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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Magnetic Measurement Facility


Quantum Design MPMS 3 SQUID Magnetometer


Temperature range: 1.8 K – 350 K
Magnetic Field: 0 - 7 T
Sensitivity: < 10-7 emu


AC Susceptibility: 0.1 Hz to 1 KHz
Sample Oven: 300 – 800 K


Sample Submission

Several pre-made, typical measurement sequences are available.  Other measurements are possible.

Samples for which data can be collected include air sensitive materials.

For best results we recommend that samples fill a volume of 2-3 mm H x 2.6 mm D (typically 20-40 mg).  Qualitative measurements are often possible on samples weighing as little as 1 mg.

To submit a sample please complete the Magnetic Sample Submission Form [pdf].  For groups within USC, samples can be delivered to GSRC Room 514.  For groups outside of USC, a shipping program is available.  Further sample submission information is available on the submission form.  Upon completion, the form can be emailed to to begin the submission process.