenistic Philosophy; Platonism Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Tollefsen, Christopher Philosophy natural law ethics; ethics of false assertion; practical ethics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Fairchild, Amanda Psychology Intersection of mediation and moderation models; effect size measures for mediation; measurement and evaluation of programs and outcomes; statistical pedagogy; quantitative psychology; statistical mediation analysis; prevention; developmental trajectories of substance use; prevention of child maltreatment Columbia Arts and Sciences
Avignone III, Frank Physics and Astronomy particle astrophysics;zone-refinement of germanium and tellurium dioxide; antiparticles; heavy-sterile-neutrino dark matter Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Crawford, Thomas Physics and Astronomy nanotechnology; nanomagnetism and picoscale metrology; pattern transfer nanomanufacturing; macroscopic patterns Columbia Arts and Sciences
Creswick, Richard Physics and Astronomy particle astrophysics; cosmology; exotic zero-neutrino nuclear double-beta decay; antiparticles; Majorana particles Columbia Arts and Sciences
Datta, Timir Physics and Astronomy condensed matter physics; high temperature superconductivity; mesoscopic quantum transport; deterministic chaos; effects of disorder in linear and non-linear systems; nanotechnology; experimental and mathematical topics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Gothe, Ralf Physics and Astronomy nuclear physics; nucleons and their excitations; physics and astronomy; nuclear reactor physics; electron microscopes to higher energies; electron scattering experiments; photons; quarks and gluons Columbia Arts and Sciences
Gudkov, Vladimir Physics and Astronomy neutron physics; low energy neutron interactions; theory of nuclear reactions; nuclear fission; neutrino nuclei interactions; extensions of the Standard Model; computational physics; Network theory Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
Kulkarni, Varsha Physics and Astronomy extragalactic astronomy; cosmology; intergalactic and circumgalactic matter; galaxy evolution; dust in distant galaxies; Polar Ring Galaxies; cosmic evolution of the chemical elements; evolution of stars, gas, and dust in galaxies and the implications for cosmology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Kunchur, Milind Physics and Astronomy superconductivity and nano-structured materials; psychophysics; auditory neurophysiology; high-fidelity audio Columbia Arts and Sciences
Mazur, Pawel Physics and Astronomy Quantum Field Theory; foundations of Quantum Theory; gravitational phenomena; cosmology; Gauge theories of gravity; theoretical physics; quantum mechanics of black holes; black hole thermodynamics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Myhrer, Fred Physics and Astronomy Nuclear Theory; experimental nuclear physics; supernova; matter-antimatter interactions; hadron and light nuclei structures; experimental nuclear physics; annihilation of matter and antimatter; electromagnetic theory Columbia Arts and Sciences
Rosenfeld, Carl Physics and Astronomy electron-positron colliding beam experiments; high energy physics; e+ e- annihilation at high energy; neutrinos; neutrino beams; particle astrophysics; cold dark matter Columbia Arts and Sciences
Strauch, Steffen Physics and Astronomy Baryon spectroscopy; nucleon electromagnetic form factors; medium modifications of hadronic properties; few-body physics; polarization experiments; fundamental symmetries; physics of hadrons and nuclei; perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics (pQCD), Chrial Perturbation Theory (ChPT); experimental nuclear physics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Tedeschi, David Physics and Astronomy search for neutrinoless double beta decay; properties of elementary particles; dynamical structure of the proton; physics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wilson, Jeffery Physics and Astronomy physics; double-beta decay Columbia Arts and Sciences
Barbieri, Katherine Political Science; Jewish Studies Middle East, Asia; International; International Relations and Political Economy; Impact of globalization on conflict; Civil and interstate war; military disputes; terrorism; state repression; International trade; globalization and violence; trade between enemies; Foreign trade; globalization and war; threats to Israel's security; counter-terrorism; Israeli-Palestinian economic cooperation; intersection between international political economy and conflict studies; impact of globalization on conflict, including civil and interstate war, military disputes, terrorism, and state repression; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Cox, Robert Political Science public policy challenges in Europe; politics of sustainability; reforms; pensions; public finances; environmental policy; immigration laws; labor market regulations; public policy issues in advanced industrialized societies; role of the European Union in promoting sustainability programs among its member states; comparative politics; public administration; welfare states Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Darmofal, David Political Science political behavior; political geography; American political development; spatial analysis; survival analysis; time series analysis; American politics; political methodology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hsieh, John Political Science; Asian Studies Asian studies; international studies; East Asia; rational choice theory; constitutional choice; electoral systems; electoral behavior; political parties; democratization; foreign policy; East Asian politics; comparative politics; political methodology; China; Taiwan Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Oldendick, Robert Political Science design, collection, and analysis of survey data; effects of non-response; effect of new technologies; survey methodology; public opinion in American politics; racial differences in attitudes; reducing underage drinking Columbia Arts and Sciences Public Service and Policy Research, Institute for
Shaw, Todd Political Science; African American Studies African American politics; urban politics; public policy; citizen activism; social movements; post-Civil Rights Movement African American community; political, social, and ideological ramifications of changes in the post-Civil Rights Movement African American community; how class, gender, age and other social factors create differing definitions of what constitutes African American group interests and how groups of African Americans and their allies have acted upon these perceived interests; Effective Black Activism Model (EBAM) Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia African American Research, Institute for; International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Woods, Neal Political Science; Earth, Ocean, and Environment; Environment and Sustainability public administration; public policy; American politics; political institutions; relationship of bureaucratic actors to their external political environment; elected officials and interest groups; joint federal-state policy implementation; policy role of state governors; federalism and intergovernmental relations; state politics; environmental/energy policy and regulation Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences
Armstead, Cheryl Psychology Ethnicity; cardiovascular psychophysiology; blood pressure; heart rate; stress; racism; hostility; gender; socioeconomic status; cardiovascular disease; STD prevention; hostility and stress reactivity; Relationships between racism and cardiovascular reactivity to laboratory stress; health promotion Columbia Arts and Sciences
Flory, Kate Psychology Development of substance use in youths with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); cognitive and social factors and their influence; smoking prevention; social and academic impairment of children with ADHD; negative health outcomes associated with ADHD; understanding mechanisms that may explain why children with ADHD are at greater risk than peers for cigarette smoking and use/abuse of other substances; understanding social and academic impairment of children with ADHD; understanding other negative health outcomes associated with ADHD, including risky sexual behavior and unintentional injuries; epidemiology of child and adolescent emotional and behavioral health concerns Columbia Arts and Sciences
Greer-Medley, Tawanda Psychology Health disparities; racial discrimination; mental health; social perception; social determinants of psychological health and health inequities; how race-related perceptions influence social decision-making for African Americans; political, health, and economic consequences of social inequities in the United States Columbia Arts and Sciences
Kloos, Bret Psychology Recovery from serious mental illness; meaning-making after major life disruptions; promotion of social inclusion; community responses to homelessness; mutual support and self-help; collaboration with community-based resources (e.g., religious organizations, civic groups) to address social and health problems Columbia Arts and Sciences
Prinz, Ron Psychology Mental health; clinical psychology; children; adolescents; Prevention Science and Child Clinical Psychology; child and family; empirically based approaches to assessment and intervention; prevention of child maltreatment; conduct disorder; delinquency; early substance use; school failure; early family and school-based interventions; population-based parenting intervention; substance abuse treatment with parents in the child welfare system Columbia Arts and Sciences
Schatz, Jeffrey Psychology Developmental Psychology; Cognitive Neuroscience; Pediatric psychology; neuropsychology; sickle cell disease; Abnormal Psychology; child development; biopsychosocial factors in sickle cell disease; understanding cognitive development and promoting educational success; impact of sickle cell disease on child development Columbia Arts and Sciences
Swan, Suzanne Psychology; Women's and Gender Studies Interpersonal violence and aggression; interventions to prevent violence; college populations; women's use of violence and aggression in intimate relationships; women's studies; relationship violence; men and masculinity; women and their bodies in health and disease; social psychology; drugging Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Van Horn, Lee Psychology Clinical-Community Psychology; assessing contextual effects and individual differences; problems with substance use, delinquency, obesity; methods and statistical issues Columbia Arts and Sciences
Booze, Rosemarie Psychology Experimental Psychology; Behavioral Neuroscience; relationship between developing brain and emergence of psychological abilities; maternal drug use; neurological basis of ADHD; Stimulants in the developing male and female brain; long-term consequences and mechanisms of early brain injury; dopaminergic/parkinsonian-type deficits in HIV-1 and drugs of abuse; the neurochemical and neuroanatomical basis of dementia and other neurocognitive disorders Columbia Arts and Sciences
Shustova, Natalia Chemistry and Biochemistry Sustainable energy conversion, sensing, switches, artificial biomimetic systems; inorganic chemistry, materials, or physical chemistry; manipulating air-sensitive compounds, powder diffraction analysis, single-crystal X-ray crystallography, thermogravimetric analysis, and spectroscopy (UV-vis, IR, Fluorescence); The Active Layer Morphology Control in Organic Photovoltaics; Light Harvesting and Controllable Energy Transfer in Well-Defined Self-Assemblies Columbia Arts and Sciences
Kornbluh, Mariah Psychology Examine factors promoting young people’s health, and wellness; Document key leverage points for meaningful youth engagement in systems, services, and settings that promote health equity; Improve methods to enhance the dissemination of health intervention efforts; Explore how young people develop critical consciousness (i.e., understandings of social inequalities, agency to work towards social change, and participation in social change efforts) Columbia Arts and Sciences
Mactutus, Charles Psychology In utero cocaine exposure; addiction; NueroAIDS; drug abuse neurotoxicity; addictive processes; sensitization; cognitive processes and their dysfunction in disease and addiction; pediatric AIDS; HIV-1 cognitive impairments; potential neuroprotective agents Columbia Arts and Sciences
Harrod, Steven Psychology Experimental psychology; Neuroscience; factors that influence the vulnerability for drug abuse; how prenatal nicotine exposure alters drug motivated behavior in offspring; if novel drugs have the ability to decrease drug taking behaviors; whether the sex of the animal influences various drug effects; maternal tobacco smoking Columbia Arts and Sciences
Almor, Amit Psychology; Linguistics Psycholinguistics; neuroimaging of language; language impairments; processing of anaphoric expressions in discourse; language and memory performance in aging; human reasoning Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Morris, Robin Psychology Cognitive Psychology; Experimental Psychology; Reading; perceptual and cognitive processes involved in adult skilled reading behavior; Language processing; Word recognition; Lexical access; perceptual processes; allocation of visual attention; fine motor control; sophisticated language and memory processes Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wedell, Douglas Psychology Cognitive Psychology; Judgment and choice; Probability Judgment; Bias in spatial memory; Context Effects on Music Memory and Preference; Representations and Consequences of Affect; how context affects how we think about, feel, and interact with the world; Preference and the contextual basis of ideals in judgment and choice Columbia Arts and Sciences
Chruszcz, Maksymilian Chemistry and Biochemistry; Biochemistry Structural Biology, Allergy & Asthma, Immunology, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Infectious Diseases, Agricultural Pests, Proteins, Protein Chemistry, Protein Engineering, Antibodies Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Richards, John Psychology Developmental Psychology; development of sustained attention in young infants; development of extended fixations to television programs in the first two years; saccade planning; infants; psychophysiology of attention; attention and face processing in infants with neurodevelopmental disorders Columbia Arts and Sciences
Vendemia, Jennifer Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience; neurophysiological processes; pain perception; deceptive behaviors; executive functions; memory; emotional processes; relationship of stress to brain activation during cognitive performance; fMRI correlates of acute- and chronic-stress due to Perceived Racism in African-Americans; EEG research examining the effects of extended incarceration on death row inmates; cognitive modeling of deceptive behavior combining evidence from HD-EEG and fMRI measures Columbia Arts and Sciences
Beasley, Fred Business Administration Consumer promotions, marketing education, and sports marketing Beaufort
Dennis, Bryan Business Administration Business ethics; corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and corporate philanthropy; business management Beaufort
Huebner, Scott Psychology Child and adolescent personality assessment; children's positive psychological well-being; school psychologists' stress and well-being; school psychology and health promotion; student engagement in school; school climate Columbia Arts and Sciences
Mitchem, Stephanie Religious Studies; Women's and Gender Studies Women's studies; empowerment of women; religious freedom/religious intolerance; African American/Diasporan women aiming for spiritual wholeness; human rights in the United States; the quest to build community Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Hein, Laura Nursing Health Equity and Rural Health; Vulnerable Populations; LGBT; empowerment; homelessness; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender; violence and victimization; youth; sexual orientation; gender identity; resilience **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Deflem, Mathieu Sociology Sociology of law, crime and social control, popular culture, and theory; global diffusion of terrorist anti-police violence; history and contemporary conditions of international police cooperation; theoretical issues in sociology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Fuente, David Earth, Ocean, and Environment infrastructure planning; environmental policy; international development; provision of water and sanitation services Columbia Arts and Sciences
Simpson, Brent Sociology Social psychology; trust; egoism & altruism; cooperation; collective action; social networks; discrimination; inequality Columbia Arts and Sciences
Culley, Joan Nursing **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Viparelli, Enrica Civil and Environmental Engineering water resources engineering; development of large-scale models of river morphodynamics that can be used for river and coastal restoration; sediment transport, erosion and deposition at laboratory and field scales; transport, deposition and erosion of non-uniform sediment in fluvial, deltaic and submarine environments; transport and the overbank deposition of very fine sediment in rivers; the effects that changes in land use and climate may have on rivers and floodplains Columbia Engineering and Computing
Grego, John Statistics Robust Parameter Design; Mixture Models; Statistical Consulting; Environmental Statistics; Bayesian calibration for deterministic flood hydraulics models; spatiotemporal modelling of wildland fires Columbia Arts and Sciences
Habing, Brian Statistics Psychometrics; Item Response Theory; Scale Construction; Multivariate Statistics; Educational Measurement Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hitchcock, David Statistics Functional Data Analysis; Smoothing Methods; Cluster Analysis; Primary Environmental and Ecological applications; Computer-Intensive Statistical Methods; History of statistics; nonparametric and multivariate methods; identifying peptides and aligning spectra resulting from mass spectrometry data; development of Bayesian methods for registration, clustering, and curve fitting of functional data; estimating the size of a loggerhead turtle population; analyzing survey data about the diet and nutrition of schoolchildren Columbia Arts and Sciences
Peña, Edsel Statistics Mathematical Statistics; Semi-Non-parametric Statistics; Survival analysis; Reliability theory; Applied probability; biomedical statistics Columbia Arts and Sciences Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Tebbs, Joshua Statistics Categorical data; group testing; order-restricted inference; multiple comparisons; epidemiology; public health; probability; theory of statistical inference; forecasting and time series; linear statistical models Columbia Arts and Sciences
Huang, Xianzheng Statistics Measurement error; Latent variables; Model misspecification; Nonparametric statistics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Barker, Sarah Theatre and Dance theatre and dance; acting; directing; choreography Columbia Arts and Sciences
Tobolski, Erica Theatre and Dance Voice and Acting; speech and text; voice consultation; on-stage performance Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hunt, Robyn Theatre and Dance Acting, Japanese, Pacific Performance Project/East; acting; directing Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute
Pearson, Steven Theatre and Dance Acting; directing; Pacific Performance Project/East; US; Japan Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ularu, Nic Theatre and Dance playwriting; directing; international Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hunter, Jim Theatre and Dance Scene; Lighting Design; theatre and dance; design Columbia Arts and Sciences
Addison, John Economics worker representation; quality of employer-employee job matches; minimum wages; erosion of collective bargaining in Germany and its consequences; high dimensional fixed effect wage regression models; aspects of female pay and career progression Columbia Business
Cardinal, Laura Management Management; coordination of new product development teams and product commercialization Columbia Business
Bass, Janice Economics exchange rates; financial crises; time series econometrics Columbia Business
Rasso, Jason Accounting behavioral auditing; auditor litigation; financial accounting; fraud and forensic accounting; managerial/cost accounting Columbia Business
Crockett, David Marketing sociological aspects of consumer behavior; class, gender and racial inequality in the marketplace; consumer, managerial, and public policy initiatives designed to alleviate inequality Columbia Business African American Research, Institute for
Johnson, Jared Music Organ; education Columbia Music
Cecchini, Mark Accounting accounting information systems; machine learning theory and applications (SVM); data management and information retrieval; IS strategy; database/systems analysis and design/telecommunications Columbia Business
Nagel, Caroline Geography Migration, multiculturalism, citizenship, religion, Lebanon; integration Columbia Arts and Sciences
Janzen, Rebecca Languages, Literatures, and Cultures gender, disability, and religious studies in Mexican literature and culture; excluded populations in Mexico; intersection of legal and literary discourse as it pertains to minority communities in Mexico Columbia Arts and Sciences
Grasser, Robert Accounting management accounting; performance evaluation; targets; executive compensation Columbia Business
Fiedler, Kirk Management Science; Computer Science and Engineering Technology innovation, knowledge management, privacy, ethics and risk Columbia; Columbia Business; Columbia
Flicker, Blair Management Science Behavioral operations management, judgmental forecasting, human-computer interaction and machine learning Columbia Business
Fry, Timothy Management Science Cost Accounting and Manufacturing; Performance Measurement Systems; Theory of Constraints; Lean Healthcare; Operations Management Pedagogy Columbia Business
Ahire, Sanjay Management Science Empirical evaluation of operations improvement strategies; practical application of operations improvement techniques; application of operations strategy and supply chain management principles to OM academics; high-value consulting for enhancing returns from Lean Six Sigma campaigns. Columbia Business
Branner, Katrice Management Science Small business operations management Columbia Business
Jiang, Chao Finance Asset pricing, behavioral finance, insider trading, empirical corporate finance Columbia Business
Jackson, Scott Accounting financial and managerial accounting; auditing; taxation Columbia Business
Jayachandran, Satish Marketing market responsiveness of firms; customer relationship management; corporate social responsibility and sustainability; branding Columbia Business
Jayaram, Jayanth Management Science Global Operations Strategy; Supply Chain Management; New Product Development; Strategic Purchasing; Service Operations; Contingency Theory; Operations Management in China; Performance Metrics Columbia Business
Korsgaard, Audrey Management Self evaluation, feedback, procedural justice, organizational justice, work value, Trust; Prosocial values; Organizational justice as explanatory frameworks for understanding interpersonal and intragroup cooperation; Supervisor-subordinate relationships; Investor-entrepreneur relations; Work teams; Joint ventures; small group and interpersonal dynamics; performance appraisal; workplace fairness; industrial organizational psychology Columbia Business
Kostova, Tatiana International Business International management, macro-organizational behavior and organization theory, institutional and cultural embeddedness of multinational corporations, cross-border transfer of management practices within MNCs, knowledge management, organizational legitimacy and social capital as a source of competitive advantage in MNCs, impact of different forms of ownership on firm strategy and management. Columbia Business International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Kwok, Chuck International Business International finance; Chinese business; International business education; national culture and finance and financial management of multinational corporations; China, Pacific Rim; Asian studies Columbia Business International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Lane-Cordova, Abbi Exercise Science Understanding the processes underlying the increased long-term heart disease risk in women who have had certain complications in pregnancy, such as preterm birth, high blood pressure in pregnancy, or preeclampsia. Columbia Public Health
January, Stacy-Ann Psychology Reading assessment and intervention; social-emotional assessment; behavioral interventions; culturally and linguistically diverse students; parent involvement Columbia Arts and Sciences
Galloway, Charlotte Columbia Public Health
McDermott, John Economics economic growth and development; long-run dynamics; cultural aspects of economic development; international macroeconomics, international monetary theory Columbia Business
Ozturk, Ayse Marketing marketing strategy; international marketing; social media; sustainability Columbia Business
Miao, Chun-hui Economics theoretical aspects of three areas: (1) the effect of consumer bias on firm behavior in durable-goods markets; (2) the licensing methods of technology standards; (3) the issue of compatibility/standardization in technology innovation Columbia Business
Niehaus, Gregory Finance Corporate finance, the economics of insurance, corporate pension plans, and corporate risk management Columbia Business
Powers, Eric Finance Corporate Finance: Restructuring, Capital Investment Policy, Corporate Control, Managerial Turnover, Capital Structure; Investments: Fixed Income Securities, Make-Whole Call Provisions, Bond Tender Offers Columbia Business
Souther, Matthew Finance Corporate governance, boards of directors, and shareholder voting Columbia Business
Ravlin, Elizabeth Management management; work values; ethics; group effectiveness; group norms; influence of technology in group process ; cross-cultural interpersonal behavior; teams; values; teaching; cross-border teams; organizational behavior; intercultural interactions; personal values in the workplace Columbia Business
Sharma, Luv Management Science Information systems in patient-centric healthcare delivery systems, knowledge management and organizational learning issues, the role of analytics in influencing organizational competitiveness. Columbia Business
Rolfe, Robert International Business; African Studies Foreign investment in Africa; business conditions in Africa; international taxation; Competitive strategies in developing countries; micro-finance; foreign investment in Africa Columbia; Columbia Business; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Summers, Christopher Marketing Consumers’ past actions, knowledge of marketing tactics and interactions with new technology shape consumer behavior and decision-making. Columbia Business
Roth, Kendall International Business Institutional and sociocultural approaches to understanding organization practices and routines within multinational enterprises; cultural frameworks Columbia Business International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Stefaniak, Chad Accounting audit quality; audit judgment and decision-making; nonprofessional investor perceptions Columbia Business
Sandberg, William Management Entrepreneurship; Opportunity Recognition; new venture performance; impact of "disruptive technology" on established industries; countries’ transitions from communism to freer societies with market economies; strategic management; proprietary, nanotechnology-based industrial innovation; strategic management; consulting projects; commercializing research and development innovations; Columbia Business
Lessner, Susan Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering Vascular biology and biomechanics of atherosclerosis, with an emphasis on intraplaque angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) and mechanical failure (plaque rupture); methods to reduce the incidence of plaque rupture; intraplaque angiogenesis, or new blood vessel growth, as a destabilizing factor in plaque progression; relationships between mechanical loading environment, matrix organization, and mechano-sensitive gene expression; micromechanics of arterial tissue failure in plaque rupture and arterial dissection; methods to identify patients at elevated risk of acute cardiovascular syndromes where material failure plays a major role Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia NanoCenter
Spicer, Andrew International Business Intersection of business and society in a global economy; privatization policies and outcomes in post-communist countries; national context and identity on managers' ethical evaluations and behaviors; processes that lead to the spread of corrupt business practices across regions and companies; roles of institutional context in shaping business models designed to combat poverty around the world Columbia Business International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Southworth, Ginny Visual and Performing Arts photography Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Tsyplakov, Sergey Finance Corporate finance; Fixed income; Valuation theory and real estate; risk management Columbia Business
Vandervelde, Scott Accounting experimental auditing; judgment; decision-making Columbia Business
Whitcomb, Kathleen Management Science Management Science; Applied Multivariate Methods; Decision Analysis; Risk Analysis Columbia Business
Armstrong, Alissa Biological Sciences Homeostasis and damage repair; stem cell supported tissues; obesity; nutritional sensing; Drosophila melanogaster; nutrient sensing pathways; Stem Cell and Development; Cellular Stress Columbia Arts and Sciences
Woodward, Douglas Economics regional economics; international economics; industry location; economic development; foreign direct investment; North America; Africa; economic impacts of Latino immigration; foreign investment; international competitiveness; economic and business development in sub-Saharan Africa and Northeast China Columbia Business
Woodworth, Lindsay Economics health economics with a focus on issues related to U.S. emergency departments Columbia Business
Canino, Catherine Languages, Literature and Composition Shakespeare and the English Renaissance; English; Italian studies; study abroad experience; Greek immigration and assimilation in Spartanburg, S.C.; International studies Upstate
Stoeltzner, Micheal Philosophy philosophy and history of physics; philosophy and history of applied mathematics; epistemology of elementary particle physics; models and Ceteris Paribus laws; patterns of formal teleology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Zhang, Donghang Finance Securities Issuance, Investment Banking, Financial Institutions, Banking, and Corporate Finance Columbia Business
Gatzke, Edward Chemical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering process modeling, control, and optimization; parallel programming efforts for mixed-integer optimization, including parallel nonconvex nonseparable mixed-integer outer approximation and parallel nonconvex branch-and-reduce methods; particulate processing, bio-processes, and large scale systems Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Jabbari, Esmaiel Chemical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering tissue engineering, biomaterials and drug delivery; nanotechnology; bio-inspired nanocomposites; biologically inspired nanocomposites for bone regeneration; targeted tumor delivery with peptidomimetic self-assembled nanoparticles; stem cells morphogenesis on biomimetic substrates; fabrication of bioresorbable scaffolds with well-defined pore geometry by rapid-prototyping Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Matthews, Michael Chemical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering principles of thermodynamics, transport phenomena, and kinetics with a view toward more green and sustainable methods of chemical and material manufacturing; development of novel technology for sterilization and disinfection of synthetic and natural biomaterials; abatement of indoor allergenic proteins and other respiratory hazards; utilization of chemical hydrides as a hydrogen storage medium, with application in PEM fuel cells; the role of deliquescence in the reaction between water vapor and sodium borohydride; applications of supercritical carbon dioxide for biomedical applications Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia Engineering and Computing Education, Center for; Electrochemical Engineering, Center for
Moss, Melissa Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering Alzheimer's disease; protein self assembly; biophysical techniques; nanotechnology; involvement of protein aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease; involvement of protein aggregation in Alzheimer's disease Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Sadati, Monirosadat Chemical Engineering a bottom-up approach to study the structure, dynamics, and self-assembly of soft materials, with an emphasis on anisotropic components capable of leading to new, tunable macroscopic properties; tissue engineering, actuation, drug delivery, controlled cargo transport, and biosensing Columbia Engineering and Computing
Popov, Branko Chemical Engineering power sources; new materials for cathodes; new materials for anodes; electrochemical power sources; industrial metal finishing corrosion; nanotechnology; capacitors and fuel cells and development of performance models for capacitors; fuel cells and to predict capacity fade for lithium ion batteries Columbia Engineering and Computing Electrochemical Engineering, Center for
Ritter, James Chemical Engineering separation processes; materials science; energy storage; hydrogen storage systems; targeted drug delivery; gas separation and purification; nanotechnology Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing NanoCenter; Electrochemical Engineering, Center for
White, Ralph Chemical Engineering fuel cells; batteries; electrodeposition; corrosion; numerical methods; developing efficient algorithms to solve the equations that represent the phenomena that occur in electrochemical and chemical systems Columbia Engineering and Computing Electrochemical Engineering, Center for
Williams, Christoper Chemical Engineering heterogeneous catalysis; surface science; solid-liquid catalytic interfaces; catalyst design; in-situ vibrational spectroscopy; nanotechnology Columbia Engineering and Computing
Flora, Joseph Educational Leadership and Policies Human resources management, school finance, leadership and school improvement, educational reform Columbia Education
Brown, William Educational Studies young children’s physical activity; young children’s social competence; special education; early childhood special education programs; public policies and practices with respect to developing and implementing effective community-based services and supports for young children and their families Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
DiStefano, Christine Educational Studies structural equation modeling; Rasch modeling; scale construction; validity studies; educational research; structural equation modeling; survey design; latent class clustering/cluster analysis; application of advanced statistics and measurement methods to issues related to school psychology Columbia Education Educational Policy Center; Child Development and Research Center
Drasgow, Erik Educational Studies language and communication intervention for individuals with severe disabilities; autism; positive behavior support; applied behavior analysis Columbia Education
Gold, Joshua Educational Studies family counseling especially with step families; consultation; counseling theory; appraisal; dissertation preparation; spirituality in counseling; common factors research Columbia Education
Johnson, Robert Educational Studies Scoring of performance assessments; Classroom assessment, Survey design, Scoring of performance assessments, Implementation of collaborative evaluations; collaborative program evaluation Columbia Education Educational Policy Center
Liu, Xiaofeng (Steven) Educational Studies statistical power analysis; hierarchical linear modeling; statistical programming; educational policy studies; applied statistics Columbia Education
Marshall, Kathleen Educational Studies affective reading instruction for students with disabilities; preparing teachers to deliver evidence-based practices; working in multi-tiered academic service delivery systems Columbia Education
Seaman, Michael Educational Studies nonparametric statistics for behavioral/ social research; R applications development; statistics education; multiple comparison procedures Columbia Education
Yell, Mitchell Educational Studies IEP development; legal issues in special education; classroom management; progress monitoring; evidence-based practices in special education Columbia Education
Yankovsky, Alexander Earth, Ocean, and Environment dynamics on continental shelves and in marginal seas; wind-and buoyancy-driven currents; transient and time-variable processes; waves; wave-current interaction; mesoscale variability; adjustment of shelf currents to the topographic and coastline features Columbia Arts and Sciences
Carnes, Nathan Instruction and Teacher Education Inquiry teaching and learning issues in elementary and middle level science classrooms, Use of qualitative research packages (NU*DIST and NVIVO), Application of research discourses, science methods, classroom management, preservice teachers images of science teaching and learning Columbia Education
Duffy, Melissa Educational Studies roles of motivation and emotion in learning and performance across a variety of higher education and professional training settings; medical education; negative and positive emotional states relate to cognitive processes and performance during medical simulation training; the impact of different achievement goals on learning with intelligent tutoring systems; relations between teacher beliefs and instructional practices in the classroom; mixed methods and advanced technologies to support and measure learning Columbia Education
Jeffries, Rhonda Instruction and Teacher Education Understanding the educational experiences of marginalized people, and her work often examines educational phenomena through a performance theory lens. Columbia Education
Fetterolf, Monty Chemistry Raman Spectroscopy of Mixed Solvent Systems, Solvatachromism of dyes using electronic absorption spectroscopy, chemical education Aiken Sciences
Long, Susi Instruction and Teacher Education Humanizing, decolonizing, and culturally relevant equity pedagogies in preservice teacher education and early childhood literacy education Columbia Education Latino Immigration Studies, Consortium for
McAdoo, Terrance Instruction and Teacher Education Leadership and ethics, conscious hip hop music, and social justice pedagogy. Columbia Education
Schramm-Pate, Susan Instruction and Teacher Education Curriculum studies revolving around women's studies, Historiography, Cultural studies, Integrated curriculum, gender theory, critical multicultural education; diversity; equity; Columbia Education
Styslinger, Mary Instruction and Teacher Education Interweave literacy into the secondary English curriculum and across the disciplines; attention on marginalized and at-risk youth including those incarcerated and those on the autism spectrum.; Secondary English and literacy Columbia Education
Thompson, Stephen Instruction and Teacher Education Elementary Science Education; Instruction and Teacher Education; science education methods; teacher professional development; scientist and engineer collaborations with K-12 schools; nature-based inquiry Columbia Education Engineering and Computing Education, Center for
Mitchell, Murray Physical Education and Athletic Training program evaluation; teacher educators and teacher education; homework; craft knowledge; scholarship; socialization of professionals seeking insight into professional effectiveness (especially physical educators and athletic trainers); program assessment Columbia Education
Doutis, Panayiotis Physical Education and Athletic Training physical education teaching; teacher education; pedagogy; K- 12, pre-service, and in-service curriculum and instruction practices Columbia Education
Monsma, Eva Physical Education and Athletic Training kinesiology; psychology; developmental sport psychology; interrelationships among human factors reflecting biological growth and maturation; physical self-perceptions and their role in talent identification; motor development and physical activity with an emphasis on adolescent females; efficacy of imagery among injured and competitive athletes; developing imagery abilities; effects of imagery in physical activity contexts; imagery measurement and its conceptual extensions Columbia Education
Nilges-Charles, Lynda Physical Education and Athletic Training gender issues in physical education; critical theory; feminist theory; postmodern theory and phenomenology; curriculum development in movement education; alternative textualization in qualitative research Columbia Education
Flora, Joseph Civil and Environmental Engineering environmental engineering; environmental process modeling, electrochemically-mediated biological degradation, and water, wastewater and hazardous waste treatment; molecular modeling for environmental reactions; computer modeling of water quality engineering processes; processes for water quality engineering Columbia Engineering and Computing
McAnally, A. Civil and Environmental Engineering Walker Institute; water and wastewater treatment, particularly appropriate technology applications for developing communities; optimization studies for potable water production using low-cost portable water treatment units; water treatment for heavy metals removal and corrosion control, industrial waste minimization, constructed wetland applications for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and education reform in civil and environmental engineering Columbia Engineering and Computing International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Gassman, Sarah Civil and Environmental Engineering geotechnical engineering; non-destructive evaluation of deep foundations and bridge structures; leak effect of soil aging on liquefaction potential; field performance of culvert pipe; behavior of embankment fill materials Columbia Engineering and Computing
Pierce, Charles Civil and Environmental Engineering geotechnical and materials engineering; time domain reflectometry; soil-structure interaction; slope stability and monitoring; ground deformation instrumentation; controlled low strength materials; blast and construction vibration analysis Columbia Engineering and Computing
Caicedo, Juan Civil and Environmental Engineering structural engineering; structural dynamics; model updating; structural health monitoring; earthquake engineering and structural control Columbia Engineering and Computing
Rizos, Dimitris Civil and Environmental Engineering structural mechanics; railway and highway infrastructure; high speed rail systems; civilian and military bridges Columbia Engineering and Computing
Ziehl, Paul Civil and Environmental Engineering; Aerospace Engineering structural engineering; nondestructive evaluation, structural health monitoring, in-situ evaluation, repair and strengthening, composite materials, and prestressed/reinforced concrete structures; wireless, self-powered monitoring for structural prognosis of steel and reinforced concrete structures; damage identification algorithms for carbon fiber reinforced materials; evaluation criteria for in-situ load testing; remote online monitoring and assessment; nuclear structures, buildings, bridges, and aircraft Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Chaudhry, Hanif Civil and Environmental Engineering water resources engineering; mathematical and physical modeling of steady and unsteady flows in closed conduits and open-channel; fluid transients in pipelines, on flood flows in rivers and channels, on levee breach, dam failure and on scour around bridge piers Columbia Engineering and Computing
Chen, Yuche Civil and Environmental Engineering data-driven traffic operations and demand management), model prediction and optimization of cyber-physical systems in smart and connected communities, machine learning based eco-driving assistant system, transportation air quality and health impacts of exposure Columbia Engineering and Computing
Imran, Jasim Civil and Environmental Engineering water resources engineering; fluid mechanics to study flow processes of both engineering and geophysical significance; river mechanics; sediment transport; density and turbidity current; mass gravity flow; stratified flow Columbia Engineering and Computing
Meadows, Michael Civil and Environmental Engineering water resources engineering; urban stormwater management; best management practices (BMPs); stormwater modeling; watershed hydrology; environmental hydraulics Columbia Engineering and Computing
Buell, Duncan Computer Science and Engineering Digital humanities; Electronic voting systems; Nonnumeric computations; Computational number theory; Parallel computing; Information retrieval Columbia Engineering and Computing
Rodriguez, Linda Management Management, international business, business and society Aiken Business Administration
Poulain, Fabienne Biological Sciences Neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders; neuronal connections; neuroscience; signaling factors in axon pathfinding and developmental degeneration; intracellular mechanisms of axon pathfinding and degeneration; modeling neurological and neurodegenerative diseases Columbia Arts and Sciences Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Eastman, Caroline Computer Science and Engineering Algorithms for information retrieval, Efficient file organizations, Search interfaces and user interactions, problems in database security Columbia Engineering and Computing Information Assurance Engineering, Center for; Information Technology, Center for
Farkas, Csilla Computer Science and Engineering information security, data inference problem, financial and legal analysis of cyber crime, and security and privacy on the Semantic Web Columbia Engineering and Computing ; Information Technology, Center for
Fenner, Stephen Computer Science and Engineering Core theoretical foundations of computing computability and computational complexity, Quantum computing and information, Computability theory, Computational complexity theory, Algorithms, Cryptography and security, Communications, machine learning, software engineering, physics of computation, combinatorics, computational algebra Columbia Engineering and Computing Information Assurance Engineering, Center for; Information Technology, Center for
