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Undergraduate Research

Faculty Information

Name: Dr. Ann F. Ramsdell
Phone: 846-792-1620
Campus: Columbia
College: Medicine
Department: Cell Biology and Anatomy
Campus (2): Columbia
College (2): Arts and Sciences
Department (2): Women's and Gender Studies
Position: Associate Professor
Research Interests: Etiology of congenital heart defects; role that cardiac laterality genes play in overall vertebrate heart morphogenesis; morphogenetic and molecular mechanisms that direct generation of cardiac left-right asymmetry; how the vertebrate embryonic body plan becomes established and how positional information controls organ development and disease susceptibility; role of left-right patterning in mammary gland development and breast cancer; epigenetic regulation of mammary stem cells and how this relates to left-right differences that arise during mammary development and mammary oncogenesis
Faculty Profile

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