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College of Social Work


College of Social Work Helps Celebrate Social Work Month

The College of Social Work is proud to celebrate and support all our students and alumni during March as part of Social Work Month. The theme for this year is "Social Workers are Essential."

Expanding on Kidney Disease Research by Exploring the Effects of COVID-19

While COVID-19 has made some research more difficult, Associate Dean of Faculty and Research Teri Browne is part of kidney disease-related study that has been expanded to determine the struggles of co-investigators during the pandemic.

Living in Texas Still Allows Alum to Improve Outcomes for Children in Massachusetts

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken some social workers away from their offices or job sites at some point. But for Amanda Verhaak, MSW '18, her virtual office in a different region of the country from her job has not stopped her from positively influencing the lives of children.

BSW Student Finds a Passion and Perseveres Through Obstacles Toward Educational Goals

Caroline Smith started her undergraduate studies in 2012. While there were opportunities for her to abandon her studies and settle for something else, she persevered and is looking forward to a fulfilling social work career.

BSW Student Spotlight: Karlee Lambert

"It's knowing that at the end of the day you will hopefully make an impact on someone, even if it's small."

Alum's Experiences with Children and Families Leads to Fulfilling Career in Child Welfare

Julie Dubee, MSW '11, was not interested in working in child welfare when she started at the College of Social Work. But she credits the college, and her field placements and early jobs to eliminate the stigmas of child welfare, a field where she currently works.

How One Student's Passion for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Started with Ceramics

Elise Maglione's social work focus area can be traced back to her job while on break during undergrad. What started as helping others with ceramics turned into discovering her passion.

Transitioning One Student's Assumptions from Negative to Positive

Master of Social Work student Haley Bodell was hesitant starting her undergraduate field placement at a local homeless center. But the experiences helped her discover her passions and future career path.

Three Ph.D. Students Awarded SPARC Graduate Research Grants

Ph.D. students Tasha Childs, Christian Holmes and Melissa Mull were recently awarded graduate research grants from the Office of the Vice President for Research, while also gaining valuable experience in the application and proposal process.

Two MSW Students Assist with Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force

As part of their assignment for Associate Professor Aidyn Iachini's course, Master of Social Work students Ashley Ghent and Melissa Johnson assisted with an important statewide report regarding COVID-19 and human trafficking.

Maintaining Activism and Speaking Out Against Injustices in 2021 and Beyond

Last year brought a wave of protests against police violence and social injustices. But faculty member Kirk Foster and MSW student Josie DeShong believe permanent change is only possible by continuing to speak out and educating others on all inequities.

College of Social Work to Host Two Upcoming Events Featuring UofSC Alum Bakari Sellers

Author, attorney, political commentator and former politician Bakari Sellers will be the focus of two upcoming virtual events.

Beginning a Social Work Career Amid a Pandemic

All college graduates in 2020 faced unique challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But one alum can attest that the unusual circumstances did not stop her from moving to Florida and beginning her social work career.

School Social Workers and Resources for Families During COVID-19

COVID-19 has prevented school social workers from providing face-to-face services to students and families. A greater emphasis has now been placed on school districts and their websites to deliver resources, especially those related to mental health.

Christopher Selected for Field Education Mentorship Program

Alum and Field Education Coordinator Rebecca Christopher will participate in a program as a Field Research Scholar to enrich her knowledge and skills in field education research.

MSW Student Spotlight: Andrea Ulloa Sandoval

Andrea Ulloa Sandoval, MSW '22, witnessed first-hand the needs of the poor and disadvantaged while growing up in the South American nation of Ecuador. Her past experiences influenced her decision to pursue a social work career.

Alum Advocates for Healthier Communities by Ensuring Citizens Voices are Heard

Kate Stigberg developed her passion for activism at the College of Social Work. Now living in Colorado, she leads campaigns for proposed policies aimed at improving access and healthy outcomes for individuals and communities.

Alum Utilizes Non-Verbal Play Therapy to Help Children Express Their Feelings

Children sometimes communicate best through non-verbal expressions. One alum utilizes play and sand tray therapies and has developed books and resources for therapists to best help children.

Lopez-De Fede Receives Prestigious Public Health Award

Ana Lopez-De Fede from the college's Institute for Families in Society was recently recognized for her efforts to quality assurance and improvements in health care.

College of Social Work Helps Develop One Student's Passion for Counseling and Mental Health

Krissy Blackburn's opportunities to lead individual and group sessions to help others improve their mental health at her field education placements has provided her with valuable experiences for a future career as a therapist.

Field Placement Provides an Opportunity to Change Negative Thoughts and Assumptions

MSW student Bezawit Seyoum was unsure going into her field placement earlier this year at a local nonprofit that works to build trust between police and the community. But listening and learning more about the police has changed her initial opinions.

How Social Workers Can Transform Individuals and Communities to Combat Climate Change

Global climate change continues to have negative effects on the environment, such as warmer temperatures and a rise in sea level. But one alum is working to help limit the effects of climate change and training social workers on how they can advocate and improve conditions for their constituents.

Xu Examines Grandparent-Headed Kinship Families Dealing with Material Hardships and Stress During COVID-19

Assistant Professor Yanfeng Xu is leading research into studying an often-overlooked family dynamic and how their mental health and other negative factors are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students Work to Increase Participation in Election 2020 Through Voter Outreach

Since this summer, some College of Social Work students have been working tirelessly to inform and advocate on the importance of voting in the upcoming election.

College of Social Work to Host Two Virtual Events Featuring Bestselling Author Ibram Kendi

New York Times bestselling author Ibram X. Kendi, one of the leading antiracist voices in the country, will be the focus of two upcoming virtual events.


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