Huang, Chin-Tser Computer Science and Engineering Network security; Network protocol design and verification; Distributed systems; Intrusion detection; Wireless network security Columbia Engineering and Computing Information Assurance Engineering, Center for
Huhns, Michael Computer Science and Engineering Multiagent systems, Service-oriented computing, Enterprise integration, Ontology-based distributed information systems, computer vision, omputational social systems Columbia Engineering and Computing Information Assurance Engineering, Center for; Information Technology, Center for
Matthews, Manton Computer Science and Engineering wireless security; intelligent user interfaces; graph theory; ontologies; natural language processing; K1,3-free (clawfree) graphs; parallel processing; artificial intelligence Columbia Engineering and Computing Information Assurance Engineering, Center for; Information Technology, Center for
Nelakuditi, Srihari Computer Science and Engineering Internet routing; Wireless networking; Mobile computing; Quality of service; ARENA for Research on Emerging Networks and Applications; Enhancing the availability and reliability of wired and wireless networks to the level suitable for supporting emerging applications and services; Resilient routing schemes and efficient MAC protocols Columbia Engineering and Computing
Rose, John Computer Science and Engineering; Biomedical Engineering Bioinformatics; Pattern Recognition; Biological Databases; Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multiagent Systems; Data Fusion; Knowledge Discovery in Databases; Computational Chemistry Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia ; Information Technology, Center for
Tang, Jijun Algorithm development and high performance computing, with emphasis on phylogenetic analysis from genome rearrangement and sequence data; medical image processing; computer game development; computational biology and bioinformatics, algorithm development and high performance computing Columbia; Columbia
Valafar, Homayoun Computer Science and Engineering; Biomedical Engineering Bioinformatics; medical informatics and computational biology; problems of protein folding; protein/ligand; protein/protein interaction; Computational Biology; Artificial Intelligence; Optimization; Parallel algorithms and architectures; computational medicine; development of computational modeling of human response to different medical treatments or methods of rehabilitation; implementation of mathematical, statistical and engineering techniques in the area of bioinformatics, medical informatics and computational biology; hybrid approaches that combines minimum experimental data with novel computational approaches Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Valtorta, Marco Computer Science and Engineering normative reasoning under uncertainty (especially Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, and their use in multiagent systems), heuristics for problem solving, and computational complexity in artificial intelligence; the use and representation of prior and tacit knowledge for analysts Columbia Engineering and Computing Information Technology, Center for
Vidal, Jose Computer Science and Engineering Multiagent systems; developing systems that coordinate and aggregate the actions of large number of autonomous agents; economics, algorithmic game theory, distributed algorithms, agent-based modelling, and the social sciences; agent-based simulations, web applications and web services Columbia Engineering and Computing Information Technology, Center for
Wang, Song Computer Science and Engineering Computer vision; medical image processing; machine learning; developing computational algorithms and software tools; understanding natural images or image sequences by extracting perceptually salient structures; constructing statistical shape models for 2D/3D anatomic structures; automatically and/or interactively segmenting structures of interest; object detection and recognition Columbia Engineering and Computing
Khan, Asif Electrical Engineering Photonics; Microelectronics; Nanoelectronics; developing materials and device technologies for wide bandgap semiconductors, such as AlGaN and SiC Columbia Engineering and Computing
Ali, Mohammod Electrical Engineering Conformal Antennas – broadband, load bearing, reconfigurable, pixelated, phased arrays; broadband endfire, X, Ka, and 60 GHz phased arrays; Wireless power transfer and wireless sensing – near and far field wireless power transfer, wireless sensing, e.g. moisture sensor; Metamaterials and metasurfaces; Columbia Engineering and Computing
Chen, Yinchao Electrical Engineering Communications; Signal integrity for high speed circuits by using industrial standard tools; Analysis and design of multi-band mobile handset printed inverted-F antennas; Bioelectromagnetic applications; Large target scattering RCS prediction by using higher-order; Wireless indoor and outdoor signal coverage study by using the PSTD MRTD approaches Columbia Engineering and Computing
Dougal, Roger Electrical Engineering Power conversion and storage in fuel cells, batteries, and capacitors; Power routing and control in microgrids and renewable energy systems; Power electronic implementations of Smart Grid concepts; Modeling and simulation methods for integrated electrical, thermal, mechanical, and fluid systems; application of computer gaming methods in engineering design environments; High-speed, distributed, multirate, hardware-interactive simulation environments; DC power systems, including power routing, reconfiguration, protection, and control; power electronics; Columbia Engineering and Computing
Huray, Paul Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering; role of an engineer in society; nanotechnology; Mathematical Methods of Physics; Periodic Loading impact on system eye margins; Measured Input and Output Data for a 7 inch transmission line with surface roughness vs “Snowball Model” Prediction Columbia Engineering and Computing NanoCenter
Koley, Goutam Electrical Engineering MEMS and NEMS sensors for chemical, bio-molecules, and radiation Micro and Nanoelectronics Scanning probe microscopy based material and device characterization Implantable bio-sensors Columbia Engineering and Computing
Rule, Hannah English Language and Literature Rhetoric and Composition; Writing Pedagogies; Composition Theory; Writing Process Theories, Research, & History; Writing objects/environments | Embodiment | Affect Theories | Materiality; Grammar instruction | Multimodality | Freewriting; § Graduate literacies and professional development | K-12 Writing Instruction Columbia Arts and Sciences
Santi, Enrico Electrical Engineering Power electronics; modeling; control and simulation of advanced electrical power distribution systems; physics-based modeling of power semiconductor devices; hardware-in-the-loop simulation of electrical systems Columbia Engineering and Computing
Simin, Grigory Electrical Engineering Microelectronics; Photonics; Nanoelectronics; GaN based electronic; optoelectronic devices; nanotechnology; Wide bandgap materials and devices, III-Nitride power microwave devices and ICs Columbia Engineering and Computing
Wang, Qi Mathematics Applied and Computational Mathematics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Rheology of Complex Fluids; Continuum Mechanics; Kinetic Theory; Multiscale Modeling; computation of soft matter; complex fluids of anisotropic Microstructures; Multiscale modeling; computation of biofluids and biomaterials; Parallel and high performance computing; Wave propagation in anisotropic media; electron transport in heterogeneous media; CPU-GPU hybrid computing; Polymer blends; multiphase complex fluids and flows Columbia Arts and Sciences ; NanoCenter
Bayoumi, Abdel-Moez Mechanical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Nuclear Engineering Mechanical behavior of materials, tribology, diagnosis and prognosis and life predictions of components and subsystems, manufacturing processes, Health Monitoring Systems; Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM); Diagnosis, Prognosis and Predictive Maintenance; Image Processing in Materials Characterizations; design; Design for Manufacturing and Assembly; Product Design and Development; Manufacturing Processes and Automation; Tribology in Manufacturing and Design; MEMS/NEMS/Mechatronics; MEMS/NEMS Fabrication and Characterization; Mechatronics Design Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia; Engineering and Computing Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Research Center
Deng, Xiaomin Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Nanomechanics/atomistic simulation; Fracture mechanics/crack-growth simulation; Manufacturing process modeling/simulation (friction stir welding, metal cutting, GMA welding) Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia Mechanics, Materials, and Non-Destructive Evaluation, Center for; NanoCenter
Giurgiutiu, Victor Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Active materials; Smart structures; Structural health monitoring; Mechatronics; multi-physics applied mechanics; aerospace composites; Active Biomedical Sensors, and Integrated Thin-Film Active Sensors. Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia Mechanics, Materials, and Non-Destructive Evaluation, Center for; NanoCenter
Khan, Jamil Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Modeling of manufacturing processes; temperature distribution during machining; heat transfer and fluid flow with phase change; computational and experimental fluid dynamics; heat transfer processes; Thermodynamic analysis of IC Engines; CFD analysis of combustion processes; Nuclear Engineering; Heat transfer; Fluid dynamics Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia; Engineering and Computing
Lyons, Jed Mechanical Engineering Engineering education; composites and reinforced plastics; design and manufacturing of renewable materials Columbia Engineering and Computing Mechanics, Materials, and Non-Destructive Evaluation, Center for; Engineering and Computing Education, Center for
McNeill, Stephen Mechanical Engineering Computer vision; digital image correlation; microprocessors; experimental mechanics; reverse engineering Columbia Engineering and Computing Mechanics, Materials, and Non-Destructive Evaluation, Center for
Reynolds, Tony (Anthony) Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Friction stir welding; fatigue and fracture; experimental micro-mechanics; quantitative fractographic analysis Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Rocheleau, David Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Engineering design; mechanisms and robotics; Advanced Actuators Group; machine design and machine component design; PEM fuel cell system; Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Sutton, Michael Mechanical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Coherent and incoherent optics applications; experimental mechanics; digital image processing; Computer Vision; applications of integral methods and experimental mechanics; boundary valve problems; plastic fracture mechanics; finite elements modeling of cracked bodies Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia; Engineering and Computing NanoCenter; Mechanics, Materials, and Non-Destructive Evaluation, Center for
Brookshire, Bob Integrated Information Technology Applications of statistical methods and neural networks; Information systems pedagogy; Web usability Columbia Engineering and Computing
Abu-Salem, Hani Math/Computer Science Mathematical sciences; information retrieval and natural language processing; how to build systems that can deal with human language; storing, processing, and retrieving multi-lingual data; ways to apply information technology (IT) to enhance, facilitate, and enrich information processing, management, and transfer; dynamic bilingual or multilingual information retrieval (IR) systems that learn from user interactions and adapt its strategies to accommodate the information needs of individual users Aiken Sciences
Donaldson, Matthew Fine Arts & Communication Studies Content-management systems; Responsive design and development; graphic design; web design Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Gustafson, Catherine Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Private clubs and resorts; Restaurant Trends; Catering and Special Events; Service Excellence/Performance Standards; Training and Professional Development; Food and beverage trends; Retention of members/customers; Employee engagement, including supervisory level Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management Culinary Arts Institute
Roberts, Jane Psychology Infants with fragile X syndrome; cognitive and behavioral development; women with the fmr1 premutation; genetic and psychosocial contributions; children with neurodevelopmental disorders; hyper-arousal and stress; autism; fragile X syndrome; AD/HD Columbia Arts and Sciences
Strick, Sandra Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Employment Diversity in the Hospitality Industry; Wine Tourism; Wine Marketing; Meeting and Convention Issues and Trends Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Bickle, Marianne Retailing Cross-channel shopping behavior; e-commerce; student matriculation; online learning Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management Retailing, Center for
Grady, John Sport and Entertainment Management Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance in sport and entertainment venues; Intellectual property protection in sport; Ambush marketing and sponsorship protection at mega sport events Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Arns, Jennifer Library and Information Science Construction of knowledge in public and private settings; organizational theory; communication theory; public library governance and operations; program planning and evaluation; cultural heritage institutions Columbia Information and Communications
Tu-Keefner, Feili Library and Information Science Evidence-Based Health Information Access; Health Informatics; Health Information Literacy; Health Sciences Librarianship and Its Education; Reference, Information, and Research Services Columbia Information and Communications International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Campbell, Kenneth Journalism and Mass Communications First Amendment legal history; media coverage of lynchings; representation of African Americans in the media including news, advertising and entertainment programming; collective memory and framing; cultivation analysis Columbia Information and Communications
Covington, Randy Journalism and Mass Communications Broadcast journalism; digital media and how news organizations must change to compete in a new media world Columbia Information and Communications
Farrand, Scott Journalism and Mass Communications; Visual Communications publication and print design; multimedia visual communication; informational graphics; convergence journalism Columbia; Columbia Information and Communications; Columbia
Grant, August (Augie) Journalism and Mass Communications new communication technologies; media audience behavior; convergent journalism; radio and television broadcasting; applications of network analysis to the study of media organizations and audiences Columbia Information and Communications
Holmes, Cecile Journalism and Mass Communications religion and media; reporting and retelling personal stories related to spirituality; research related to writing, international communications, race and religion, civil rights and interfaith understanding Columbia Information and Communications
Kornegay, Vance Journalism and Mass Communications; Visual Communications Graphic design; Visual communications; Public relations; Information graphics; print and online graphics; mass communication; communications; international journalism Columbia; Columbia Information and Communications; Columbia
Mallia, Karen Journalism and Mass Communications Advertising and feminism; exploring creativity, the creative process, and creative work in advertising; the evolution of advertising platforms; relationships between gender and creative leadership Columbia Information and Communications
Peterson, Rick Journalism and Mass Communications Electronic and Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism Columbia Information and Communications
Tanner, Andrea Journalism and Mass Communications media communication of health information and how information contributes to the public’s health beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions; journalism practice and education and creative work; leadership in the creative industries; advocacy communications Columbia Information and Communications
Wiggins, Ernest Journalism and Mass Communications professional practices of the mass media; popular culture; community engagement, media criticism Columbia Information and Communications
Fowler, Michael Visual and Performing Arts graphic design Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Vieyra, Michelle Biology/Geology Olfaction, olfactory receptor genes, herpetology, brain anatomy/physiology, animal behavior, sensory systems, anatomy & physiology, biology; The effects of nutrition on physiology, stress and cognition in rats and humans Aiken Sciences
Goldsmith, Edie Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering Understanding factors which affect the transition of fibroblasts into myofibroblasts and developing tools for regulating matrix production by these cells; fibroblast/myofibroblast behavior in the context of heart development and cancer; the role that intercellular communication and local mechanical environment play in fibroblast/myofibroblast function Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
LaVoie, Holly Cell Biology and Anatomy Ovarian function, multi-hormonal control of critical genes involved in ovarian cell differentiation; cholesterol delivery and steroid synthesis; the transcriptional control of genes mediating ovarian follicular growth, differentiation, and steroidogenesis in the ovary; how specific transcription factors such as GATA4, GATA6, and C/EBPs control these processes; how environmental chemicals affect endocrine and reproductive function Columbia Medicine
Ramsdell, Ann Cell Biology and Anatomy; Women's and Gender Studies Etiology of congenital heart defects; role that cardiac laterality genes play in overall vertebrate heart morphogenesis; morphogenetic and molecular mechanisms that direct generation of cardiac left-right asymmetry; how the vertebrate embryonic body plan becomes established and how positional information controls organ development and disease susceptibility; role of left-right patterning in mammary gland development and breast cancer; epigenetic regulation of mammary stem cells and how this relates to left-right differences that arise during mammary development and mammary oncogenesis Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
Rodney, Steven Physics and Astronomy supernova progenitors; supernova cosmology; peculiar stellar explosions; gravitationally lensed transients; space-based imaging surveys Columbia Arts and Sciences
Price, Robert Cell Biology and Anatomy Growth factors in heart development; mechanical load; disease processes; myofibrils in cardiac myocytes; confocal and electron microscopy Columbia Medicine Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Potts, Jay Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering Congenital cardiac malformations; atrioventricular canal; therapeutic measures; signaling pathways; cardiac valve formation; cardiovascular development; abnormal development of the heart; to develop biocompatible tissues and treatments for numerous diseases and pathologies; use of mesenchymal stem cells; to use the principles of developmental biology and marriage it to regenerative medicine Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
Creek, Kim Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Carcinogenesis; Cell Biology; Biochemistry; molecular and cellular changes that accompany HPV-mediated transformation and in vitro progression of human epithelial cells, with an emphasis on HPV-induced alterations in signal transduction pathways associated with cell proliferation (epidermal growth factor pathway) as well as inhibition of cell growth (transforming growth factor-beta pathway); molecular signatures associated with early and late stages of HPV-mediated transformation and alterations in growth factor responses; environmental and genetic determinants of HPV persistence with the goal of identifying “biomarkers” that will predict risk of a cervical premalignant and malignant disease Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Adams, Swann Nursing; Epidemiology and Biostatistics Cancer Survivorship; Breast cancer screening; epidemiology; premature discontinuation of cancer treatment; subject recruitment strategies; cancer; inflammation processes; dietary and physical activity interventions; Ethnic Disparities; Physical Activity Epidemiology; Co-Occurrence of Diabetes and Breast Cancer Among Women by Ethnicity; Nutritional Status, DNA Damage, and Tumor Pathology **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia; Columbia Nursing; Columbia Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Nagarkatti, Mitzi Pathology Microbiology and Immunology Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy; Biodefense; Immunopharmacology; Immunotoxicology; Complimentary and Alternative Medicine; Neural Disease and Multiple Sclerosis; CD44- Endothelial interaction in MS Columbia Medicine
Fisher, Janet Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Functional properties of GABAA receptors; ligand-gated ion channels; kainate type of glutamate receptors; anxiety, insomnia, Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders; GABAA Receptor modulators in seizure disorders; Novel GABAA receptor modulators Columbia Medicine
McDonald, Alexander Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Amygdala; fear; anxiety; post-traumatic stress disorder; temporal lobe epilepsy; Alzheimers; electrophysiological characteristics of amygdalar neurons; anatomy and neurochemistry of amygdalar neurons and their innervation by monoaminergic (e.g., serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine) neurons of the brainstem, and cholinergic neurons of the basal forebrain; Neuroanatomy of emotional brain centers; Disorders of Cognition and Aging Columbia Medicine
Reagan, Lawrence Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Neuroscience: Anxiety, Depression, & Stress Disorders; Chronic Stress, depression and cognition; Central nervous system; molecular and cellular changes produced by stress in the hippo-campus; cognitive impairments; recurrent depressive illness, Alzheimer’s Disease; novel therapeutic interventions; diabetes; Neurochemistry of stress responses; The amygdala fear circuit; Hippocampal dysregulation in depression; Complications of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders; Neural basis for the co-morbidity of obesity and depression; Hippocampal dysfunction in metabolic syndrome; Hypothalamus and homeostasis; Cognitive deficits in depression and diabetes Columbia Medicine
Walsh, Kenneth Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Regulation of cardiac ion channels; cell-based screening assays; ion channel drug discovery; expression of recombinant channels in heterologous cell lines, such as HEK-293 and CHO cells; identifying blockers of G protein-coupled inward rectifier K+ (GIRK) channels; suitability of primary cells; fluorescent signals; Stress, Cardiovascular Control & Nociception Columbia Medicine
Wilson, L. Britt Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Neural regulation of cardiovascular function; how regulation may change in pathologic states; spinal cord processing related to reflex cardiovascular control from somatic tissue; how reflex cardiovascular control can by altered by tissue inflammation and/or injury; Stress, Cardiovascular Control & Nociception Columbia Medicine
Wilson, Marlene Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Neuroscience: Anxiety, Depression, & Stress Disorders; Experimental Psychology; Neuropeptides; Anxiety; epilepsy and seizure disorders; amygdala fear circuit; role of specific brain regions; role of neuropeptides; Behavioral Neuroscience; Experimental Psychology; neurochemical underpinnings of anxiety-related and seizure disorders; neurochemical underpinnings of anxiety-related behaviors; role of neuropeptides and the amygdala in anxiety-related behaviors and the actions of anxiety-reducing modalities such as the Valium-like benzodiazepines, alcohol and exercise; Gender & drugs on anxiety behavior; Neurochemistry of stress responses; Individual differences in stress responses and cardiovascular disease; Anxiety-related changes in seizure disorders; Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse; Biomarkers of anxiety and alcohol consumption Columbia Medicine
Bain, Reginald Music; Music Education, History, and Theory Music theory; Technology in the classroom; Electroacoustic Composer; Computer Music; Instrumental, Choral, Vocal, and Theatre composition; real-time interactive techniques; unique tuning systems, algorithmic approaches, and musical sonification techniques; musical sonifications of mathematical ideas such as pi, prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers, the golden ratio, fractals and chaos theory Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia
Barnes, Gail Music; Music Education, History, and Theory String teaching; Teacher education and motivation in both music teachers and students; Music education; School Orchestra; Viola; American String Teachers Association; community and school orchestra programs and access to music education for under-served youth; orchestra literature Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia String Project (USC Music)
Berg, Christopher Music Classical guitar; Renaissance and Baroque lutes, early guitars; recital, concerto; Columbia Music
Butterfield, Craig Music bass quartet; jazz string ensemble; solo double bass; percussion ensemble; classical soloist and clinician; classical guitar Columbia Music Arts Institute
Calloway, Rachel Music interpreter of contemporary and modern music Columbia Music
Davis, Ronald Music Tuba; Euphonium; performance; brass; discography; solo; orchestra Columbia Music
Garner, David Music; Music Education, History, and Theory writes chamber, orchestral, electroacoustic, and vocal works often drawing on other music as a point of departure, from Beethoven to bluegrass. Interested in early roots music, especially the banjo and its roots. Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia
Eller, Joseph Music Clarinet; Baroque transcriptions Columbia Music
Fugo, Charles Music Piano; Keyboard Studies; chamber music; applied piano and coaches chamber music; Columbia Music
Gowan, Andrew Music marching band; concert band; music education; conducting; woodwind instruction; saxophone Columbia Music
Harding, Tayloe Music Music; Concert Band; music advocacy; music entrepreneurship; community engagement in music; composition; music advocacy; music entrepreneurship; community engagement in music; administration Columbia Music Arts Institute
Herring, Scott Music Percussion; Percussive Arts Society; steel drums; education Columbia Music
Hubbert, Julie Music Education, History, and Theory; Film and Media Studies Film music; music history; 19th- and 20th-century music; Dangerous Music: Musical Ethos, Propaganda, and Censorship; Film Music History; Music and Gender; American Music; Mahler/Second Viennese School Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Jesselson, Robert Music Cello; growth of NSPC; string education programs Columbia Music Arts Institute
Kompass, Lynn Music Voice; Piano Collaboration; Opera; song literature; advanced diction; chamber music; Columbia Music
Leaman, Clifford Music Contemporary Music; Saxophone; music education; Selmer saxophones, Rico reeds; N. Am. Saxophone Alliance president; education Columbia Music
Ligon, Bert Music Jazz Combos; Big Bands; Jazz Studies; jazz piano performance; improvisation; jazz strings; jazz theory; Columbia Music
Duffy, Peter Theatre and Dance theatre and dance, Theatre Education; history; theory Columbia Arts and Sciences
Lomazov, Marina Music Piano; International piano; duo and solo pianist Columbia Music International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Nagel, Rebecca Music Oboe; 20th-century music for oboe; soloist performance; chamber musician performance; orchestral performance Columbia Music Arts Institute
Rogers, John Music; Music Education, History, and Theory Composition; Piano; orchestra; contemporary music; local and regional artist support Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia
Stallard, Tina Music Voice; Soprano performance; applied voice; vocal pedagogy; Opera; soloist; teaching Columbia Music
Strong, Willie Visual and Performing Arts Music history, nationalism in African-American and American music Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Terwilliger, William Music Violin; pedagogy; chamber music; orchestra; pedagogy Columbia Music
Valerio, Wendy Music; Music Education, History, and Theory Music Education; music methods; social music learning framework; active music making approaches; early childhood music learning and development; music learning theory; movement for creative music-making Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia Children's Music Development Center; Arts Institute
Wyatt, Larry Music Choral Studies; chorus; music teaching; choral director author; church music director; Columbia Music
Herman, JoAnne Nursing Stress and health ; Psychophysiological interventions ; Internet interventions ; Stress in pregnancy; Clinical reasoning in nursing; Web-based intervention for pregnant African-American women; Smoking cessation; The OPT model **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Messias, DeAnne Nursing; Women's and Gender Studies Language access; Limited-English-Proficiency (LEP); Language isolation; Cultural and linguistic competency; Poverty; Community Health Workers; Immigrant health; women’s health; community-based research; Brazil, Latin women; Latin American Studies; ENLANCE: A promoteroa-Led Physical Activity Intervention Trial for Latinas in Texas; Experiences of Rural Southeastern Latino Parents of Children with Asthma Columbia; Columbia Nursing; Columbia Latino Immigration Studies, Consortium for; International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Worthy, Karen Nursing **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Piroli, Gerardo Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, how succination can contribute to the deficits observed in mitochondrial diseases, Ndufs4 KO Columbia Medicine
Hofseth, Lorne Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Chronic inflammation and cancer; ability of complementary and alternative medicines to reduce inflammation; ginkgo biloba; American ginseng; role of juice extracts to reduce systemic inflammation and improve overall health Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Li, Yangmei Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences design and synthesis of novel chemical compounds for use in biological systems; potential therapeutic applications of the compounds for the treatment of drug abuse, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and infectious diseases; a safer and more potent pain modulator without the undesired side effects such as respiratory depression, dependence, and addiction; G protein-biased ligands that only engage the G protein signaling pathway without activating β-arrestins at the opioid receptors. Such ligand will produce more potent and safer analgesia than the traditional analgesics Columbia Pharmacy
Smith, Hayden Criminology and Criminal Justice health disparities in the criminal justice system; penology; jail diversion programs; criminological theory; ethnics and social justice; self-injurious behaviors within correctional settings Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wyatt, Michael Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences DNA repair; cancer chemotherapy; molecular pharmacology Columbia Pharmacy NanoCenter; Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Scoggins, Joanna Communication Sciences and Disorders Children at Risk for Language Impairment or Dyslexia; Developing and Testing a Web Based Vocabulary Intervention for High School Students; Strategies to Enhance Literacy and Language for Students of All Ages Columbia Public Health
Fridriksson, Julius Communication Sciences and Disorders Neurogenic Communication Disorders; Neuroimaging in Aphasia; Treatment of Aphasia; relationships between brain damage and speech/language impairments; Cognitive Neuroscience; Stroke Recovery; Stroke Rehabilitation; NeuroImaging Columbia Public Health
Rorden, Chris Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention; Neuroimaging of Language; Neuroimaging of Spatial Attention; Stroke Impairment and Recovery; brain injury; neurological disorders; speech and perception Columbia Arts and Sciences
Chandler, G. Thomas Environmental Health Sciences Pollution and meiofauna; Meiofaunal colonization of azoic estuarine sediment; Acute toxicity of five sediment-associated metals; High-density culture of meiobenthic harpacticoid copepods; Ecotoxicology and population genetics Columbia Public Health NanoCenter
Decho, Alan Environmental Health Sciences; Student Affairs Biofilms in oceans/ microbial mats; extracellular polymeric secretions (EPS) of bacteria; biofilms in hospital infections, pathogen survival, antibiotic interactions; chemical signaling in natural biofilms; animal / microbial interactions and bioavailability; nanoparticles as antimicrobial delivery vehicles for infections; environmental-nanoparticle interactions in biofilms Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia NanoCenter
Lead, Jamie Environmental Health Sciences Environmental Nanoscience and Risk Nanomaterials in the environment: behavior, fate, bioavailability, and effects, The ecotoxicology and chemistry of manufactured nanoparticles, Manufactured nanoparticles: an overview of their chemistry, interactions and potential environmental implications Columbia Public Health
Porter, Dwayne Environmental Health Sciences; Earth, Ocean, and Environment climate change; coastal processes; Earth systems; environmental risks and hazards; society, policy, and environment; sustainability; water resources and hydrology Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia Marine & Coastal Sciences, Belle W. Baruch Institute for
Addy, Cheryl Epidemiology and Biostatistics Categorical data analysis; Survey data analysis; Community interventions; Epidemiologic methods; Physical activity and public health; Psychiatric epidemiology; Maternal and child health Columbia Public Health
Liese, Angela Epidemiology and Biostatistics Epidemiology and prevention of diabetes mellitus in children and adolescents, cardiovascular disease in adults; methods and applications of nutritional epidemiology with a focus on individual nutritional risk factors, dietary patterns, spatial food access and food security Columbia Public Health Nutrition and Health Disparities, Center for Research in
Lynn, Katie Epidemiology and Biostatistics Clinical epidemiology; Parasitic infectious disease Columbia Public Health
McDermott, Suzanne Epidemiology and Biostatistics Soil; soil metals; pregnancy; children; intellectual disability; Medicaid population in South Carolina; birth defects; weight and obesity; disabilities Columbia Public Health
Durstine, J. Larry Exercise Science Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism; Exercise Management for Chronic Diseases and Disabilities; Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, Health; Cardiac Rehabilitation Columbia Public Health
Brinkmeyer, Robert English Language and Literature; Southern Studies Modern Southern literature and culture; American Regionalism; Western literature Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia Southern Studies, Institute for
Chun, Elaine English Language and Literature; Linguistics Sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, discourse analysis, race, gender, parody, style, new media, language ideologies, Asian Americans Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Heckman, Heather University Libraries Columbia University Libraries
Herter, Troy Exercise Science; Physical Therapy Development of quantitative assessment tools for gaze-motor control, eye-hand coordination, and visual cognition; Enhancing neurorehabilitation with transcranial direct current stimulation; tDCS; Robotic assessment of sensorimotor development in children and adolescents; Robotic assessment of sensory, motor, and cognitive impairments in patients with stroke; Statistical mapping of brain regions underlying neurological impairments in patients with stroke; Quantitative assessment of concussion recovery using robotic technology Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Mclver, Kerry Exercise Science Measurement of Physical Activity in Children; Childhood Obesity and Weight Management; Interaction of Physical Activity and Diet in Development of Obesity in Children; Social-Cognitive and Environmental Determinants of Physical Activity; Interventions to Increase Physical Activity in Children Columbia Public Health
Cooper, Mark English Language and Literature; Film and Media Studies Early Hollywood; Film and media historiography, Corporate culture/institutions; cinema and the archives; media institutions; Media History Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Spencer, Mindi Health Promotion Education and Behavior; Southern Studies Gerontological Health; Health Disparities in Older Adulthood; Cultural Meanings of Health and Disability; African American and American Indian Elders; Health in the American South; Caregiving in Diverse Populations; Functional Limitations in Late-Life **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Valois, Robert Health Promotion Education and Behavior Adolescent & School Health; Adolescent Health Risk Behaviors & Quality of Life/Life Satisfaction; Health Promotion Program Evaluation; Coordinated School Health Programs; Smoking Cessation & Nicotine Dependence. **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health
Blake, Christine Health Promotion Education and Behavior Family and child nutrition; Food choice; Food Schemas Eating identity; Front-of-package food labeling; Qualitative research; Card sort methods; Mixed methods; Factors that influence food choice; Dietary patterns and situational eating; Food meanings, schema, and scripts in context; Maternal and child nutrition; Obesity and chronic disease (especially type 2 diabetes); Qualitative and mixed methods; Development of strategies to promote food choice behavior change; Cognitive constructions of work-place eating **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health
Barker, Drucilla Anthropology; Women's and Gender Studies Economic anthropology; gender and globalization; women and development; feminist epistemology; methodology Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia Southern Studies, Institute for; International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Farber, Naomi Social Work family formation issues; prevention of adolescent pregnancy; services to adolescent parents; high-risk sexual behavior; HIV/STI prevention among adolescents Columbia Social Work
Fram, Maryah Social Work child hunger; early childhood education; child development; child and family social work; structural causes of inequality; feminist theory; qualitative and quantitative research methods to examine structural causes of inequality; practices aimed at enhancing child and family well-being Columbia Social Work
O'Kane, Jason Computer Science and Engineering Planning algorithms for robotics and autonomous systems; sensor-based algorithmic robotics and related areas, including planning under uncertainty, artificial intelligence, computational geometry, sensor networks, and motion planning. Columbia Engineering and Computing
Wolfer, Terry Social Work promoting social capital and health; public health, pharmacy, religion and science; congregation-based volunteerism; group participation; educating practitioners and organizations for continuous learning and decision-making Columbia Social Work International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Adams, Gregory Law Advanced Legal Profession; Business Corporations; Contracts; Close Corporation and Partnership Planning; Law Firm Equity Workshop; Professional Responsibility; Judicial Ethics Columbia Law International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Burkhard, James Law small business organizations; property and business; corporations; agency, partnerships & LLCs; property business Columbia Law
Eagle, Josh Law Constitutional issues in property law; federal environmental law; coastal conservation law; Property; ocean and coastal law; natural resources law; Earth, Ocean and Environment Columbia Law
Patterson, Elizabeth Law Child and family issues; poverty law and policy; bioethics; public law; child support enforcement; Child Protection Reform Act; living wills; health care powers of attorney, medical decision-making by surrogates; Parents; Children & the Law; Child Welfare; Legislation Columbia Law
Nelson, Eboni Law constitutionality of race-conscious student assignment plans; education law and policy; the intersection of consumer law and education issues; provision of educational opportunities for disadvantaged students; affirmative action in higher education; Contracts; Consumer Law; Commercial Law; Race; Class; Education; employee benefits Columbia Law
Brown, Josie Law Constitutional Law; Constitutional Issues in Public Education; Religion and the Constitution; Women and the Law; constitutional rights of children and children's experience of citizenship in American public schools; poverty Columbia Law
Crocker, Thomas Law constitutional principles of free speech; democracy; equality; theoretical issues at the intersection of law and philosophy; Constitutional law; criminal procedure; the Constitution & National Security Columbia Law
Eichhorn, Lisa Law International; The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; role of writing in the legal profession and in legal education; Advanced Legal Writing; Civil Procedure Columbia Law International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Gaines, Kenneth Law Criminal Law; Criminal Practice Clinic; Evidence; Pretrial Litigation; Trial Advocacy Columbia Law
Lacy, Philip Law Uniform Commercial Code; Article 9; Payment Systems; Secured Transactions; Commercial Law, Commercial Paper, Contracts, Creditors' & Debtors' Rights, and Legal Research & Writing Columbia Law
McWilliams Jr., Martin Law Contracts; Corporations; Mergers & Acquisitions; Securities Regulation; normative aspects of the regulation of the legal system; English Legal History; Transnational Dispute Resolution Columbia Law
Samuels, Joel Law; European Studies International; Russia; Europe; Africa; International Litigation; Civil Procedure; international boundary disputes; maritime piracy; domestic civil procedure; litigation matters involving foreign parties involved in cases in U.S. courts Columbia; Columbia Law; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Wilcox, Robert Law improvement of the character; competence; conduct of legal professionals; Professional Responsibility; Real Property; Trusts and Estates; professional ethics Columbia Law
Fox, Jacqueline Law Health law; relationships between justice, ethics, regulatory structures and markets; Health Care Law and Policy; Public Health Law; Bioethics; Torts; Public & Health Law Policy; health care financing and regulation; health care reform; Independent Payment Advisory Board; Medicare Columbia Law
Linnan, David Law; Asian Studies International; Asia; Comparative Law; Corporate Finance; Corporations; International Economic Law; International Law; Asian Law; International Trade Law; International Environmental Law; Indonesia Columbia; Columbia Law; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Medlin, S. Alan Law trusts and estates; fiduciary administration; Property; Real Estate finance; Real Estate transactions; legal ethics; wills, law practice Columbia Law
Androulakis, George Mathematics functional analysis; Banach space theory; operator theory; applications of functional analysis to mathematical physics; quantum Information; understanding how quantum physical systems process information Columbia Arts and Sciences
Probst, Janice Health Services Policy and Management Information Systems in Health Care; Health care; Health insurance, health services research methods; Obesity and physical inactivity in rural America; Effects of race/ethnicity and rurality on health Columbia Public Health Nutrition and Health Disparities, Center for Research in
Leader, Jonathan Anthropology the ancient Near East; Micronesia; Eastern United States pre and proto-history; submerged resources; cultural resource management; remote sensing and GIS; archaeometry; archaeometallurgy; conservation; archaeology Columbia Arts and Sciences Archaeology and Anthropology, SC Institute of
Frizzell, Norma Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Neuroscience: Anxiety, Depression, & Stress Disorders; Mitochondrial metabolic disturbances in diseases; diabetes; mitochondrial diseases; cancer; post-translational modification of proteins known as S-(2-succino)cysteine (2SC), also termed protein succination; mechanisms of glucotoxicity in the adipocyte; therapeutic strategies which may lower protein succination by lowering mitochondrial stress in the adipocyte; how protein succination may interfere with the function of important chaperone proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER); Complications of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders; Disorders of Cognition and Aging; Protein modifications and mitochondrial stress in Parkinson’s disease Columbia Medicine
Yang, Xiaofeng Mathematics computational and applied mathematics; mathematical modeling; numerical analysis; scientific computing; applications to soft matter/complex fluids/biocell Columbia Arts and Sciences
Luckey, Irene re-engagement of fathers in the lives of their children; aging, service delivery to rural and minority communities, and HIV/AIDS; capacity building, organizational development, and evaluation for nonprofit and faith-based organizations Columbia
Stewart, Jason Biological Sciences Cancer Biology; Cellular Stress; DNA replication, stalling and defects; human CTC1-STN1-TEN1 (CST) complex in DNA replication at the molecular level; mutations in CST; pulmonary fibrosis and cancer; human genome; Maintaining Genome Stability through the Rescue of Stalled Replication Columbia Arts and Sciences
Sudarshan, Nagavalli Columbia
