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Coronavirus: Get complete details about the university's response to COVID-19.


Information Science

Important Announcements

The SLIS Student Services Office will operate virtually from March 13 – April 3. You can reach Student Services Manager, Laura Thorp via email at You can reach advisor Shana Watson at  during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm).

Students should not contact faculty about registration issues. If you experience any problems registering for Summer 2020 or Fall 2020, then you should reach out to me or Shana Watson.

For both Summer 2020 and Fall 2020, registration is restricted for SLIS 702, 706, and 707. If you need to register for any of these courses in the summer or fall, then you need to contact your advisor for clearance/permission:

  1. LIS students contact Laura Thorp (
  2. School Library students contact Shana Watson (

Registration time tickets Fall 2020 began the week of April 6 for graduate students. These come through Self Service Carolina and can be found under Student > Registration > Registration Notices and Holds. If you don’t have a time ticket you should check with the Registrar. If you are able to register (i.e. your Registration Status displays all green check marks), please register as soon as you can so your schedule will be correct.

Summer 2020 registration time tickets were delayed for everyone; registration for Summer 2020 began last week. Check Self Service Carolina to verify your new time ticket for summer registration and register as soon as you can. The first summer session begins May 11.

The deadline to pay Summer 2020 tuition fees is May 27th. Students have until 5:00pm on May 27th to pay their summer bills and avoid having their summer schedules cancelled.

The Registrar changed the registration time tickets for Summer 2020 registration. This is the explanation they have provided regarding this change:

Summer Time Tickets Moved

The following email was sent to Undergraduate Students regarding Summer Time tickets:

The University is currently making adjustments to the summer schedule. Courses will be offered via remote instruction through the end of summer sessions. For this reason, Summer Time tickets (registration time periods) have been moved to the week of April 20 so that we can make those needed adjustments.

 If you plan to register for summer, you may view your Summer time Ticket on your profile page in Self Service Carolina.

Please note time tickets and registration periods are changing for summer courses only. Fall registration time tickets will remain the same with graduate registration beginning April 6th and general registration beginning April 13th.  Please see the Registrar calendar for the official academic calendar. If you have not already done so, be sure to talk with your academic advisor about your summer registration plans. 

To reiterate: you now have two different registration time tickets – one for Summer 2020 and one for Fall 2020. Fall 2020 registration still begins this week for graduate students; Summer 2020 registration will now begin on April 21 for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please reach out to me and/or your advisor.

The department has decided to extend the deadline for end-of-program portfolios. The deadline to submit your portfolio to your assigned faculty reviewer is now April 24. All other portfolio requirements remain the same. As a reminder, LIS/General track students have each been assigned a faculty reviewer to whom they will submit their portfolios to review. School Library track students will all submit their portfolios to Dr. Karen Gavigan for review. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, reach out to Shana Watson ( for School Library track or for LIS/General track.

All advising appointments for LIS-track students should be scheduled with me (Laura Thorp, Student Services Manager). Any questions, concerns, registration issues that come up should be directed to me as well.

I will also take care of graduation clearances for all Spring 2020 graduates. Laura Kotti has already reached out to you about any missing paperwork for your graduation clearance; as we get closer to May and the clearance deadline, I will reach out to you about any issues or missing paperwork. If you have questions about how the graduation clearance process works, please do not hesitate to reach out to me – I’m very familiar with the process and will be happy to answer your questions.

We are beginning the process of hiring a new advisor for LIS track students. This process will be slightly different in light of the current closures and social distancing policies in place; however, our goal is to adjust this process accordingly so as not to delay hiring a new advisor.

Please plan on holding dissertation defenses ‘virtually’ using Skype, Zoom or whatever interactive program you are comfortable using, without the expectation that there will be a public seminar component. If possible, holding public seminars later in the semester, when we are able to return to campus, would be preferable. Our collective desire is to ensure academic rigor while still facilitating student progress to degree completion under difficult circumstances.

Message from the Director

Greetings all, 

Welcome to your extended Spring Break. I just wanted to provide you with the latest information in the university’s and SLIS’ response to the virus pandemic.

Hopefully by this point you have received updates from the university concerning the closing of the physical campus in Columbia. 

You should know that the Columbia campus, including Davis Hall, is closed with our faculty and staff working from home. This will not impact most of you as our classes are already online. However, Graduate Assistants will also be working from home. Know that myself and student services (your advisors) are still working and available to you. We’ll just be doing so virtually and from home.

If the closing of the campus directly effects your access to technology or other resources please let me or your instructors know. Once again I have asked all instructors to be as accommodating as possible with both the extended Spring break and with developments as they occur.

Lastly, let me say to please, as much as possible, take this week for some self-care. Closing schools and campuses can rightly cause anxiety. Many of you are now at home with children, or worry about elderly parents, or are separated from family unable to travel. The media and government agencies are trying to find that fine line between increasing readiness and inducing anxiety and they haven’t found that yet. Know that we at SLIS are here to support you, and prepare you to be the calming rational voice in times like these for your towns, schools, universities, and businesses. As our libraries close their physical doors, they need to throw open the virtual library with reassuring voices and ready professionals. That is the world you must continue to expand.

We got this.

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