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University 101 Programs

Resource Referrals

The University of South Carolina offers a variety of support services. If you are concerned about a student's behavior, please put them in contact with the appropriate office.

How to Refer Students

Behavior Action
Acting erratically Submit a Care Team Referral.
Class absence Complete progress reports or submit an ad hoc alert via the EAB/Navigate platform.
Depression or anxiety Call the Counseling Office at 803-777-5223 for a consultation.
Disrupting class  Submit a Code of Conduct Violation Report. 
Exhibiting suicidal behaviors (immediate threat) Call USCPD at 803-777-4215, or call 911.
Exhibiting suicidal ideations Submit a Care Team Referral.
In fear of personal or student's safety Call USCPD at 803-777-4215, or call 911.
Involved in hazing Submit a Code of Conduct Violation Report.
Poor grades/Assignment concerns Complete progress reports or submit an ad hoc alert via the EAB/Navigate platform.
Report discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct. Submit an Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Report.
Threatening to harm self or others Call USCPD at 803-777-4215, or call 911.

Who Can Help

You can always ask for help from offices, organizations and teams across campus that are trained and available to help with difficult student behavior.

The Care Team is a group of caring professionals dedicated to student success and well-being by identifying concerns, addressing those concerns with the student, and referring them to campus and community resources. The Care Team’s primary goal is to ensure that the student involved gains the necessary resources to remain successful academically and personally at USC. 

If you are concerned about a student, call counseling at 803-777-5223 to get guidance on how to talk to a student who may be struggling and to learn strategies for helping a student connect with support services. Counseling staff members can also meet with you and the student of concern together to provide support, problem solving, advocacy and guidance on the situation.

Instructors who suspect that a student is engaged in hazing should fill out an incident report. If you notice a student is exhibiting uncharacteristic behavior that you believe could be associated with their membership in a fraternity or sorority, please contact Fraternity and Sorority Life immediately. If you have a question about something you observe or if you want to discuss it, please contact the office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at 803-777-5800.

As an instructor, you are required to report any incidents of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, and related retaliation, so the university can offer help. An anonymous report does not fulfill the employee reporting requirement.

You can also let students know that if they or someone they know has been the victim/survivor of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct at USC, they can report it. Please know this does not automatically initiate an investigation or notify the alleged person, but can connect those impacted with staff to discuss options. The Office of Civil Rights & Title IX is here to help.

Students can reach out to the Office of Student Advocacy for assistance with a multitude of problems. If they’re not sure how to solve an issue or if they are experiencing anything that may cause them to miss multiple classes, such as an illness or family emergency, the Office of Student Advocacy can help. Students can submit an online form or call 803-777-4872 (4USC) for assistance.

If a student discloses a sexual assault, stalking or any other type of interpersonal violence, you are required to report this as an employee. The university provides resources to help students receive services and support. 

If a student is disrupting class, address the disruptive behavior privately and in person. If an incident escalates, fill out a code of conduct violation report with the Office of Student Conduct. The Office of Student Conduct serves as a resource to navigate academic disruption.

If you suspect that a student is not academically engaged in any or all of their courses, you should refer the student to the Student Success Center as soon as possible. Once a referral is submitted, an SSC staff member contacts the student to set up an appointment. The referring instructor will be notified by the SSC when a follow-up with the student is complete. Instructors will be sent emails prompting them for referrals at critical times throughout the semester; however, referrals can be made at any time via the SSC website. The earlier students are referred to the SSC, the more likely staff members will be able to assist them.

Students who may be experiencing issues regarding a roommate or other aspects of on-campus housing should first contact their Resident Assistant (RA). RAs are undergraduate students who are trained to ensure safety and security for their residents. For persisting issues, students should contact their Residence Life Coordinator, the full-time staff member responsible for their residence hall. For assistance with any issues between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m., students should call the Residence Life On Call Team.

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