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Information Science

School of Information Science statement on diversity, equity and inclusion

The School of Library and Information Science community strongly condemns the systemic and systematic oppression of black people, indigenous people and all people of color.


Important Announcements

The iSchool Student Services Office will operate virtually through the end of summer 2020. You can reach Student Services Manager, Laura Thorp via email at You can reach advisor Shana Watson at  during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

For Summer 2020:

  • Remember: there are different add/drop dates and different W/WF deadlines for your courses depending on which summer session they are scheduled for.
    • For those enrolled in courses scheduled for the full summer session (May 11 – July 30), please keep in mind that the WF Deadline is July 7. This is the last day to drop a course scheduled for the full summer session and receive a ‘W’ on your transcript. A ‘W’ has no impact on your GPA or your standing in the program. If you drop a course after this date, you will receive a ‘WF’ on your transcript; a ‘WF’ is calculated the same as a ‘F.’
    • For those enrolled in courses schedule for the 9-week summer session (June 1 – July 30), the WF Deadline is July 13.
    • Courses scheduled for the second 6-week summer session (June 22 – July 30), the first day of class is this coming Monday. The add/drop date for these courses is June 24, and the WF deadline is July 19.

For Fall 2020:

  • If you are planning to register for any courses in Fall 2020 but have not done so yet, please be sure to register as soon as possible – don’t wait until the last minute. The school has to use course enrollment numbers to make decisions about canceling courses with low enrollments, so waiting to register might mean that a course you really want to take could end up getting canceled.
  • If you have holds on your account preventing registration for the fall, please reach out to Student Services if you need assistance getting these holds removed.
  • If you plan to graduate this summer, you are required to apply for graduation. The deadline to apply for Summer 2020 Graduation is July 22.
  • You can access and submit the graduation application by logging into Self Service Carolina (, selecting the “Student” tab, then selecting the box labeled “Graduation,” and clicking on “Apply for Graduation.”
  • The application is fully online and will go directly to the Registrar and Graduate School once you submit it.
  • You cannot be cleared for graduation if you do not submit a graduation application, and the Graduate School cannot accept late applications.
  • All Summer 2020 graduates should have already submitted their end-of-program portfolios and received their score and feedback. If you are graduating this summer but have not submitted a portfolio, please contact me ASAP.

All advising appointments for LIS-track students should be scheduled with Laura Thorp, Student Services Manager. Any questions, concerns, registration issues that come up should be directed to Laura Thorp as well.

Laura Thorp will also take care of graduation clearances for all Summer 2020 graduates. Laura Kotti has already reached out to you about any missing paperwork for your graduation clearance; as we get closer to August and the clearance deadline, the Student Services Manager will reach out to you about any issues or missing paperwork. If you have questions about how the graduation clearance process works, please do not hesitate to reach out to me I’m very familiar with the process and will be happy to answer your questions.

The university is currently under a hiring freeze. Once we are able to do so, we will begin the process of hiring a new advisor for LIS track students. This process will be slightly different in light of the current closures and social distancing policies in place; however, our goal is to adjust this process accordingly so as not to delay hiring a new advisor once the hiring freeze has been lifted.

Please plan on holding dissertation defenses ‘virtually’ using Skype, Zoom or whatever interactive program you are comfortable using, without the expectation that there will be a public seminar component. If possible, holding public seminars later in the semester, when we are able to return to campus, would be preferable. Our collective desire is to ensure academic rigor while still facilitating student progress to degree completion under difficult circumstances.

We know that things are difficult and stressful right now, and this combined with the usual grad school-stress can have significant impacts. First and foremost, I want to remind you that all of us – faculty and staff – are here to help you in any way that we can. If you have questions, concerns, need guidance or simply need a safe space to talk, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, your advisor, and/or your instructor(s).

The university is also providing lots of resources for students:

  • UofSC Counseling and Psychiatry is offer Teletherapy and Telepsychiatry appointments to students residing in South Carolina who have been enrolled in the 2019-2020 academic year and plan to enroll in Fall 2020. You can schedule an appointment by calling 803-777-5223. Associated fees for Teletherapy appointments will be $10 for each session and $20 for each Telepsychiatry session. 
  • All students have access to the Therapy Assistance Online program that provides students with resources therapeutic interventions any time, anywhere for anxiety, depression, communication problems and other common concerns. You can find more details and access information Find details and access information»


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