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University Technology Services

IT Services for Faculty/Staff

UTS offers the following services to faculty and staff:

Audio and Video Services

UTS provides a comprehensive list of audio and video services. From Gamecock Cable and photography, to full production video and conferencing services, UTS is available to assist you with your audio and video needs.


UTS provides enterprise email through Microsoft Exchange. Access to enterprise email is available through a number of interfaces including desktop clients, Web clients, and mobile device clients. In addition to email, Listserv and mass email services are also available. A Listserv list can be used to send email to specific groups, whether the group is small or has a thousand participants. Mass or broadcast email can be used to distribute approved messages to large segments of the university community.

Enterprise Systems

Hardware and Software

Computers, peripherals, and accessories are available from Apple, Dell and other vendors on state contract at education prices for university purchases. Apple and Dell also provide education discounts for university faculty and staff personal purchases.

Software is available to faculty, staff, and departments for university and personal use at discounted rates or, in some cases, at no charge.

Help and Support

UTS provides support for enterprise systems and departments under a service agreement. Faculty and staff in departments that have internal IT support should contact their local IT department before contacting the UTS Service Desk. If you do not know if you have internal IT support or are under an SA with UTS, contact the UTS Service Desk.

Login and Passwords

A guide to your university logins and IDs.


Networking and Internet

UTS designs, installs, manages, and maintains a robust network infrastructure. You can easily connect systems to the campus network and securely access network based services, the internet, and research and education networks. We provide campus wired and wireless for students, faculty and staff, a guest wireless network, and eduroam for visitors from other higher education institutions.


UTS helps the university appropriately protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computing and information assets. We endeavor to achieve our mission by providing leadership to the university community in information security awareness, education and consulting, information security assessments, and information technology incident response.

Server and Storage

UTS provides server and storage services through service agreements with offices, colleges, and departments.

Teaching and Learning

UTS offers a number of services that directly support teaching and learning.

Assessment Tools – Evaluations, Surveys, and Scanning Course Management with Blackboard
Instructional Design
Instructional Tools Listserv
Research Tools

Student Response Systems - i>Clicker and REEF

Training Classes and Workshops

Telephone Services

UTS manages the university’s telephone system and provides a wide range of telephone services from office phones, voice mail, long distance, conference calling, enhanced voice mail, extension to cellular, and telephone handsets and accessories.

Basic Telephone Service Enhanced Telephone Services Telephones and Accessories

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Our quick help guides and Self-Service Portal Knowledge Base provides self-service access to technology how-to information and documentation. If you still need help, submit a request online in the Self-Service Portal or call the Service Desk at (803) 777-1800.