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As you begin your job or internship search, there are a number of documents you need including resumes, cover letters and writing samples. We are here to help you get ready for a successful search!

Career Documents

Resumes are the most important career document you have. The purpose of a resume is to help convey your experience, through class projects, internships, part-time jobs, volunteer experience and more, to an employer. An effective resume helps you get your foot in the door to an interview, which we will discuss more later.

Cover letters are a great way to stand out as candidate. Some employers, especially those with strong brand recognition, will often expect a cover letter to be submitted along with a resume. However, when applying for an internship, submitting a cover letter almost always works in your favor. Cover letters are most effective when you are applying for your top choice positions, and can convey your genuine interest in the company or position.

Writing samples are a common request from employers. An effective writing sample helps to showcase your writing ability in a variety of styles and topics. Always show an employer a diverse array of writing samples, i.e. an article you wrote for the Daily Gamecock and a press release for a PR course.

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