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Advising and Registration

Academic advisement at the University of South Carolina Sumter is a vital process in any student's academic success. Students are required to be advised each semester prior to registration.  This helps each student plan their class selection based on prerequisites and semester availability.

Reasons to Register for Fall 2021 Early!

  • Plan your schedule months in advance
  • Get the classes you want, at the times you want them
  • Get it out of the way before the summer
  • Create your graduation plan
  • Register now, pay later

Steps to Get Advised and Register for Classes

  1. Review your degree plan 
    You can find your degree plans at the following locations
    USC Sumter Associate degree programs
    > USC Columbia Bachelor degree programs

  2. Look at the schedule of classes 
    You can find the schedule on Self-Service Carolina
    (click Student, then Registration, then Look Up Classes)

  3. Write down the classes you need
    Keep in mind financial aid requirements
    12 hours / semester  full-time or for athletic eligibility
    15 hours for LIFE scholarship

  4. Check for account holds
    While you are on SSC, see if you have any holds that would prevent you from registering. 
    Click Student Records then View Holds
    Contact the appropriate office to clear up a hold

  5. Schedule an advising appointment
    Look up your advisor on Self-Service Carolina
    1. Go to

    2. Log in using your VIP ID and password

    3. Once logged in, select the Student tab

    4. Under the Student tab, select Student Records

    5. Under the Student Records tab, select View Student Information

    6. From the drop-down box select the term for which you wish to be advised, e.g. Fall 2019

    7. A list should appear with all of your information, along with your Primary Advisor. This is your current advisor. Currently all advising appointments are being conducted virtually.

For the summer (until Aug. 15, 2020), please visit our online appointment scheduler to make a virtual appointment with your advisor.

If you are an Opportunity Scholars Program (OSP) participant, please call 803-938-3794 to schedule your advisement appointments.

  1. Make sure to keep your appointment!
    Write down your appointment time and put it in your calendar.
    Be sure to connect on time and be ready to go over your classes.

  2. After you have been advised, sign up for classes
    Go on Self-Service Carolina as soon as possible and click Student, then Registration, then Schedule Planner to create your schedule (if your advisor did not already do this with you.)

  3. Submit your schedule and print it
    Once your schedule is picked out, click Send to Shopping Cart then Register
    Print a copy of your schedule - click Student, then Registration, then select either Week at a Glance or Concise Student Schedule.

  4. Keep this schedule handy and we will see you next semester!