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Department of Statistics

Our People

Learn more about the faculty and staff of the Department of Statistics or contact us.

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Allen, Cerissa Part-Time Instructor Statistics
Faculty Black, Cheryl Part-Time Instructor Statistics
Faculty Cai, Chao Research Associate Part-Time Instructor 803-978-7412 Statistics,Psychology
Faculty Chakraborty, Paramita Assistant Professor 803-777-5893 Statistics
Faculty Cimino, Wendy Part-Time Instructor Statistics
Faculty Dobereiner, Kathryn Office Manager 803-777-1520 Statistics
Faculty Edwards, Don Distinguished Professor Emeritus Statistics
Faculty Grego, John Professor Chair 803-777-5070 Statistics
Faculty Gregory, Karl Assistant Professor 803-777-7614 Statistics
Faculty Habing, Brian Associate Professor Distributed Learning Director 803-777-3578 Statistics
Faculty Habing, Geeia Student Services Program Coordinator Administrative Assistant 803-777-7800 Statistics
Faculty Hitchcock, David Associate Professor Undergraduate Director 803-777-5346 Statistics
Faculty Ho, Yen-Yi Assistant Professor 803-777-5163 Biological Sciences,Statistics,Department of Biological Sciences,Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology
Faculty Huang, Shan Associate Professor Graduate Director 803-777-8772 Statistics
Staff Jiang, Chendi Instructor 803-777-7575 Statistics,College of Arts and Sciences
Faculty Kish, Ernest Network Administrator 803-777-5413 Statistics,Mathematics
Faculty Laub, Angela Instructor 803-777-2954 Statistics
Faculty Lin, Xiaoyan (Iris) Assistant Professor 803-777-3788 Statistics
Faculty Lynch, James Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-5077 Statistics
Faculty Murphy, Amanda Instructor 803-777-8004 Statistics
Faculty Padgett, William J. Distinguished Professor Emeritus 864-878-5266 Statistics
Faculty Petkewich, Maureen Clinical Assistant Professor Assistant Chair 803-777-3291 Statistics
Faculty Peña, Edsel Professor 803-576-5813 Statistics
Faculty Quasem, Mohammed Instructor 803-777-6294 Statistics
Faculty Sims, Wilma Statistics Lab Manager 803-777-5074 Statistics
Faculty Spurrier, John Distinguished Professor Emeritus 336-270-8111 Statistics
Faculty Tebbs, Joshua Professor 803-576-8765 Statistics
Faculty Wang, Dewei Assistant Professor 803-777-4348 Statistics
Faculty Wang, Lianming Associate Professor 803-777-2834 Statistics
Faculty Ward-Besser, Gail Instructor 803-777-9924 Statistics
Faculty Yell, Nicholas Part-Time Instructor Statistics