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Office of Sponsored Awards Management


Amendments to a subrecipient

Subawards are issued in one-year increments for compliance monitoring purposes.  Your subrecipient may need to be issued an amendment for additional time or funding or both.  

As PI, it is your responsibility to notify your SAM administrator that your subrecipient(s) will need an amendment.  USCeRA does not automatically notify SAM administrators of subawards which are ending.

If a subrecipient is being provided with additional funding, a budget will need to be provided to your SAM administrator in order to increase their PO.

Please allow ample time for SAM to issue amendments.  As with subaward agreements, depending upon volume and complexity, it could take up to three months for an amendment to be fully executed.  

Upon full execution of the amendment, a copy will be emailed to you from one of our subaward coordinators.

Office of Sponsored Awards Management

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