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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the end of the Summer II semester (Aug 1). Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

crystal xray

Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Facility

The Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Facility operates a Bruker D8 Quest diffractometer with sample operating temperatures of 90 to 300 K.


Single crystal structure determination of a wide range of small molecule and extended inorganic compounds:

Organic & inorganic crystals, organometallic compounds, coordination polymers, high-temperature solid-state materials.

Problem Structures:  Disordered and twinned crystals, superstructures, and unstable crystals (oxygen and moisture sensitivity, rapid loss of solvent from crystal).

The diffractometer is equipped with a KRYOFLEX low-temperature device operating in the temperature range 90-300 K, enabling low-temperature and variable temperature studies of single crystals (phase transitions, spin-crossover phenomena, and crystal thermochromism).



The facility operates a Bruker D8 Quest diffractometer, equipped with an Incoatec high-brilliance Mo microfocus X-ray source and a PHOTON 100 CMOS area detector.  Sample temperatures between 90 and 300 K are attainable using the Kryoflex low-temperature device.

This system is for structure determination from single crystals using X-ray diffraction. Crystals of organic, metal-organic, inorganic compounds, as well as alloys and high-temperature solid state materials, can be studied.

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