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Undergraduate Research

Arts & Sciences Research Award

The Undergraduate Research Enhancement Program (UREP)

  • Up to $1000 per recipient towards materials and supplies
  • For projects in collaboration with a College of Arts & Sciences faculty sponsor
  • Funds research, scholarship, and creative activities


Student Eligibility

You must be: 

  • Enrolled in a 3-credit hour independent study for undergraduate research with a CAS course designation
  • USC undergraduate major in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • In good academic standing with the university
  • Working under the guidance of a CAS faculty sponsor


Faculty Mentor Eligibility

  • Mentors must be faculty (tenured, tenure-track, or NTT) in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Only one UREP award per academic year per mentor


The following must all be submitted as attachments in one email to

  1. Complete the Program Application Form

    Includes sections for Project Overview, Research Compliance and Budget.

    NOTE: If you applied for but did not receive the Magellan Scholar Award, you may forward the proposal in lieu of the Program Application form. However, you must clarify your budget needs for materials/supplies. No salary is allowed through UREP.

  2. Have your faculty sponsor submit a one-page letter detailing your role in the research project and their mentoring plan for your research experience.

  3. Complete the independent study contract.

    The contract must be fully completed and signed. This must be a CAS designated 3-credit independent study.

  4. Submit all of the above (#1, 2, & 3) as attachments in one email to

For Spring semester courses
The deadline to submit an application for Spring 2022 is the first day of Spring classes (January 10th).

Summer and Fall courses
The deadline to submit an application for Summer/Fall 2022 is June 1st.

Award Announcement - VARIES
Typically, you will be notified if you have been selected to receive the award 1 week before the first day of classes of the semester of the independent study project. However, if the deadline is extended, awardees will be notified within 1-2 weeks of the deadline.

General Research Supplies Only

  • All expenditures must be in compliance with federal and state laws as well as university policies and procedures.
  • Keep in mind the maximum amount you can request is $1,000.
  • Check with your mentor and department to see if they have what you need before including it in your budget. Note in your budget that you already checked.

Costs Not Allowed Through Your Grant

  • Computer (includes laptop, desktop, etc.)
  • Giftcards or cash (to pay participants)
  • Salary 
  • Phones
  • Meals
  • Travel, including meeting registration fees 
  • Books that can be found through the USC library or via interlibrary loan
  • Senior thesis printing costs
  • Any item that does not have a receipt

Sample Budgets [pdf]

  1. Present your research at Discover UofSC. If a Discover UofSC presentation is not possible, contact and immediately for options.

  2. Submit a title and brief summary (Abstract, 1-2 paragraphs) of your research and results to by the end of the grant term.

You may receive only one UREP award per academic year.

You may not be receiving funds for a Magellan Scholar or Honors College grant at the same time as receiving this award. However, you may apply for these grants while you have funding from a UREP award.

Students receiving other Magellan Awards and are enrolled in an independent study have a reward limit of $500 and any excess funds requested must be detailed and clearly justified.

Note: Preference will be given to students without undergraduate research funding from other sources.




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