Torres, Myriam Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Latin American Studies Hispanic/Latino health issues; Perinatal issues among Latinas; HIV/AIDS among Latino populations; International research; Latin American Studies; To develop and pilot test a perinatal HIV prevention program for Latinas in SC Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Wilson-King, Dawn Psychology psychology; health promotion in minority adolescents and their families; motivational approaches; long-term health behavior change; efficacy and cost-effectiveness of social marketing interventions on increasing safety and access for walking in high crime, under-served communities; weight loss programs Columbia Arts and Sciences
Cohen, Debra Rae English Language and Literature Twentieth-Century British Literature; Modernism and Gender; Modernism and Media; World War One; Popular Music Studies Columbia Arts and Sciences
Moore, Teresa Exercise Science Nutrition; Sports Nutrition; Physical Activity and Wellness; Weightlifting: Bodybuilding; Powerlifting; Martial Arts Columbia Public Health
Pate, Russell Exercise Science Physical activity and physical fitness in children; health implications of physical activity; childhood obesity; Physical Activity and Fitness in Youth; Public Health Implications of Physical Activity; Physiology of Endurance Performance Columbia Public Health
Weinberg, Justin Philosophy political philosophy; ethics; agency of justice; questions about "ideal theory"; how realistic or idealized political philosophy should be; topics related to human well-being (including dependency, regret, love, power, technology, etc.) Columbia Arts and Sciences
Germany, Kent History Civil Rights Movement, presidential politics, recent U.S. history, African American history, oral history, documentary history, Lyndon Johnson's presidency, Hurricane Katrina, political genius; American South Columbia Arts and Sciences
Coleman, Bridget Education Teaching math in elementary school, classroom assessment, classroom management in middle and high school, STEM Education, Interdisciplinary Teaching, Assessment Aiken Education
Cooper, Joshua Mathematics Quasirandom permutations; history of contributions to mathematics by Jews in modern Europe; explicating the role of European Jewry in shaping the world scientific community; Jewish Studies; Quasirandomness; Spectral Hypergraph Theory; discrete geometry; universal cycles; Combinatorial Number Theory; coding theory; extremal graphs; permutations Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
Scott-Wiley, Dewey Visual and Performing Arts Theatre arts, communications, performance, acting, directing Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Wilcox, Sara Exercise Science Factors associated with physical activity in women, older adults, and African Americans; Community-based interventions to increase physical activity and healthy eating in women, older adults, and African Americans; Translational research; Women's health, particularly coronary heart disease Columbia Public Health
Harrill, Rich Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Walker Institute; Tourism Planning and Policy; Destination Marketing and Management; Tourism as an Economic Development Tool; Tourism in Emerging Markets; Tourism in Growth Markets; Asia-Pacific Tourism; Caribbean Tourism Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management Travel & Tourism Industry Center, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; International Tourism Research Institute
Hendry, George Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Foodservice Industry; Culinary Arts; Hospitality Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Geidel, Gwendelyn Earth, Ocean, and Environment energy resources; environmental humanities; environmental risks and hazards; society, policy and environment; sustainability; water resources and hydrology; prediction, prevention and remediation of ground and surface water contamination caused by mining and other anthropogenic disturbances of the earth’s surface Columbia Arts and Sciences
Shafer, John Groundwater hydrology; computer modeling; applied optimization; aquifer analysis; contamination potential mapping Columbia Arts and Sciences
Temples, Tom Columbia Arts and Sciences
Rhodes, Lynne English writing assessment, cross-disciplinary writing, advanced composition, composition studies, nonfiction workshops, business writing Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Glavey, Brian English Language and Literature Twentieth-century American literature; Modernism and the avant-garde; Contemporary Poetry; Gender studies and queer theory Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hardin, James Epidemiology and Biostatistics Generalized Linear Models; Generalized Estimating Equations; Survival Models; Computational Statistics; Correlated Data Analysis; Application of correlated data models to data from children (nutrition) and health outcomes (cancer, HIV, and orthopaedics); diet, nutrition, cognitive psychology, HIV, sexual behavior, cancer, and health services Columbia Public Health Health Services and Policy Research, Center for
Hussey, James Epidemiology and Biostatistics Biostatistics; Experimental design; Mixed models; Dietary inflammatory Columbia Public Health
Jones, Sonya Health Promotion Education and Behavior Community and household food security; Community organizing for food systems change; Nutrition and food security in the southeastern US **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health Nutrition and Health Disparities, Center for Research in
Kaczynski, Andrew Health Promotion Education and Behavior Built environment; physical activity; Parks and recreation management; community health; Environmental and policy approaches to active transportation; Research methods; program planning; evaluation in public health; Youth advocacy for obesity prevention **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health Prevention Research Center (Health through Physical Activity)
Montgomery, Allen Communication Sciences and Disorders Lexical access, word recognition, speech reading, and fluency Columbia Public Health Speech and Hearing Research Center
Arnot, Cathy Exercise Science; Physical Therapy Physical Therapy; Applied Physiology; Self-Mobilization Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Xirasagar, Sudha Health Services Policy and Management Colorectal cancer screening and outcomes; Physician leadership; leadership in health care and clinical performance improvement; Global health services research: healthcare costs, utilization, provider behavior, and clinical outcomes in relation to provider volume; reimbursement methods and institutional characteristics; Health disparities; Effect of public policy and the law on uninsurance; Public health preparedness for disasters; food defense preparedness; Cesarean vs. vaginal delivery; Physician leadership profile and effectiveness in community health centers; Colonoscopy disparities and innovative approaches Columbia Public Health International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Carson, Warren Languages, Literature and Composition African American literature and culture; English; gospel music Upstate
Wilson, Charmaine Communications communications, interviewing, speech Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Rudisill, Frank Management Applying quality tools and techniques to solve real industrial problems; management; operations management; statistics, business strategy Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Hampton, Jill English Irish-American and Irish Literature, particularly 19th-century Irish Women Writers, landscape theory in literary narratives, how American landscapes inform both Ethnic and Anglo-American literary identities; intersection of literature and film; Border Theory; identity borders, both literary and metaphoric Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Smith, Jeff Management Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting; management; valuations; emerging business and social enterprises; change and efficiencies in higher education; student debt; costs and efficiencies in higher education and intercollegiate athletics Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Tanyel, Faruk Business Administration and Economics Management development, export and marketing, economics, business policy Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Charles, Jim Middle Grades Education American Indian literatures and cultures; the writing of N. Scott Momaday; teaching composition; young adult literature; teacher effectiveness assessment; textbook critique; middle-level education; curriculum theory Upstate Education
Faulkner, Rebecca Elementary Education Education, Balanced Literacy, 6 Trait Writing, and Brain Research Upstate Education
Haas, Abigail Education Upstate Education
Hooks, Laura Early Childhood Education parent involvement; the inclusion of children with special needs within classrooms serving typical learners; program quality and the use of professional development schools in teacher education programs Upstate Education
Jambois, Frank Physical Education and Athletic Training Physical education Upstate Education
Love, Charles Upstate Education
Pae, Holly Special Education School governance reform; practices to promote inclusive schooling; issue concerning child welfare and reading sponsorship in rural communities; special education Upstate Education
Riener, Susan Education Upstate Education
Roberts, Wanda Education Upstate Education
Clary, Patricia Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Davis, Angie Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Dowell, Marsha Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Gilliam, Tammy Nursing Nursing; health services Upstate Arts and Sciences
Hodge, Mary Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Jennings, Cindy Nursing Nursing; Educational Technology; instructional design, learning environments redesign, critical digital pedagogy, academic technology innovation, online and active learning, and universal design and accessibility. Upstate Arts and Sciences
Webb, Elizabeth Communications Public speaking, gender and communication, health communication Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Rush, Kathy Upstate Nursing
Sims, Glenda Nursing; Upstate
Waldrop, Susannah Student Success Center Upstate
Griffin, Jan Psychology Social and industrial psychology; stigma and social perception, how millennials react to marketing strategies, the effects of online learning on student success, and fan studies involving the Brony Fandom. Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Parker, Jennifer Psychology Risk and resiliency factors in adolescents and families; methods to foster healthy family relationships; positive adolescent development; Child abuse prevention Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Purdy, Kim Psychology Experimental Psychology; specifically perception, cognition and neuropsychology; attention and sensory and cognitive aspects of human behavior Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Wallace, Jeffrey Communications public relations, communications, editing; journalism Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Humphrey, Teresa Communications public speaking, communications Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Stenger, Karl Languages, Literatures and Cultures 19th and 20th century German literature, German film, Freidrich Theodor Vischer, contemporary English literature, detective fiction, African-American authors, Chicano writers Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Kuck, Douglas Sociology Rape myth, deviant drinking, religious fundamentalism, capital punishment, monopoly board game, teaching strategies, victimization in schools, gender role ideology Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Wang, Linda Sociology Geography; Ethnic Asians and their integration into the US, Asian business markets, geography of countries in Asia, race and immigration in America Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Wernet-Beyer, Christine Sociology Experimental learning, credit cards, taxes, institutional values, gender issues, service-learning, American identity Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Fekula, Michael Business Administration Aiken Business Administration
Harrison, David Accounting Accounting, international business, managerial accounting, activity-based costing, decision-making, international education Aiken Business Administration
Leach, Robert Finance private accounting, corporate financial distress, corporate restructuring and control, and valuation Aiken Business Administration
Porca, Sanela Business Administration Economics; public finance, urban and regional economic development, state tax revenue competition, portfolio approach to state taxation Aiken Business Administration
Craps, Jami Exercise and Sports Science Exercise science Aiken Sciences
DeWitt, Chris Exercise and Sports Science electrocardiography, physical activity (non-competitive sports) in 2-6 year old children and university students, and pedagogy (student classroom responses) Aiken Sciences
Lintner, Tim Education Social studies in elementary school, adolescent education, research in education, the school in modern society; Teacher Practice and Perception and the Teaching of Social Studies; Common Core and Social Studies; Social Studies and Students with Learning Disabilities Aiken Education
McClellan, Sally Early Childhood Education Family life education, social studies and creative arts in early childhood, math and science in early childhood, diversity of elementary education; minorities in education; Academic Achievement of African American Students; African American Children's Literature; Accreditation of early education programs Aiken Education
Parr, Brian Exercise and Sports Science Nutrition, physical activity, electrocardiography, exercise physiology; connection between physical activity and environment; modifying one’s environment to help him/her be more active. Aiken Sciences
Schweder, Windy Special Education Individuals with exceptionalities, individuals with mental retardation, methods and materials for teaching individuals with mental retardation, behavior intervention and management, methods and procedures for teaching individuals with emotional disabilities, technology for diverse learners and diverse populations Aiken Education
Senn, Gary Education Comparison of face-to-face and hybrid delivery of a course that requires technology skills development, design and implementation of planetarium shelving for use in conjunction with a camera obscura, computer technology for elementary and middle schools, the effect of graded homework on student achievement in college general chemistry; Educational Technology; Science Education; Middle Level Education;Professional Learning; Online Education; E-Learning Aiken Education
Tyler, Vernelle Early Childhood Education Lifespan growth and development, teaching language arts in elementary school, critical issues in American education, home-school connection, recess and play in early childhood education Aiken Education
Dennis, Allen Biology/Geology Mountain building processes, physical geology, historical geology, structural geology, and Southern Appalachian geology Aiken Sciences
Dyer, Andrew Biology/Geology Population and community ecology, invasive species ecology, and habitat restoration; population biology of invasive grasses, including competitive ability and germination traits Aiken Sciences
Harmon, Michele Biology/Geology aquatic toxicology, environmental fate and transport of metals, wetland biogeochemistry, environmental science, human physiology; the toxicity of rubberized landscaping materials; non-point source water pollution; constructed wetlands for stormwater remediation; water quality of Horse Creek and Langley Pond in Aiken County, SC Aiken Sciences
Jackson, William Biology/Geology various aspects of gene therapy as a way to treat infectious diseases and those diseases that have a genetic origin; the use of catalytic RNA (ribozymes) as a means of reducing HIV replication in infected cells; the use of retroviruses as delivery vehicles for therapeutic genes into host cells; and retroviral pseudotyping to target specific cells for the delivery of therapeutic genes; use of viral vectors as delivery vehicles of therapeutic genes; use of ribozymes and siRNAs to inhibit replication of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus - 1(HIV-1) Aiken Sciences
Kunka, Andrew English First World War literature; 19th and 20th century British novels; graphic novels; popular culture; film (especially film noir, war movies, and horror films); history of racial caricatures in American comic books Sumter Arts and Letters
Rowe, Gerard Chemistry Synthesis of Bioinorganic Model Compounds, Kinetic Studies and Mechanistic Determination, Biomimetic Catalysis, Computational Chemistry Aiken Sciences
Leverette, Chad Chemistry Nanostructure Fabrication, Nanofilms, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Surface-Enhanced Vibrational Spectroscopy (SERS and SEIRA); nanotechnology Aiken Sciences NanoCenter
Roberts, Kenneth Chemistry Biochemistry, Enzymology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Reaction Kinetics and Chemical Mechanisms Aiken Sciences
Ruszczyk, Ronald Chemistry Chemical Education, chemical instrumentation Aiken Sciences
White, Douglas Chemistry laboratory astrophysics and astrochemistry, observational astronomy, infrared absorption spectroscopy Aiken Sciences
Hailat, Mohammad Math/Computer Science Mathematical sciences; classification problem of root systems associated with Lie algebras; graph theory; basis number of graphs, friendship theory, and related topics Aiken Sciences
Chen, Tieling Math/Computer Science edge detection in remotely sensed images; mathematical operations; wavelet transformation, gradient operation, Laplace operation; locating the boundaries of man-made objects; color models, integral inequalities in harmonic analysis Aiken Sciences
Fadimba, Koffi Math/Computer Science Mathematics, applied mathematics, numerical methods for Partial Differential Equations, Galerkin Finite Element Methods for immiscible two-phase flows in porous media Aiken Sciences
Gonzalez, Cynthia Math/Computer Science Mathematics Aiken Sciences
Koo, Reginald Math/Computer Science Pure mathematics, mathematics; analysis; conjugate function, inequalities; probability; decision theory; general mathematics Aiken Sciences
Li, Rao Math/Computer Science Graph theory, computer science, mathematical sciences; Hamiltonian graph theory; spectral graph theory; designing algorithms on the variants of the longest common subsequence problem in computer science Aiken Sciences
Li, Zhenheng Math/Computer Science Mathematical sciences; algebra, Lie algebras; algebraic monoids and groups, reductive monoids, classical monoids, Putcha lattices, Renner monoids, and properties of modules over Kac-Moody algebras Aiken Sciences
Reid, Thomas Math/Computer Science Mathematical and computer sciences, improving middle/high school mathematics teacher content knowledge; probability, statistics, fitting distributions to truncated samples using simulation and probability plots, use of simulation for finding probabilities associated with the game of Duplicate Bridge Aiken Sciences
Zhang, Yilian Math/Computer Science Statistics, computer networking and Web programming, computer applications, mathematical sciences, inverse scattering problem and dynamic systems, characteristic features of a new type of integrable system that is derived from inverse problem, robust algorithm for finding roots of transcendental equations, Chebyshev interpolation, Newton map Aiken Sciences
Siren, Joe History Government; Public Speaking Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Fernandes, Pearl African Studies; European Studies; Asian Studies Mouse Genetics, HIV/AIDS education, anatomy & physiology, gene-nutrient interactions, microbiology, water quality issues in wetlands around Sumter and Clarendon County, and using molecular and cellular methods to identify field Peromyscus species in Sumter County Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Weed, Keri Psychology Lifespan development; child, adolescent and adult development; developmental disabilities; development of cognition and academic skills, and on teen pregnancy and teen parenting Aiken Sciences
Carrigan, Maureen Psychology Clinical psychology; addictive behaviors; anxiety disorders, Conditioning models of addiction, Use of substances to cope Aiken Sciences
Stafford, Jane Psychology Clinical, post-traumatic stress disorders Aiken Sciences
McGahee, Thayer Nursing smoking prevention in children; smoking cessation in college students Aiken Nursing
Pompey, Joyce Nursing Nursing Aiken Nursing
Keefauver, Melinda Languages, Literature and Composition English; composition, business writing, and creative writing; specialized in contemporary literature, environmental literature, and women’s studies; active learning and service learning Upstate
Bowen, John Rhett Business Administration; Business Administration Composition, business, commercial law, private and governmental organizations relating to admiralty and maritime Beaufort; Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Calvert, Charles Hospitality Management Hospitality management; hotel management; tourism; lodging operations Beaufort Professions
Crews, Virginia Business Administration Accounting Beaufort
Ember, Leon Biological sciences Beaufort
Glasson, Jim Social Sciences Human Services Program; Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Iwasa, Akira Mathematics and Computational Science Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Set-theoretic Topology (topological spaces by using the techniques of set theory) Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Lamkin, Randolph Social Sciences Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Landrum, Robert Humanities Early Modern Scotland, British History, Reformation, Renaissance, Modern Europe, Women's History, Environmental History Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Malphrus, Ellen English, Theater and Liberal Studies Creative Writing, American Literature, Southern Literature, Western Literature, William Eastlake, fiction, poetry; Postmodernism; the American Novel Since 1914; the War/Anti-War Novel in Twentieth Century American Literature. Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Baum, Angela Instruction and Teacher Education Early Childhood Education; Instruction and Teacher Education; early childhood special education Columbia Education
Brown, Kara Educational Studies; European Studies language policy; minority schooling; teacher migration; educational equity and identity issues in education; socio-cultural context of language; the state’s role in structuring educational opportunity in Eastern Europe; Central Europe and Baltic States; anthropology of education and comparative education; advancement of more equitable education policies in both Europe and the United States Columbia; Columbia Education; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Salazar, John Hospitality Management Hospitality management, tourism, southeast travel; Destination Marketing and Operations Management; nutrition and food science Beaufort Professions
Sanders, Manuel Mathematics and Computational Science Mathematics Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Staton, Joseph Natural Sciences The ecology and evolution of marine invertebrates, specifically in understanding how larval development and dispersal impact these populations over time Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Stuart, Aurel Business Administration National sales, retail marketing, profitable growth, Management and Leadership Principles, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Compensation Management, Interpersonal Communication, Corporate Training & Development, Services Marketing, Marketing Leadership, Hospitality Management, Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry, Organizational Theory, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development, and Small Business Management Beaufort
Villena-Alvare, Babet Humanities Romance Languages and Literature (French) Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Weatherhead, Nora Natural Sciences Biological sciences Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Wise, Stephen Humanities Military History, U.S. History, History of South Carolina Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Gardner, Fran Art Art; Art History; Women's and Gender Studies; Art Studio, Lancaster Humanities
Cox, Ron History European civilization; US history; Civil War and Reconstruction; South Carolina history; the Old South, the New South; South Carolina studies Lancaster Humanities
Bellanca, Mary Ellen English British literature; nature writing; 19th-century British nature journals study; Gerard Manley Hopkins; George Eliot; Alexander Pope; Anna Barbauld; composition and literature; fiction, drama; business writing and communication; Victorian literature Sumter Arts and Letters
Hampton, Hayes English rhetoric; rhetoric of religion; rhetoric of mysticism; women's spirituality; feminist rhetoric; 20th-century American literature; women's literature; African American literature; gender in literature and culture; chaos and order (as they apply to literary and rhetorical studies) Sumter Arts and Letters
Gottesman, Carmela Psychology Visual perception and memory; perception and memory for spatial layout; developmental psychology; cognitive psychology; social psychology; sensation and perception; human factors and performance; Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Zeidan, Hussein Chemistry Chemistry Salkehatchie Science and Math
Bucker, Park English American literary characters; post-war literature; Joseph Heller; Scott F. Fitzgerald; nineteenth-century American literature; twentieth-century American and British drama; Nobel Prize laureates in literature; literary biography writing Sumter Arts and Letters
Costello, Bob Chemistry chemistry; biological sciences Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Cavanagh, Kimberly Social Sciences Anthropology Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Buchanan, Steve Psychology psychology Union Arts and Sciences
Fernandes, Pearl Biology biology; foods; nutrition; dietetics; gene-nutrient interactions; anatomy and physiology; microbiology; genetics; women's studies; Southeastern Wetlands; clinical research in the field of HIV/AIDS. Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Borton, Brett Social Sciences Mass Comunications Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Hawkins, Matthew Computer Science computer science Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Hillman, Rebecca Mathematics applied mathematics Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Sevim, Volkan Mathematics and Computational Science students' understanding of quadratic functions; co-evolution of problem solving and problem posing in the context of mathematical activity; students' understanding of polynomial functions of degree three or higher Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Macias, Salvador Psychology experimental investigations of cognitive development and learning (especially in children); teaching psychology Sumter Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Picariello, Damien Government ancient and early modern political thought; literature; film; politics Sumter Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Roberts, Mark Biology biology; genetics; marine turtles; Veracruz Mexico Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Reese, Michele English poetry; African-American history, modernism, symbolism, prose poetry, and global agriculture Sumter Arts and Letters
Smith, Teresa Management; Management economics; management; business Sumter; Aiken Business Administration and Economics; Aiken
Anderson, Joe Mathematics Combinatorics: Matroid Theory and Graphy Theory Union Arts and Sciences
Ivey, Randy English fiction; short stories; english Union Arts and Sciences
Bakos, Jason Computer Science and Engineering computer architecture at the circuit level, micro-architectural level, and system level; VLSI design, design automation, system-level interconnects, reconfigurable computing and high-performance computing; Columbia Engineering and Computing
Steinbach, Adam Management Strategic management, psychological and compensation factors that motivate executive decision-making, social evaluations made by stakeholders; managerial decision-making; Columbia Business
Pearson, Melissa movements in African American literary history, to include a critical investigation of Hip Hop culture and whether it has a place as a cultural movement and its aesthetic impact on African American literature Columbia Arts and Sciences
Carlson, Ryan Educational Studies mental health counseling; relationship education; outcomes for low-income couples and individuals who received relationship education; efficacious recruitment/retention of low-income participants into research; intimate partner violence typologies & implications for counseling Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Lu, Kelan (Lilly) Political Science; Asian Studies comparative politics; political methodology; comparative political economy; role played by foreign direct investment in domestic politics; East Asian politics; domestic and foreign policy of china; dynamic panel data modeling Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Smith, Steven Public Archaeology; African American Military History; Military sites, archaeology, and military history; Conflict Arcchaeology Columbia Arts and Sciences Archaeology and Anthropology, SC Institute of
Stratton, Brad Management Professional communication; Management; business consulting; government consulting; grant writing; RFP bids; writing and editing college-level textbooks; Columbia Business
Hauk, Jr., William Economics political economy and their impact on a country’s international trade preferences and economic growth prospects; international trade; intermediate macroeconomics; principles of macroeconomics and government policy towards business Columbia Business
Alford, Duncan Law International Banking Law; International and Comparative Law; Switzerland, China, Hong Kong, Legal Research, Analysis & Writing; International and Foreign Legal Research Columbia Law International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Miller, Matt English Twentieth Century and Contemporary American literature; African-American literature, non-Western literatures and films, especially from Africa and the Caribbean, and the Graphic Novel; transnationalism in American literature throughout the twentieth century to contemporary writers; Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Wilson, Edward English English, poetry, literature Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Crittenden, Scott Physics and Astronomy biophysics; scanning probe microscopy; bacteria; scanning force microscopy; SFM; nanotechnology; quantum Hall effect Columbia Arts and Sciences
Elfenbein, Jessica History Urban and public history, religious history, history of philanthropy, American urban life, Ferguson, SC Columbia Arts and Sciences
Boutte, Gloria Instruction and Teacher Education Multicultural education, Social justice, Equity issues, ideologies in children’s literature, African American children's school experiences, African American children’s language development, Urban education, Culturally relevant pedagogy for African American students, Critical literacy; culturally and linguistically diverse student; Equity methodologies Columbia Education International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Robertson, Lynn Columbia Arts and Sciences
Nunn, Peggy Columbia
Woertendyke, Gretchen English Language and Literature 18th-19th Century American Literature; Studies of the Novel; African-American and Caribbean Literature; Hemispheric American Studies; Secret History in the Early Nineteenth-Century Americas Columbia Arts and Sciences
Boyd, Sarah "Sally" Continuing Education/Academic Programs Women's and Gender Studies Columbia Arts and Sciences
Barilla, James English Language and Literature; Asian Studies Creative Nonfiction; Nature Writing; Ecocriticism Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Osokina, Elena History Walker Institute; Russian and Eurasian Studies Program; Russia; Eastern Europe; Europe; Russian history; Soviet Union; Genesis of the East Slavs and the creation of the Russian state to the present; Soviet industrialization; Soviet mass art exports; Stalin; social, economic, and cultural effects of Soviet mass art exports under Stalin to finance Soviet industrialization Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Saucier, Patrick Continuing Education/Academic Programs Sociology of religion; the family; gender roles; elementary education of children with learning difference; non-traditional adult education Columbia Arts and Sciences
Pershin, Yuriy Physics and Astronomy computational/theoretical nanophysics; charge and spin transport in molecules; semiconductor structures; influence of nuclear spin polarization on the electron system; potential application of nanostructures in quantum information and quantum computing; transport in biological systems Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Borgianini, Stephen Natural Sciences Marine/Estuarine Ecology; Larval Ecology; Evolutionary Ecology; Coastal Conservation Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Vogt, Thomas Chemistry and Biochemistry Crystallography; General structural chemistry; Chemical synthesis, structures and properties of metal oxides; electron, x-ray and neutron diffraction techniques and instrumentation (i.e high pressure x-ray diffraction, high temperature electron microscopy) Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter; Industrial Mathematics
Newsom, Paul Finance Economics, business finance, capital budgeting financial markets, money and banking, corporate finance, agency theory, corporate , and finance education Aiken Business Administration
Blackwell, Elise English Language and Literature Creative Writing; Contemporary Fiction Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute; Southern Studies, Institute for
Crocker, Holly English Language and Literature Medieval and Reformation Literatures and Cultures; Feminist Theory; Posthumanism Columbia Arts and Sciences
Jarrells, Anthony English Language and Literature Enlightenment and Romantic Studies; Eighteenth-Century Literature; Romanticism Columbia Arts and Sciences
Powell, Tara English Language and Literature 20th-Century American Literature; Southern Literature; Poetry; late twentieth-century; Waldensian diaspora Columbia Arts and Sciences Southern Studies, Institute for
Zalba, Rocio Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Post-dictatorial literature in Argentina, 1980- 2001; Performance Studies; Neo-realist and Postmodernist Theatre in Latin America; Memory, Identity and Nation Building in the Latin American Southern Cone; Second Language Acquisition; Language Advocacy Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wooten, Nikki Social Work military health policy; gender, racial, and ethnic differences; disparities, stigma and vulnerability in military and veteran health care; military service and deployment stressors, post-deployment substance use, psychological problems, and behavioral health service utilization in military and veteran populations; Army women; gender differences in post-deployment behavioral health; gender specific treatment targets; factors associated with substance use, psychological problems, and behavioral health service utilization Columbia Social Work
Hoover, Brent filmmaker and composer; public speaking ; small business owner; macroeconomics and entrepreneurship Aiken Business Administration
Buchan, Nancy International Business The Building and Maintenance of Trust and Cooperation in Cross-Cultural Relationships, The Influence of Culture on Communication and Negotiation Behavior, The Influence of Culture and Gender on Trust, Experimental Economics, International Negotiation, Global Marketing Columbia Business
Farrell, Charlie communication and high-performance management Columbia Business
Gillam, Pamela Columbia Public Health
Slater, Louise strategic management and process management Columbia Business
Salters, Larry career counseling and communication skills Columbia Education
Whatley, Earl Leardership; Organizational development Columbia Business
Pollok, Konstantin Philosophy Kant and Kantianisms, Early Modern Philosophy, Early Modern History of Science, Practical Reasoning and Metaethics; Kant's theory of normativity Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ames, Christine History; European Studies history of Christianity, heresy and inquisition, and inter-religious relations; medieval Europe; European Studies Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Owens, C. Bradley Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Language Instruction; German for Business Columbia Arts and Sciences
Binev, Peter Mathematics mathematical learning theory; scientific computing; Approximation Theory; numerical analysis; nonlinear approximation; high dimensional problems; numerical methods for PDEs; computer graphics; image and surface processing Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics; NanoCenter
Geddings, Debra Mathematics Mathematics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Kusch, Celena Languages, Literature and Composition American literature;; Transatlantic Modernism; 20th Century U.S. Literature; National Identity and American Studies; Gender and Sexuality; Poetry; post-colonial literature Upstate
Marlow, David Languages, Literature and Composition Classroom pedagogy and the rhetoric of technical communication in digital environments; linguistics; communications; english Upstate
Jackson, Douglas Languages, Literature and Composition Spanish; Portuguese; Spanish for Business; Medical Interpretation; Translation Studies; Education for Sustainable Development Upstate
Jordan, Don Mathematics Modern Algebra; Topology; Modern Analysis; Numerical Analysis; Linear Algebra Columbia Arts and Sciences Science Education, Center for
Petrie, Michelle Sociology Race and gender differences in the workplace, determinants of protest participation, social problems with service learning, roles race, ethnicity, and gender play in life in America Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Czabarka, Eva Mathematics discrete mathematics and graph theory with applications to biology and network science; results on problems in extremal set theory; crossing numbers; problems related to degree sequences in network science; graph inducibility; enumeration; distance problems in graphs; algorithmic problems related to bioinformatics Columbia Arts and Sciences Industrial Mathematics
Anderson, Susan Theatre and Dance Ballet, Choreography, Historic Dance, Baroque Dance Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute
Gross, Sam Theatre and Dance design and production; mechanized scenery; computer controlled systems; electronics; rigging; set construction; theatre technology; mechanized scenery, computer controlled systems, electronics, set construction, rigging; Columbia Arts and Sciences
Lehman, Amy Theatre and Dance theatre history; dramatic literature; 19th century theatre and actresses; theory Columbia Arts and Sciences
Mills, Andy (Andrew) Theatre and Dance Scene construction; set design; design and production Columbia Arts and Sciences
Pruett, Valerie Theatre and Dance costume design; hair and makeup; design and production Columbia Arts and Sciences
Van Fleit, Krista Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 20th century Chinese literature; Chinese historical fantasy fiction; early Maoist period; literary construction of new roles for citizens in socialist China; comparative literature; cultural connections between China and India; women in China Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
McClimans, Leah Philosophy; Women's and Gender Studies medical ethics, bioethics; philosophy of medicine; feminist philosophy; philosophy of social science, methodology of health-related quality of life measures; the art of questioning and the use of empirical outcomes in bioethical decisions Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Gardner, Hunter Languages, Literatures, and Cultures development of plague narratives in the western tradition; Roman epic poets writing in the late Republic and early Principate as significant contributors to depictions of contagion; women in antiquity; theoretical approaches to Classics; Classics in cinema and popular culture Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Han, Bing Communications Interpersonal Communication; Research Methods in Communication; Intercultural Communication; empathy and equity; organizational justice Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Jones, Joe Environmental Health Sciences; Earth, Ocean, and Environment; Environment and Sustainability marine ecology and evolution; society, policy and environment; sustainability; conservation biology; conservation genetics, genetic connectivity, and genetics of rare populations (especially in fish and plankton); molecular phylogenetics and ecology; microbial ecology; natural history; technology development; aquaponics and heritage landrace propogation Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia; Arts and Sciences
Smith, Erik Earth, Ocean, and Environment estuarine ecology; aquatic microbial ecology; carbon and nutrient biogeochemistry; terrestrial-aquatic coupling in the coastal zone; eutrophication; environmental monitoring and assessment of coastal ecosystems Columbia Arts and Sciences Marine & Coastal Sciences, Belle W. Baruch Institute for
Dudycha, Jeff Biological Sciences Evolutionary ecology; Adaptive and non-adaptive evolutionary processes; Biodiversity; Quantitative genetics; Genomics; Functional genetics; Physiology; Ecological diversification; GBenotype-environment interactions; Phenotypic plasticity; Daphnia; Experimental ecology; Cryptophyte phytoplankton; Life history evolution; Trade-offs in resource allocation; Vision, eyes; Photosynthesis Columbia Arts and Sciences
Beacham, Jeffery Environmental sciences; ecology; natural resources management and conservation Columbia Arts and Sciences
Pierce, Jon design and conduct of strategic planning, goal setting, performance measurement, benchmarking, reengineering and reinvention efforts Columbia Arts and Sciences Public Service and Policy Research, Institute for
Bazaliy, Yaroslaw Physics and Astronomy condensed matter theory: spintronics, spin transfer torque, spin currents; theoretical study of the behavior of nanomagnets in the framework spintronics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Petkewich, Maureen Management Science Statistics education, educational research and measurement, and a growing interest in data visualization Columbia Business
Charles, Tommy prehistoric and historic archaeology; excavating a Middle Woodland village site in Greenville County, South Carolina Columbia Arts and Sciences
Chametzky, Peter Visual Art and Design 20th-century German art and culture; contemporary Jewish artists in Germany as part of a book project Columbia Arts and Sciences
Felleman, Susan Visual Art and Design; Film and Media Studies relationship between film and other visual arts; history and theory of avant-garde film and video and the art film; history and theory of Hollywood cinema; modern art and theory; psychoanalytic theory; feminist theory Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Rice, Nena Columbia Arts and Sciences
South, Stanley Historical Archaeology, Archaeology of colonial towns, 20th century artifacts Columbia Arts and Sciences
Spirek, James shipbuilding and seafaring of the 16th-century, ship architecture, remote-sensing operations, and in providing public access to submerged maritime resources Columbia Arts and Sciences Archaeology and Anthropology, SC Institute of
Stephenson, D. Keith Woodland and Mississippian Periods Columbia Arts and Sciences Archaeology and Anthropology, SC Institute of
Blackburn, McKinley Economics minimum wages on employment (and other outcomes); the relationship between migration and married couples’ earnings; estimation and inference with count-data models Columbia Business
Ke, Da Finance Investments, Household finance, Behavioral finance, Political Economy, Asset Pricing Columbia Business
Kim, Hugh Finance Behavioral Finance; Investment; Asset Pricing; Financial Institutions; Household Finance; Corporate Finance Columbia Business
O'Malley, Susan Sport and Entertainment Management The Live Entertainment Industry; Promoting Entertainment Events; Special Topics in Live Entertainment and Sport: The Future of Sport, Entertainment and Venue Management; NBA professional sports teams Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Draper, Carrie Center for Research in Nutrition and Health Disparities Columbia Public Health
Berns, Andrew History; Jewish Studies Visions of terrestrial paradise in Hebrew literature of the Renaissance; rural medicine and Jewish physicians in sixteenth-century Italy; madness and melancholy amongst Jews and Catholics in Italy; bathing, bathhouses, and religious law in early modern Europe, relationship between Jews, their texts, and the natural world; Jewish history; Renaissance Italy; history of medicine; environmental history Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Ployhart, Robert Management Human capital; staffing; personnel selection; recruitment; staffing-related legal issues; applied statistical models; human resources; statistics; structural equation modeling; multilevel modeling (HLM/RCM); longitudinal modeling; Industrial psychology; Organizational psychology Columbia Business
Ozturk, Orgul Economics applied microeconomics fields; labor economics and health economics; the effects of labor market regulations and minimum wages on female employment; effectiveness of supported employment programs for developmentally disabled, relationship between occupation choice and welfare independence; effects of maternal employment and welfare use on children’s cognitive outcomes Columbia Business International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Dance, Joseph Economics Columbia Arts and Sciences
DeBacker, Jason Economics economics of taxation; firm dynamics; political economy Columbia Business
Zelmer, Derek Biology/Geology Among-scale interactions of population and community processes in aquatic systems, determinants of parasite community structure in aquatic vertebrates, and transmission dynamics of parasites in lotic ecosystems, parasitology, aquatic biology, ecology, biology; fishing Aiken Sciences
