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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the end of the Summer II semester (Aug 1). Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry



The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility consists of four fully multinuclear Fourier transform (FT) NMR Spectrometers.  They each have capabilities for advanced single- and multi-dimensional NMR studies.


Bruker Avance III-HD 300 MHz

The facility's primary walk-up instrument is configured for routine ¹H, ¹³C, ¹9F, ³¹P and ¹¹B  observe.  It is equipped with an auto-tuning probe that allows full broadband operation. The system has a 24 sample auto-changer (SampleCase™) for fully automated analysis.  


Bruker Avance III-HD 400A MHz

A complement to the 300MHz system, with longer time blocks which allow users to run more advanced experiments.  This system has a 16 sample auto-changer (SampleXpress Lite™) for automated analyses.  It is also equipped with an auto-tuning probe that allows running of various X-nuclei under automation.


Bruker Avance III-HD 400B MHz

This system features a Prodigy cryo-probe that offers very high sensitivity.  60 sample auto-changer (SampleXpress™) and auto-tuning capabilities allow for full automation.  


Bruker Avance III-HD 500 MHz

This system's console is equipped with three RF - channels and can perform both liquid and solid-state NMR experiments.  MAS solids probe options include 1.9 mm and 4 mm double resonance, a 1.6 mm triple resonance and a 3 mm ²H static probe.  A 60 sample auto-changer (SampleXpress™) is available for liquids experiments with both 5 mm and 10 mm broadband probes available.

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