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Office of Sponsored Awards Management

What is a Sponsored Project


What is a sponsored project?

In some instances, it can be difficult to determine if funding is a sponsored project or a gift.  Use the bullet points below to assist with the determination.  If you still are unsure, reach out to your sponsored programs administrator.

If the response is ‘yes’ to any of the bullet points below, the funding would be considered a sponsored project.  The source of funding does not necessarily determine if something is a gift or a sponsored project.
  • The proposed work requires a specific scope of work or set of specific aims, testing of a hypothesis or a defined deliverable.
  • Programmatic, technical and/or financial reporting is required at the conclusion of the project.
  • There is a specific time frame to conduct the project.
  • A specific budget is required to conduct the project and the funder must grant permission for modifications.
  • There are publication or dissemination restrictions regarding the results of the project.
  • There are requirements for audits by the funder or an agency acting on their behalf.
Administration of Sponsored Projects

Office of Sponsored Awards Management

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