Fornes, Karl English information literacy, English, information technology, use of web logs ("blogs") in the writing classroom; writing with new technologies such as Web 2.0 platforms and social media Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Collins, Vicki English English, literature, writing, English as a Second Language, poetry Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Lopez-Robertson, Julia Instruction and Teacher Education; Latin American Studies Multi-cultural childrens' language and literacy; Afterchool program for Latino children and their parents to help with literacy and math; Biliteracy, bilingualism; Literacy learning in K-2 classrooms; Preservice and inservice teacher education; working with latino families; overseas learning experiences for USC undergrads; Transnational Patterns and their Impact on Communities; Diversity and Cultural Parallelism: Caribbean Immigrants; Health Status; Immigrant Communities Columbia; Columbia Education; Columbia Latino Immigration Studies, Consortium for; International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Turk, Ercan Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Tourism Policy and Development through Sustainable Tourism; Tourism Impact Studies; Tourism issues in developing countries; Sustainable tourism; International tourism and marketing research; Destination Marketing and Management; Methods of market segmentation and appropriate strategy formulation; Accountability research; Advertising effectiveness and conversion studies; Decision-making; factors affecting destination choices; tourist motivation; images; attitudes Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Xanthakos, Jana Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Event Planning and Catering; Sales Teaching Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Monrad, Diane Educational Leadership and Policies evaluation of magnet school programs in Richland School District Two and Lexington-Richland School District 5; relationships between school climate and student achievement; state summer reading programs Columbia Education Educational Policy Center
Oglan, Victoria Instruction and Teacher Education Adolescent/content literacy, high school reading/writing workshop, the impact of technology on teaching Columbia Education
Silvernail, Linda Instruction and Teacher Education Diversity and equity in education, classroom instruction, teacher preparation, and curriculum designed to meet diverse student needs. Columbia Education
Stevick, Doyle Educational Leadership and Policies education policy; global citizenship education; comparative and international education; Holocaust education Columbia Education International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Torres-McGehee, Toni Physical Education and Athletic Training; Exercise Science Sport nutrition, eating disorders, body image, female athlete triad, in female and males athletes as well as the military; prevention programs and screening methods for mental health disorders and the female athletes triad for collegiate dancers, athletes, and military personnel Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Hills, Kimberly Psychology Autism diagnosis, psychological assessment, prevention and intervention for at-risk youth and positive psychology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Webster, Collin Physical Education and Athletic Training teacher expertise; Instructional communication; teacher education; physical activity promotion in schools and after school programs; physical education pedagogy Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Chakravarty, Anu Political Science; African Studies three distinct types of political behaviors: violent behaviors, rescuing behaviors, and post-conflict criminal accountability/disputing and reconciling behaviors; causes of social mobilization; dynamics of collective violence; consequences of mechanisms put in place to account for past violence; Africa and India; regime consolidation; political radicalization; social-structural change; Rwanda and east-central Africa; South Asia Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Knight, Travis Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Engineering Advanced nuclear fuels and materials; Nuclear safeguards; Nuclear fuel cycle; Alternative uses of nuclear power, hydrogen; Space nuclear power and propulsion Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Carver, Wayne Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering How fibroblast behavior and gene expression are regulated in the heart; Cell culture and animal models being used to examine the regulation of fibroblasts in cardiovascular disease; endothelial cells; changes in density and organization of the extracellular matrix; cardiovascular performance; heart disease; hypertension; myocardial infarction; how chronic exposure to alcohol as seen during alcohol abuse results in myocardial fibrosis Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
Ebner, Armin Chemical Engineering the application of magnetic fields to the separation, collection and/or manipulation of magnetic particles from a fluid medium, with particular emphasis in the use of high gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) principles; hydrogen storage; gas separation processes Columbia Engineering and Computing Electrochemical Engineering, Center for
Keyser, Catherine English Language and Literature Modern American literature; Gender Studies; American women writers; Playwriting; Humor; Periodical Studies; Food Studies Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute
Waddell, Michael (Mike) Near surface seismic reflection, and refraction application to groundwater resources and contaminate studies. The use of high-resolution p-wave seismic reflection methods for detection of DNAPLs Columbia Arts and Sciences
Reeves, Susan Retailing Retail Accounting; consulting; QuickBook pro; Peachtree Accounting software; corporate accounting Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Partlow, Charles Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Strategy and Management Practices within the Hospitality Industry; Human Resource Issues Related to Quality Management Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Brown, Matthew Sport and Entertainment Management Sport finance; Sport business management; Facility funding; Economic impact Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Nagel, Mark Sport and Entertainment Management Sport finance; Revenue development; Intercollegiate athletics; Facility management; Management practices of sport organizations Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Virzi, Michael Law legal ethics and the disciplinary process, emphasis on residential real estate practice, Legal Research, Analysis and Writing Columbia Law
Kuo, Susan Law Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Federal Courts, Conflict of Laws, Civil Procedure, Law and Social Justice, and Race and the Law; disaster law and policy Columbia Law
Maye, Carmen Journalism and Mass Communications the intersection of law and expression; commercial speech; intellectual property; access; role of visual communications in shaping public policy Columbia Information and Communications
Sisk, Lisa Journalism and Mass Communications crisis communications; nonprofit public relations; internal communications Columbia Information and Communications
Barnes, Greg Music String techniques; wind instruments; vocals; conducting; viola Columbia Music
Francis, Jeff Music Audio engineering; Recording; Digital Audio Technology; Bass; acoustics Columbia Music
Price, Scott Music Piano; Piano Pedagogy; educational piano music; teaching students with disabilities; teaching very young children; keyboard improvisation to beginners through advanced Columbia Music Arts Institute
Rackers, Joseph Music Piano; keyboard; chamber music; international performing; duo and individual piano performances; jury member for national and international competitions Columbia Music
Valerio, John Music Jazz; education Columbia Music
Will, (E.) Jacob Music Voice; Bass-baritone; opera; live televised performer; recorded artist; international singing competitions Columbia Music
Baliko, Beverly Nursing Mental and Behavioral Health; Health Biomarkers; Post-traumatic stress disorder; consequences of trauma; domestic violence; violence and victimization; brain injury; psychosocial issues; family survivors of homicide; coping strategies of women survivors of life-threatening intimate partner violence (IPV); retreat intervention for survivors of traumatic loss; use of linked multi-agency administrative data sets to profile women victims of IPV-related homicide; association between traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and other phsychosocial issues in survivors of intimate partner violence; **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Nursing
Cox, DeAnna Nursing health behaviors; women’s health; homelessness; job satisfaction among nurse practitioners; advanced physical assessment; primary care management; family nurse practitioner **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form, ** Columbia Nursing
Burgess, Stephanie Nursing Inter-Professional Education and Training **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Bookstaver, P. Brandon Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Clinical pharmacy and outcomes sciences; Antimicrobial lock therapy; hospital-acquired infections; obesity-related influence on infectious diseases outcomes; antiretroviral adherence; pharmacy trainee research; expanding pharmacy services; public perception of pharmacy; clostridium difficile; HIV/AIDS Columbia Pharmacy
McGee, Karen Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences geriatric pharmacotherapy; medication adherence; poly-pharmacy; PACE (Program of all inclusive care for the elderly) Columbia Pharmacy
McInnes, Campbell Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Structure-guided Drug Discovery and Design; Protein Kinase Inhibitors; Anti-cancer therapeutics; discovery of small molecule protein kinase inhibitors targeting signaling and cell cycle proteins involved in tumor proliferation; REPLACE strategy; Columbia Pharmacy
Michels, Jill Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences General toxicology; poison prevention; medication errors; public health surveillance (food poisoning, medication misuse/abuse, environmental exposures); Columbia Pharmacy
Norris, LeAnn Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Medication Safety; Medical Oncology; supportive care, monoclonal antibodies, Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors; Palliative Care; Pharmacy impact and interventions Columbia Pharmacy
Pittman, Douglas Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Maintenance of chromosome stability by homologous recombination (HR); DNA repair mechanisms; Accumulation of chromosome rearrangements during cancer progression; mutations in HR genes; Chromosome Instability; Telomeres; Mouse Genetics; Cancer Research Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Caulder (Rudisill), Celeste Pharmacy; Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences HIV/AIDS; antimicrobial stewardship; antimicrobial dosing in obesity; gram-positive and gram-negative infections Columbia; Columbia Pharmacy; Columbia
Sutton, Scott Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences pharmacoepidemiology: Medication use (effectiveness and safety), Infectious Diseases, HIV, Cancer, Standardized exams Columbia Pharmacy
Makris, Thomas Chemistry and Biochemistry Natural product biosynthesis; non-ribosomal peptides; bioinorganic and biophysical chemistry; oxygen activation; biofuels; chemical biology of enzymes involved in pharmaceutical biosynthesis and bioenergy production Columbia Arts and Sciences
Adams, Charley Communication Sciences and Disorders Fluency Disorders; Neurogenics; Accent Training; Self-Help/Support; Acquired Dyslexia; Speechreading; Clinical Research; Primary Progressive Aphasia Columbia Public Health Speech and Hearing Research Center
Herrod-Burrows, H. Nicole Communication Sciences and Disorders Cochlear Implants with Adults and Pediatrics; pediatric population; patients and parents; hearing impairment; rehabilitative strategies Columbia Public Health Speech and Hearing Research Center
Melvin, Caryn Communication Sciences and Disorders Laryngectomy Assessment and Rehabilitation; Dysphasia; Counseling for Patients and Families; Motor Speech Disorders; Augmentative Communication Columbia Public Health Speech and Hearing Research Center
Murphree-Holden, Crystal Communication Sciences and Disorders Speech and Language Skills in Preschool and School Age Populations; Professional Standards and Ethical Practices; Functional Communication Skill Outcomes; Distance Education / Distance Learning / Continuing Education Columbia Public Health
Scarborough, Sarah Communication Sciences and Disorders Augmentative Communication; Adult Rehabilitation; (CVA, TBI, Neuro-degenerative Diagnosis); Child Language; Parent Training and Education Columbia Public Health Speech and Hearing Research Center
Varnedoe, Danielle Communication Sciences and Disorders Developmental Apraxia of Speech; Differential Diagnosis of Speech Sound Disorders in Children; Motor-Speech Learning and Performance; Parent Intervention and Education; Slow Expressive Language Delay; Phonological Awareness Columbia Public Health Speech and Hearing Research Center
Norman, R. Sean Environmental Health Sciences Microbiology, Metagenomics, Metatranscriptomics, Antibiotic Resistance, Biofilms, Nanotechnology, Genomics, Molecular Microbial Ecology; how bacteria communicate and coordinate gene expression; potential of using novel nanotechnology-based therapeutics as an alternative to traditional antibiotic treatment of infectious bacterial infections; rapidly expanding urban landscape is affecting the structure and function of microbial communities found throughout South Carolina watersheds; metagenomes of marine stromatolites and hypersaline microbial mats; state-of-the-art DNA sequencing technologies to explore the metagenomes Columbia Public Health
Scott, Geoff Environmental Health Sciences Environmental toxicology; marine ecotoxicology; marine microbiology related seafood safety; endocrine disruption in invertebrates; the effects of urban and agricultural nonpoint source runoff on estuarine ecosystem health; both the lethal and sublethal effects of chemical contaminants; methods to discern impacts from ecosystem process changes versus chemical contaminant effects; linking land use activities with environmental water quality indicators Columbia Public Health
Burch, James (Jim) Epidemiology and Biostatistics Occupational, environmental, and molecular epidemiology; shift work, circadian rhythm disruption and cancer; stress, inflammation and racial health disparities; epidemiology of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation Columbia Public Health Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Clay-Gilmour, Alyssa Epidemiology and Biostatistics Cancer pathology and prevention, molecular and clinical epidemiology, and large-scale genomics; genetic/molecular epidemiological approaches to investigate disease risk;Blood Cancers (acute/chronic leukemia), Multiple Myeloma, and Blood and Marrow Transplantation Columbia Public Health
Cai, Bo Epidemiology and Biostatistics Random effects selection; nonparametric modeling; multivariate analysis and mixture models; computational statistics; human reproduction; child health and toxicology; Semiparametric modeling; longitudinal analysis and latent variable modeling; Survival analysis and spatial modeling; Computational statistics, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and sampling methods; Applications: child health and environmental health Columbia Public Health
Steck, Susan Epidemiology and Biostatistics Epidemiologic, clinical, and laboratory-based investigations to examine the role of nutrition in cancer prevention and control; To reduce or eliminate health disparities related to some of the more common cancers, such as breast, prostate and colorectal cancers, with a particular focus on how diet interacts with the genome and microbiome to affect cancer risk. Columbia Public Health Cancer Prevention and Control Program; Nutrition and Health Disparities, Center for Research in
Beattie, Paul Exercise Science; Physical Therapy Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes; Low Back Pain; Diagnostic accuracy of lumbar magnetic resonance imaging; Assessments of outcomes for people with orthopedic problems; Patients satisfaction with care; Questionnaire development; Lumbar magnetic resonance imaging of the intervertebral disc; The effect of manual therapy on diffusion of water within the lumbar intervertebral disc; Clinical outcomes assessment; Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Fritz, Stacy Exercise Science; Physical Therapy Rehabilitation following chronic neurological insult; Stroke and spinal cord injury; intensive physical therapy following chronic stroke and traumatic brain injury; Exercise for those with chronic disabilities; Walking speed as a vital sign of function Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Mathews, Harvey Exercise Science; Physical Therapy Clinical studies of Physical Therapy Treatment; Interventions in Orthopaedic Populations Physical rehabilitation of spinal injuries; Physical Therapy; Motor Control Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Scraper, Joel Visual and Performing Arts music, choral conducting, literature, conducting and rehearsal techniques, Early music performance practice; Philosophy of Music Education Aiken; Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences; Aiken
Corwin, Sara Health Promotion Education and Behavior Health Promotion Program Evaluation; Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Sexual Risk Reduction; Health Education; Curricular Development and Evaluation; Stress Management; Healthy Aging Columbia Public Health
Friedman, Daniela Health Promotion Education and Behavior Health and Cancer Communication with Diverse Populations; Role of Social Context, Media, and Technology in Health Communication Interventions; Health Literacy Measurement; Healthy Aging and Gerontology: Cognitive Health Promotion **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health Prevention Research Center (Health through Physical Activity); Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Frongillo, Edward Health Promotion Education and Behavior Learn how to improve the growth, development, feeding, care, and survival of infants and young children. He leads research on the measurement, determinants, and consequences of household and child food insecurity, most recently conducting research with colleagues and students giving voice to the experiences of food insecurity by children. **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health Southern Studies, Institute for
Thrasher, Jim Health Promotion Education and Behavior; Latin American Studies Walker Institute; International; Cancer Prevention & Control; Tobacco; Mass Media & Health Communication; Social & Cultural Determinants of Health; Globalization & Global Health; Mixed Methods (i.e., combining qualitative and quantitative methods); Measurement Development; Latin American Studies; Health Policy. **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Watkins, Ken Health Promotion Education and Behavior Gerontology; Quality of Life; Self-management of chronic illness, health, and wellness; Faith and health issues. **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health
Doxtader, Erik English Language and Literature; African Studies Contemporary Rhetorical Theory, Critical Theory, Philosophy of Rhetoric, Transitional Politics and Reconciliation, South African Political History, Human Rights, Connections between rhetorical theory, critical theory, and the possibilities of ethical-political life; how deeply divided societies grapple with legacies of violence from authoritarian politics and protracted historical conflict, South Africa; violence and the ethic of recognition; reconciliation in South Africa; contemporary discourses of sexuality Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Chou, Rita Social Work Aging; Health Disparities; Long-Term Care; family support; caregiving; institutional services for older adults; client-worker relationship; workforce participation among older adults; discrimination against older workers Columbia Social Work Gerontology, South Carolina Center for
Flynn, Cynthia Social Work human services; education programs; adoption; education of foster youth; foster youth placement Columbia Social Work Child and Family Studies, Center for; Latino Immigration Studies, Consortium for
DeHart, Dana Social Work Violence and victimization; sexual exploitation; delinquency; victimization of incarcerated women; collaborative response to crime victims in urban areas; evaluation of victim services; gender-responsive programming; victimization and perpetration of violence Columbia Social Work
Makala, Jeffrey University Libraries history of the book; the fine press movement; letterpress printing and contemporary artists' books; exhibition design; archival processing and literary archives; American culinary history Columbia University Libraries
Simmons, David Anthropology; Health Promotion Education and Behavior medical anthropology; vernacular medicine; epistemic violence; biomedicine; healing efficacy; how power shapes health outcomes for vulnerable populations; how power comes to shape the terms of engagement **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Tarr, Simon Visual Art and Design media arts; interactive film/gaming; media/VJ performance; maker/hacker subculture; mobile and locative media; game design; animation and comprehensive digital art and design Columbia Arts and Sciences
Bowers, Pam Visual Art and Design studio art; painting and mixed media involving drawing; alternative photographic processes and digital means; art, science, mythology; biological representations; women’s studies; ethnographic studies; poetry, world travel and the outdoors; Central America; North Africa; Asia; Europe Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute
Friedman, Bob Biological Sciences Neurobiology; Biological informatics; Immunogenetics; Gene duplication; Models of DNA change; Computational neuroscience Columbia Arts and Sciences
Matesic, Lydia Biological Sciences Role of C2-WW-HECT Ubiquitin Ligases in Disease and Development; Autoimmune disease including Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Type I Diabetes; Lung Development; Colorectal Cancer; Cell and Development Biology, Molecular Genetics and Development; Mammalian Genetics; Vertebrate Biology; Cancer Columbia Arts and Sciences Colon Cancer Research, Center for
McDermott, Gerald International Business Impact of industrial networks on the creation of economic governance institutions in post-communist countries; South America; Comparative and statistical survey methods to examine the socio-political conditions under which societies build new innovative capacities to achieve sustained upgrading in their industries Columbia Business International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Moskowitz, Marc Anthropology cultural and visual anthropology; gender; popular culture; sexuality; religion; China and Taiwan Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Henderson, James Visual Art and Design Media Arts; photographic journey along historic US1 from its terminus at the Canadian border to its lower terminus in Key West, Florida, of infrared imagery in fine art photography; First village for freed slaves in South Carolina; Vietnam War Columbia Arts and Sciences
Britt, David Theatre and Dance theatre and dance; design; production Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute
Morris, Eric Theatre and Dance design and production for dance and theatre; Columbia Arts and Sciences
Jensen, Christian Economics macro and monetary economics; dynamic policy issues Columbia Business
Guedhami, Omrane International Business Corporate governance, privatization, corporate social responsibility, international finance Columbia Business
Teegen, Hildy International Business Nongovernmental organizations, intersectoral negotiation, Latin American business and policy, extractive industries, sharing economy and corporate reputation Columbia Business
Turner, Scott Management Innovation; Change and Organizational Routines; Social Entrepreneurship; solid waste management; computer software; strategic management; entrepreneurship Columbia Business
Handley, Sean Management Science Outsourcing; Offshoring; Buyer-supplier Relationships; Inter-organizational Quality Management; Sourcing Healthcare Information Systems Columbia Business
Janakiraman, Ramkumar (Ram) Marketing econometric modeling of firm and consumer decision making; digital marketing; multichannel retailing; social media marketing analytics; big data issues; health care and public policy Columbia Business
Kalaignanam, Kartik Marketing new product management; customer relationship management; marketing strategy; pricing strategy; sales and channel management; consumer durables and sporting goods industries Columbia Business
Anderson, Christian Educational Leadership and Policies history of higher education and the organization and governance of higher education (particularly the role of faculty); history of the development of faculty senates at research universities; comparative higher education; role of students and faculty in the governance of Latin American universities Columbia Education International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Dickenson, Tammiee Educational Studies applied multilevel modeling including Growth Models and Item Response Theory; quasi-experimental designs; development of project objectives and associated measures, instrument selection and development; data collection and analysis Columbia Education
Yow, Jan Instruction and Teacher Education Teacher leadership; teacher-student relationships; mathematics teacher education and leadership Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Nave, Douglas Physical Education and Athletic Training physical activity instruction; strength and conditioning Columbia Education
Hu, Jianjun Computer Science and Engineering Bioinformatics, Gene expression regulation, DNA motif analysis, Microarray analysis, Machine learning, Data mining, Evolutionary algorithms, Integrative Functional Genomics, Evolutionary Computation and Computational Synthesis; decoding the protein "zip code", the signals during protein subcellular localization, microarray analysis, virtual screening, and computational material discovery; integration of heterogeneous data and algorithms to understand signals, logic, and models in gene regulatory networks, protein localization, and virtual screening; hybrid machine learning, automated evolutionary design Columbia Engineering and Computing
Xu, Wenyuan Computer Science and Engineering Wireless networks; sensor networks; network security and privacy; effect of jamming on commodity wireless networks; privacy issues in wireless networks; link-layer jamming detection mechanisms, as well as link-layer defense strategies to repair networks in the presence of radio interference Columbia Engineering and Computing
Chen, Fanglin (Frank) Mechanical Engineering Synthesis and characterization of materials for energy conversion and storage; Microstructure property relationship; Electroceramics and solid state ionic devices; Electrochemical performance evaluation; Materials and designs for solid oxide fuel cells; catalysis and electrocatalysis; composition, structure & property relationship; ionic and electronic conducting ceramics, solid oxide electrolysis cells, and gas separation membranes Columbia Engineering and Computing
Wang, Guiren Mechanical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering Micro/nanofluidics sensor; lab-on-a-chip; biomechanics; drug delivery; fluid mechanics; turbulence and mixing; optical measurement; fluorescence; bioreactor and tissue engineering; far field optical nanoscopy; cancer detection; fluorescence spectroscopy; fluid dynamics Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia NanoCenter; Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Xue, Xingjian (Chris) Mechanical Engineering Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells, Gas Separation Membranes, Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, Reliability and Durability of Functional and Structural Materials, Transport Phenomena and Electrochemical Kinetics Columbia Engineering and Computing
Childs, Matt History Latin America; Caribbean; Atlantic History; understanding how the historical legacies of slavery and racism shaped the modern world; historical experiences of Cuba's population of African descent in wider Atlantic World contexts Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Kim, Jung-Hwan Retailing Online Visual Merchandising; Consumer Behaviors; E-commerce and E-marketing; Social Responsibility associated with Body-Image Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Edwards, Karen Retailing Distributed Learning in Higher Education; Counterfeit fashion products; Legal issues in retailing Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Said, Wadie Law; European Studies International; Criminal Law; challenges inherent in the modern terrorism prosecution; coercive interrogation; use of informants; ban on providing material support to designated foreign terrorist organizations; Immigration Law; criminal terrorist prosecution in the United States; international human rights law Columbia; Columbia Law; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Seiner, Joseph Law Comparative Employment Discrimination Seminar; Employment Discrimination; Principles of Labor Law; Individual Employment Law; ADR in Employment Law Workshop Columbia Law
Yablon-Zug, Marcia Law family law; American Indian law; domestic disputes; Land Use; domestic relations; intersection of family law and immigration law; undocumented immigrant families Columbia Law
Cui, Taixing Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering Defining mechanism that regulates Keap1-mediated Nrf2 ubiquitination, degradation, anti-oxidative gene expression in vasculature; Determining mechanism that controls the deubiquitinating enzymes such as UCH-L1- or CYLD-mediated suppression of inflammatory responses in vasculature; vascular biology; vasculopathy associated with obesity and diabetes; molecular and cellular mechanism that links obesity, diabetes and vascular disease Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
Wells, James Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering Analysis of HPV-Infection in Freshly Resected Tissue Specimens; Determine the presence, expression and type of HPV in HNSCC tumor specimens and to investigate markers of specific pathways of tumor development; Biomarkers; pathways that may be different between HPV-positive and HPV-negative cancers; African American and European American patients; Embryology; Gross Aantomy Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
Fadel, James Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Neuroscience: Anxiety, Depression, & Stress Disorders; neurochemistry of stress responses; aging; age-related neurodegenerative conditions; cognitive and homeostatic function; importance of brain regions and neuropeptides for arousal and homeostasis; neural underpinnings of stress and anxiety; how brain regions and neuropeptides important for arousal and homeostasis (such as the hypothalamic orexin/hypocretin system) regulate the activity of the basal forebrain cholinergic system, which is classically associated with age-related cognitive decline; The amygdala fear circuit; Complications of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders; Homeostatic changes in aging; Prefrontal cortex and cognition; Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse; Biomarkers of anxiety and alcohol consumption Columbia Medicine
Williams, Sarah Music; Music Education, History, and Theory; Women's and Gender Studies Tudor-Stuart music and culture; 17th century popular music, broadside balladry, and print culture; Gender studies; Early modern English witchcraft; Music and memory; American popular music, expressions of masculinity in post-1980 punk rock Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
McLeod, Angela Communication Sciences and Disorders Literacy Acquisition; Language Development; Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Columbia Public Health Speech and Hearing Research Center
Zhang, Jiajia Epidemiology and Biostatistics Mortality/incidence of a certain disease with its potential risk factors using survival analysis; Advanced survival models; such as the mixture cure model, spatial survival model, frailty model, and linear transformation model Columbia Public Health
Oskeritzian, Carole Pathology Microbiology and Immunology Identifying new therapeutic strategies targeting inflammatory processes; immunology; human, rodent mast cell biology; allergic airway and skin inflammatory diseases Columbia Medicine Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Ingram, Lucy Health Promotion Education and Behavior Women’s reproductive health; Sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention; Racial health disparities; Community-based participatory research **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health Southern Studies, Institute for
Walsemann, Katrina Health Promotion Education and Behavior Early Life Experiences on Adult Health; Social Determinants of Health (Race, Education, Gender); Institutional Discrimination & Health; Sexual Minority Health; Legal Status and Immigrant Health; Student Debt and Health; Multi-Level Modeling; Longitudinal Analysis. **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health
Blanck, Erika Cell Biology and Anatomy Anatomy, physical functioning and activity, balance and proprioception, vitamin D, ballet, geriatrics and physical functioning in the older adult, physical therapy, dance medicine, pilates-based rehabilitation; physical activity and quality of life Columbia Medicine
Scher, Howie Earth, Ocean, and Environment Cenozoic ocean history; role of the ocean during abrupt climate events; changes in seawater chemistry; evolution of the Southern Ocean and Antarctic cryosphere; spatial and temporal variations in the distribution of seawater trace elements and isotopes (TEI’s); developing and calibrating proxies for paleoceanography; climate change; geochemistry; sedimentology & stratigraphy Columbia Arts and Sciences
Chavis, Jessica Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Club Management; Quality Customer Service; Leadership; Large Golf Tournament Staffing and Employee Preparation; Employee Engagement; Event Management and Planning Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Byun, Sang-Eun Retailing Consumer psychology and decision-making in offline/online retail environments; Customer engagement and experience creation strategies; CSR communication & conscious marketing; Small business and entrepreneurship Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Harrison, Reenea Retailing Career counseling, planning and development; Socio-political movements and student activism; Feminist/womanist theology and God-talk; African American honors students in higher education; African American male participation in higher education; Role of women in higher education; Multicultural issues in higher education; Multicultural issues in counseling; Role of women in the African American church; Role of religion in founding and sustaining historically black colleges and universities Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Falk, Naomi Visual Art and Design studio art; relationships to place; physical participation to materials; spaces; sculptures Columbia Arts and Sciences
Kwon, Hyunji Visual Art and Design post-colonialism; gender-based violence; trauma art; creative qualitative methodologies; pedagogical relation; Western and non-Western contexts Columbia Arts and Sciences
Moran, Robert Epidemiology and Biostatistics Nutritional Instruments; Diabetes Dissertation; Clinical Data in a Family practice; Developmental Disabilities in Primary Care Columbia Public Health Nutrition and Health Disparities, Center for Research in
Ortaglia, Andrew Epidemiology and Biostatistics Conditional quantile estimation, survival analysis, health aspects of physical activity Columbia Public Health
Outten, Caryn Chemistry and Biochemistry Bioinorganic chemistry, Protein biochemistry, Characterization of cytosolic and mitochondrial redox homeostasis factors, Glutathione metabolism, Structure-function studies of iron homeostasis proteins in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells; intracellular factors that control mitochondrial redox balance and combat oxidative stress; Fe-S cluster biogenesis Columbia Arts and Sciences
Callen, Edward Psychology Learning and motivation, psychology, conditioning and extinction of human and animal fears, development of an animal models of anorexia and alcoholism based on stress and relaxation, physiological motivational variables involved in anxiety Aiken Sciences
Fabel, Patricia Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Medication Therapy Management; Pharmacist-administered; vaccinations; Self-Care/OTC; Pharmacy Political Advocacy; Development and implementation of innovative community pharmacy services; Pharmacy Education; complementary and alternative medicines; Columbia Pharmacy
Morad, Martin Cell Biology and Anatomy Cardiac calcium signaling; regulation of heart function; biological pacemakers; congestive heart failure; cardiovascular disease;cardiac electrophysiology; tissue-derived human heart pacemaker Columbia Medicine
Kim, Jiyeon Retailing Online retailing and product visualization technologies; Online consumer behavior; Visual merchandising; Impulse buying behavior Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Benicewicz, Brian Chemistry and Biochemistry Polymer-organic chemistry; New Monomer and Polymer Synthesis; Polymer Nanocomposites; Polymer membranes for fuel cells; Electrically conducting polymers; Liquid crystalline polymers; Controlled radical polymerization Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Outten, F. Wayne Chemistry and Biochemistry Microbial metal metabolism, bio-inorganic chemistry, microbial physiology, and microbial genetics; biochemical mechanisms of Fe-S cluster assembly; characterization of transition metal acquisition, trafficking, and storage systems during environmental stress; metal homeostasis during biofilm formation in micro-organisms Columbia Arts and Sciences
Alvarez-Garrido, Elisa International Business International entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, financing innovation, Brexit, technology clusters Columbia Business
Gulick, Anne English Language and Literature; Comparative Literature Caribbean literature; African and African Diaspora literature; Post-colonial theory; Diaspora studies; Literature and law; Human rights studies; Comparative Literature; Post-colonial Studies; Literature and Law; Languages; Literatures; Cultures Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia Southern Studies, Institute for
Trafton, Scott English Language and Literature Nineteenth-Century African American Literature; African American Studies; Black Cultural Studies; African American culture along the American Gulf Coast in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; strategies of early black cultural adaptation along the coast in the fields of architecture, music, folklore and folklife, and literature; the cultural mixing that occurred along coastal communities during the period of enslavement, and, in the midst of this mixing, how Afrocreole cultural production reflected and responded to the twin challenges of continuity and change Columbia Arts and Sciences Southern Studies, Institute for
Beets, Michael Exercise Science Promotion of youth physical activity and dietary behaviors; Family and socio-ecological influences on children (5-12yrs) with disabilities physical activity and dietary behaviors; The application of research designs and advanced statistical modeling to evaluating intervention outcomes; Measurement of implementation fidelity Columbia Public Health
Thompson, Raymond Exercise Science Modulation of overload-induced inflammation by aging and anabolic steroid administration; Exercise Science; Applied Physiology Columbia Public Health
Berger, Allen Finance Financial Institutions, Finance, Econometrics, Industrial Organization, Microeconomics Columbia Business
Stonitsch, Todd Finance Empirical corporate finance, and in particular, mergers and acquisitions Columbia Business
Bizimis, Michael Earth, Ocean, and Environment radiogenic isotope; volatiles in the mantle; geochemical evolution Columbia Arts and Sciences
Knapp, William Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Menu Management; Quantity Food Production; Restaurant Management; Purchasing; Restaurant Operations; Food Safety; Sanitation; Sustainability; Food history Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management Culinary Arts Institute
Marsh, Allison History Public History; History of Technology; Tourisum; Modern U.S. History; History of Science; Museum Studies; Museum Theory; Material Culture; science and technology Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Kuenzli, E. Gabrielle History Latin America; Modern Latin American history; issues of race, ethnic identity, indigenous political mobilization, historical images and historical memory; Bolivian case; race; ethnic identity; citizenship; horse racing; Latinos as jockeys Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Guo, Jie Languages, Literatures, and Cultures history of sexuality; gender theory; visual culture; history of Chinese women; Chinese literature and film Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Malovrh, Paul Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Linguistics advanced interlanguage development; psycholinguistic processing strategies; task-induced variation in second-language production; morphological variability; foreign-language pedagogy among at-risk learners Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Moreno, Nina Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Linguistics Spanish applied linguistics; second language acquisition; computer-assisted language learning (CALL); task-based learning; pedagogy; inter-and intra-ethnic linguistic attitudes among L1Spanish speakers within the local Hispanic community; Hispanic community; Latin American Studies Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Chen, Hexin Biological Sciences Cancer research; HOX genes; mammary gland development and breast cancer; HOXB7; breast tumorigensis; HOXA5-indcued apoptosis, breast cancer stem cells; Cellular stress Columbia Arts and Sciences
Schneckloth, Sara Visual Art and Design studio art; drawing, painting, and contemporary drawing; visual culture of science; physical and emotional processes of remembering; gesture factors; how science, imagination, and the body inform one another through the activity of drawing; intersections of biology and architecture Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute
Davis, Northrop Visual Art and Design; Film and Media Studies media arts; feature and television screenwriting; advanced screenwriting; manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation); film studies Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Ha, Byeongwon Visual Art and Design media arts; the transition from analog media, including film, architecture, and video, to new media; filmmaking Columbia Arts and Sciences
Fan, Daping Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering Cardiovascular disease; heart failure; hypertension; diabetes; Atherosclerosis; heart attack; stroke; to promote the regression of atherosclerotic plaque through restoring macrophage cholesterol homeostasis and controlling macrophage inflammation; Structural-function study of PCSK9; ApoE mimetic peptides as HDL functional enhancers; Chinese herb-derived compounds as macrophage inflammation inhibitors; microRNAS and atherosclerosis Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
Ellis, Jean Geography Geomorphology, aeolian and coastal sediment transport, coastal management, applied science; dune migration, and wave transformation around breakwaters; satellite data to identify areas in the coastal zone for conservation and restoration, with an emphasis on wetlands. Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Zarrett, Nicole Psychology positive adolescent development; underrepresented groups; healthy developmental pathways; role of out-of-school activities; adolescent obesity prevention and intervention; effects of community, school, family, peers, and personal factors, on youth choices, motivation, and adjustment; multilevel systems theory; understanding of youth in context; conceptualization of developmental stability and change Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wang, Lianming Statistics Survival analysis; longitudinal data analysis; multivariate analysis; multiple hypothesis testing; semiparametric and non-parametric; Bayesian computing; biomedical applications Columbia Arts and Sciences
Richmond, Robert Theatre and Dance Directing, Acting, Shakespeare Columbia Arts and Sciences Arts Institute
Wood, Thomas Political Science Politics and International Relations of the Caucasus and Central Asia; Politics and International Relations of the European Union ; Politics and International Relations of Turkey; Democratization and Authoritarian Regimes Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Schor, Adam History Ancient Mediterranean History; Roman Empire; Roman-era religious communities; Ancient Greece; the Roman world, late antiquity; ancient social and economic communities; development of religious communities; religious conflict and community in the Eastern Mediterranean between the second and sixth centuries; links between what ancient people claimed to believe and whom they knew; formation of competing religious parties among Christian clerics in the fourth and fifth centuries; patterns of social connections found in various Roman-era “religious” associations Columbia Arts and Sciences
Billings, Deborah Health Promotion Education and Behavior; Women's and Gender Studies Women’s health; sexual and reproductive health and rights; human rights; maternal health and mortality; gender-based violence; migration and exile; stigma; health systems; community-based interventions Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia Health Promotion & Risk Reduction in Special Populations, Center for; Southern Studies, Institute for
Hanson, Kay Special Education Autism, TBI, and severe disabilities, teaching reading, emotional and behavioral disorders; Play science; Language development; Learning disabilities; Social-emotional learning. Aiken Education
Jean, Martine History; Latin American Studies Social and Political History of Modern Latin America with focus on Haiti and Brazil, Policing Institutions and State Formation, Race, Class, Public Order, Racial Formation, Black Diaspora, legacy of slavery, colonialism, economic experiences of people of African descent in the Americas Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Irani, Mohammad His research interests range from empirical corporate finance to empirical asset pricing. Irani is particularly interested in mergers and acquisitions, cross-sectional asset pricing, event studies and financial econometrics.
