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Department of Statistics

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Our department excels at collaborative research between faculty, students and other universities. 

Our research activities are organized into eight themes, each with a leader and several members from the faculty and graduate students. The research themes are:


Survival analysis and reliability

Semiparametric and nonparametric inference in survival analysis and reliability

Primary Theme: Karl Gregory, Edsel Peña , Lianming WangJames Lynch (emeritus)

Secondary Theme: Xiaoyan Lin, Xianzheng Huang, Yen-yi Ho


Latent variable models

Measurement error models, group testing, robustness, clustering, inter-rater agreement, educational measurement, item response theory, longitudinal data analysis

Primary Theme: Brian HabingXianzheng Huang, Joshua TebbsDewei Wang

Secondary Theme: Don Edwards, David Hitchcock, Xiaoyan Lin, Lianming Wang


Semiparametric methods

Dimension reduction, case-control data analysis, finite mixture models

Primary Theme: John Grego

Secondary Theme: Yen-yi Ho, James Lynch  (emeritus)


Bayesian statistics and Bayesian nonparametrics

Markov chain Monte Carlo, graphical models, hierarchical models, nonparametric priors, objective priors

Primary Theme: Xiaoyan Lin, Lianming Wang

Secondary Theme: Brian HabingJoshua TebbsJames Lynch (emeritus)


Highly structured and high dimensional data

Functional data analysis, spatiotemporal modeling, image analysis, medical imaging, model selection, shrinkage

Primary Theme: Dewei WangKarl GregoryDavid Hitchcock, Yen-yi Ho

Secondary Theme: Lianming Wang


Simultaneous inference

Large p small n testing, simultaneous confidence intervals, multiple testing, order-restricted inference

Primary Theme: Edsel PeñaJoshua TebbsDewei Wang

Secondary Theme: John Grego, Lianming WangJames Lynch (emeritus), Don Edwards (emeritus)


Stochastic processes

Stochastic differential equations, applied stochastic processes

Primary Theme: Edsel Peña

Secondary Theme: James Lynch  (emeritus)


Statistical Education

Primary Theme: Angela Ferguson, Amanda Murphy, Mohammed Quasem, Gail Ward-Besser

Secondary Theme: Brian Habing

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