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College of Social Work

Center for Child and Family Studies

The Center for Child and Family Studies strengthens vulnerable populations in South Carolina and beyond and transforms social work practice by designing innovative professional development and other solutions for our partners.

Our goal is to enhance the capacity of organizations that serve children and families, resulting in safer children, stronger families and more connected communities. Since 1981, the center has touched vulnerable individuals and communities from infants to seniors.


After listening to your goals, our team will conduct a detailed assessment of your organization using methods such as:

  • quality assurance case reviews
  • needs assessment
  • training evaluation
  • savvy starts to launch leadership development
  • program evaluation
  • systemic evaluation and
  • comprehensive surveys, such as the National Youth in Transition database.


Training is a common partner need. Building on the premise that learning happens through human communication and experiences, we create media to prompt critical and reflective thinking about attitudes and practices. We will work with you to find the best solution for meaningful, memorable and motivational training. Deliverables could include the following:

  • in-person and online modules
  • workshop, large-scale meetings and training series
  • synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • media: expert interviews, video cased scenarios, review and refresher modules and
  • other materials: websites, brochures, handouts or job aids.


Our service to you doesn’t stop once we’ve produced the training content. Our skilled staff can plan and manage logistics to effectively and efficiently deliver the solutions we’ve designed for you. We help you build your organization’s capacity by executing our collaborative plan. Capacity-building tactics include the following:

  • talented, experienced trainers for all skills levels
  • professional development for new and experienced workers
  • leadership training for management
  • small-group facilitated discussion
  • facilitation of change implementation and organizational culture shifts
  • Spanish-English interpretations and translations with the in-house HABLA community
  • interpreter qualification testing
  • youth leadership opportunities through youth groups and camps and 
  • assistantships to support graduate students studying to help children and families.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.