Cai, Guoshuai Environmental Health Sciences Development and application of bioinformatic, statistical and computational methods for analyzing genomic data from high throughput techologies such as microarray and next-generation sequencing. Specially, his current research focuses on (1) studying the properties of sequencing reads and have developed efficient methods for analysis of sequencing data, such as differential expression analysis and batch effect correction, (2) understanding the etiology of disease by integrating multi-demensional genomics data, such DNA methylation and RNA expression, (3) conducting disease-gene association studies and predicting disease outcome using genetic markers and (4) developing methods to infering biological subpopulation structure and the changes under environmental disturbance. Columbia Public Health
Randel, Allison Psychology Increasing physical activity and healthy behaviors in youth with developmental disabilities Columbia Arts and Sciences
Holton, Woody History American Revolution with a focus on economic history and on African Americans, Native Americans, and women; early American history; Colonial America; early American women; early African Americans; slave rebellions; history of capitalism in North America; Abigail Adams; origins of the Constitution Columbia Arts and Sciences
Nyberg, Anthony Management Strategic human capital resources, compensation, employee movement, executive succession, and board decision making Columbia Business
Moyi, Peter Educational Leadership and Policies; African Studies African Studies Program; sociology of education; stratification and inequality; comparative and international education; education policy; demography; economics Columbia; Columbia Education; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Bell, Bethany Social Work Applied statistics and data analysis of public health and education data, obesity, school and neighborhood influences, cultural and environmental influences on food choices; neighborhood characteristics; food access and education Columbia Social Work
Greer, Fred Educational Studies early childhood assessment; social-emotional behavior assessment; early intervention; evaluation of state-funded preschool programs in South Carolina; validation of universal screening measures for social/emotional problems in early childhood Columbia Education
Heyden, Andreas Chemical Engineering nanomaterial science; heterogeneous catalysis; using computer simulations to obtain a deeper - molecular - understanding of key issues in the self-assembly process in catalyst synthesis, the structure of small metal clusters on high-surface-area supports, and the structure-performance relationship of single-site heterogeneous catalysts Columbia Engineering and Computing
Berge, Nicole Civil and Environmental Engineering how physical, chemical, and biological processes can be manipulated to promote sustainable waste treatment techniques that lead to carbon sequestration, energy generation, and/or value-added product production; the fate of disposed nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting compounds in bioreactor landfills; thermochemical conversion of municipal solid waste; increasing the energy yield from waste streams; resource recovery from waste streams; leachate treatment processes; and the development and subsequent evaluation of innovative groundwater remediation technologies Columbia Engineering and Computing
Huynh, Nathan Civil and Environmental Engineering seaport operations, logistics, and drayage truck operations; real-time traffic estimation and prediction; Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS); travel behavior; weather-responsive traffic management; environmental justice; maritime security Columbia Engineering and Computing
Yoon, Yeomin Civil and Environmental Engineering water and wastewater treatment to remove conventional/emerging inorganic and organic contaminants from surface and ground waters; nanotechnologies/nanomaterials combined with advanced water treatment techniques for micropollutant removal from waters; advanced treatment technologies such as membrane, ozone, UV, and activated carbon Columbia Engineering and Computing
Loiselle, Val Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Engineering Nuclear engineering; Environmental remediation; Waste management and disposal of EPA pond closures; Metal recycle manufacturing. Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Gerdes, John Integrated Information Technology Web Based Data Mining; Knowledge Management; Electronic Commerce; Distance Learning; Data Security Columbia Engineering and Computing
Patten, Karen Integrated Information Technology Flexible and agile IT management, leadership; Small business IT management; Wireless and mobile telecommunications; IT project management; IT/IS curriculum development Columbia Engineering and Computing
DiPietro, Robin Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Multi-Unit Management in the Hospitality Industry; Human Resource Issues Related to Foodservice Management Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management Foodservice Research & Education, International Institute for
Brosdahl, Deborah Retailing; Latin American Studies Male shopping behavior; Adolescent shopping behavior; Shopping behaviors and attitudes of consumers from non-U.S. countries; Bridal and formalwear buying Columbia; Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Regan, Thomas Sport and Entertainment Management Economic impact of sport and entertainment events on regional economies; the financing and feasibility of live entertainment events; professional, collegiate, and touring sports; USC athletic dept. and professional football Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Mercado, Haylee Sport and Entertainment Management Hispanic Marketing; Facility sustainability (design, Green practices and corporate social responsibility) Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Cherry, Jaclyn Law Tax Exempt Organizations; Nonprofit / Tax Exempt; Nonprofit Organizations; small business organization Columbia Law
Means, Benjamin Law issues of corporate governance; shareholder oppression; Business Associations; Business Crimes; Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Corporations; Liberty; Corporate Law and Litigation Columbia Law
Stravitz, Howard Law; Jewish Studies personal jurisdiction; federal subject matter jurisdiction; abstention; removal; Religious Legal Systems; Jewish Law; federal courts; Civil Procedure; Complex Civil Litigation; Mass Torts, Creditors' & Debtors' Rights Columbia; Columbia Law; Columbia
Ray, Swapan Pathology Microbiology and Immunology Cellular and molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of malignant diseases such as glioblastoma, neuroblastoma, and Ewing's sarcoma and also neurodegenerative disorders such as spinal cord injury (SCI), brain ischemia, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Alzheimer's disease (AD), amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS), epilepsy, glaucoma, Parkinson's disease (PD), and multiple sclerosis (MS) and development of novel therapeutic strategies for their treatments Columbia Medicine
Singh, Narendra Pathology Microbiology and Immunology TCDD (Dioxin) induced Immunotoxicity and Molecular Mechanisms; apoptosis; Therapeutic efficacy of Resveratrol for treatment of autoimmune diseases; Multiple sclerosis, Lupus, diabetes Columbia Medicine
Singh, Udai Pathology Microbiology and Immunology Immunology; mucosal inflammation; chemokines; immunotherapy; complimentary and alternative medicine; Pathology; Microbiology; Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); effects of resveratrol on experimental murine model of colitis Columbia Medicine
McKeever, Brooke Journalism and Mass Communications strategic communication, including public relations, health communication, nonprofit advocacy and fundraising; media content and digital communication about health and social issues, and related effects; campaigns and strategies that mobilize publics and improve health and social conditions Columbia Information and Communications
Carter, Shirley Journalism and Mass Communications women and leadership; diversity issues in journalism and mass communication higher education; multicultural images in the media Columbia Information and Communications
Kim, Sei-Hill Journalism and Mass Communications; Asian Studies the intersection of the media and social issues; how issues are presented in the media and the effects on the audiences; public health; science; politics; public relations Columbia; Columbia Information and Communications; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
McGill, Denise Journalism and Mass Communications; Visual Communications Photojournalism; visual literacy; digital media; religion in the news; migration, faith, multicultural issues Columbia; Columbia Information and Communications; Columbia
Ackley, James Music Trumpet; international trumpet; brass; solo, recital; composition Columbia Music Arts Institute
Casey, Neil Music Opera; Conducting; Music Education; violin; chamber music; orchestra Columbia Music
Hopkins, Janet Music Voice; Mezzo-soprano; Music Education; Vocal Performance; opera; master classes Columbia Music
Jenkins, J. Music Education, History, and Theory; European Studies Walker Institute; International; Vienna; Austria; Europe; Music and theoretical thought of Arnold Schoenberg; music of Elliott Carter; tonality after atonality; woodwinds; music theory; composition; music theory pedagogy; Music Theory Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Parker-Harley, Jennifer Music Flute; Orchestral Flute; teaching flute; performance psychology Columbia Music
Heiney, Sue Nursing Cancer Survivorship; Chronic Conditions and Care Transitions; Health Equity and Rural Health; Health Biomarkers; Community Engagement; Health promotion, risk reduction; African American women with breast cancer; treatment adherence, treatment continuation in Africa; minority recruitment/retention to cancer studies; behavioral interventions; measurement for intervention studies **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Blake, Elizabeth (Betsy) Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Clinical pharmacy and outcomes sciences; Interprofessional education and practice, Pharmacist involvement in the Patient Centered Medical Home, Advocacy; improving care for patients with diabetes; interprofessional education and collaborative practice; pharmacists involvement in Patient Centered Medical Homes; clinical pharmacy specialist; geriatrics; Columbia Pharmacy
Zhu, Jun Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Role of central dopaminergic pathways in brain function; behavior related nicotine addiction; molecular and neurobiological mechanisms of behavior; individual differences in vulnerability to drug abuse; molecular mechanism(s) of HIV-1 associated dysfunction of dopaminergic transmission in concurrent cocaine abusers; how HIV-1 Tat protein and cocaine interact with the human DAT through their recognition binding sites on human DAT; role of the environmental influences underlying individual susceptibility to nicotine dependence Columbia Pharmacy
Hébert, James Epidemiology and Biostatistics The role of diet in cancer and other chronic diseases;the relationship between diet and other important risk factors;methodologic improvements in both study design and measurement technologies for diet and other risk factors; Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII®) Columbia Public Health Cancer Prevention and Control Program; Nutrition and Health Disparities, Center for Research in
Arent, Shawn Exercise Science The relationship between physical activity and stress and the implications for health and performance; Endocrine mechanisms and biomarkers related to the HPA axis and inflammation; Potential efficacy of acute and chronic resistance training as well as nutritional interventions for improving functional capabilities, mental health states, and the systemic response to stress in athletes, military and first-responders, adolescents, and special populations; Physiological responses to training-related stressors and their contribution to optimal performance and recovery Columbia Public Health
Merchant, Anwar Epidemiology and Biostatistics nutrition and lifestyle, oral health, and oral microbiology in relation to chronic disease outcomes including diabetes in children and adults; relation between periodontal treatment and glycemic control; relation between periodontal microorganisms and markers of cardiovascular disease in youth with type 1 diabetes; relation between antibodies against periodontal microorganisms and diabetes in US adults; prevent/control chronic cardiovascular and lung diseases in developing countries; causal inference, the oral microbiome, diet and disease focusing on individuals with diabetes Columbia Public Health Nutrition and Health Disparities, Center for Research in
Sharpe, Patricia Social Work Community-based physical activity intervention; Community-based participatory research; Health promotion and disease prevention programs and policies; Physical activity and nutrition interventions; Women's health; community engagement through partnerships with diverse community-based organizations and lay community activists; community capacity development; intervention processes and outcomes; social and community context; healthy community environments; elimination of health disparities and social inequalities Columbia Social Work
Webber, Kristina Social Work School-based interventions with children and adolescents; School-family-community partnerships; Racial/ethnic disparities in education outcomes; Racial/ethnic identity; School engagement; Dropout prevention programming; program evaluation; Leadership and administration within youth development organizations; urban, rural, and suburban school settings; school social work; positive youth development; classroom observations Columbia Social Work
King III, Winston Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Anesthesia; Health Sciences; Medicine; Nurse Anesthesia Program Columbia Medicine
Hurley, Thomas Epidemiology and Biostatistics Diet Assessment Methodology , Nutritional and Chronic Disease Epidemiology , Applied Statistics in Clinical Trials Columbia Public Health Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Pierce, Barbara Accounting Financial accounting and reporting, Judgment and decision making related to financial information, pedagogy-different effect from accounting class schedules. Columbia Business
Browne, Teri Social Work psychosocial barriers to health outcomes; health social work; health disparities; kidney transplant disparity; reducing health inequalities, especially within the African-American community Columbia Social Work
Pitner, Ronald Social Work Youth, school, community violence; youth and community-based civic engagement; positive youth development; effects of community-based civic engagement on residents' perceptions of community ownership, community safety, and positive community development Columbia Social Work
Swift, Peter Business Administration Entrepreneurship, Organizational Learning, Marketing, International Business, Management Strategy; EU, NAFTA, Middle East, South America, Japan, Philippines; Beaufort
James, Timothy Humanities Legal and political history of nineteenth and twentieth century Mexico; world history; modern Mexico; human rights; slavery; colonial Latin America; American legal history; pre-law advisement Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Morris, J. Brent Humanities Slavery, Abolition, and Antislavery; African American History; Histories of Marronage and Slave Resistance; Early American / United States History; Old and New South; US Constitutional history; Native American history Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Barth, Sean Hospitality Management Hospitality management, food estimates, production, and sanitation; Private Club Management, Food and Beverage Operations and Professional Development Internship Coordinator; Study abroad in China Beaufort Professions
Ciresi, Lisa Victoria Fine Arts The liturgical use and significance of reliquary shrines and the ritualization of their sacred spaces; art history Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Collins, Leslie
Kilgore, Robert English, Theater and Liberal Studies Literature, history, and religion of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, medieval, Shakespeare, the Bible, Professional Communication, Genre Theory Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Griesse, James Humanities Romance Languages and Literature (Spanish); Cuba in a post-communist world Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Nelson, Benjamin Humanities the Spanish pastoral; the use of Ovid to garner fame in sixteenth-century poetry and prose; the suicidal tendencies of shepherds and shepherdesses within seventeenth-century libros de pastores Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Alhaddad, Shemsi Mathematics Combinatorics, matrix theory, linear algebra, groups and ordered algebraic structures Lancaster Math and Science
Brown, Dwayne Mathematics Discrete Mathematics; Precalculus; Calculus; and Differential Equations; math education; technologies (graphing calculators, CBLs, Geometer's Sketchpad, Graphmatica, and on-line research expeditions) to enhance instruction; probability and statistics; numerical and algebraic concepts and operations; geometry and spatial sense; number and numeration systems; patterns; relations and functions; measurement Lancaster Math and Science
Burke, Fernanda Biology; Chemistry Improving the pharmacokinetics of naturally occurring peptides involved in satiety and metabolism disorders; medicinal chemistry Lancaster; Lancaster Math and Science; Lancaster
Golonka, Annette Biology Local plant species, such as Silene caroliniana and Gelsemium sempervirens;diversity of nectar-inhabiting microorganisms and volatile organic compounds in and produced by plant species; microbial ecology, diversity, and evolution as well as population and community dynamics of plants, the interaction of microbes with plants and pollinators, yeast evolution and ecology, the evolution of gender in plants, and pollination biology. Lancaster Math and Science
Hammond, Lisa English American women writers; composition and technology; gender issues in culture; contemporary southern fiction; rhetoric and composition Lancaster Humanities
Holland, Kate Psychology Psychology, behavior, neuroscience; changes in left and right hemisphere activation as a function of exposure to cognitive and physiological stress Lancaster Humanities
Johnson, Bettie Chemistry Analytical chemistry; identity and distribution of organic scent compounds from flowers; floral nectar; and nectar inhibiting microorganisms Lancaster Math and Science
Scarlett, Todd Biology General biology, human biology, environmental biology, ecology and evolution, environmental studies, effects of hydroelectric operations on fish-eating birds, red-headed woodpecker population biology, the acorn project Lancaster Math and Science
Kilpatrick, Eran Biology Response of reptiles, amphibians, birds, small mammals, and vascular plants to forest management practices including prescribed burning and other fuel reduction treatments; terrestrial and wetland habitat types in the Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Blue Ridge physio-graphic provinces; biology, microbiology, natural history of South Carolina, nongame wildlife management, forest resource problems; Salkehatchie Science and Math
Love, C. Bryan English English Renaissance Drama / Theater History, with a focus on the roles of the children’s companies in the London theatrical marketplace during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries; Early English and Early American literatures; Early Modern print culture; the American Renaissance; and First-Year Composition Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Mehlenbacher, Conrad (Dutch) Art Art and theatre Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Miller, Sarah History History; Ohio; South Carolina; Native Americans; 18th-century immigrants; Contested territories Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Starrett, Angela Business Administration and Economics Upstate
DaSilva, Blane Sociology sociology Sumter Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Violette, Jayne Social Sciences Communications; instructional communication research and theory, including online pedagogical practice and social media Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Ghoshroy, Kajal Bose Biology fungal interactions and biological control of plant diseases; plant stress physiology: heat stress, chilling stress, heavy metal stress, drought stress and other abiotic stress tolerance mechanisms in economically important plants; plant virus interactions; natural history of South Carolina Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
McManus, Ray English creative writing; pedagogy; poetry; english; rhetoric and composition Sumter Arts and Letters
Van Bulck, Hendrikus Economics; Business Administration business valuation and electronic message boards; marketing; entrepreneurship; small business management; financial management; accounting and strategic management; certified public accounting Sumter; Aiken Business Administration and Economics; Aiken
Cole, Elizabeth Accounting Accounting Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Paige, Rosalind Business Administration and Economics tourism marketing; Thailand, China, Russia, South Korea and Mexico Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Stuart, Elnora Business Administration and Economics Marketing; international Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Freeman, Greta Elementary Education Elementary education; the elementary classroom, bullying among young children, diversity in education and children’s literature; Upstate Education
Hartsell, Richard Foundations of education Upstate Education
Kamla, James Physical Education and Athletic Training Physical education; teacher education Upstate Education
Snyder, Ben Physical Education and Athletic Training Physical education Upstate Education
Hightower, Mary Fine Arts & Communication Studies Art education; digital imagery; mixed media; watercolor Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Merlock, Raymond Fine Arts & Communication Studies The western film and various western stars such as Clint Eastwood, Gene Autry, and John Wayne; popular media and popular culture Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Robinson, Richard Fine Arts & Communication Studies Theatre; fine arts; acting, voice work, physicality; Set Design; Lighting Design; Stagecraft; Theatrical Makeup; Stage Management; Public Speaking Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Long, John Business Administration and Economics Nonprofit administration Upstate Arts and Sciences
Breen, Alanna Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Spanish and Portuguese Columbia Arts and Sciences
Crosby-Quinatoa, Gina Communication Sciences and Disorders Second Language Acquisition, Literacy and Language in Bilingual Populations, Auditory-Verbal Therapy, and Parent Intervention Columbia Public Health
Toland, Tyrone Informatics Web analytics, database security, cyber security and developing frameworks to teach service-oriented architecture and cloud computing Upstate Science and Technology
McConnell, Thomas Languages, Literature and Composition Modern literature; Creative writing; Criticism; American literature Upstate
O'Brien, Colleen Languages, Literature and Composition Race; Sex; National Identity; American Women's Writing; Early American literature Upstate
Polchow, Shannon Languages, Literature and Composition Spanish; narrative technique of Miguel de Cervantes; languages; Early modern Spain Upstate
Raquidel, Danielle Upstate Arts and Sciences
Salvo, Jorge Upstate Arts and Sciences
Williams, George Languages, Literature and Composition Eighteenth-Century British Literature & Culture; Literary Theory; Composition & Rhetoric; Digital Humanities; LGBTQ Studies; Disability Studies in the Humanities Upstate
Elnagar, Gamal Mathematics & Computer Science Mathematics; Optimal control in climate modeling; optimal control theory with economic applications; numerical solution of nonlinear conservation laws; game theory and applications Upstate
Hameed, Muhammad Mathematics & Computer Science Applied mathematics and modeling; asymptotic analysis; computational fluid dynamics; non-Newtonian and biofluids; moving boundary problems; Free Surface Problems; Fluid Drop and Jet Breakup; Boundary Layers in Viscoelastic Fluids Upstate
Hyun, Steve Seungguen Mathematics & Computer Science Survival analysis of competing risks data; univariate failure time data; multivariate failure time data and longitudinal data; Application of Statistical Models to Real Problems involving data from areas including Medicine, Biology, Epidemiology, Engineering, and Demography Upstate
Lewis, Jerome Mathematics & Computer Science Computer science that have a heavy mathematical component and include cryptography, simulation, modeling and algorithm analysis Upstate
Zhong, Wei Mathematics & Computer Science Big data analytics, machine learning, bioinformatics, and computer security Upstate Science and Technology
Bender, Chris Natural Sciences & Engineering Chemistry; inorganic chemistry, materials science and chemical education; nanoparticles of various morphologies. Upstate
Connors, Vincent Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; immunobiology of Schistosoma mansoni; estuarine fish parasites Upstate
Ferris, David Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; ecological modeling; ecology of introduced species; basking behavior of turtles; simulation modelling; Upstate
Krueger, Rick Natural Sciences & Engineering Biochemistry; Binding of the endocrine peptide ACTH; chemistry;determining what makes biological molecules stick to each other Upstate
Labanick, George Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; Mimicry in Southern Appalachian Salamanders Upstate
Lever, Lisa Natural Sciences & Engineering Collaborative learning in physical chemistry; physical chemistry/spectroscopy;chemical education Upstate
Omoike, Anselm Natural Sciences & Engineering Chemistry; analytical and environmental applications of magnetic nanomaterials; interactions of nanoparticles with biofilms; biotransformation of endocrine disrupting chemicals Upstate
Pilgrim, Melissa Natural Sciences & Engineering Stable isotopes as tracers in living systems; climate change biology; life history evolution; field ecology, biogeochemistry (e.g., stable isotopes), ecophysiology and ecotoxicology. Upstate
Riley, John Natural Sciences & Engineering Physics; physical science; Large Scale (Gigapixel) Mosaic Imaging; Photographic Virtual Reality; Robotic Control of Image Acquisition Upstate
Rosario, Astrid Natural Sciences & Engineering Chemistry; physical and kinetic measurements of crosslinked polymer systems; investigations of high performance polymeric nanocomposites; synthesis and characterization of polymer composites Upstate
Storm, Jonathan Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; chemically-mediated predator-prey interactions; mammalian ecology Upstate
Amendolair, Darlene Nursing Nursing; virtual environments in learning; perceptions of women with cognitive dysfunction after chemotherapy; nurses’ perceptions of the barriers to exhibiting caring behaviors Upstate Arts and Sciences
Gibson, Lynette Nursing Nursing; breast health in African-American women; breast cancer survivorship; and health equity; Upstate Arts and Sciences
Hoover, Ann Psychology Prejudice, power and gender roles; Social Psychology; Psychology of Women Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Keen, Stefanie Psychology Psychological effects of traumatic stress (e.g., military trauma, child maltreatment), particularly the co-morbidity of posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Ruppel, Susan Psychology Representational momentum, boundary extension, and the effects of auditory or moving objects on the spatial perception of stationary targets Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Flynn, Clif Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women's Studies Human-animal interaction, with a focus on animal abuse and its relationship to family violence, corporal punishment of children; Sociology of Families; Research Methods Upstate
Zack, Lizabeth Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women's Studies Political activism; Activist campaigns for autonomy, civil rights, and environmental protection Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Decker, Scott Psychology Neuropsychological assessment; diagnostic decision making; academic assessment; development; evolutionary psychology; primate cognition and comparative methodologies in applications to child cognitive development; QEEG measures of brain activity Columbia Arts and Sciences
Palomares, Melanie Psychology Visual perception, attentional selection; perceptual organization; subitizing; letter recognition; visual development in typically-and atypically-developing children; visual-evoked potentials (VEPs) Columbia Arts and Sciences
Randazzo, Kirk Political Science law and judicial politics; research methods; comparative politics; hierarchical relationships and strategic behavior in the U.S. federal judiciary; measurement issues in judicial politics; federal judiciary's influence on (and interpretation of) U.S. foreign policy; role of courts in developing the rule of law during the democratization process; political methodology; public law Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Xu, Peisheng Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Design and synthesis biomaterials; biomedical applications; cancer targeted nano-sized drug carrier to eradicate cancer; novel drug formulation to alleviate central nervous system (CNS) diseases; rational design; synthesis of environment responsive polymers; cancer or CNS targeted nanoparticle for chemotherapy or gene therapy Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Li, Chen Mechanical Engineering Micro/nano-scale two-phase heat; flow physics; prediction; control and modeling; developing and verifying theories for two-phase transport behaviors and the application of these theories towards controlling two-phase heat and flows at micro/nano-scale Columbia Engineering and Computing
Jensen, John (Jack) Management Science Shop floor control; Cellular manufacturing; Supply chain modeling; Teaching innovation; operations management; management science; quantitative analysis; capacity management; benchmarking; manufacturing technology; resource planning issues; supply chain variability; transportation and process technology adoption; mapping labor intensive flow processes; simulation fo labor and machine scheduling problems; Columbia Business
Harrison, Sayward Psychology Improving the health and wellbeing of youth who are impacted by acute and chronic health conditions; psychosocial and behavioral aspects of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). She is currently funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a mobile Health (mHealth) intervention to improve engagement in care and medication adherence for youth living with HIV in the Southern United States Columbia Arts and Sciences
Coenen-Snyder, Saskia History European history and civilization; Jewish Studies; European Jewish history (with multidisciplinary interests across history, architecture, and urban studies); Holocaust; synagogue building; nineteenth-century diamond trade and the role of Jewish communities in it Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Chandrashekhar, MVS Electrical Engineering Photovoltaics, Emissions Sensing, Monitoring & Controls Using SiC and Graphene, Electrochemistry of Epitaxial Graphene, Efficient Smartgrid Electrical Power Conversion Using Graphene and SiC, Weightless behavior of matter & Other Exotic Physics Columbia Engineering and Computing
Mandal, Krishna Electrical Engineering Photovoltaic Solar Cells; Thin Film Device Fabrication and Characterization; Crystal Growth of Binary and Ternary Semiconductors and Scintillators; THz Sensors and Detectors; Diode-pumped Solid-State Mid- and LW-IR Lasers; Solid-state Nuclear Detectors for: Radiation Monitoring, Bio-medical Imaging, High Energy Astrophysics & Astronomy, Bio-crystallography Columbia Engineering and Computing
Tavakoli, Abbas Nursing Mental and Behavioral Health; Family and Child Health; Health Biomarkers; Inter-Professional Education and Training; RCTs; Data management; linear modeling; logistic regression; experimental design **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing Nursing Leadership, Center for
Andrews, Christina Health Services Policy and Management Organization and financing of substance use disorder treatment on access to services; gender, racial, and ethnic disparities in treatment service access; adoption of medications to treat opioid use disorder Columbia Public Health
Baker, Jennifer Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Clinical pharmacy and outcomes sciences; pharmacy law; experiential education; community pharmacy Columbia Pharmacy
Stefik, Morgan Chemistry and Biochemistry Functional nanostructures, energy devices, block copolymers, self-assembly, nanoparticles, photonics, atomic layer deposition, (photo)electrochemistry Columbia Arts and Sciences
Apel, Kenn Communication Sciences and Disorders Written (orthographic) fast mapping, (Meta) Linguistic influences on early reading and spelling development, Spelling assessment, Morphological and orthographic pattern awareness assessment and intervention; spoken language development and disorders; written language development and disorders (reading, writing, spelling), morphological awareness development; orthographic pattern awareness development Columbia Public Health
Eberth, John Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering Mechanical loads; how mechanical signals can be manipulated to control the behavior of cardiovascular tissues; aortic aneurysm repair, targeted therapeutic biomaterials, vascular growth and remodeling, hemodynamics, long-term mechanical support therapy, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular birth defects, 3D tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, coronary artery bypass alternatives, and extra-cellular matrix biology; mechanisms of aging Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
Pekgun, Pelin Management Science Pricing and revenue management; supply chain management; marketing/operations interface; behavioral operations management; health and humanitarian logistics Columbia Business
Tereyagoglu, Necati Management Science Empirical Operations Management, Pricing and Revenue Management, Marketplace Analytics Columbia Business
Davis, Shannon Biological Sciences Stem cells and developmental biology; Molecular mechanisms; Pituitary gland; Organogenesis; Morphogenesis; Signaling factors; Hormone secreting cell types; Physiology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Tong, Yan Computer Science and Engineering Computer Vision; Pattern Recognition; Human-Computer Interaction; Affective computing (facial activity analysis and eye gaze tracking); Statistical shape modeling and their applications in face image interpretation and medical image analysis; Probabilistic graphical models and their applications in computer vision including modeling, reasoning, information fusion, and learning under uncertainty Columbia Engineering and Computing
Schlaefer, Ellen Music Opera; bringing opera into the schools of the Southeast; directing; stage management; drama; musicals; master classes; assistant directing; directing Columbia Music
Blom, Douglas Materials Analysis, Electron microscopy studies of emission catalyst systems, Columbia Arts and Sciences NanoCenter
Shimpalee, Sirivatch Chemical Engineering; Asian Studies fluid mechanic, heat and mass transfer, and electrochemistry to design and develop engineering applications in the areas of renewable energy; numerical analyses of electrochemical energy; experimental studies and computational modeling Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia Electrochemical Engineering, Center for; International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Sikha, Godfrey Understanding of electrochemical power sources (batteries, fuel cells, capacitors) through mathematical modeling and experimental analyses, Identification of suitable parallel/series combination of different electrochemical power sources (hybrid system) to suit the power and energy requirements of specific applications, Theoretical studies on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and its utility as a tool to identify and understand reaction mechanisms, transport processes and material degradation in electrochemical systems Electrochemical Engineering, Center for
Henderson, M. Spencer Theatre and Dance theatre and dance, costume construction; design; production; patternmaking and construction of costumes; Columbia Arts and Sciences
Lin, Xiaoyan (Iris) Statistics Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling; Survival Analysis; Panel Count Data Analysis; Diagnostic Accuracy Analysis; Agreement Measures; Measurement error and data imputation; Bayesian Semi- and Non-parametrics; Objective Bayesian Analysis Columbia Arts and Sciences
Roberts, Erin Religious Studies Early Christian history and literature; Hellenistic moral philosophy; Theory and method; Ancient writers interested in Judean traditions who participated in the discourse of Greek and Roman moral philosophy; effects of theological agenda; historiography; theory of religion; philosophy; classics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Weist, Mark Psychology Trauma; Violence and youth; Evidence-based practice; Cognitive behavioral therapy; School mental health; Mental health promotion; quality assessment and improvement; emotional disabilities and students in special education; trauma informed services; supporting military families Columbia Arts and Sciences
Cummings, Jason Sociology; African American Studies medical sociology; mental health; race/gender and stratification; the health paradox of the black middle class; emotional and physical reactions to unfair race-based treatment Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Wangwright, Amanda Visual Art and Design Chinese painting through the lens of women’s issues and popular culture; paintings by Qiu Ti (1906-1958); contributions of female artists to the modernist art world of 1920s and 1930s China; the impact of nationalism, commercialism, and feminism on modern Chinese art and the roles of women artists during the Republican period (1911-1949) Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hazzard, Deborah Management Emerging technologies in untapped markets to enhance competencies and improve competitiveness, strategic relationships in a business environment, Social Network theory and Social Contract theory. Columbia Business
Gordanier, John Economics personnel economics; labor economics and industrial organization; empirical aspects of law firms Columbia Business
Harris, Ling Accounting Corporate disclosures and their impacts on judgments and decisions of investors, analysts and managers. Columbia Business
Corley, Andrew Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Latin American Studies Identity and discourse in Latin-American contemporary writers; 20th Century Latin-American Literature and the Fantastic; Basqueness in Contemporary Spanish Fiction Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Crowe, Purificacíon Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Spanish Columbia Arts and Sciences
Cueto, Ana Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Spanish; study abroad in Costa Rica; journalism; covering civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador; political turmoil of Panama in the 1980s; Columbia; Salkehatchie Arts and Sciences
Kellogg, Beatriz Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Spanish, Spanish for Business, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Hispanic Culture Columbia Arts and Sciences
Rajca, Andrew Languages, Literatures, and Cultures contemporary Luso-Brazilian and Hispanic cultural production; Latin American cultural studies; memory, violence, human rights, aesthetics, and space in contemporary visual and literary cultures in Latin America; post-colonial studies; comparative literature Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Wiskes, Catherine Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Spanish; foreign language acquisition and instruction, translation, and sign language development and acquisition Columbia Arts and Sciences
Beecroft, Alexander Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Comparative Literature Greek and Latin language and literature; ancient civilizations; literary theory (ancient and modern) and the theory and practice of world literature; current debates about world literature (from the role of pre-modern texts to debates about the global novel); Ancient Greece, Rome, and pre-Tang Chinese literature Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Bertucci, Pia Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Italian language; 19th-21st Century Italian Women Writers; Italian Cinema; The Italian Mystery and Suspense Novel; Dante, Petrarca & Boccaccio; Romance Philology; Business and Commercial Italian; Italian Culture, Politics and Society Columbia Arts and Sciences
Sanders, Ronda Mathematics Mathematics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Sun, Yi Mathematics multiscale analysis; modeling and simulation in solids; fluid mechanics; chemistry and biology; mathematical modeling and computation of biomaterials; complex biofluids and tissue dynamics; mathematical and computational neuroscience; dynamical system and chaos in neuronal networks; modeling, analysis, and simulation for blood flow; numerical methods for partial differential equations and interface tracking; numerical optimization and inverse problems in mathematical physics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hartwig, Robert His research focuses on insurance markets and structures, risk management, risk-bearing capital market instruments, the financing of technology risks and venture capital in insurance markets.
