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Department of Statistics

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Our department excels at collaborative research between faculty, students and other universities. 

Below lists recent papers (accepted/in press) authored by our tenured/tenure track faculty (shown in bold).

  1. Bai, R., Moran, G., Antonelli, J., Chen, Y., and Boland, M. (2022). Spike-and-slab group lassos for grouped regression and sparse generalized additive models. Journal of the American Statistical Association 117, 184-197.
  2. Meeker, J., Burris, H., Bai, R., Levine, L., and Boland, M. (2022). Neighborhood deprivation increases the risk of post-induction cesarean delivery. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 29, 329-334.
  3. Cao, X., Gregory, K., and Wang, D. (2022). Inference for sparse linear regression based on the leave-one-covariate-out solution path. Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods 52, 6640-6657.
  4. Wang, D., Mou, X., and Liu, Y. (2022). Varying coefficient regression analysis for pooled biomonitoring data. Biometrics 78, 1328-1341.
  5. Sun, L., Li, S., Wang, L., Song, X., and Sui, M. (2022). Simultaneous variable selection for joint models of multivariate interval-censored data. Biometrics 78, 1402-1413.
  6. Sherlock, P., DiStefano, C., and Habing, B. (2022). Effects of mixing weights and predictor distributions. Structural Equation Modeling 29, 70-85.
  7. Petitbon, A. and Hitchcock, D. (2022). What Kind of Music Do You Like? A Statistical Analysis of Music Genre Popularity Over Time.  Journal of Data Science 20, 168-187.
  8. Yang, Z., Ho, Y.Y. (2022). Modeling dynamic correlation in zero-inflated bivariate count data with applications to single-cell RNA sequencing data. Biometrics 78, 766-776.
  9. Zhou, H. and Huang, X. (2022). Bayesian beta regression for bounded responses with unknown supports. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 167, 107345.
  10. Wang, C. and Lin, X. (2022). Bayesian semiparametric regression analysis of multivariate panel count data. Stats 5, 477-493.
  11. Park, J., Jeon, Y., Shin, M., Jeon, M., and Jin, I. (2022). Bayesian shrinkage for functional network models with intractable normalizing constants. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 31, 360-377.
  12. Kwok, W. C., Cheung, K. S., Ho, J. C. M., Li, B., Ma, T. F., and Leung, W. K. (2022). High-dose proton pump inhibitors are associated with hospitalization for bronchiectasis exacerbation. The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 26, 917-921.
  13. Mo, Y., Habing, B., and Sedransk, N. (2022). Tree-based methods: A tool for modeling nonlinear complex  relationships and generating new insights from data. Journal of Data Science 3, 359-379.
  14. Sherlock, P., DiStefano, C. and Habing, B. (2022).  Effects of mixing weights and predictor distributions on regression mixture models.  Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal 29, 70-85.
  15. Shin, M. and Liu, J. (2022). Neuronized priors for Bayesian sparse linear regression. Journal of the American Statistical Association 17, 1695-1710.
  1. Bai, R. and Ghosh, M. (2021). On the beta prime prior for scale parameters in high-dimensional Bayesian regression models. Statistica Sinica 31, 843-865.
  2. Bai, R., Rockova, V., and George, E. (2021). Spike-and-slab meets LASSO: A review of the spike- and-slab LASSO. In Tadesse, M. and Vannucci, M. (Eds.), Handbook of Bayesian Variable Selection (pp 81-108). Chapman & Hall/CRC Press.
  3. Meeker, J., Canelon, S., Bai, R., Levine, L., and Boland, M. (2021). Individual- and neighborhood- level risk factors for severe maternal morbidity. Obstetrics & Gynecology 137, 847-854.
  4. Boland, M., Liu, J., Balocchi, C., Meeker, J., Bai, R., Mowery, D., and Herman, D. (2021). A method to link neighborhood-level covariates to COVID-19 infection patterns in Philadelphia using spatial regression. AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings 2021, 545-554.
  5. Shin, M., Cho, H., Min, H., and Lim, S. (2021). Neural bootstrapper. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 34, NeurIPS 2021 Proceedings.
  6. Gregory, K., Mammen, E., and Wahl, M. (2021). Statistical inference in sparse high-dimensional additive models. Annals of Statistics, 49(3), 1514-1536.
  7. Peterson, L., Oram, M., Flavin, M., Seabloom, D., Smith, W., O’Sullivan, M., Vevang, K., Upadhyaya, P., Stornetta, A., Floeder, A., Ho, Y., and others (2021). Co-exposure to inhaled aldehydes or carbon dioxide enhances the carcinogenic properties of the tobacco specific nitrosamine 4- methylanitrosamino-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK) in the A/J mouse lung. Chemical Research in Toxicology 34, 723-732.
  8. Lieberman, B., Kusi, M., Hung, C., Chou, C., He, N., Ho, Y., and others (2021). Toward uncharted territory of cellular heterogeneity: Advances and applications of single-cell RNA-seq. Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics 5, 1-21.
  9. Wang, D. and Tang, C. (2021). Testing against uniform stochastic ordering with paired observations. Bernoulli 27, 2556-2563.
  10. Tang, C., Wang, D., El Barmi, H., and Tebbs, J. (2021). Testing for positive quadrant dependence. American Statistician 75, 23-30.
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  13. Sun, L., Li, S., Wang, L., and Song, X. (2021). A semiparametric mixture model approach for regression analysis of partly interval-censored data with a cured subgroup. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 30, 1890-1903.
  14. Pittman, R., Hitchcock, D., and Grego, J. (2021). Concurrent functional regression to reconstruct river stage data during flood events. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 28, 219-237.
  15. Zhong, S. and Hitchcock, D. (2021). S&P 500 stock price prediction using technical, fundamental and text data. Statistics, Optimization & Information Computing 9, 769-788.
  16. Zhang, H., Huang, X., Han, S., Rezwan, F., Karmaus, W., Arshad, H., and Holloway, J. (2021). Gaussian Bayesian network comparisons with graph ordering unknown. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis: 107156.
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  18. Huang, X. and Zhang, H. (2021). Tests for Gaussian Bayesian networks via quadratic inference functions. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis: 107209.
  19. Kim, T., Lieberman, B., Luta, G., and Peña, E. (2021). Prediction regions for Poisson-based regression models. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics, e1568.
  20. Kim, T., Lieberman, B., Luta, G., and Peña, E. (2021+). Prediction regions for Poisson and over- dispersed Poisson regression models with applications in forecasting number of deaths during the covid-19 pandemic. Open Statistics 2, 81-112.
  21. Watson, S., Cooper, P., Liu, N., Gharraee, L., Du, L., Han, E., Peña, E., and others (2021). Diet alters age-related remodeling of aortic collagen in mice susceptible to atherosclerosis. American Journal of Physiology 320: H52-H65.
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  11. Liu, Q., Hodge, J., Wang, J., Wang, Y., Wang, L., and others (2020). Emodin reduces breast cancer lung metastasis by suppressing macrophage-induced breast cancer cell epithelial mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cell formation. Theranostics 10, 8365-8381.
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