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Office of Sponsored Awards Management


How will the subrecipient receive payment?

As outlined within the terms and conditions of the agreement, the subrecipient should email invoices to the invoicing address listed on attachment 3A.  

A copy of a sample invoice can be found here.  

Once the invoice has been received by the Controller’s Office, it will be emailed to the USC PI for approval. 

The invoice should be reviewed, and charges compared to the subrecipient budget.  Ensure the items listed in item 2 of the terms and conditions are included on the invoice.  The invoice must relate to the scope of work expected to be performed and is consistent with any other reports needed from the subrecipient.  

If everything on the invoice matches the budget and scope, email your approval to the Controller’s Office by replying to their email.  If changes are needed, please reach out to the subrecipient to request changes be made and the invoice can be resubmitted by the subrecipient.  

Once the invoice is fully approved by you and the Controller’s Office, the funds for reimbursement will be sent to the subrecipient.

Office of Sponsored Awards Management

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