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OPP 6.00 - Teaching Load

Revised: November 13, 2001

The USC Faculty Manual defines the normal faculty teaching load during a regular semester as 12 credits of classroom instruction per week. The following credit-weighting system is utilized to assist with determining faculty loads in the School of Music.

A 100% teaching load might comprise four 3-credit courses (two in a summer session) for classroom instruction, eighteen contact hours (nine in a summer session) for applied teaching, and a combination of responsibilities for faculty who have multiple duties. Since faculty are expected to be productive professionals in the areas of research/creative activity and service in addition to their teaching responsibilities, it may be assumed that the teaching and instructional preparation credit given below represents only a portion of the total time devoted each week to job-related activities.

Course Load Load credit
3-credit lecture course 3.0
2-credit lecture course 2.0
2-credit lab course with minimal preparation
(such as MUED 155, 165, 355)
1-credit lab course that meets two hours per week
(such as MUSC 117, 118, 217, 218)
1-credit lab course that meets one hour per week
(such as MUED 104, 105, 106)
Applied music (30 minute lesson)
(including vocal coaching)
Applied music (60 minute lesson)
(including conducting, composition, vocal coaching)
Studio masterclass 0.5
Ensemble (per contact hour)
(MUSC 124, 125, 126, 129, 132, 133)
0.66 plus admin. supplement
Chamber ensemble coaching
(MUSC 130/131, per contact hour)
Student teacher observation 0.5
Research supervision 0.5-1.0


Load credit for performance and administrative responsibilities follow:

Responsibility Load credit
Faculty ensembles (per rehearsal hour) 0.5
Faculty recital accompaniment (per contact hour) 0.5


Directors Load credit
Undergraduate Studies 6.0
Graduate Studies 6.0
Programs (Band, Choral, Orchestral, Opera, Jazz) 1.0
Graduate Assistant Supervision 0.5-1.0
Coordinators Load credit
Accompanying 1.0
Admissions/Scholarships 3.0
Area 1.0
Children's Music Development Center 4.5
Community Prep. Program 1.0
DaCapo 1.0
MUSC 100 2.0
Recital Hall 2.0
String Project 6.0
Student Teaching 1.0


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