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Office of Sponsored Awards Management

NSF FastLane

At the University of South Carolina only representatives from the SAM Office are authorized to submit proposals through NSF FastLane. Proposal principal investigators (PIs) should coordinate closely with their SAM Team Representatives to ensure timely and smooth submission via NSF FastLane (or depending on what the PI is submitting).

To aid in timeliness, PIs should submit their proposals to the SAM Team for final “Institutional Review” at least 3 business days before the proposal submission deadline [pdf]. Submitting proposals more than three business days ahead of the deadline is preferable, and will allow your SAM Team Representative to spend more time reviewing the proposal materials and ensuring that sponsor guidelines have been followed.


NSF Fastlane Support

NSF Fastlane includes robust support materials that PIs are encouraged to refer to as they prepare to submit proposals through the system. Visit Fastlane Help to browse or search help topics anytime you need support with your NSF Fastlane Proposal.

For current information on NSF proposal requirements, refer to the NSF Grant Proposal Guide. This guide is released each year, to provide detailed guidance that will go into effect the following January, so it is always up-to-date with the latest information.

If you need additional support with NSF Fastlane, contact your SAM Team Representative.

Office of Sponsored Awards Management

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