Hughes, Thomas Accounting Commercial Law, Tax, business law, contracts Columbia Business
Renade, Nivedita Education Columbia Education
Bunde, James Psychology Health behavior; Experiential avoidance; Values-based action; Altruism Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Moody, Mike Retailing Retailing management; Sales, Retail Shopper Behavior, Promotion, Consumer Economics, and Merchandise Management Strategies; social media recruiting Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Matros, Alexander Economics evolutionary and experimental game theory; contests; industrial organization Columbia Business
Plotner, Anthony Educational Studies community inclusion of individuals with significant disabilities: specifically, transition to college, supported employment, and the collaboration across systems to promote positive student outcomes Columbia Education
Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan Chemical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering design and engineering of tissues through understanding and modeling of the environmental effects on stem cell differentiation and tissue remodeling and development; molecular mechanisms associated with cell migration, proliferation and differentiation; how cells sense distinctive types of mechanical, biochemical and morphological cues and integrate them to generate an appropriate response Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Jalilvand, Golareh Chemical Engineering microstructure-property relationships in interconnects for 3D integrated circuits (3D ICs); microstructure optimization via unique electroplating techniques to enhance the reliability of 3D IC interconnects; electrochemistry Columbia Engineering and Computing
Shazly, Tarek Mechanical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering Interactions between implanted polymeric materials and soft tissues; Characterization, assessment, and modeling of endovascular technologies; Experimental and theoretical biomechanical studies on native and engineered blood vessels Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Lauterbach, Jochen Chemical Engineering heterogeneous catalysis and nanoparticle synthesis; molecular level processes on catalysts; high-throughput screening methodologies for rapid discovery and optimization of catalyst formulations; coal power plant emissions: CO2 capture and utilization, mercury removal from flue gas, and analysis of coal before combustion Columbia Engineering and Computing
Matta, Fabio Civil and Environmental Engineering affordable and high-quality dwelling structures for hazard mitigation; strengthening and repair of civil structures; multi-scale and multi-functional reinforcement for cement composites and concrete; load testing, monitoring and assessment of constructed facilities; corrosion in steel and concrete structures; construction materials and their structural performance; advanced cement- and polymer-matrix composites Columbia Engineering and Computing
Mullen, Robert Civil and Environmental Engineering computer modeling of engineering systems; biomechanics; mechanical behavior of micro electro-mechanical systems; coupled field problems; interval methods for treating uncertainty Columbia Engineering and Computing
Huang, Kevin Mechanical Engineering Solid oxide electrochemical cells; storage batteries; gas separation membranes; solid state defect chemistry and electrochemistry Columbia Engineering and Computing
Huang, Xinyu Mechanical Engineering Mechanics and durability of functional and structural composite materials; composite materials in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells; solid oxide fuel cells; structural composites; coatings Columbia Engineering and Computing
White, Elizabeth (Beth) Instruction and Teacher Education Instructional Coaching, Literacy Columbia Education
Ginn, Herbert Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering; power electronics applications in energy systems; power phenomena and compensation in non-sinusoidal systems; power quality; industrial controls; digital controls; power quality; power system relaying and control Columbia Engineering and Computing
Yu, Lingyu Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Structural health monitoring (SHM); nondestructive evaluation (NDE) using ultrasonic guided waves ; theoretical modeling; advanced signal processing and data analysis; damage diagnosis in complicated structures; scanning laser vibrometry for guided wave propagation; mechatronics; developing a multi-scale damage detection approach on composite structures; developing imaging strategies for permanently installed SHM system to perform in-situ damage detection; exploiting advances made in other areas to introduce innovative methods into SHM/NDE; condition monitoring of the aircraft structures and systems; integrity monitoring of large composite structures; detecting and quantifying cracks in metal structures such as steel bridges and their subsequent propagation; corrosion growth monitoring in piping structures Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Hudson, Simon Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management; European Studies; African Studies Tourism Marketing; Customer Service in Tourism; European Studies; African Studies; Tourism as the driver of economic development; advanced information and intelligence for tourism industry stakeholders; golf tourism, the international ski industry, sports and adventure tourism Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management; Columbia; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Mihalik, Brian Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management; Sport and Entertainment Management Investigation of global and mega-events, Olympic Games, Internationalization of Education Columbia; Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management; Columbia
Watts, Donna Retailing Retail management; fashion forecasting; credit management; visual merchandising; payroll; shipping and receiving; diamontologist Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Gillentine, Andy Sport and Entertainment Management Professional development; Customer service; Entrepreneurship and innovation; Sport marketing Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Taylor, Steven Sport and Entertainment Management Sport and Entertainment Management; NCAA Compliance; Internships; At risk student athletes Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Gavigan, Karen Library and Information Science Graphic novels and other resources in K-12 libraries and classrooms; School library issues such as the instructional role of the school librarian Columbia Information and Communications
Lewis, Elise Library and Information Science Cultural institutions, service-learning, information literacy Columbia Information and Communications
Rathbun-Grubb, Susan Library and Information Science Education, training, and careers in library and information science; career progression across the life course; job satisfaction; the evaluation of pedagogical strategies in library and information science education Columbia Information and Communications
Fisher, Douglas Journalism and Mass Communications Reporting; new media; newsroom management in the digital age; newsroom sociology; new technologies; data-driven journalism Columbia Information and Communications
Patel, Chandrashekhar Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering Molecular regulation of vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells. Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
de la Cova, Carlina Anthropology Paleopathology, skeletal health disparities, social inequality, the African Diaspora, nineteenth century medicine Columbia Arts and Sciences
Liu, Jihong Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Asian Studies Perinatal Epidemiology; maternal-child health; Reproductive Health; Social & demographic determinants of health; Survey data collection and analysis; International Health; Asian Studies; obesity and physical activity in mothers and children; health disparities Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Seeger, Roy English contemporary poetry, literature, English, creative writing, Composition, Marxist Theory, Post-Colonialism, Ecological Criticism, Popular Culture studies; historical implications and applications of the sonnet as a political form; the work of Gwendolyn Brooks Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Warren, Amanda English American Literature and Literary Criticism, Creative Writing (poetry), Contemporary Literature (particularly poetry and experimental essay), the connections between American Identity and American Landscape (with Ecofeminist and Regional focuses), Minority Literature, Appalachian Literature, Pop Culture, Hypertext Literature and Literature on the Web Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Saine, Jim English English and American literature, Southern poetry, Southern American literature; short fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction; argumentative writing, a New Criticism method of analyzing literature Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Bruzina, David English writing pedagogy, poetry, and analytic value theory; composition; English as a second language Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Ashton, Tim Languages, Literatures and Cultures soccer in Spanish Politics, Hispanic soccer Literature and Film, Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures, Spanish Peninsular Literatures and Cultures Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Stangohr, Craig Languages, Literatures and Cultures Spanish language Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Meccia, Lauren Visual and Performing Arts Music in education, saxophone performance, jazz ensembles Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Helsley, Alexia History Southern American history, particularly in North and South Carolina Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Gore, DeAnna Sociology Fertility, marriage, gender equality, developing countries, maternal health, family planning, quantitative methodology Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Losey, Mary Visual and Performing Arts piano, violin, music adjudication, accompaniment Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Courtney, Kenneth Visual and Performing Arts Organ performance, world music & introduction to music Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Palmer, Teddy Visual and Performing Arts Electrician in theatre, lighting design Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Hancock, C. Nathan Biology/Geology; Chemistry Plant biology, the genes that control agronomic traits, using a transposable element from rice to discover gene functions; biochemistry Aiken; Aiken Sciences; Aiken
Reinhart, Bradley (Brad) Biology/Geology trophic transfer of contaminants through aquatic systems; bioavailability of contaminants within communities via trophic mechanisms; Environmental Toxicology Aiken Sciences
Glenn, Susan Chemistry Chemistry, chemistry in society, analytical chemistry Aiken Sciences
Gelinas, Patrick Exercise and Sports Science High-intensity fitness programming for health and performance; Active transportation and the built environment; Ancestral health & biologically-appropriate nutritional strategies for optimal health and performance Aiken Sciences
Augustinos, Gerasimos Balkans, Greece, Eastern Europe; International; development of nationalism and identity in the modern world; empires of eastern Europe in the nineteenth century; Balkans in modern times; Eastern Europe in the twentieth century; nationalist movements in comparative perspective; empire and nation and twentieth century Europe Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Simmons, Lisa Nursing Nursing Aiken Nursing
Weatherhead, C. Compensation, executive and managerial merit pay programs, market-based salary structures, and flexible spending accounts, human resources, labor relations positions
Ji, Yiming Mathematics and Computational Science Networking technology and systems, modeling and simulation, digital image processing, and scientific computation Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Canada, Brian Mathematics and Computational Science Computational science with an emphasis in biology, chemical engineering, engineer in industry, machine learning and content-based image retrieval in the context of zebrafish phenomics, LAMHDI (Linking Animal Models to Human Disease), EPSCoR/IDeA-sponsored South Carolina Project for Organ Biofabrication Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Liang, Xuwei Mathematics and Computational Science Computational Medical Imaging especially Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Pattern Recognition and Classification, and High Performance Computing Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Montie, Eric Natural Sciences Marine sensory and neurobiology, marine bioacoustics (sound production and hearing), fish biology, marine mammal biology, environmental toxicology, noise pollution, climate change. Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Ritchie, Kim Natural Sciences Marine Microbiology, Coral Reef Ecology, Host-Microbe interactions, and Beneficial Microbes. Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Wallace, Debra Natural Sciences Physics, astronomy, massive stars, massive stellar evolution, Wolf-Rayet stars, and organic farming methods Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Tompkins, Renarta Education Working with school districts to evaluate and improve reading achievement of students in K-8 classrooms, the effects of the BURST reading intervention, improving literacy for minority students, fluency, culturally relevant literacy practices and history of reading in African American schools Beaufort Professions
Hoffer, Lauren English, Theater and Liberal Studies Victorian Literature and Culture, Romantic Literature, the British Novel and Narrative theory, Women's and Gender studies; representations of interpersonal relationships and the ways literature often blurs distinctions between different kinds of bonds; remarriage in Victorian literature can be understood as a transformative force: a means of revising established systems, both social and narratological Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Zhang, Xiaomei Mathematics and Computational Science mobile computing, wireless communication, social network analysis, network science, data science, data-centric computing Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Spirrison, Charles Social Sciences Psychometric assessment of personality and psychopathology, impulse control disorders, and the treatment of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Campbell, Steven Government and International Studies Political science; politics of U.S. foreign policy advisory systems, the political psychology of U.S. foreign policy officials; U.S. foreign policy decision-making during the Cold War Lancaster Humanities
Catledge, Courtney Nursing Facilitative communication; evolution of nursing science; biophysical pathology; sociocultural variations in health and illness; nursing; clinical nutrition Lancaster Professional Programs
Emanuel, Stan Business Finance, Management, Marketing & Economics Lancaster Humanities
Hassell, Darris Foreign Languages Spanish; foreign language studies; Equatorial Guinea, linguistics Lancaster Humanities
Penuel, Suzanne English Critical reaidng and composition, advanced composition, applied writing, rhetoric of love and money, Africa in the English mind, Shakespeare, British literature, the gothic imagination, masterworks of American literature Lancaster Humanities
Scott, Ann Nursing Acute care nursing of adults, nursing of Children and families, Senior nursing Lancaster Professional Programs
Sellhorst, Sarah Exercise Science Human anatomy and physiology, physical activity and health, personal and community health, health education for the elementary school; body composition Lancaster Math and Science
Thomas, Najmah Humanities Human Services; social and economic equity with a focus on program evaluation practices, at-risk youth programs, and public policies impacting underrepresented populations to include the Gullah/Geechee community. Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Fenimore, Wanda Public Communication public address; rhetorical criticism; gender and sport studies Sumter Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Grob, Kristina Philosophy philosophy; ethics; contemporary moral issues; women's and gender studies Sumter Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Grosso, Sherry Economics innovative ways to incorporate technology into the university classroom; business administration; economics; education Sumter Business Administration and Economics
Roberts, Summer Social Sciences Sociology; intersections of aging and gender from a social psychological perspective; Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Jenkins, Austin Biology biology; entomology; forest resources (focused on botany and herpetology); environmental biology; environmental science Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Kiernan, Daniel Biology impact of inquiry-based teaching as opposed to more traditional forms of teaching students in the college science classroom; muscle development in dendrobranchiate shrimp, with comparison to Artemia; how the muscle system develops during naupliar development Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Privett, James Chemistry; Physics chemistry; physics Sumter; Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering; Sumter
Smith, Jane Luther Music piano; music; music fundamentals; music history; American music of the 1920’s “Jazz Age” Sumter Arts and Letters
Adams, Brock Languages, Literature and Composition Short fiction (especially short-short and flash fiction forms); creative writing Upstate
Addison, Jane Languages, Literature and Composition English; composition Upstate
Alexander, Myles Languages, Literature and Composition English, German Upstate
Allwright, Robyn Fine Arts & Communication Studies Art; Stairway design, Spanish architecture; Artistic and archeological importance in Canada, Mexico, Egypt and throughout Western Europe Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Bannan, Laura Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; microbiology Upstate
Bareiss, Warren Fine Arts & Communication Studies Mass media; US press coverage of adolescent self-injury; Mass communication theory, health communication, international media Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Bradley, Gary Middle Grades Education Middle level/secondary education Upstate Education
Branan, Sarah Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Burr, Stacy Early Childhood Education Education; technology effectively in the early childhood classroom and enhancing teacher dispositions among preservice teachers Upstate Education
Caldwell, Sarah Natural Sciences & Engineering Chemistry; polymer industry, focusing on the development of new products for polyester resins and fibers Upstate
Con, Catherine Mathematics & Computer Science Computer Science Upstate
Cook, Tamara Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Corder, William Education Upstate Education
Crawford, Patricia Psychology Psychology; Abnormal Psychology; Disorders of Childhood; Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Donovan, Edward Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; science education, general biology, entomology, physical science, NASA space exploration and instructional supervision. Upstate
Doyle, Briget Natural Sciences & Engineering Engineering geology, environmental geology; geologic and human-induced hazards and their impacts to infrastructure and society; physical geology; natural disasters Upstate
Doyle, Sharon Education Upstate Education
Elm, Marcelle Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Evans, Allen Fine Arts & Communication Studies Theatre Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Ferris, Kathleen Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; microbiology; importance of scientific literacy in society today Upstate
Fitzsimmons, Kathleen Nursing Nursing; implicit bias in education, factors affecting student achievement, nursing leadership and teacher-student relationships. Upstate Arts and Sciences
Fleischmann, Amy Elementary Education Education Upstate Education
Freeman, Elizabeth Psychology Personnel assessments; Organizational development; Stress and health; Proactive personality; Entrepreneurial leadership development; Technology enhanced instruction methods and the effects of nonverbal behavior on employment decisions Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Fulbright, Ron Informatics Computer engineering, software engineering, autonomous robotics, distributed artificial intelligence, information technology, innovation theory; systematic innovation, management of innovation; social informatics; computer-aided innovation, management of innovation and emergent systems. Upstate Science and Technology
Gibb, Katharine Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Goodman, Kela Early Childhood Education Early childhood education; culturally relevant pedagogy; specifically culturally valid assessments and multilingual contexts for language learning Upstate Education
Greer, Georgia Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Harper, Ryan Mathematics & Computer Science Electroacoustics; acoustics; statistics Upstate
Miller, Juliana Communication Sciences and Disorders Autism spectrum disorders, Early intervention for speech and language disorders, Adult neurological rehabilitation (Aphasia, Dysphagia), Clinical supervision of students in Speech-Language Pathology Columbia Public Health Speech and Hearing Research Center
Hough, Teresa Education Upstate Education
Jenkins, Felicia Nursing Nursing; Upstate Arts and Sciences
Johnson, Lisa Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women's Studies Feminist cultural studies, sexuality studies, disability studies, feminist sex wars, sex worker debates, the feminist gaze, disabled feminist intellectual history, feminist psychiatric disability studies, and crip (disability studies) feminist epistemology Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Kaufmann, Laura Middle Grades Education Education; middle level/secondary education Upstate Education
Kennedy, Toshua Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Knight, Adam Fine Arts & Communication Studies Music; history of rock; guitar; jazz, funk Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Belangia, Shannon English English Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Brown, Norman Religion Religion Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
DuBois, Janet Music Music Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Ferguson, Constance English English Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Hollingsworth, Roy Biology Biology; African American farm systems; agriculture; social issues in farming; USDA; poverty in rural areas; gender inequality; effects of education on job opportunities and leadership development among youth; information to improve the quality of South Carolinian's lives Salkehatchie Science and Math
Lai, Wei-Kai Mathematics Mathematics Salkehatchie Science and Math
McKevlin, Martha Biology Biology Salkehatchie Science and Math
Ngwane, Fidele Mathematics Discrete mathematics, combinatorics, and computational algebra; integral closures Salkehatchie Science and Math
Peek, John Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Zidlick, Pauline English English Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Leonardi, Andrew Natural Sciences & Engineering Astronomy, physical science, general physics, university physics, engineering, star formation, post-starburst galaxies, and integrated-light spectroscopy. Upstate
Finnigan, Kristia Walker Institute; International; Germany; Europe; International Studies Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Kloot, Robin (Buz) Environmental Health Sciences Bubuma Islands; Cape Town; South Africa; Africa; Conservation decision support systems; GIS; water and water quality in resource assessments and conservation management Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Barnes, Elizabeth Communication Sciences and Disorders Phonological development in children with Fragile X syndrome, Down syndrome, and Autism; The relationship between speech rate and intelligibility in children with Fragile X syndrome, Down syndrome, and Autism; The relationship between speech sound errors and syntactic complexity Columbia Public Health
McKinney, Jessica Psychology Psychology; Alzheimer's disease, dementias Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Miller, Tracey Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Monteso, Maria Languages, Literature and Composition Spanish; Educational interpreting and pedagogy in translation and interpreting studies Upstate
Montgomery, Ben Natural Sciences & Engineering Pollination biology; plant evolutionary ecology; competition for pollination; comparative pollination of Silene; cytoplasmic male sterilty; reproductive assurance Upstate
Moss, Julie Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Neibert, Lee Fine Arts & Communication Studies Theatre; acting; directing; dramatic theory and criticism; African-American playwright Amiri Baraka Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Nordan, Kristina Mathematics & Computer Science Computer Science Upstate Arts and Sciences
O'Connor, Jim Management Management; operations improvement; environmental sustainability strategies Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Phillips, Lisa Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Provenzano, Frank Psychology Identity Development, especially as it relates to healthy adjustment and the development of positive attributes such as honor, integrity, and grit. Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Ruppel, Joshua Natural Sciences & Engineering Chemistry; metalloporphyrin catalyzed atom/group transfer reactions; development of transition metal catalyzed organic transformations, the synthesis of a new class of porphyrinoid compounds to study their interaction with proteins associated with certain types of cancer, and chemical education Upstate
Rutherford, Joanne Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Sarver, Mary Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women's Studies Criminal justice; Policing; Research Methods; Statistics; law enforcement training and leadership Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Shurburtt, Andrea Education Upstate Education
Smith, Brian Management Management of information technology; information management systems Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Smith, Sharon Nursing Nursing; developing a health-care center to serve community health in the multi-user Second Life virtual world, as well as conducting research on the effectiveness of virtual simulation as an effective modality of teaching Upstate Arts and Sciences
Smoak, Julie Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; reservoir shoreline restoration and enhancement Upstate
Sutton, Suzanne Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Fontenot, Jolie Speech Public communications Union Journalism and Mass Communication
Lowe, Steve History History; 20th Century U.S., U.S. Legal and Constitutional, Southern History; European Civilization Union Arts and Sciences
Maire-Afeli, Helene Chemistry and Biochemistry Chemistry Union Arts and Sciences
Mayon, J. Lane Foreign Languages Spanish Union Arts and Sciences
Tanyel, Nur Early Childhood Education Early childhood education; Child Development and Family Studies Programs; Upstate Education
Thomas, Tasha Languages, Literature and Composition English; writing; K-12 literacy practices Upstate
Van Patten, Frederick Fine Arts & Communication Studies Speech; communications; theater; comparative philosophy and religion Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Waddell, Elizabeth Mathematics & Computer Science Mathematics; high school education Upstate
Walters, Grover Informatics Communications management, governance, strategic influence; mid-level enterprises; programming, database architecture, business intelligence Upstate
West, Helen Nursing Nursing Upstate Arts and Sciences
Whitmire, Phyllis Education Upstate Education
Wright, William Biology Columbia
Chappell, Katherine Nursing simulation in education; evaluation in education and clinical; leadership development and effectiveness; child abuse intervention and recognition; forensic medical evaluation; multi-disciplinary team role; pediatric development and impact on care **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Catroppo, James Pathology Microbiology and Immunology Gastrointestinal pathology; organ systems-based pathology; pediatric and genetic pathology; pathology of the upper aerodigestive tract; reproductive system pathology; pathology of the prostate gland; anatomic and clinical pathology Columbia Medicine
Moore, Spencer Health Promotion Education and Behavior Social connections and social relationships and how those affect health, particularly risk factors surrounding cardiovascular disease, like smoking, obesity, inactivity; how network connections affect people's behaviors and choices; designing interventions that facilitate different types of connections to reduce those risks and improve the behavior of whole groups of people, rather than just individuals; Social capital; Social networks; Population health; Health promotion; Global health; Chronic diseases **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health
Baker, Janice Law Legal research analysis; writing; consumer bankruptcy drafting; children's learning about divorce and lawyers role in society; Columbia Law
Dalzell, Elizabeth Law Legal writing, labor, employment, employee benefits litigation, legal research, analysis and writing, advanced legal writing, employment discrimination cases, employee benefit claims Columbia Law
Leventis, Ami Law Legal research; analysis, writing, advanced legal writing; introduction to drafting business agreements; emerging growth companies; Columbia Law
Ernst, Sara Music; Music Education, History, and Theory piano pedagogy; teaching effectiveness; use of language in instruction; successful parent-teacher interactions; pedagogical music of 20th and 21st centuries; pacing of instruction through intermediate Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia
Steimer, Lauren Visual Art and Design; Film and Media Studies film and media studies; cultural policies; economic climates; industry structures of martial arts performers; Hong Kong Action Cinema; film exhibition history; stardom, labor, and the body Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Brandt, Lydia Visual Art and Design buildings and landscapes; the ways in which places shape, reflect, and respond to politics, memory, and society in general; popular American architecture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with a particular focus on the ubiquitous Colonial Revival Columbia Arts and Sciences
Schindler, Matthias Physics and Astronomy symmetries and symmetry violation; how quarks and gluons form nucleons; low-energy hadronic physics; few-nucleon systems Columbia Arts and Sciences
Roninson, Igor Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences; molecular and cellular effects of cancer chemotherapy; determinants of drug sensitivity; drug resistance; side effects of DNA-damaging drugs; damage-induced paracrine activities that influence the outcome of therapy; tumor growth and metastasis; role of the CDK8/19 kinase in transcriptional reprogramming in the context of cancer, aging-associated diseases, inflammatory and viral diseases. Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Shtutman, Michael Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences New molecular targets for cancer therapy using the methods of functional genomics, in particular the selection of phenotype-modifying short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) and genetic suppressor elements (GSEs) Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Bennett, Charlie Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Biomedical Sciences, Health Disparities, Health Sciences; pharmaceuticals; safety; hematology; oncology; preventing adverse drug events and improving drug safety; how to make drug information more consumer-friendly; creating new training tools for healthcare providers Columbia Pharmacy
Dunn, Brianne Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Anticoagulation; Hypertension; Heart failure; Scholarship of teaching and interprofessional education Columbia Pharmacy
Grant, Amy Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Experiential Education (within the department of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences) Columbia Pharmacy
Love, Bryan Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences pharmacoepidemiology; viral hepatitis; cirrhosis; peptic ulcer disease; inflammatory bowel disease; ​food allergy Columbia Pharmacy
Lu, Kevin Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Application of quantitative anaylsis and pharmacoeconomics; pharmacoepidemiology, and drug safety evaluation techniques in outcomes research; diabetes mellitus, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases Columbia Pharmacy
Maxwell, Whitney Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Clinical pharmacy and outcomes sciences; primary care; transitions of care; pharmacogenetics; venous thromboembolism prophylaxis and treatment; Columbia Pharmacy
Valdes, Marius Visual Art and Design studio art; visual stories and character based art and design Columbia Arts and Sciences
Greytak, Andrew Chemistry and Biochemistry Physical and materials chemistry at the liquid-solid interfaces of semiconductors; energy conversion, energy storage, and bioimaging, semiconductor nanostructures (colloidal nanocrystals, catalytically-synthesized nanowires, and heterostructures) Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wang, Hui Chemistry and Biochemistry Nanoscience; Surface-enhanced spectroscopy; Biophysics; Bioanalytical chemistry; physical chemistry approaches, specifically spectroscopy and electrochemistry, to tackle challenging problems in materials and biological sciences; Nanostructures with Geometrically Tunable Optical Properties; Multifunctional Nanoprobes for Electrochemical Cytosensing; Single-Molecule Biophysics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Applegate, Brandon Criminology and Criminal Justice jails; perceptions in and of corrections; juvenile justice; survey research Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ercolini, Gina English Language and Literature History of Rhetoric, Contemporary Rhetorical Theory, Rhetoric and Philosophy, Enlightenment Rhetoric, Rhetoric; public communication; business and professional communication; Immanuel Kant's ostensible rejection of rhetoric; texturing different source materials (biography, philosophical texts, occasional and more obscure texts, correspondence, etc.) Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hawk, Byron English Language and Literature Histories and Historiographies of Rhetoric and Composition; Computers and Writing; Rhetoric and New Materialism; Sonic Rhetoric; Writing with Sound Columbia Arts and Sciences
Fogerty, Daniel Communication Sciences and Disorders Perception of speech in difficult listening environments along with the implications of aging on the auditory and cognitive systems Columbia Public Health
Snyder, David History U.S. Foreign Relations; Evolution and reception of American economic and cultural power during the Cold War; Public Diplomacy; Americanization; projection of American power — cultural and economic as much as military and political — in the international sphere during the early Cold War; U.S.-Netherlands relations; American Empire Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Su, Xuhong Political Science; Asian Studies public administration; human resources management; public organization theory; science and technology policy; public employees' career trajectories; public policy; academic entrance; research productivity; rank promotion Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Thye, Shane Sociology Social Psychology, Social Networks, Status Processes, Power Processes, Emotions, Social Exchange Theory, Theoretical Methods, Quantitative Methods, Critical Thinking, Experimental Design and Analysis, Paranormal Beliefs, Organizational Commitment, Micro Foundations of Social Order Columbia Arts and Sciences
LeJeune, Lauren Educational Studies applied behavior analysis course work; Identifying and designing effective academic and behavioral interventions for students with disabilities, especially students who engage in challenging behaviors; educator/caregiver training; practical behavioral assessment; use of single case designs Columbia Education
Wippold, Guillermo Psychology community-based participatory research, cultural sensitivity and cultural competence, mental and physical health promotion among underserved populations, culturally tailored health promotion interventions, health-related quality of life, stress, resilience Columbia Arts and Sciences
Alberg, Anthony Epidemiology and Biostatistics Cancer epidemiology and the health effects of tobacco and tobacco control; Lung cancer; Ovarian cancer; excess risk of malignancies experienced by those with a personal history of keratinocyte carcinoma (non-melanoma skin cancer); Columbia Public Health
Bradshaw, Jessica Psychology Autism spectrum disorder, quantifying the emergence of social behavior, visual attention, identifying aberrant neurodevelopmental pathways leading to ASD, translating these basic findings to early detection and intervention strategies for ASD Columbia Arts and Sciences
Regalbuto, John Chemical Engineering preparation of solid catalysts; platinum or rhodium containing automobile catalytic converter used to eliminate carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and hydrocarbons from auto exhaust; the use and comparison of different methods for synthesis of a variety of catalysts especially using Strong Electrostatic Adsorption ( SEA ) in producing catalysts with high dispersion Columbia Engineering and Computing
Kitchen, Miki Psychology Principles, theories, and concepts connected to or associated with teaching and learning; how we learn best and what types of instructional methods increase and support lifelong learning Columbia Arts and Sciences
Wang, Guoan Electrical Engineering Smart RF passives/systems: MEMS based RF components/systems, on-chip tunable RF components/systems, High performance on-chip components characterization and process optimization; MEMS/NEMS and their RF and Bio-medical applications; Novel materials and their mmwave applications; 3D IC and system integration Columbia Engineering and Computing
Kidane, Addis Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Functionally graded materials; composites materials; metal- ceramic composites; Mechanics of material under dynamic loading and extreme environments; Experimental Mechanics; Failure mechanics, Fracture mechanics; Polymer nano-composites; Nondestructive evaluation of structure; mechanical behavior of emerging advanced materials, mainly focused on the relationship between micro-mechanical phenomena and macro-material properties, with the long-term goal being to contribute to the design and fabrication of improved material systems capable of addressing future engineering problems in energy, transport, and safety applications. Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
McCants, Dale Mechanical Engineering Nanofluids heat transfer mechanics; electronics thermal management; experimental and computational fluid dynamics with heat transfer Columbia Engineering and Computing
Regan, Elizabeth Integrated Information Technology Health information technology and exchange; strategic information systems; large-scale organizational change; technology innovation; business process redesign (reengineering); e-commerce and e-business; end-user information systems; knowledge management Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Meng, Fang Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Destination marketing and management, tourism economic development, tourist behavior/experience, international tourism Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Campbell, Jeffrey Retailing Food retailing and sustainability; Consumer behavior; Small business and entrepreneurship; Store format (including grocery, online, and farmers’ markets); Agribusiness; Business strategy Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Ballouli, Khalid Sport and Entertainment Management Sports marketing; Sport Consumer Behavior; Music in Contemporary Sport; Brand Management; Social psychology and consumer behavior, with a distinct focus on the ubiquitous nature of music in the production and consumption of sport; Sport and social issues; Social psychology of music Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Koesters, Todd Sport and Entertainment Management Sport consumer behavior; Sales and marketing; Sponsorships and ROI / ROO Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Jeralds, Adonis "Sporty" Trends and issues in facility management, venue management principles and practices, public assembly facility operations and procedures, personnel supervision and organization
Harris, Mark technology support; training management; computer programming; telecommunications; systems analysis and design; systems administration; information systems security Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Barton, Peter Music Voice performance Columbia Music
Engeholm, Gerard Business Aiken Business Administration
Adlof, Suzanne Communication Sciences and Disorders Language development and disorders; reading acquisition and disorders; reading and language deficit subgroups; word learning; early identification and intervention; Improve the early identification of language and reading difficulties and to develop effective interventions to remediate those difficulties; Highlighting changes in the developmental relationships between language and reading comprehension skills in the general population; comparing and contrasting profiles of language and reading impairment subgroups; examining factors influencing word learning and vocabulary development in children and adults; Columbia Public Health
Den Ouden, Dirk Communication Sciences and Disorders; Linguistics How the brain supports language functions in healthy and aphasic speakers; to improve treatment outcomes through a neurophysiological approach to stroke-induced deficits (cortical stimulation), in combination with behavioral language training; Linguistic theory; neural correlates of language representation and use; aphasia, stroke; phonology, apraxia of speech; syntax, verbs, sentence production/processing; functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS); transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Diao, Weijian Chemical Engineering heterogeneous catalysis; catalyst synthesis; reaction kinetics; transformation of hydrocarbons to higher value chemicals using selective hydrogenation; selective oxidation/epoxidation; dehydrogenation and oxidative dehydrogenation; fuel-cell and electrochemical application Columbia Engineering and Computing
Ferguson, Mark Management Science Business administration; operations management; mechanical engineering; industrial engineering; supply chain management; design for sustainable operations; contracts that improve overall supply chain efficiency; pricing and revenue management; management of perishable products; supply chain efficiency ; pricing; revenue management; and the operations/marketing interface. Columbia Business
Hackney, John His research focuses on the intersection of law and finance, especially how bankruptcy law affects small firms credit and growth. He teaches Case Studies in Corporate Finance at the undergraduate level.
Lambdin, Laura Management Management; Communication; professional communication Columbia Business
Hartwig, Robert Finance Insurance markets and structures; Risk Management; Risk-bearing capital market instruments; Technology risks and venture Capital in insurance markets Columbia Business
Rehling, Jeffrey Marketing marketing strategy; business development initiatives; new product development; new channel strategy and strategic business alliance efforts; buyer behavior; market research; shopper insights; shopper marketing; category management; consumer packaged goods industry Columbia Business
Almeida Marodin, Giuliano Management Science Lean and Operational Excellence in Supply Chain Management Columbia Business
Hazlett, Linda Epidemiology and Biostatistics Clinical epidemiology, clinical trials, cancer epidemiology, molecular epidemiology, public health advocacy and disabilities Columbia Public Health
Byrd, Michael Health Services Policy and Management Modern languages, social work, public health administration, balancing long term care, studio art (ceramics) Columbia Public Health Gerontology, South Carolina Center for
Chen, Brian Health Services Policy and Management Health economics, health law, policy and management; Health care law, international/global health, law and economics, and the economics of regulation in general Columbia Public Health
Khan, M. Mahmud Health Services Policy and Management Costing, economic evaluation, health economics and policy, healthcare financing, impact evaluation of results based financing; Medicare advantage plans, economics of medical malpractice, factors affecting unnecessary c-section rates, economics of childhood immunization, healthcare financing, measuring health facility performance, cost-effectiveness of specific health interventions; screening for STDs Columbia Public Health
Liang, Chen Health Services Policy and Management Development and application of information technologies, data science, and artificial intelligence that lead to a safe and intelligent health system. His recent work involves; developing informatics methods and tools for medical error detection and analysis; mental health informatics, knowledge representation in medicine and public health, health-related text data analysis Columbia Public Health
Goldston Giraudy, Casey Health Promotion Education and Behavior First aid/CPR, first year experience, adult education, international education Columbia Public Health
Turner-McGrievy, Gabrielle Health Promotion Education and Behavior Emerging technologies to create health behavior changes; mHealth and eHealth; Vegetarian and vegan dietary approaches in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases; Diet quality and assessment; Obesity prevention and treatment. **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health
Levkoff, Sue Social Work; African Studies; Asian Studies Ethnic minority populations; population aging; reduction of health disparities for older populations; AIDS medication adherence; culturally appropriate websites to assist Latino and Chinese family members caring for family members with dementia; prevention of HIV/STDs and AIDS in women over 50 Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Social Work; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Baxter, Suzanne Social Work accuracy of children's dietary recalls; relationship between childhood obesity; children; child nutrition issues; participation in school meals Columbia Social Work
Cavanagh, Nicole Social Work Social Work; advocating and providing services for the elderly; professional identity development as it relates to field internships, mental health, clinical supervision and gerontology/aging Columbia Social Work
Foster, Kirk Social Work Social and economic development; Social Capital and religious congregations; Economic disparities; Social welfare policies; role of diverse social networks; poverty; social network analysis, GIS (geographic information systems), and quantitative and qualitative methods Columbia Social Work
Hock, Robert Social Work Autism; strained relationships; relationship between family adjustment (coparenting quality, parent stress, depression) and child outcomes (adaptive behaviors, mental health, treatment responsiveness); parenting; children; autism Columbia Social Work
Iachini, Aidyn Social Work positive youth development; leadership and administration within youth development and human service organizations; school social work; after school, sport, and physical activity programming; program evaluation Columbia Social Work
Mitchell, Monique Social Work lived experience of children/youth in foster care; vulnerable life transitions; youth engagement, advocacy and empowerment; ambiguity; stress, loss, coping; social support; cognitive appraisals; spirituality Columbia Social Work International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Sutphin, Suzanne Social Work Program evaluation, research methods, social stratification, race and ethnicity, gender, marriage and family, child welfare Columbia Social Work
Cárdenas, David Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Sustainable development, Tourism education; Resident attitudes Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
DeWitte, Sharon Anthropology Bioarchaelogy; paleodemography; paleoepidemiology; mortality during Black Death Columbia Arts and Sciences
Spinale, Frank (Francis) Cell Biology and Anatomy; Biomedical Engineering The thematic area of cardiovascular remodeling with a particular focus upon heart failure; eveloping diagnostic/prognostic biomarker panels of MMP/TIMPs, identifying the upstream regulatory pathways of MMP/TIMP induction, as well as to develop methods for post-translational regulation- ie MMP inhibition Columbia; Columbia Medicine; Columbia
Toumey, Christopher Environmental Health Sciences Events in the history of nanotechnology; public engagement with nanotechnology; the interaction of technology and aesthetics in images from Scanning Probe Microscopy; and, religious reactions to nanotechnology Columbia Public Health
Mortensen, Tara Journalism and Mass Communications; Visual Communications journalism; visual communication; media sociology; de-professionalization of visual journalism; amateur photography; user-generated (visual) content Columbia; Columbia Information and Communications; Columbia
Showman, Richard Biological Sciences; Environment and Sustainability; Earth, Ocean, and Environment Cell and Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology of Marine Organisms; Mitochondrial DNA Replication; the nature and role played by the single mitochondrion found in the blood borne pathogen, Leishmania donovani Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences
Lewis, Courtney Anthropology; Southern Studies economic anthropology; political economy; indigenous rights; economic justice; sovereignty; American Indians; Cherokees; agriculture entrepreneurship; small business located on the Qualla Boundary of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia Southern Studies, Institute for
Felder, Tisha Cancer Survivorship; Health Equity and Rural Health; Family and Child Health; Health Biomarkers; Qualitative/Mixed Methods; Breast cancer; Health Disparities; Treatment adherence; Breastfeeding; Access to health care; racial/ethnic and low-income populations; Community-based participatory research; Health services/outcomes; mentoring and training of diverse faculty **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia; Columbia Nursing; Columbia
Wood, Susan Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience vulnerability or resiliency to stress-related disease; neuroscience; physiology; pharmacology; biomedical science; chronic exposure to social stress; depression; cardiovascular disease; multidisciplinary approach including behavioral, cardiovascular, molecular biology, and electrophysiological techniques to identify pathophysiology conferring vulnerability or resiliency to stress related disease; locus coeruleus (LC); Individual differences in stress responses and cardiovascular disease; Stress, Cardiovascular Control & Nociception; Cardiovascular changes in depression Columbia Medicine
Fu, Zhengqing (Zack) Biological Sciences Plant biochemistry, plant defense, pathogen infection, plant bacterial pathogens; Plant hormone salicylic acid signaling; NPR1 monomer formation and plant defense; Cellular stress Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ziolkowski, Lori Earth, Ocean, and Environment bioavailability of Arctic soils; biogeochemistry of darkening glacier surfaces; environmental controls of hydrocarbon degradation; biogeochemistry and geochemistry; climate change Columbia Arts and Sciences
Barnes, Jessica Geography; Earth, Ocean, and Environment Culture and politics of resource use; environmental change in the Middle East; geography; climate change; water; food security Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Kneas, David Geography; Earth, Ocean, and Environment Political and cultural dimensions; resource conflicts and environmental change in Latin America; copper mining; the global mining industry Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Grace, Joshua History African history; cultures of technology, mobility, and development; African history; modernization; Tanzania; race, class, and gender; cars and roads; humanitarianism and development; East Africa and the Indian Ocean Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Melvin-Koushki, Matthew History Early modern Islamicate intellectual and religious history; cultural history; Islamic studies; mysticism, messianism ; millenarianism; science; magic and religion; Occult Sciences; Iran Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Frey, Christopher Philosophy Ancient Greek philosophy; philosophy of perception and mind; Aristotle's Natural Philosophy and Metaphysics; intentionality and phenomenality of perception; distinction between the animate and the inanimate; the role the soul plays as a principle of life Columbia Arts and Sciences
Frey, Jennifer Philosophy virtue ethics; philosophy of action; and theories of rationality; history of ethics, especially medieval and early modern; Kant; Aristotle; Aquinas; Anscombe Columbia Arts and Sciences
Miller, Susan Political Science public administration; American politics; bureaucratic and legislative institutions; implications of institutional design for public policy formulation and implementation Columbia Arts and Sciences
Peterson, Timothy Political Science the fields of international political economy, international conflict, foreign policy, and human rights; nuanced, often multilateral, connections between international economics and world politics; the consequences of states’ human rights norms and democratic institutions for international cooperation and conflict; examination of how the composition of trade influences patterns of militarized conflict and an analysis of when economic sanctions send signals of sanctioning states' resolve to third parties Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Horner, Ronnie Health Services Policy and Management Advancement of healthcare; health services policy; management; Factors affecting clinical work intensity among primary care providers Columbia Public Health
