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College of Social Work


Master of Social Work Class of 2021

The College of Social Work would like to recognize and congratulate each graduate of the MSW class of 2021.

Bachelor of Social Work Class of 2021

The College of Social Work would like to recognize and congratulate each graduate of the BSW class of 2021.

Seeing Struggles as a Benefit Pushes One BSW Student Toward Achieving Her Goals

While challenges and difficulties may stop some individuals from reaching their goals, Mysticka Robinson has used her struggles as motivation. Enduring more than most students, she is now only days away from receiving her Bachelor of Social Work degree.

MSW Spotlight: Emily Zona

Emily Zona believes her own mental health struggles can better help her clients. As she prepares to begin her social work career in a psychiatric program, Zona discusses some aspects of mental health, including the impact of COVID-19 and how it is perceived by society.

Childhood Trauma Motivates One MSW Student to Pursue a Social Work Career

Mallorie Moore has overcome several obstacles and challenges in her life. As someone who did not have the best experiences with the child welfare system, she is looking forward to advocating and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Studying Law in Colombia; Discovering Social Work in Columbia

Daniela Salazar Restrepo's studies and experiences in law and human rights have been helpful during her time at the College of Social Work. She has also learned how aspects of social work and law can work together to solve problems and improve the lives of individuals and families.

BSW Award Winner: Whitney Garland

Whitney Garland has overcome her share of obstacles during her four years at South Carolina. But those struggles have made her a stronger person and led her to become a mental health advocate around campus through actions and productive discussions.

BSW Award Winner: Tamiah Anderson

Tamiah Anderson's leadership and excellence in the classroom and at her field placement are two qualities that make her an ideal representative of the Bachelor of Social Work program.

BSW Award Winner: Jenna Cameron

Jenna Cameron has been active in improving the lives of fellow students, serving others, and participating in community service projects throughout the UofSC campus.

MSW Student Desires to Help Women by Utilizing Obstetric Counseling

Emily VanWiel's undergraduate degree in communications studies has been beneficial in her social work education. It has been especially helpful at her field placement in a labor and delivery unit where she works with clients from different social and economic situations.

MSW Student Aims to Examine Issues of Child Development and Health Beyond the Classroom

Kalen Kelly initially thought she was headed toward a career in the classroom. But now, she is prepared to help provide best practices and resources for families and children that lead to better life outcomes.

BSW Students and Faculty Participate in Legislative Day Sessions

Three Bachelor of Social Work students recently had the opportunity to experience the influence and power of advocacy, an essential skill to help promote positive change for any issue that affects individuals, families and communities.

Student Spotlight: Allie Farrell, BSW '21

Allie Farrell will graduate next month with her Bachelor of Social Work degree. But before she starts graduate studies, she will immediately apply her skills and experiences in service to the AmeriCorps program.

Scholars Program Provides MSW Students with Opportunities for Rural Health Education and Experience

The World Health Organization defines interprofessional healthcare as "multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds working together with patients, caregivers and communities to deliver the highest quality of care." One program is teaching how Master of Social Work students can incorporate this model to rural populations.

Student Spotlight: Breeanna Thames, MSW '21

When Breeanna Thames graduates next month, it will complete a multitasking journey that has required her to manage family responsibilities, school, field education, and a part-time job.

Undergraduate Program Helps Increase Diversity in Advanced Graduate Programs and Research Careers

Thanks to Professor Sue Levkoff's desire to help increase underrepresented racial and ethnic minority students in graduate studies and research careers, the South Carolina - Advancing Diversity in Aging Research program has provided opportunities for 30 students since 2015.

MSW Student Maintains His Passion for Art While Pursing a Social Work Career

Tyler Messel once thought his future career would be teaching art in the classroom. But since switching his focus to social work, he now believes he has more tools to make a difference in the lives of others.

A Message from Kirk Foster, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A statement regarding the recent shootings in Atlanta against Asian and Asian American communities.

Alum Uses Simple Solutions to Solve Complex Problems Through Her Foundation

Some people are fortunate to work or live out their passion daily. Nikki Fleming, MSW '00, loves to serve, and her foundation she co-founded with her husband helps empower individuals, organizations and communities.

Mom Inspires BSW Student to Pursue a Social Work Career and Share Her Passions

Emily Neel has witnessed the help and compassion her mom provides for nursing home residents. As she prepares to pursue graduate education and a social work career, she wants to emulate her mom in serving and positively influencing individuals and communities.

Student Spotlight: Rachel Floyd, MSW/MPH, '22

Once combination degree student Rachel Floyd realized she wanted to interact and learn more about her clients while working in a pediatrician's office, she decided to follow a path where she could implement social work and public health strategies to provide solutions.

Combination Degree Student Utilizes Criminology Knowledge and Personal Experiences to Social Work

Witnessing first-hand the low socioeconomic status of children and the effects of addiction helped motivate Hannah Creasey to pursue a social work career. She also wants to utilize her criminology and public health education and experience to improve children's outcomes.

Ph.D. Candidate Receives Award for Women's and Gender Studies-Related Research

Tamara Grimm recently received an award that will assist in her doctoral research on gender-related healthcare disparities.

College of Social Work Helps Celebrate Social Work Month

The College of Social Work is proud to celebrate and support all our students and alumni during March as part of Social Work Month. The theme for this year is "Social Workers are Essential."

Expanding on Kidney Disease Research by Exploring the Effects of COVID-19

While COVID-19 has made some research more difficult, Associate Dean of Faculty and Research Teri Browne is part of kidney disease-related study that has been expanded to determine the struggles of co-investigators during the pandemic.


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