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School of Music

Undergraduate Performance Certificate

Undergraduate Performance Certificate - 18 credits total

The performance certificate is awarded by the School of Music to recognize those undergraduate music students with degree emphases other than music performance as well as musically-talented students who major in other disciplines. The performance certificate will allow gifted and highly motivated students to acquire additional credit, professorial interaction and guidance, and departmental distinction in music performance. Incoming freshman may demonstrate their fitness for the performance certificate during their qualifying or scholarship audition. Continuing students are eligible to enter this program by application to the coordinator of the appropriate area faculty and upon recommendation of the area faculty jury.

MUSC 211-Lower Division Applied Music - Performance Track
Repeatable for credit

2-4 credits
MUSC 411-Upper Division Applied Music - Performance Track
Repeatable for credit
 2-4 credits

The certificate requires no more than 18 hours beyond the requirements of the baccalaureate program. An extended jury is required to progress from MUSC 211 to MUSC 411. The completion of the program requires successful completion of two half recitals or one full recital (the musical equivalent to a senior thesis experience). The recital/s will be evaluated using the same criteria as a music performance degree recital. The candidate's program may be revoked byrequest of the candidate, action of the candidate's end-of-semester jury, or action of the jury at the half or full recital. All qualifying students will receive the performance certificate upon completion of their degree. In addition to receiving the performance certificate, music majors will receive their degree "with distinction in music performance" at commencement as part of the Departmental Undergraduate Research Track.

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