House, Anna Visual Art and Design art history; Renaissance art and artists north and south of the Alps; artists’ biographies; the reception of art; contributions of the Sicilian painter Antonello da Messina (c. 1430-1479) through the perspective of historiography and reception; frescoed façade Columbia Arts and Sciences
Meaney, Evan Visual Art and Design media arts; liminalities and glitches of all kinds; ghosts, seances, and archival hauntology; experimental film Columbia Arts and Sciences
Boggs, Carol Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean, and Environment evolutionary, functional and behavioral ecology; conservation and environmental issues; environmental change and variation; life history traits; population structure and dynamics; species interactions over ecological and evolutionary time; physiological, ecological and evolutionary dynamics of resource allocation; invasion dynamics; ecology, evolution and genomics of small populations Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Twiss, Jeff Biological Sciences; Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience Childhood Neurotherapeutics; Neural repair mechanisms; long range communication in the nervous system; neural function, synaptic plasticity, and development; recovery after injury of the nervous system Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
White, Alan Biological Sciences Plant cell wall structure and synthesis; development and testing of the Virtual Cell; improvement of science education practices Columbia Arts and Sciences
Clementi, F.K. English Language and Literature; Comparative Literature; Jewish Studies Holocaust Studies; Jewish Fiction, Autobiographies and Film; Jewish Literature and Thought; Jewish Diaspora - Europe and America: History, Literature, and Cultural Productions; Feminist and Psychoanalytical Approaches to Western Cultural Production Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia; Arts and Sciences
Collins, Alyssa English Language and Literature; African American Studies African American literature; technology; embodiment; race; gender; sexuality; digital humanities and digital methods Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Di Cecco, Daniela Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Comparative Literature Constructions of female adolescence in literature and film, representations of female adolescence, contemporary trends in novels for girls published since 2000 in France; French and Québécois literature and culture; children's literature and contemporary women's writing; Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Martin, Christie Instruction and Teacher Education Content area literacy, program evaluation, and the use of technology in education Columbia Education
Miller, Bridget Instruction and Teacher Education Integration of commercial technologies such as tablet computers and their use in the STEM classroom to support instructional objectives; use of electronic notebooks on iPads for students with cognitive disabilities to access, communicate, and be assessed in STEM curriculum; Columbia Education Science Education, Center for; Child Development and Research Center
Stodden, David Physical Education and Athletic Training biology; exercise and sport science; motor behavior; acquisition and development of fundamental motor skills and the association of motor skill competence with physical activity; health-related physical fitness; obesity across the lifespan; developmental mechanisms and casual pathways related to youth physical development and trajectories of physical activity and obesity; ballistics skills; behavioral and mechanical nature of multi-joint ballistic motor skills; youth physical development and assessment validation Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Bell, Nathaniel Nursing Cancer Survivorship; Health Equity and Rural Health; GIScience; social epidemiology; injury epidemiology; measurement of functional outcomes and quality of life after major trauma; classifying outcomes of trauma care and the design and application of GIS-based tools for health services studies relevant to injury; working with health care systems toward routinely collecting outcome data on injury survivors; developing best practices for the transition from hospital to recovery **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Kiaris, Hippokratis Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Context specificity and carcinogenesis; Microenvironment; Stroma; Breast cancer; Metastasis; Endoplasmic Reticulum stress Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Roth, Benjamin Social Work Latino immigrant integration in the United States; effects of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on the lived experiences of immigrant youth in South Carolina; survey of nonprofit social service agencies in Chicago suburbs with rapidly growing immigrant populations; Mexican immigrant youth in the suburbs Columbia Social Work
Werfel, Krystal Communication Sciences and Disorders Linguistic Contributions to Spelling in Elementary School Children with SLI; Reading and Writing Disorders in Children with SLI; Conceptual Print Knowledge of Preschoolers with Hearing Loss; Print Referencing Behaviors of Parents of Preschoolers with Hearing Loss; Explicit Phonological Awareness of Educators; Written language development and disorders; Emergent literacy development; Specific language impairment; Hearing loss; Teacher knowledge Columbia Public Health
Leier, Andrew Earth, Ocean, and Environment clastic sedimentology; stratigraphy; sediment provenance; basin analysis; tectonics and sedimentation; stable isotopes; paleoelevation; paleoclimate; petroleum geology; reservoir architecture and characterization; energy resources Columbia Arts and Sciences
Brock, Kevin English Language and Literature Composition Studies; Digital Rhetoric; Rhetoric of Science & Technology; Software and Code Studies; Technical Communication Columbia Arts and Sciences
Coriale, Danielle English Language and Literature; European Studies Science, Medicine, and Literature; Victorian Literature and Culture; Women's and Gender Studies; Darwin/Evolutionary Theory; Environmental Literature; Animal Studies Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Finney, Nikky English Language and Literature; African American Studies African American history; the history of America; as well as topics in popular culture; gender and sexuality; art; race; social justice; poetry Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Eberth, Jan Epidemiology and Biostatistics Geospatial, statistical, and qualitative approaches to understand the distribution and causes of cancer disparities, with the larger goal of identifying policy- and systems-level solutions to make health equity a reality; Examining cancer screening accessibility in the U.S. and its impact on patient-level outcomes Columbia Public Health Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Langston, Kathy Management Professional Communication; Business Writing; English Composition; Religion: International Communication; Culture/diversity pedagogy Columbia Business
Wang, Cuizhen (Susan) Geography Bioenvironmental remote sensing, GIS, spatial analysis; innovative modeling of optical/radar synergy in biophysical remote sensing, vegetation mapping, environmental stress monitoring and bioenergy Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Lopez Rodriguez, Mercedes Languages, Literatures, and Cultures representation of difference and the emergence of new cultural practices; conflict in Latin America; early colonial Christianization process; relationships among Christian and non-Christian indigenous, missionaries, and colonial authorities; Central Colombia; cultural changes; emergence of a racialized discourse about Colombian populations that marginalized and subordinated perceived “non-white” groups; how literature and visual arts represented mestizos; indigenous and black subjects; especially in 19th century costumbrista narratives Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Patterson, Gregory Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Comparative Literature Chinese literature and culture; medieval Chinese poetry; traditional Chinese theories of literature, poetry and imperial institutions in medieval China; modern interpretations of classical Chinese poetry; cultural memory and media studies; cultural memory and media studies as they relate to literature in comparative perspective Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Pena, Maria Marjorette Biological Sciences Tumor interactions with the host microenvironment: role in cancer therapy and metastasis; microenvironment and tumor response to therapy; Mechanisms of Metastasis; Thymidylate synthase and Chemotherapy; colon cancer Columbia Arts and Sciences Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Beverung, Susan Nursing Inter-Professional Education and Training **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
McDonnell, Karen Nursing Cancer Survivorship; Chronic Conditions and Care Transitions; Mental and Behavioral Health; Health Biomarkers; Qualitative/Mixed Methods; Decision making; health related quality of life; prevention and early detection of lung cancer; developing and testing family interventions for behavior modification when a diagnosis of cancer exists within a family **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Chambliss, Elizabeth Law Models for legal services delivery; law and politics of “evidence based” approaches to lawyer regulation Columbia Law
Gupta-Kagan, Josh Law clinical legal studies; legal issues affecting children and families, especially child welfare and juvenile justice issues; Fourth Amendment rights of children and families during child protection investigations and at school; improved juvenile and family court procedures; policy reforms to improve the child welfare system; enable children to leave foster care for permanent families; custody disputes between parents and third parties who have raised children Columbia Law
Ballard, Matthew Mathematics algebraic and arithmetic geometry; noncommutative algebra; derived categories; and mirror symmetry Columbia Arts and Sciences
Vasquez, Paula Mathematics multiscale modeling and simulation of viscoelastic fluid flows; viscoelastic and diffusive transport processes in pulmonary mucus and mucus simulants; computational and mathematical biology; modeling the organization and distribution of chromosomes in yeast cells; applied and computational mathematics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Gürdal, Zafer Aerospace Engineering; Mechanical Engineering Structural and multidisciplinary design and optimization; design and optimization of composite materials and structures; computational methods for design; methodologies for composite laminate design and novel structural configurations; experimental verification of composites structures research Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Becerril Arreola, Rafael Marketing socioeconomics and technology in consumer markets; operations, information systems, and engineering; econometrics; Bayesian statistics; game theory; high-performance computing; microeconomics; psychology; sociology; product line decisions in the contexts of automotive markets; retailing, online markets, and consumer packaged goods Columbia Business
Li, Sali International Business Multinational strategy; resource based view; international entrepreneurship; emerging economies; Global strategy; competitiveness; emerging markets; innovation and clusters Columbia Business
Maltarich, Mark Management Multilevel Issues in Human Resources; Multilevel Theory and Methods; Group and Team process Columbia Business
Wells, Carl Management Intersection of job satisfaction and emotional and physical health status Columbia Business
Newman, Andrew (Drew) Accounting management accounting; incentives; information systems; internal control Columbia Business
Stikeleather, Bryan Accounting managerial accounting; behavioral & experimental economics; human judgment & decision-making; social norms; whistle-blowing ethics Columbia Business
Venkataraman, Sriram Management Science Healthcare operations; service operations; new product development; Service Operations; Intermediate Business Statistics; Operations Management and Decision Models for Management; health sciences Columbia Business
Wooten, Joel Management Science Innovation; entrepreneurship; product design; web-based products and services; open innovation and recommendation systems; innovation and operations strategy within R&D pipelines; Columbia Business
Ciesielski, Amy University Libraries moving image research; cinema; photography Columbia University Libraries
Guiseppe, Vincente Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy Columbia Arts and Sciences
Epperly, Brad Political Science Russian and Eurasian Studies Program; role of institutions in comparative politics; rule of law across democracy and dictatorship; judiciary and the "political" branches of government; public trust in legal institutions; postcommunist states of Eastern Europe; former Soviet Union; public law Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Jones, Daniel Economics public economics, labor economics, and political economy, economics of the nonprofit sector and individuals' motivations to contribute to nonprofits Columbia Business
Heinrich, Tobias Political Science international relations; political science; foreign aid; foreign policy; statistical methodology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Stuart, Daniel Religious Studies South Asian religions; Buddhism; literary cultures; meditation traditions; interrelationships between Buddhist practice traditions, theories of mind, and scriptural production in premodern South asia and modern India; sūtra and narrative literature, śāstric texts, and Buddhist manuscripts in various Asian languages and scripts Columbia Arts and Sciences
McKeever, Robert Journalism and Mass Communications the persuasive effects of mass media content, particularly as applied to pro-social topics such as mental health advocacy Columbia Information and Communications
Hara, Kunio Music; Music Education, History, and Theory Operas of Giacomo Puccini; 19th- and 20th-century music; Western music in Japan; Exoticism; orientalism; nostalgia; musicology; music history; clarinet; Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Southall, Richard Sport and Entertainment Management NCAA Division-I Revenue Sport; Sport Ethics; Legal Issues in NCAA College Sport; Sport Sociology Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Elkins, Susan New Faculty Columbia
DeLaurier, April Biology/Geology biological science; skeletal formation in zebrafish; genes and cellular mechanisms that pattern the craniofacial skeleton; Biochemistry Aiken Sciences
Dwyer-Ryan, Meaghan History History Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Wise, Julie English Victorian poetry, poetics, aesthetics, gender and culture; Romantic literature, Victorian literature, and the British Literature Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
D'Antonio, Edward Natural Sciences Structural Biology; Enzymology; Medicinal Chemistry; Chagas' Disease; analytical chemistry, biotechnology, enzymology, structural biology, and synthetic chemistry Beaufort Science and Mathematics
DebRoy, Swati Mathematics and Computational Science Math; interface of mathematics and biology, specializing in disease dynamics; modeling childhood obesity; infectious diseases Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Easley, Elizabeth Exercise Science Human anatomy; Body composition; Physical activity; Fitness assessment Lancaster Math and Science
Ard, Aaron Administrative Information Management Business management Salkehatchie Business Administration
Ai, Chunyu Mathematics & Computer Science Wireless sensor networks; data management; data security; parallel database Upstate
Bismarck, Stephen Education Upstate Education
Covington, Michele Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women's Studies Violence, policing, firearms, crime prevention, and qualitative methods Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Fernandez, Susan Education; literacy education Upstate Education
Hurren, B. Lee Secondary Education Education leadership; Spanish Upstate Education
Leonhirth, Deshia Informatics Health Information Management; Patient Outcomes; Quality improvement; Health disparities Upstate Science and Technology
Platt, C. Spencer Educational Leadership and Policies doctoral education; critical race theory; black males; equity and access Columbia Education
Anders, Allison Educational Studies everyday experiences of targeted youth; K-20 educational settings they navigate; contexts of education; systemic inequities; qualitative methodologies; incarcerated youth; children with refugee status; LGBTQ youth Columbia Education
Hébert, Thomas Educational Studies special education; social and emotional development of gifted students; gifted culturally diverse students; counseling issues facing gifted males Columbia Education
Irvin, Matthew Educational Studies academic, social, and behavioral development of adolescents from rural communities; students’ risk, resilience, motivation and engagement; learning in online courses; youth with disabilities; peer relations Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Shah, Payal Educational Studies girls’ education; international development and education policy; qualitative research methodology with geographical expertise in South Asia; international and comparative education; qualitative inquiry; social foundations of education Columbia Education
Matolak, David Electrical Engineering Wireless Channel Characterization, multi-band & multi-resolution models; air-ground channel modeling, vehicle-to-vehicle channel modeling, micro-channel modeling for wireless networks on chips, Ad Hoc Communication Networks; Modulation/Detection PHY/MAC: Spread Spectrum modulations, efficient detection schemes, & reactive-bandwidth spectral overlay, Narrowband Modulation variable-bandwidth spectral overlay, co-channel interference suppression & rapid performance estimation, robust UAS transmission schemes, V2V channel/MAC modeling, Random Process Modeling, modeling of communication signals and their statistics, Electromagnetics Modeling, wave propagation and antennas for communications applications, FDTD & ray tracing Columbia Engineering and Computing
Wang, Xiaofeng Electrical Engineering Networked Real-Time Control Systems, Fault-Tolerant Control, Cooperative Control, Optimization, System Verification, Nonlinear System Design Columbia Engineering and Computing
Zhang, Bin Electrical Engineering Prognostics and health management, which covers fault detection and isolation, failure prognosis, and fault tolerance; Robotics, unmanned systems, electromechanics, industrial electronics, Intelligent systems and control; Dynamic systems, design, modeling, simulation and control Columbia Engineering and Computing
Gavin, Michael English Language and Literature Digital Humanities; digital literary studies; Restoration and 18th-century English Literature and Culture; The ways that technology affects communication; computational linguistics, network science, geospatial modeling, and agent-based simulation. Columbia Arts and Sciences
Greven, David English Language and Literature Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Psychoanalytic Theory and Queer Theory; Gender Studies, Masculinity Studies; Film, Television, Popular Culture; Hitchcock, The Woman's Film, Film Noir, 1970s Film, De Palma, Contemporary Hollywood, Genre Film and Television; History of American Literary Criticism; American Romanticism; American Gothic in the 19th and 20th centuries; gender, sexuality and race Columbia Arts and Sciences
Chatterjee, Saurabh Environmental Health Sciences Exploring oxidative stress-epigenome signaling (DNA methylation, Histone modifications, micro RNAs) in obesity associated diseases following environmental toxin exposure; Role of cationic channel protein TRPV4 in metabolic reprogramming of environment-linked nonalcoholic steatohepatitis; Exploring the role of pattern recognition receptors (TLRS and NALP3) in toxicity associated nonalcoholic steatohepatitis; Role of adipocytokine leptin in redox-signaling and immune modulation in obesity associated disease Columbia Public Health Colon Cancer Research, Center for
McLain, Alexander Epidemiology and Biostatistics Neuroimaging data, multiple testing, length biased survival analysis data, longitudinal mixed-effects models, joint modeling of longitudinal and survival data, maternal and child health outcomes, missing data Columbia Public Health
Cook, Daniella Instruction and Teacher Education; African Studies Critical Multicultural Education, Black Education, Critical Race Theory, Culturally Competent/Relevant Pedagogy, Community Engagement and Urban Education, Qualitative Methodology; how class, race and power affect the everyday schooling lives of students, teachers and communities traditionally under-served by public education across diverse contexts Columbia; Columbia Education; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Park, Joohyung Retailing Service failure and recovery; multi-channel retailing; consumer’s technology use; consumer emotion; socially responsible consumer behavior Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Sui, Xuemei (Mei) Exercise Science Promotion of physical activity; physical activity epidemiological research; lifestyle intervention to reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors Columbia Public Health
Wang, Xuewen Exercise Science Energy metabolism; Obesity; Women's Health and Aging; Physical Activity and Dietary Modifications as preventive treatments for metabolic and cardiovascular disease; Applied Physiology; Health Aspects; stable isotope tracers to investigate energy expenditure and insulin sensitivity; glucose metabolism; Columbia Public Health International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Hiscox, April Geography Boundary layer meteorology, land-air interactions, forest meteorology, aerosol dispersion; stable boundary layers Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Davis, Rachel Health Promotion Education and Behavior The role of culture in tailored and narrative based health communication interventions; Measurement error; cultural influences on health survey methodology; racial and ethnic disparities; nutrition behaviors; childhood obesity; type 2 diabetes **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia Public Health Southern Studies, Institute for
Qureshi, Zaina Health Services Policy and Management Public health; health services; health policy; management; Southern Oncology Network on Adverse Reactions Columbia Public Health
Smith, Scott Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Revenue Management; Pricing in the Hospitality Industry; Theme Park and Attraction Management; Consumer’s Perceptions of Fairness; Utilizing Advances in Technology to Improve the Guest’s Experience Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Sanchez, Edward Honors College social philosophy; political philosophy Columbia South Carolina Honors College
Alexander, Susan Honors College prevention of adolescent substance abuse, adolescent anxiety, ethical issues in counseling Columbia South Carolina Honors College
Muller, Meir Instruction and Teacher Education; Jewish Studies Issues of racial equity, constructivist theory and pedagogy, Jewish education, social studies education, and pre-service teacher preparation; Exploring Young Children’s Construction of social studies concepts; Preservice Teachers as Anti-Racist Advocates Columbia; Columbia Education; Columbia
Williams, Toni Instruction and Teacher Education Culturally responsive equity and diversity teaching and social justice in education, middle-level teacher education, literacy education; Culturally Sustainable Pedagogy; Equity & Diversity Teaching and Social Justice in Education; Middle-level Teacher Education; Literacy education Columbia Education
Nartey, Lite International Business Multinational firms with diverse and often powerful stakeholders including NGOs, governments, multilateral agencies, legal authorities, conservationists, development experts and members of the community; network theory Columbia Business
Wu, Yanwen Physics and Astronomy fabrication and optical study of nanostructures; classical and quantum coherent coupling across different material platforms; highly sensitive nanosensors; broadband detectors Columbia Arts and Sciences
Pardun, Carol Journalism and Mass Communications Journalism, Mass Communications, relationship between advertising and society; how electronic cigarettes are promoted through social media advertising Columbia Information and Communications
Muroya, Shunko Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Japanese Columbia Arts and Sciences
Black, Derek Law Education Law;Constitutional Law; Evidence; Civil Rights; Torts; school desegregation; diversity; finance equity; discipline; special education; intersection of constitutional law and public education; educational equality and fairness for disadvantaged students; intentional discrimination standards Columbia Law
Bockman, Robert Law appellate advocacy, administrative law and litigation, local governmental, municipal law, representation of regulated industries, energy law, advanced legal writing, legal writing Columbia Law
Boyd, Marie Law family matters, landlord-tenant disputes, federal and state regulation of drugs, biologics, medical devices, foods, dietary supplements, torts, administrative law, food and drug law; tort law Columbia Law
Miller, Colin Law Criminal Law; Criminal Adjudication; Evidence; Criminal Law and Procedure; Civil Procedure; Evidence precedent; Legislation; Scholarship Columbia Law
Milligan, Amy Law Advanced Legal Writing; Research, Analysis & Writing; Writing in Law Practice; intellectual and real property; real estate litigation and premises liability litigation; corporate law and insurance defense; copyrights and trademarks through registration, litigation, and drafting and negotiating related agreements Columbia Law
Polavarapu, Aparna Law International Human Rights Skills Course; Transnational Law; Human Rights Law; Land Rights; Customary Law Interaction; Statutory Law Interaction; women and women's rights groups in various nations in sub-Saharan Africa; international rule of law topics;African customary law, legal pluralism, and strategies for promoting justice; basic rights in legally pluralistic systems. Columbia Law
Snow, Ned Law Intellectual Property, Copyright, IP & the Constitution, Advanced Copyright, Copyright & Trademark, Cyberlaw, Property Columbia Law
Kawooya, Dick Library and Information Science; African Studies The role of intellectual property in fostering innovation; the role and impact of intellectual property rights in the exchange of innovation between formal institutions and informal businesses or sectors in Africa; the ethical and legal barriers to information access Columbia; Columbia Information and Communications; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Gil-Agudelo, Diego Natural Sciences Marine Microbiology, Coral Reef Ecology, Host-Microbe interactions, and Beneficial Microbes. Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Tasseva-Kurktchieva, Mila Linguistics second language (L2) syntactic development; L2 psycholinguistics; relationships between syntax and semantics ; modules of grammar; second language processing; comprehension-production asymmetry; linguistic modules; native speakers; non-native speakers Columbia Arts and Sciences
McFarland, Lynn Management Staffing, social influence in organizations, workplace diversity, management; performance management; Columbia Business
Thatcher, Sherry Management Management; organizational behavior; Creativity, diversity fault lines, identity, social effects of computer communication technologies, conflict within teams; organizational behavior Columbia Business
Wright, Patrick Management Strategic Human Resource Management; the use of people as a source of competitive advantage; the changing nature of the Chief HR Officer role; Columbia Business
Johnson, Birgitta Music Education, History, and Theory; African American Studies; African Studies ethnomusicology; world music; African American and African music; music and worship in African American churches; musical change and identity in Black popular music; music in African American megachurhces; sacred music in the African diaspora, and community archiving. Specific genres: gospel music, praise and worship, blues, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, soul, and neo-soul; drumming and dance; community archiving Columbia; Columbia; Columbia Music; Columbia; Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Stuart, Greg Music Education, History, and Theory music history; percussion; experimental music; music literature; alternative percussion techniques; sustained friction; gravity-based sounds via small grains; sympathetic vibration; electronic instruments Columbia Music
Gaffney, Pearse Management Science Lean implementations, six sigma deployments, business transformations and new product introductions Columbia Business
Queenan, Carolyn (Carrie) Management Science Service Operations, Technology Enabled Healthcare Operations, Globalization of Service Operations, Revenue Management; healthcare operations; how technology can enable more efficient and effective care; Primarily healthcare operations. Columbia Business
Kass, Jesse Mathematics abelian varieties; compactified Jacobians; moduli of sheaves; algebraic geometry Columbia Arts and Sciences
Thorne, Frank Mathematics classical analytic number theory; sieve methods; L-functions; the distribution of number fields; class group torsion; Shintani zeta functions; prehomogeneous vector spaces; class field theory; Kummer theory; Scholz reflection principle; algebro-geometric perspectives Columbia Arts and Sciences
Shi, Dexin Psychology Psychometrics; model fit and model selection; causal inference; missing data analytics; Bayesian methods; application of quantitative methods in clinical, health, school, and developmental related studies. Columbia Arts and Sciences
Watt, Ward Biological Sciences Ecology; Evolution Columbia Arts and Sciences
Lang, Susan Earth, Ocean, and Environment biogeochemistry; environmental geosciences; geochemistry; oceanography and coastal processes; aqueous biogeochemistry; water-rock-microbe interactions, particularly in hydrothermal and subsurface systems; stable (13C, 15N, 34S) and radiocarbon (14C) isotopes of organic molecules; serpentinization as a source of energy for microbes and the abiotic synthesis of organic molecules; past, present, and future cycling of carbon and nitrogen through the environment Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hartnett, Caroline Sociology Family sociology, childbearing, parent-child relationships; parity desires; unintended pregnancy; financial transfers to young adults; caregiving support to older adults; transition to adulthood Columbia Arts and Sciences
Banerjee, Sourav Mechanical Engineering Computational NDE/SHM, Material State Awareness, Smart Structure/Energy Harvesting, Mechatronics/Robotics, Biomimetic and Metamaterials Columbia Engineering and Computing
Downey, Austin Mechanical Engineering Enhancement of safety and serviceability of structures through structural health monitoring and control; investigation of algorithms enabling condition assessment, characterization of sensors, and design and development of structural control systems Columbia Engineering and Computing
Cacuci, Dan Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Engineering Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis; Data Assimilation; Predictive Best-Estimate Model Calibration Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Farouk, Tanvir Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Reacting Thermal Fluid Sciences involving plasma; combustion multiphase reacting flow; chemical-kinetics-turbulence interaction; energy systems;High Carrier Density; Fast Switching Plasma Devices; Plasma Assisted Combustion; Plasma Aided Fuel Reforming; Cool Flames; Multi component liquid droplet combustion; Surrogate Fuels for Turbine Applications; Alternative and Next Generation Fuels Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Tarbutton, Joshua Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Advanced manufacturing; automated machining; tool path planning; parallel hardware acceleration; optimization; mechatronics; control systems; system identification; signal processing Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Broude, Eugenia Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Role of transcription-regulating kinases in cancer; Breast cancer targeted therapy; Effects of anticancer drugs; Tumor microenvironment and metastasis Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Cain, Megan Nursing Primary prevention of hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia; obesity; treatment of HIV/AIDS **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Baumgarner, Bradley Natural Sciences & Engineering Biology; molecular physiology; xenobiotic and nutrient metabolism in skeletal muscle cells. Upstate
Webb, Ginny Natural Sciences & Engineering Microbiology; pathogenesis of Cryptococcus neoformans; fungal meningitis; public health and infectious diseases Upstate
Narayanaswamy, Ravi Management organization control; team leadership; managerial influence behavior; governance in information systems development Aiken Business Administration
Kelly, Michy Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience pathophysiology of psychiatric disease; mental illness; neurocognitive deficits of psychiatric disease; social deficits, anhedonia, learning and memory impairments, sensorimotor gating deficits, etc.; how alterations in cyclic nucleotide signaling or chromatin modification might contribute to the neurocognitive deficits of psychiatric disease; Disorders of Cognition and Aging; Novel therapeutic targets for schizophrenia and bipolar disease Columbia Medicine
Garane, Garane Foreign Languages Spanish; French; Italian Lancaster Humanities
Dinger, Michael Management management; information security; IT workforce management; absorptive capacity Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Wade, Julie Management management; individual behavioral responses to information technologies in a post adoptive context; how social media profiles influence HR hiring decisions; IS strategy Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Judge, Christopher Anthropology North American Indian cultures; the archaeology of South Carolina, understanding other cultures; primates, people and prehistory, Lancaster Humanities
Kendrick, Kaetrena University Libraries Korean culture; ethics and workplace behavior Lancaster University Libraries
Heinemann-Priest, Claudia English Foreign language and cultures; Critical Reading; rhetoric and composition; Catawba and Native American literature; lexicon of the Catawba language; Catwba language idealogy; American literature Lancaster Humanities
Roberts, David Philosophy General philosophy, logic, existentialism, ethics, philosophy in film Lancaster Humanities
Moon-Kelly, Erin Music flute, music appreciation, music theory Lancaster Humanities
Weatherhead, C. Paul Business Administration Pay policy, development of group incentive plans, executive and managerial merit pay programs, market-based salary structures, and flexible spending accounts; Beaufort
McQuillen, Jeffrey English, Theater and Liberal Studies Freshman Composition and Literature, medieval literature, Arthurian literature, science fiction, drama, romantic poetry, rhetoric, the art of literary adaptation, and film theory and criticism Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Olivetti, Keri Hospitality Management Event management and hospitality training; law Beaufort Professions
McCombs, Kelly Hospitality Management Nutrition; human ecology; diet; oncology; clinical research; school food service; community education; restaurant operations Beaufort Professions
McCoy, Erin English, Theater and Liberal Studies Composition, Humanities, Latin American Studies, American studies, cultural history, the Vietnam War, literature Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Cohan, Deborah Social Sciences Domestic and sexual violence, race and ethnicity, feminist theory and practice, service learning and civic engagement, creative nonfiction, how sociology and memoir intersect, and the scholarship of teaching and learning with an emphasis on transformative and feminist pedagogy Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Angell, Joanna Fine Arts Ceramics; Printmaking; Drawing; Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Arias-Smith, Patricia Spanish Max Aub; Mexican interests in literature; Spanish and Latin-American literary and cultural studies Sumter Arts and Letters
Ferrell, Robert History modern British history; American history Sumter Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
Harris, Carmen History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies U.S. history; Southern and South Carolina history; Agriculture; African-American history; South and Latin America Upstate
McCormick, Rob History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies Modern Europe; war criminality; eastern Europe; 20th century reform in Macedonia; Genocide in Croatia during World War II; 19th century German music; Evolution controversy among Presbyterians in 19th century South Carolina; Racial justifications for opposing America’s entry into World War Upstate
Pike, Tammy History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies World War II; oral history; women's history Upstate
Krause, Kevin History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies Politics of class and race in the post-bellum South, particularly South Carolina in the Populist-Progressive era Upstate
Rubenzer, Trevor History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies International Relations; Foreign Policy; the impact of ethnic minority interest groups on U.S. foreign policy Upstate
Combes, Richard History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies Theoretical and applied ethics, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of religion Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Griffis, Jim History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies Philosophy; Ancient Philosophy; Game Theory; Rationality Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Myers, Andrew History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies American studies; Military-social relations; US South Upstate
Damrel, David History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies Islam; Asian Religions; Comparative Religion; sacred space and contemporary Muslim thought and culture. Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Liebowitz, Yossi History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies Religion; Judaica; Film Studies; Folk Music; topics related to the Holocaust such as children’s spirituality Upstate
Teall-Fleming, Dennis History, Political Science, Philosophy, & American Studies Islamic theology and history, theology of religion, interreligious dialogue and relations, American religious history, and the New Testament; Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Holley, Matthew Mathematics general mathematics Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Hritz, Nancy Hospitality Management Sport and Event Management and Tourism Beaufort Professions
Cawley, Sherry Theater Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Gruber, Stephanie Computer Science Computer Science Salkehatchie Science and Math
Hatch, David English Interdisciplinary Modernism Samuel Beckett Little Magazines Utopia/Dystopia Film Adaptation Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Irwin, Jeffery Accounting Accounting Salkehatchie Business Administration
Mambou, Magellan Mathematics Mathematics Salkehatchie Science and Math
McDowell, Duncan English English Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Milligan, Daniel Sociology Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Palmer, Chester Political Science Political Science Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Saunders, Larry Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Steward, Rodney History History Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Wooster, Benjamin Philosophy Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Young, Margaret Foreign Languages Foreign languages Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Dal Molin, Aria Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Comparative Literature sex and gender in the sixteenth-century literary academies; anti-classicism in the comedies of the late Renaissance; transnational mobility in the early modern theater of Italy and France Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Barwick, Brett Mathematics & Computer Science Mathematics; Commutative algebra, free resolutions, algebraic combinatorics, algebraic geometry, and algebraic number theory; Upstate Arts and Sciences
Gibbs, Michael English English; Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Peterson, Heather History Spanish expansion, the Dutch and German communities in Mexico, Indian mortality in Mexico, Faith in colonial Mexico Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Pierce, Samuel History Catholicism in Spain, The Spanish Civil War, national identity in modern Spain, transition to democracy in Spain Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Georgian, Elizabeth History James O’Kelly Schism, religious history of American wars, Christian women in colonial America Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Stevenson, Nicki Languages, Literatures and Cultures The use engaging, authentic, and exciting resources and techniques to bring language alive in the classroom, French Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Banko, Adrienne Languages, Literatures and Cultures Historic memory in post-Franco literature, Spanish Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Anzuoni, Robert History History Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Deer, Shannon Philosophy Religion Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Kiesling, William History History Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Johnson, Melencia Sociology Sociology; crime and justice Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Mason, Phillip Sociology Sociology Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Haslam, Diane Visual and Performing Arts Applied voice, choral ensembles Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Hamilton, Anna Visual and Performing Arts Piano Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Sloan, Steve Visual and Performing Arts Guitar Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Frost, Mike Visual and Performing Arts Applied bass and guitar Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Dupee, Don Visual and Performing Arts Organ performance, coral music, introductory music, world music Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Verdery, Robyn Business Administration Aiken Business Administration
Ramstad, Kristina Biology/Geology Organismal Biology and Ecology; genomic sequencing and field based ecological studies to address fundamental questions in the evolution, ecology and demography of at-risk species; impacts of genetic bottleneck effects and inbreeding on population persistence; effects of mating system on genetic variation; applied conservation management Aiken Sciences
Shervette, Virginia Biology/Geology; Earth, Ocean, and Environment Fish/Fisheries Conservation Lab; ecosystem, community, and species responses to anthropogenic impacts in aquatic systems along the watershed gradient including freshwater, estuarine, and marine environments; human dimensions of fisheries management including benefits and risks associated with fish and other seafood consumption Aiken; Columbia Sciences; Columbia
Miller, Neil Chemistry Physics, radiation Aiken Sciences
Fralick, Bethany Engineering; Math/Computer Science mechanical percolation in nanocomposites and composites student perceptions of design, experiments, science, and engineering Aiken; Aiken Sciences; Aiken
Ellison, Anne Psychology Psychology, abnormal psychology, childhood psychology; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Aiken Sciences
Elzy, Meredith Psychology Psychology, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, psychopathology, stigma related to sexual orientation Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Havens, Robyn Nursing Nursing Aiken Nursing
Jennings, Heather Nursing Nursing Aiken Nursing
Lawrence, Martha Nursing Nursing Aiken Nursing
Sue-Ling, Carolyn Nursing Nursing Aiken Nursing
Pierce, Keith Visual and Performing Arts Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Fouts, Avery Religious Studies Philosophy; religious studies Union Arts and Sciences
Lowell, Randy Psychology Experimental psychology; cognitive psychology; the role of phonology in incidental vocabulary acquisition during silent reading; word length effects on novel words: evidence from eye movements; memory; visual word recognition; vocabulary learning; psycholinguistics; second language comprehension; language Union Arts and Sciences
Sixta-Rinehart, Christine Political Science Intelligence and Security/Counterterrorism; Public Policy; Terrorism and/or Terrorist Groups; Comparative Politics-Latin America and the Middle East; International Conflict and Resolution; United States’ Foreign Policy; International Relations; American Politics; Women’s Studies-Gender and Politics; Maternal Health and Family Planning Union Arts and Sciences
Dowdy, Michael English Language and Literature Latina/o Literature & Latino Studies; Poetry & Poetics; Poetry of the Americas; Hemispheric American Studies Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ortinski, Pavel Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience neurobiology of addiction; molecular underpinnings responsible for drug addiction; how exposure to drugs of abuse modifies neuronal transmission in brain areas critical for reward and motivation processing; drugs and the brain; Neuroscience Columbia Medicine
Almgren, Michaela Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Clinical pharmacy and outcomes sciences; applications of active learning techniques on dual campus environments; use of flipped classroom model in pharmacy education; sterile compounding and training associated with USP 797 in pharmacy schools Columbia Pharmacy
Lipe, Marlys Accounting judgment and decision making issues of firm managers and investors who use accounting information; experimental research in financial and managerial accounting Columbia Business
Lipe, Robert (Bob) Accounting financial reporting with emphasis on accounting policy issues and standard settings Columbia Business
Grace, Breanne Social Work; African Studies Intersectionality and social citizenship (social welfare) access; role of licit and illicit economies in market citizenship; Immigration policy broadly, refugee resettlement policy in particular; relationship between legal citizenship, social citizenship, and constructions of autochthony in African contexts; The political economy of humanitarian aid; African refugee populations resettled in the United States and Tanzania, as well as transnational family and community relations between the two countries; social citizenship rights access after refugee resettlement, comparing intended access with how individuals negotiate rights on a daily basis Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Jelly-Schapiro, Eli English Language and Literature Global contemporary literature; transnational American studies; theories of race, capital, and empire; the history of the present; cosmopolitanisms; post-colonial literature, culture, and theory; paradigms of security and terror Columbia Arts and Sciences
Nallo, Sudie Social Work; African Studies Design and evaluation of domestic and international programs that benefit marginalized populations; poverty alleviation programs with an emphasis on asset and wealth accumulation, education curriculum that highlights skill acquisition, and social entrepreneurship; range of qualitative and quantitative research methods that include focus groups, asset mapping, and community participatory research Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Walker, Alicia Music Conducting and choral methods, sacred music, music education, service learning; effectiveness of international service-learning experiences for teacher preparation; Columbia Music International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Wang, Dewei Statistics Group testing, pooled biomarker data analysis, order-restricted inference, nonparametric and semiparametric regression, shrinkage methods, quantile regression Columbia Arts and Sciences
Uline, Mark Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering how the complex interactions at interfaces couple together to give rich phenomena observed in various chemical and biological systems; molecular modeling of biological interfaces; phase transitions and binding in lipid bilayers and surfactant driven nematic ordering transitions in liquid-crystal thin films; bubble and droplet nucleation theory; molecular dyamics simulations in the isothermal-isobaric ensemble; effects of multivalent ions on the charge regulation in tethered polyelectrolytes Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Henderson, Andrea Sociology Religion; race and ethnicity; health and wellness; family; religious institutions; practices and values among black Americans; role of religion among minoritized populations; social psychology Columbia Arts and Sciences
Speiser, Daniel Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean, and Environment Marine Biology; Ecology; Evolution; Neurobiology; How changes in genotypes influence changes in phenotypes; evolution of the eye; comparative physiology; visual ecology; marine invertebrates Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Freedman, Daniel Social Work social work; quantitatively explore, describe, and explain the roles of meaning and spirituality on recovery from mental health and substance use disorders; understanding and improving practice behavior competencies among students Columbia Social Work
Moon, Sung Seek Social Work immigrant children; youth’s mental health and substance use; Korea; role of socio-environmental factors in human development; Currently Dr. Moon is implementing a pilot project to preventing violence and substance abuse among adolescents in Dallas County, Texas Columbia Social Work
Seay, Kristen Social Work impact and treatment of substance abuse in families; relationship from substance abuse to the occurrence of child abuse and neglect; child maltreatment; parenting; well-being of vulnerable children and families; child welfare-involved families where caregiver substance abuse is present; direct, mediating and moderating pathways from caregiver problematic substance use to child harm among child welfare-involved families; child protective services caseworkers who investigate child abuse and neglect; how casewokers think about caregiver substance abuse and its impact on case decision making Columbia Social Work
Richardson, Susan Chemistry and Biochemistry Environmental chemistry; formation of drinking water disinfection by-products (DBPs); emerging environmental contaminants; fate of natural organic matter and environmental contaminants in drinking water and wastewater treatment; linking chemistry and toxicology; ways to solve human health issues surrounding drinking water DBPs Columbia Arts and Sciences
Vannucci, Aaron Chemistry and Biochemistry Electrocatalysis, inorganic chemistry, organometallics, small molecule transformation; furthering alternative energy; Development of Photocatalytic Systems for Fuel Production; Electrochemically Driven Reductive C–C Coupling Columbia Arts and Sciences
Gumina, Sharon Integrated Information Technology Relational Databases and Structured Query Language (SQL); Programming; Operating Systems; PC Hardware/Software; Networking; IT Student Teaching and Learning and Curriculum Development Columbia Engineering and Computing
Behroozmand, Roozbeh Communication Sciences and Disorders Neuroscience of Speech Production and Motor Control; Neurological Bases of Speech Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease; Electrophysiology (EEG, ERP, ECoG) and Functional Imaging (fMRI) of Human Brain; Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS); Cortical Neural Processing of Voice, Speech and Music; Signal Processing and Computational Modeling; biomedical engineering; neural correlates of speech production and motor control in the human brain; sensory-motor mechanisms of human speech; how the nervous system incorporates sensory feedback information and links them with motor function to achieve goal-directed movement during speech; electrophysiology (EEG, ERP, ECoG); functional imaging (fMRI); transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to study sensory-motor mechanism of speech in healthy individuals nad patients with speech disorders; Columbia Public Health
Owens, Shaun Social Work Community-based research methods to develop sustainable, technology-based interventions, products, and services for aging adults; development and evaluation of embodied conversational agents (i.e., avatars) for promoting informed health and cancer decision making among African Americans Columbia Social Work
Palmer, Megan Thomas Cooper Library Columbia University Libraries
Mack, Ahron Public Relations Public speaking; communications Salkehatchie Liberal Arts
Sasanakul, Inthuorn Civil and Environmental Engineering geotechnical earthquake engineering; soil dynamic properties; advanced geotechnical laboratory testing and centrifuge modeling testing; soil-foundation-structure interaction; instrumentation; soil characterization, instrumentations, and behavior of soils; soil-structure systems that are subjected to earthquakes and other natural hazards; advance soil testing using resonant column and torsional shear devices, centrifuge modeling of mine tailings, New Orleans levees and T-walls system, underground tunnel, soil model characterization using bender element, CPT, and T bar, and contaminant migration through soil cement barriers Columbia Engineering and Computing
Ohrt, Jonathan Educational Studies adolescent and emerging adult well-being; group counseling; school counseling; counselor burnout; counselor education Columbia Education
Cox, Christina Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences Pediatric obesity (medication dosing, outcomes, and prevention), medication safety and medication management in pediatrics, neonatal and pediatric critical care medicine, pain management; Columbia Pharmacy
Justo, Julie Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences optimal dosing of antimicrobials, pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling, infectious outcomes in special populations, clinical impact of antimicrobial stewardship programs, multi-drug resistant Gram-negative infections, and HIV/AIDS; novel teaching methodology (online learning, team-based learning); Columbia Pharmacy
Britton, Jeannie University Libraries Comparative Literature: British and French eighteenth and nineteenth century, British Romanticism, theories of sympathy, the history of the novel (especially Jane Austen), Romantic poetry (especially John Keats), Historical Cartography, History of the Book and Reading, History of Science Columbia University Libraries
Collins, Andrew Accounting judgment and decision making related to financial information processing; the effects of financial statement presentation and voluntary disclosures Columbia Business
Zimbelman, Aaron Accounting financial statement fraud; auditing; judgment and decision making; experimental economics Columbia Business
Johnson, IV, J. David Accounting Business law, taxation, business appraisal and valuation, and ERISA Columbia Business
Austin, Chelsea Accounting accounting; taxation; determinants and consequences of tax avoidance decisions; financial reporting tax benefits from stock options Columbia Business
Ma, Liang Finance Theoretical and empirical asset pricing, behavioral finance and corporate finance. Columbia Business
Li, Dongmei Finance Investment-based asset pricing, behavioral finance, financial constraints, R&D, innovation, and real options; research and development Columbia Business
Ince, Ozgur Finance Corporate finance and investments with a particular focus on venture capital, IPOs, institutional investors, and market efficiency Columbia Business
Murphree, Michael International Business Globalization, innovation in emerging economies, technology standards and market formation, intellectual property rights; China; Europe; international; innovation, industrial upgrading, firm-state relations, emerging markets Columbia Business
Bliese, Paul Management Multilevel theory; Military Psychology; stress, leadership, well-being, and performance; variants of longitudinal statistical models; perceptions of team climate Columbia Business
Dong, Yan Management Science Supply chain management, operations and technology management, service operations, operations and marketing interface, supply chain sustainability Columbia Business
Park, Sung-Hee (Sunny) Management Science Technology Acceptance; Innovation Diffusion; IS Design and Implementation; Computer Training; Human-Computer Interaction; Global e-Business Strategy; Web Intelligence; Global e-Consumer Behavior; Cross-Cultural Adjustment, Networked Multinationals; Safety Management; Service Operations Management; Innovation Management; Entrepreneurship Education; Multilevel Theory, issues, and methods Columbia Business
Carter, Kealy Marketing sustainability (consumer and firm topics); marketing strategy, inter-organizational relationships (B2B Marketing); marketing and operation interface Columbia Business
Zhou, Chen Marketing service competition; service marketing; salespeople incentive design; firm alliance Columbia Business
Ince, Elise Marketing impact of linguistics (language structure, meaning, phonetics and fluency) on consumer behavior Columbia Business
Guha, Abhijit Marketing price guarantees; price and consumer evaluations; emerging markets; branding Columbia Business
Stewart, Jill Exercise Science; Physical Therapy Behavioral and neural correlates of the control and learning of skilled motor actions; Role of motor planning in the control and learning of skilled movement after stroke; Optimization of practice conditions to maximize motor learning after stroke; Effect of the side of brain damage on motor recovery after stroke; orthotics; prosthetics Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Rekleitis, Ioannis Computer Science and Engineering Mobile Robotics, Space Robotics, Multi-Robot Systems, Sensor Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics Columbia Engineering and Computing
Thatcher, Matt Computer Science and Engineering strategic and economic impacts of information technology (IT) with a focus on four themes: IT value, software patent policy design, IT offshoring, and the social costs of information privacy. Columbia Engineering and Computing
Fuleihan, Brian Criminology and Criminal Justice drugs and crime; drug courts; drug treatment and rehabilitation; reintegration of criminal offenders and public safety; barriers to successful reentry Columbia Arts and Sciences
Tolson, Nancy African American Studies African American Literature; Critical Multicultural Analysis of Children's and YA Literature, Multicultural Early Childhood Education; African American Folklore, Storytelling Columbia Arts and Sciences
Breitbach, Elizabeth Economics economic education; public finance; financial literacy Columbia Business
Zhan, Yi (Crystal) Economics labor economics; economics of education; applied econometrics; immigration and ethnic disparities Columbia Business
Grant, Michael Educational Studies technology-enhanced learning environments; online teaching and learning; teaching and learning with mobile devices; inquiry; project-based learning; problem-based learning; instructional design; curriculum development Columbia Education
Chatzistamou, Ioulia Pathology Microbiology and Immunology Identification and characterization of molecular alterations associated with carcinogenesis; cancers of the head and neck region; female genital track; cancer; tumors; stress-associated pathologies; diabetes; pathology of the neoplastic stroma and how the deregulation of the microenvironment promotes cancer growth and influences tumors’ histopathology; the histopathological characterization of tissues from animal models of human diseases with particular focus on the ER stress – associated pathologies such as diabetes. Columbia Medicine
Dawson, Robin Chronic Conditions and Care Transitions; Health Equity and Rural health; Family and Child Health; Health Biomarkers; Qualitative/Mixed Methods; Vulnerable and underserved populations, multi-level processes that contribute to health disparities; health care access and delivery; asthma and other respiratory conditions; attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder; communication processes; limited English Proficiency**Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Wolfe, Katie Educational Studies development and implementation of interventions to promote language and communication skills in young children with autism; the synthesis of single-subject research to identify empirically-supported treatments; the use of technology in training individuals to analyze single-subject data; parent and practitioner training; autism; applied behavior analysis; early childhood special education; single-subject methodology Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Byrd Fort, Valerie Library and Information Science Diversity in Children's Literature, Reading engagement, community literacy, school libraries Columbia Information and Communications
Bae, Seongtae Electrical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering Magnetic Nanofluid Hyperthermia and its Clinical Applications in Nanomedicine; Bioelectromagnetism and Bioelectricity for Neural Engineering and Neuromodulation; Nanomagnetic Biomaterials and Ferrite Nanoparticles/Nanofluids for Biomedical Applications; Bioinstrumentation/Medical Electronics & Devices for Neurodegenerative Diseases; Nano-/Microstructure Magnetic Biosensors and BioMEMS for Bioelectronics; Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Devices for Therapeutics and Healings; Nano-scale Spintronics Structures and Devices for Active/Passive Digital/Analog Electronics; Nanostructure Magnetic/Electronic Thin Films and Devices; Designing and Processing of Materials for Spintronics and SpinBiotronics; Bioelectric/Spintronic Based Hybrid Power Generators for Energy Sustainability Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Amadon, Samuel English Language and Literature Creative Writing; Contemporary Poetry Columbia Arts and Sciences
Harrison, Conor Geography; Earth, Ocean, and Environment Relationship between energy and society; political economy and power relations; economic geography; environmental sustainability Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Pournelle, Jennifer Earth, Ocean, and Environment landscape and anthropological archaeology; complex societies; cultural and historical ecology; archaeology of the Middle East; interpretation of air photography and satellite imagery toward landscape reconstruction through time; environmental dimensions of social and cultural change in wetland environments; sustainability in deltaic settings; past and present strategies for biomass energy extraction from natural environments Columbia Arts and Sciences
Boghossian, Nansi Epidemiology and Biostatistics Cardiovascular disease; birthweight; newborns; pregnancy; diabetes; diet and weight; birth defects; infants; reproductive epidemiology Columbia Public Health
Geraci, Marco Epidemiology and Biostatistics Statistical methods and applications for health sciences; quantile inference; random-effects models; multivariate statistics; missing data; statistical computing; R programming; spatial statistics; accelerometer data; physical activity; paediatrics; association between atherosclerosis and methylated amino acids, treatment effects in multicentre randomized controlled trial in severe traumatic brain injury patients; modelingl multilevel data from a population-based survey on Health Conditions Columbia Public Health
Wirth, Michael Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Nursing Cancer Survivorship; Mental and Behavioral Health; Health Biomarkers; Circadian disruption including shift work, clock gene polymorphisms, sleep disruption, and melatonin and cortisol secretion; cancer epidemiology; the Dietary Inflammatory Index with respect to shift work and chronic disease; occupational epidemiology; cancer screening; health disparities **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Wang, Zhu Mathematics industrial mathematics; reduced-order modeling; climate modeling; mumerical analysis; development of mathematically justified models and corresponding efficient, accurate algorithms for grand challenge problems at the frontier of computational science and engineering; reduced order modeling of realistic noisy flows; reduced order modeling of complex fluid flows Columbia Arts and Sciences
Koh, Ho-Jin Exercise Science The effects of exercise and high-fat diet on skeletal muscle and adipose tissue metabolism; Understanding the molecular mechanism by which high-fat diet and obesity develop insulin resistance in skeletal muscle Columbia Public Health
Weaver, (Robert) Exercise Science Promotion and measurement of physical activity in youth; expertise in conceptualizing, executing, and evaluating large scale community based interventions focusing on promoting healthy eating and physical activity. Columbia Public Health
West, Delia Exercise Science Technology assisted lifestyle interventions; Behavioral interventions for obesity-related medical conditions, particularly for type 2 diabetes and hypertension; Translation of behavioral obesity interventions to underserved populations using technology and community-based approaches; Health promotion among underserved populations, particularly African-Americans older adults and rural residents Columbia Public Health
Osborne, Jason Languages, Literatures, and Cultures The Visigothic Kingdom of Spain, Late Antiquity, the Early Medieval World Columbia Arts and Sciences
Liu, Jiang Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Linguistics language acquisition; phonetics; phonology; psycholinguistics; neurolinguistics; Chinese tones; Chinese character recognition; use of technology in Chinese language teaching; the relation between the indexical information in speech and the sound categorization Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Mann, Emily Health Promotion Education and Behavior; Women's and Gender Studies Sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice; sociology of health and medicine; race, class, gender, sexuality, and age; LGBTQ issues; feminist science and technology studies; youth studies; law and public policy; social and sociological theories; social determinants of health; qualitative research methods **Interested in conducting research in HPEB? Please submit the following form,** Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Brooks, John Health Services Policy and Management Medicare; prescription drugs; breast cancer; blood pressure control; health; health policy; health services Columbia Public Health
Chapman, Cole Health Services Policy and Management Economic methods; patient-centered outcomes research; comparative effectiveness research; physician supply; supply-sensitive care; geographic variation; social network analysis; discretionary care Columbia Public Health
Kenison, Kelli Health Services Policy and Management Public health; health services; health policy; management; school health, child welfare, and organizational change Columbia Public Health
Maskiell, Nicole History Early American history; overlapping networks of slavery in the Dutch and British Atlantic worlds; social and kinship networks; elite Northern culture; comparative Native and African American slavery; the Lowcountry and Chesapeake ties of northern Dutch slaveholders; the ways in which the roles of colonial era black, native, and mestee actors were conflated in later popular and historical narratives Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Freeburg, Darin Library and Information Science Organizational and societal processes through the lens of Knowledge Management; human creativity, organizational culture, and other kinds of intangible capital that contribute to the achievement of stated goals and objectives;expansion of information literacy to help individuals navigate complex environments Columbia Information and Communications
Davis, Tessa Law taxation; tax policy; tax-exempt organizations; comparative tax law; taxation in developing nations; the ways in which tax law and policy are influenced by cultural context, particularly the impact on families Columbia Law
Leonardi, Shelby Law product and premises liability defense; legal research, analysis and writing; Columbia Law
Richardson, Nathan Law environmental and energy issues; US climate policy; state and local regulation of oil and gas development; evolution of the electric utility sector; management of forests, particularly in the Southeast; law and economics; European environmental and energy policy; environmental liability, environmental federalism, and the relationship between law, regulatory institutions, and policy design Columbia Law
Smith, Bryant Law tort law; product liability; technology; automation; connectivity; mobility; safety; regulation; law of self-driving vehicles Columbia Law
Stoughton, Seth Law criminal law; criminal procedure; regulation of vice; regulation of police; police officer; investigator; private school tuition voucher fraud; legal writing; regulation of vice Columbia Law
Banks, Kay Honors College Columbia South Carolina Honors College
Ayres, Kevin Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Small business startups; Concession event management; Food Safety and Sanitation (Serve-Safe Instructor); Airport Operations Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Kubickova, Marketa Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Competitiveness; hotel sustainability; the role of government, with special emphasis on developing countries; tourism economics Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Bonafos, Alexandre Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 18th-, 19th- & 20th-century literature and culture; travel literature; romanticism; orientalism; medievalism; heritage and cultural policies; fantastique narratives and fairy tales Columbia Arts and Sciences
Dalola, Amanda Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Linguistics phonetics; sociophonetics; lab phonology; historical linguistics; applied linguistics Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
House, Michael Languages, Literatures, and Cultures intersections of literature, philosophy, and human sciences around 1800; German; formation of the modern individual as a site of scientific exploration; reemergence of skepticism in post-Kantian philosophy and Early German Romanticism; Kant’s use of literary-poetic writing to examine both the limits of philosophy and our desire to surpass these limits Columbia Arts and Sciences
Erickson, Ken International Business Cultural patterns in every-day life as these are expressed and contested through product purchase, use, and sharing; China; chewing gum; the marketing and distribution problems of linking a global enterprise to both small, local retail businesses and big-box retailers; comparative ethnographic, cross-category research of organizational culture and business outcomes, documenting how internal organizational silos are made visible (and problematic) at retail; cultural anthropology Columbia Business
Stefanic-Brown, Kristina Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Contemporary German and Italian literatures and cinemas, German-Jewish authors, Holocaust and trauma literature; intersections between genre and the formation of national identity. Columbia Arts and Sciences
Ostergaard, Daniel International Business Public-private partnerships and how hybridization of firm/government arrangements create sustainable competitive advantage; international security and trade; business-government relations; security Columbia Business
Jang, S. Mo Journalism and Mass Communications new media, political communication, science communication, media psychology, digital journalism; public and media attention; social media analytics; how key debates wax and wane in the complex media environment; climate change reporting; public opinion, public relations campaigns, and new media technologies. Columbia Information and Communications
DePratter, Chester Prehistoric archaeoogy, Santa Elena, French site of Charlesfort Columbia Arts and Sciences Archaeology and Anthropology, SC Institute of
Wideman-Davis, Tanya Theatre and Dance; African American Studies dance and choreography; female relationships; examining race, gender, femininity, identity and location Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Thompson, Douglas Political Science contemporary democratic theory; theory and practice of political representation; history of ancient, Renaissance, and modern political thought; history of American political thought; politics of race; and metro and urban politics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Desai, Rutvik Psychology Language and meaning; representation of meanings of words and sentences in the brain; whether the conceptual (thinking) system of the brain is completely separate from the perceptual (seeing, hearing, acting) systems of the brain Columbia Arts and Sciences
Green, Jessica Psychology The neural and psychological mechanisms of human attention and perception; examining voluntary, goal-driven attention processes and the neural mechanisms that underlie our ability to voluntarily attend to things in our environment; the role sensory modality plays in our attention processes; integration of visual and auditory information into the perception of a single multisensory object and the influence of cognitive processes; attentional deficits in dyslexia; neuroimaging Columbia Arts and Sciences
Augustine, Jennifer Sociology Family sociology, social demography, population health, human development, education; transmission of advantage and disadvantage across generations in U.S. families; mothers' demographic characteristics; maternal predictors for family outcomes; gender differences in parenting time; grandparent co-residence Columbia Arts and Sciences
Iarossi, Juliana Management Helping founders develop business models, identify potential target markets, develop strategies for market validation and a funding path; Conducting due diligence on investment opportunities in early stage companies Columbia Business
Chang, Hui-Yiing Physics; Physics and Astronomy physics; music Sumter; Columbia Science, Mathematics, and Engineering; Columbia
Bon, Susan Educational Leadership and Policies education law, policy and leadership across the P-20 continuum; special education law (IDEA, ADA, Rehabilitation Act); values and ethics in education leadership and personnel and employee decisions; legal and ethical principles that inform administrative practice and impact leadership in education and special education Columbia Education
Brant, Cathy Instruction and Teacher Education Training of preservice and in-service teachers to work with and work for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, integration of social justice pedagogies in the early childhood/elementary curriculum, especially social studies. Columbia Education
Goins, Justin Physical Education and Athletic Training; Exercise Science Physiological and performance adaptations to varied high-intensity exercise; CrossFit Columbia; Columbia Public Health; Columbia
Googe, Heather Educational Studies early childhood special education; professional development in early care and educational settings; professional development to support inclusive practices among early childhood teachers; developmental screening practices of early childhood teachers; the development and implementation of cross sector professional development systems in early childhood Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Limberg, Dodie Educational Studies school counseling; research identity development of counselors and counseling students; the development of altruism; international school counseling; wellness; school counselor’s role in STEM career development; identifying factors that influence counselor education doctoral student’s research identity development Columbia Education
Samudre, Mark Educational Studies identifying ways to effectively and efficiently prepare pre- and in-service general education teachers to respond to and manage challenging student behaviors; engaging general education teachers in the functional behavior assessment process; facilitating generalization during practitioner training; applied behavior analysis, behavior management, behavioral assessment, and practitioner training Columbia Education
Pellegrini, Christine Exercise Science Development and implementation of technology-supported behavioral interventions targeting diet, physical activity, sedentary behavior, and weight loss, Populations of interest include adults with obesity, osteoarthritis, knee replacement, diabetes, and lupus Columbia Public Health
Rao, Vasanthi Instruction and Teacher Education Analyses of large scale administrative databases related to early childhood in the state; assessment, special education, measurement, comparative international education and big data Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Tran, Henry Educational Leadership and Policies education finance and human resources management; quantitative methodologies Columbia Education
Wang, Yang Instruction and Teacher Education Reading comprehension, reading assessment, English language teaching and learning, bilingualism Columbia Education
Gower, R. Michael Chemical Engineering; Biomedical Engineering understanding the immune system in order to develop bio-instructive materials that stimulate specific immune responses; controlling immune cell migration to synthetic microenvironments that are engineered to program and expand regulatory immune cells as a therapeutic tool for inflammatory disease; translational therapies for atherosclerosis, diabetes, and cancer Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Hoque, Shamia Civil and Environmental Engineering civil and environmental engineering; the development and application of mathematical models for fluid flow, pathogen dispersion and decontamination in the environmental system with the objective of informing risk assessors and first responders; establish predictive integrated frameworks through coupling detailed models, statistical methods and risk analysis for providing a priori information and design tools for a more sustainable and resilient urban and built environment; multi physics modeling applying computational fluid dynamics analysis for predicting bioaerosol transport and inactivation in indoor areas through neural networks and modeling and assessing health impacts of nano-additives in fuels in urban environment Columbia Engineering and Computing
Harik, Ramy Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Automated tool path planning for fiber placement, automation of process planning for aircraft structural parts, mechanical feature shape recognition based on persistent heat signature, 5-axis flank milling optimization and obtaining an optimal part build orientation efficiently in additive manufacturing. Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
van Tooren, Michel Aerospace Engineering; Mechanical Engineering Design automation; knowledge based engineering; alternative aircraft concepts; composite aircraft fuselages; aircraft certification; systems engineering and road vehicle aerodynamics; aerospace engineering Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Hikmet, Neset Integrated Information Technology Healthcare budget, policy and politics; healthcare cost, financing, and rationing; healthcare quality and process improvement; healthcare information systems and technologies; management of health resources and services; value creation through effective use of information technology; adoption and utilization of information technology at individual and organizational levels; management of information technology/systems and innovation in organizations; economics of information technology investments in organizations; strategic use of information systems in organizations; information technology service management; business process management, knowledge management, and online social networks; Columbia Engineering and Computing
Shaomian, Armen Sport and Entertainment Management Brand marketing within performing arts organizations; Technology use in the classroom; Live performances Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Jeralds, Adonis Sport and Entertainment Management Community Relations; facilities management Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Jeong, Miyoung Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management E-servicescape; Customer reviews; Social media; Mobile technology; Revenue management; Self-service technology; Website quality; Hospitality operation; Consumer online behavior Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Eisenberg, Ann Law legal inquiry in land use law; environmental decision making; criminal procedure; civil and human rights with social science approaches; empirical studies; rural sociology; social movements theory Columbia Law
Moscowitz, Leigh Journalism and Mass Communications news constructions of social issues; LGBTQ issues in news and popular culture; media, sport and society; reporting on gender and sexuality; media and social movements; gender and crime reporting Columbia Information and Communications
Bush, Phillip Music piano; chamber music; recital, solo; festivals; MayMusic; contemporary music; Columbia Music
Cutler, David Music jazz and classical composition; piano; education; arrangement; conducting; collaborator; concert producer; arts leadership, career, and entrepreneurship training; trunk music Columbia Music
Cuttino, Walter Music operatic performance; concerts; voice; director; opera Columbia Music
Fang, Man Music composition; opera and theatre; computer-assisted music composition and analysis, electro-acoustic music; orchestration; music and visual arts, film music; Chinese music and Chinese instruments; piano Columbia Music
Harley, Michael Music bassoon; music history and contemporary music; chamber music; music advocacy; orchestra; Columbia Music
Shaw, J.D. Music horn; French horn; performance and arrangement; classical, jazz, and Latin genres; music education; technical and musical achievement; arrangement; recording artist; master classes; clinics and workshops for aspiring musicians Columbia Music
Sweaney, Daniel Music viola; string; performance; quartet Columbia Music
Weiss, Scott Music Wind ensemble; wind conducting; teaching; symphonic conducting Columbia Music
Andrews, Jeannette Nursing Chronic Conditions and Care Transitions; Health Equity and Rural Health; Inter-Professional Education and Training; Community Engagement; Qualitative/Mixed Methods; RCTs; patient centered care; cardiovascular risk reduction; health disparities; smoking cessation interventions in underserved communities;**Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form, ** Columbia Nursing
Beaver, Lindy nursing attitudes towards suicidal patients **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Mitchell, Sheryl Nursing nursing; vulnerable populations; simulation; policy; breast cancer survivors **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Pinto, Bernardine Nursing Cancer Survivorship; RCTs; Development of theoretically-based exercise interventions for adults; promoting healthy behaviors among cancer survivors; exercise promotion among cancer survivors **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Miles, Heather Nursing LGBTQ Health- access, provider education, instrument development;Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy;STI prevention;Simulation in Nursing Education **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form, ** Columbia Nursing
Baalousha, Mohammed Environmental Health Sciences Green synthesis of nanomaterials; Environmental fate, behaviour, exposure and implications of to nanomaterials,; Developing analytical tools and methodologies; Developing approaches for green synthesis of nanomaterials; Quantifying the environmental exposure to nanomaterials; Understanding the transformations, fate, behavior and effects of nanomaterials in environmental systems; Understanding the environmental and human health effects of nanomaterials by linking their effects to their physicochemical properties; Understanding the effect of nanomaterials on the fate and behavior of contaminants in the environment; Developing analytical tools and methodologies for analysis of nanomaterials Columbia Public Health
McIver, Kerry Exercise Science Measurement of Physical Activity in Children and Youth; School-based Interventions to Increase Physical Activity; School, Neighborhood and Community Environments related to Physical Activity Columbia Public Health
Stanley, Brooke Finance Corporate governance, managerial compensation, agency problems and financial institutions. Columbia Business
Jenkinson, Carl Management Management; Business Communication Columbia Business
Ottone, Michael Social Work incarcerated adolescents; adolescent substance use/abuse; Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ); substance abuse treatment program; building up community resources and supports for troubled youths Columbia Social Work
Reitmeier, Melissa Social Work dialectical behavior therapy; effective practices for social work education; nonprofit management; supervision; rural poverty Columbia Social Work
Wright, Margriet Social Work social work education, complexity of the helping process and the individual, relational, and organizational factors that impact client satisfaction Columbia Social Work
Ammal, Salai Chemical Engineering heterogeneous catalysis at metal-oxide Interfaces; electrocatalysis in solid oxide fuel cells; water-gas shift catalysis Columbia Engineering and Computing
Buckhaults, Phillip Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences Determining biochemical mechanisms by which germline variants contribute to cancer health disparities that exist between people of different ethnic ancestries; Using genome sequencing and functional genomics to develop novel personalized medicine approaches to treat colon cancer Columbia Pharmacy
Gasparian, Alexander Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences cancer biology and treatment; genetic markers associated with the progression of ovarian and lung cancer; mechanism of constitutive activation of transcription factor NF-kappaB in castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC); mechanisms of cancer cell death after the depletion of coatomer protein complex COPI in cancer cells; targeting transcription-regulating kinase CDK8 in cancer cells Columbia Pharmacy Colon Cancer Research, Center for
Welton, Shelley Law Administrative Law; Environmental Law & Policy; Climate Change Seminar; transforming energy and environmental law and governance; Columbia Law
Suski, Emily Law Interviewing, Counseling & Negotiation; education law, family law, and clinical legal education; school authority as it relates to children's rights; law in the caretaking of children Columbia Law
Duran, Victor Languages, Literatures and Cultures the Literature and Culture of Belize; Latin American Literature; Literary Theory and Criticism; Spanish Peninsular Literature Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Baker, Timothy Accounting Aiken Business Administration
Culler, Jeremy Visual and Performing Arts contemporary art; experimental film and video; histories of photography; new media Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Bunch, Hayes Visual and Performing Arts innovative programming possibilities for winds and percussion; music for electronics and ensemble Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Johnson, Elizabeth Education use of math manipulatives for concept development in the classroom; elementary education Beaufort Professions
Johnson, Joseph Visual and Performing Arts French Horn Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Brown, Dave Visual and Performing Arts Piano, Jazz studies Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Cook, Richard Visual and Performing Arts Applied Voice, Choral Ensembles, Conducting, opera Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Roach, Alexandra Psychology Cognitive neuroscience; Executive Function; Cognitive control; Inhibitory control; Working memory; Episodic memory; Attentional bias; Emotion regulation; Anxiety; Stress Aiken Sciences
Barnes, Mollie English, Theater and Liberal Studies Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Transatlantic Studies, Feminist and Revisionist Literary Histories, Expatriate Literature, Travel Literature, Composition; African-American Literature Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Pate, George English, Theater and Liberal Studies Theatre; Drama; Composition; Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Maraffi, Topher Fine Arts Media arts; animation; game design; studio art Beaufort Humanities and Social Sciences
Stark, Nancy Nursing Nursing Aiken Nursing
Hulett, Jennifer Nursing Cancer Survivorship; Mindfulness-based interventions to promote health and well-being in breast cancer survivorship; Spirituality and Psychoneuroimmunological Outcomes in Breast Cancer Survivors ; Rigor and Reproducibility in Salivary Cortisol Research **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia Nursing
Pate, Leigh Nursing Evolution of nursing science, foundations of nursing practice, acute care nursing of adults, senior nursing Lancaster Professional Programs
Costello, Liz Mathematics computer science; calculus; finite mathematics; algebra; BASIC and FORTRAN programming Sumter Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
Stolz, Nolan Fine Arts & Communication Studies composing; music theory; percussion; jazz fusion and progressive rock Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Hernandez-Laroche, Araceli Languages, Literature and Composition French; Mediterranean studies; Explores the intersections of colonialism and world wars in the works of French, Italian and North African writers Upstate
Beer, Andrew Psychology Personality and Social psychology, specifically impression formation, person perception, and personality assessment. Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Meek, Scott Psychology Memory, trust, deception, and the impact of trauma on neurological and cognitive development; neuroscience; neurological consequences of childhood trauma Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Hauptman, Samantha Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women's Studies Criminology; Corrections; Juvenile Delinquency; Social Problems; Ethics; Research Methods; globalization, criminal and social deviance, social control, and corrections Upstate Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Cheng, Jack Economics macroeconomics, monetary and fiscal policy Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Frear, Katherine Management careers, gender in organizations, performance management and employee attitudes Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Harrington, Charles Management human resource development, management and leadership strategy; entrepreneurship, nonprofit organizational development, and the social impact of nonprofit humanitarian organizations; Upstate Business Administration and Economics
Chojnowski, Jena Natural Sciences Developmental Biology; Stem Cell Biology; Eye Development and Maintenance Beaufort Science and Mathematics
Charnley, Deborah Nursing Nursing; empathy and emotional intelligence Upstate
Swanson, Elizabeth Nursing Nursing; nursing education, ethics, social justice and primary care; Upstate
Brown, Paul English Language and Literature Twentieth-Century British Literature; Physics and Literature; Modernism; Postmodernism; Creative Writing Columbia Arts and Sciences
Liu, Mingjun Environmental Health Sciences Reproductive toxicology study, adverse effects of chemotherapeutic chemicals on female reproductive system in order to provide toxicology profiles to young female cancer patients Columbia Public Health
Merrifield, Ruth Environmental Health Sciences Environmental Nanoscience and Risk Stability of citrate, PVP, and PEG coated silver nanoparticles in ecotoxicology media; Environmental release, fate and ecotoxicological effects of manufactured ceria nanomaterials; The critical importance of defined media conditions in Daphnia magna nanotoxicity studies Columbia Public Health
Sarzynski, Mark Exercise Science Exercise genomics and other -omics (e.g., metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, lipidomics); Physical activity/exercise and lipid and lipoprotein metabolism; HDL function and lipid biology; Effects of exercise, dietary, and other lifestyle interventions (e.g., bariatric surgery) on cardiovascular disease risk factors; Personalized exercise medicine Columbia Public Health
Stinnett, Chelsea Educational Studies secondary and postsecondary transition programs for youth with intellectual and developmental disability that prepare students for life after graduation; examining interagency collaboration that occurs across systems for better outcomes for students with disability in high school and college; the development and management of inclusive postsecondary programs; supporting students with disability in developing agency in all aspects of life but particularly sexual agency Columbia Education
McCutchen, Shannon Accounting Internal auditing, business education Columbia Business
Brookins, Philip Economics game-theoretic techniques to model and characterize behavior in competitive settings, such as contests and tournaments; the use of experimental methods to test the validity of such models Columbia Business
Crouch, Elizabeth Health Services Policy and Management Childhood Experiences; Caregiving Costs; impact of a protective adult on long-term mental health among rural residents; Medicare; Rural Hospitals Columbia Public Health
Li, Xiaoming Health Promotion Education and Behavior Migration and health; Social Stigma; Mental Health; Parenting and family; function; Resilience among children; Health risk behaviors and perceptions among minority adolescents and other vulnerable or at-risk populations; Behavioral HIV prevention intervention; HIV disclosure; Global health; Implementation sciences; Health care quality; Clinical translational research Columbia Public Health International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Olatosi, Bankole Health Services Policy and Management Health services policy and management Patterns of engagement in care by HIV-infected adults, The Health Trade‐off of Rural Residence for Impaired Older Adults: Longer Life, More Impairment, Community experience with bortezomib in patients with multiple myeloma Columbia Public Health
Ostermann, Jan Health Services Policy and Management Health preferences research; Improving the wellbeing of children in adversity; Estimating the costs of individual health behaviors; Informing health care supply and regulation Columbia Public Health
Radcliff, Elizabeth Health Services Policy and Management Association between family composition and the well-being of vulnerable children in Nairobi, Kenya; Modeling travel impedance to medical care for children with birth defects using Geographic Information Systems; Hospital use, associated costs, and payer status for infants born with spina bifida Columbia Public Health
Workman, Lauren Health Services Policy and Management How regulatory T cells work; The inhibitory cytokine IL-35 contributes to regulatory T-cell function; Two coordinated mechanisms underlie tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced immediate and delayed IκB kinase activation Columbia Public Health
Felipe Sáenz, Luis Economics macroeconomics; growth and development; economic history Columbia Business
Hudgens, David International Business Development of China’s private sector and changing patterns of education. Columbia Business
Van Essen, Marc International Business Entrepreneurship, comparative corporate governance, international business, family business, meta-analytic research methods, institutions, firm strategy, corporate governance Columbia Business
Winningham, April Health Promotion Education and Behavior HIV/AIDS; Gerontology; Program Evaluation; Andragogy; Effects of quality of life and coping on depression among adults living with HIV/AIDS; The changing age of HIV: sexual risk among older African American women living in rural communities; Perceptions of vulnerability to HIV among older African American women: The role of intimate partners. Columbia Public Health
Perdikaki, Olga Management Science Retail operations, supply chain management, and the interface between marketing and operations Columbia Business
Park, Sungsik Marketing social interaction; word-of-mouth; observational learning; pricing Columbia Business
Wang, Linyun Marketing Consumer Expectations and Evaluations, Risky Behaviors, Branding, Joint Consumption, Gender Stereotypes Columbia Business
Ho, Yen-Yi Statistics; Biological Sciences Biostatistics; Computational biology; Statistical genetics; Gene pathway network enrichment analysis; Chemopreventive strategies for cancer; Hirschsprung disease Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Kathrein, Katie Biological Sciences Stem cells; chromatin modifying factors; cell maintenance and differentiation; chromatin remodeling complexes; cancer; hematopoietic stem cell gene regulation Columbia Arts and Sciences
Lizarraga, Sofia Biological Sciences Neurobiology; Stem Cells and Development Biology; Human Intellectual and Social Function; Neuronal Circuit Development; Neuronal morphogenesis Columbia Arts and Sciences
Hashemi, Parastoo Chemistry and Biochemistry Real-time Quantitative Neurotransmitter Measurements, Trace Metal Speciation Sensors; Neural engineering for in vivo detection of neurotransmitters; Serotonin’s functional roles in vivo in depression and autism spectrum disorder: neurochemical, pharmacological, microscopic and behavioral studies; Histaminergic modulation of serotonin during neuroinflammation; Micro-engineered detection devices for in vivo trace metal analysis; Effect of environmental exposure to toxins on neurochemistry Columbia Arts and Sciences
Isom Scott, Deena Criminology and Criminal Justice; African American Studies criminological theory; justice; violence; the intersectionality of race and gender Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Lee, Seulghee English Language and Literature; African American Studies African American literature; anti-blackness; blackness; Asian American literature; race; gender; sexuality Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Minett, Mark English Language and Literature; Film and Media Studies Historical Poetics; Television Studies; Film Studies; Comics Studies; Style, Narrative, and Genre; Intermediality, Adaptation, and Transmedia; New Hollywood and the Hollywood Renaissance; the emergence of the superhero genre within comic books of the late 1930s and 1940s; genre’s extension into comic strips, adventure serials, animation, and radio Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Wilder, Colin History Early modern Europe, Early modern legal and political thought; Development of ideas of liberty and equality in German and broader European history, Early Modern period; The origins of "inalienable" and "imprescriptible" rights Columbia Arts and Sciences Digital Humanities Center
Li, Zhenlong Geography GIScience, geospatial cyberinfrastructure, big data, high performance/cloud computing; spatial information extraction Columbia Arts and Sciences Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute
Patel, Dinyar History Modern Indian history, the Indian nationalist movement, Indian architecture and city planning, Bombay (Mumbai), Gujarat, the Parsi Zoroastrian community; Modern South Asia; empire and anti-imperialism; nationalism; intellectual history; history of political and economic thought; British imperial history; Iran; minorities in South Asia; Parsi history Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Davis, Patricia Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Spanish; Portuguese Columbia Arts and Sciences
Williard, Ashley Languages, Literatures, and Cultures French language; gender, race, and disability in the early-modern French-speaking world Columbia Arts and Sciences International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Duncan, Alexander Mathematics algebraic geometry; Number Theory; Toric varieties, del Pezzo surfaces; essential dimension Columbia Arts and Sciences
Yee, Sean Mathematics; Instruction and Teacher Education Mathematics teacher education, mathematical problem solving, proof, discourse, teacher listening, and conceptual metaphor theory Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Cai, Li Chemistry Carbohydrate chemistry, enzymatic synthesis of carbohydrates, and chemical glycobiology Lancaster Math and Science
Turner, Jeffrey Philosophy Ethics Columbia Arts and Sciences
Sheldon, Tamara Economics environmental and energy economics and public policy; climate change and adoption of plug-in electric vehicles; environmental economics Columbia Business
Geslani, Marko Religious Studies Ritual studies and medieval Hinduism; role of astrological tradition on the problems of personhood and state formation in early Hinduism; recent history of Hindu studies Columbia Arts and Sciences
Luchok, Kathryn Women's and Gender Studies; Anthropology women's health; maternal and child health; health equity/disparities; global health; social justice; applied anthropology; medical anthropology; sociocultural determinants of health; S.E. United States; West Africa; Nepal Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Brashears, Matthew Sociology Social Network Analysis, Social Psychology, Mathematical Sociology, Gender, Political Sociology/Terrorism; Ego-Networks; Cognition Columbia Arts and Sciences
Brashears, Laura Sociology Social psychology; sociology of education; race/ethnicity; examining the student and racial/ethnic identities and social networks of self-declared STEM college students Columbia Arts and Sciences
Pfeffer, Carla Sociology; Women's and Gender Studies Body and Embodiment, Families, Sex and Gender, Sexualities, Qualitative Methods, Trans identities, LGBTQ Identities and Communities, Feminist Epistemologies and Methodologies, Transgender Pregnancy Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia International and Area Studies, Walker Institute of
Aziz, Majdouline Sociology Sociology; International Family and Community Studies Union Arts and Sciences
Brown, Stan Theatre and Dance classical acting; Shakespeare; voice; Columbia Arts and Sciences
Davis, Thaddeus Theatre and Dance; African American Studies dance performance; ballet; performance, choreography, research, and teaching; intersections of gender, class, race, and technology through an African American lens; creation of original dance, dance theater, and writing Columbia; Columbia Arts and Sciences; Columbia
Milling, Stephanie Theatre and Dance dance education; ballet; women's studies and dance; assesssment, advocacy, and pedagogy; Columbia Arts and Sciences
Brian, Ali Physical Education and Athletic Training fundamental motor skill competence in disadvantaged, young children, including motor skill interventions that bring about changes to the motor competence of young children who have historically been developmentally delayed; exploring the relationship between motor competence, perceived motor competence and physical activity within the context of preventing childhood obesity Columbia Education Child Development and Research Center
Holt, Ashley Educational Studies behavior skills training; teacher and practitioner training; autism; severe and multiple disabilities; applied behavior analysis; evidence-based practices; inclusion in the natural environment Columbia Education
Lewis, Ashlee arts education programs across South Carolina and is currently evaluating a documentary filmmaking program in local underserved high schools; program evaluation and foundations of education; ways in which race is constructed and lived through a variety of educational contexts Columbia Education
Tamim, Suha Instruction and Teacher Education Instructional design and technology; ehealth and mhealth education interventions; teaching with web tools; interactive learning environments; project based learning; health education strategies Columbia Education
Mustain, William Chemical Engineering electrocatalysts and fuels; design, characterization and implementation of electroactive materials in electrochemical systems; chemistry-property and structure-property relationships Columbia Engineering and Computing
Boltin, Nicholas Biomedical Engineering Developing decision support systems for the healthcare industry; Information from data utilizing analytical techniques including data mining, statistical analysis, dimension reduction, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, as well as predictive modeling; Design and evaluate translational informatic tools created to deploy sophisticated algorithms using the latest in software development and human computer interaction Columbia Engineering and Computing
Karami, Amir Library and Information Science Big data and text mining; medical and health informatics; data science; social computing/social network analysis; IT security in Web, mobile and social networks Columbia Information and Communications
Bond, Zachary Visual and Performing Arts Clarinet Aiken Humanities and Social Sciences
Qian, Yu Civil and Environmental Engineering transportation geotechnics and railroad infrastructure; heavy haul and transit track structures; high speed rails; pavements; geosynthetics; discrete element simulation and image analysis Columbia Engineering and Computing
Creed, Joan Nursing Transition of care for patients; organizational leadership; health promotion in the community; pediatric oncology **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form, ** Columbia Nursing
DiNardi, Salvatore Nursing; Environmental Health Sciences **Interested in conducting research in Nursing? Please submit the following form:** Columbia; Columbia Nursing; Columbia
Samadi, Vidya Civil and Environmental Engineering computational hydrology, analysis and evaluation of hydrological systems under uncertainty, hydrological extremes and resiliency, Big Data analytics, and GIS/Remote Sensing Columbia Engineering and Computing
Dryer, Frederick Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering Thermal sciences (heat transfer, fluid dynamics, physical chemistry, and chemical kinetics) relevant to space and air-breathing propulsion, fossil and renewable energy conversion related to ground transportation and stationary power generation, combustion-related pollutant mitigation, and fire safety Columbia; Columbia Engineering and Computing; Columbia
Besmann, Theodore Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Engineering thermochemical experiment and modeling for nuclear fuel development and in-reactor behavior; development of advanced nuclear waste forms; measurements of basic thermal properties; development of databases for use in fuel performance codes; coupling of thermochemical models with other properties within the codes Columbia; Columbia Education; Columbia
Vitzilaios, Nikolaos Mechanical Engineering Autonomous Unmanned Systems and include Robotics, Intelligent Systems, Mechatronics, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), perception and autonomous navigation of mobile robots, operational autonomy, field robotics, robot teams, automation, control systems, and machine learning Columbia Engineering and Computing
Oh, Haemoon Customer experience valuation; Marketing measurement and modeling perceptions Columbia Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management
Schooley, Benjamin Integrated Information Technology Design and evaluation of health information technologies (HIT); Clinical quality and business process improvement; IT and organizational innovation Patient and user centered information systems development; Mobile health (mHealth) systems and human computer interaction; The design process, design science, and information systems design theory; Emergency medical informatics; Strategic use of IT resources; Multi-organizational (inter-organizational) enterprise information systems; Field studies in IT design and implementation Columbia Engineering and Computing
Copeland, Clayton Library and Information Science Equity of access to information for underserved populations and literacy; Technology, Universal Design, facilities planning, materials and programming for children and young adults, and information behavior Columbia Information and Communications
Davis, Kelly Journalism and Mass Communications public health policy, corporate social responsibility, and ethics in public relations practice. Columbia Information and Communications
Moscowitz, David Journalism and Mass Communications cultural identity + politics, diversity and intercultural/intergroup/international media, film and media criticism, gender and the body, public and visual culture Columbia Information and Communications
Hull, Kevin Journalism and Mass Communications sports media; social media; business of television news; how athletes communicate with fans and media Columbia Information and Communications
Smith, Laura Journalism and Mass Communications electronic journalism in the 21st century; multi-platform journalism and conv