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Department of Statistics

Graduate Students

Name Office Email Website Keywords
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Brooks, Griffin Coliseum 4003    
Bussing, Anderson Coliseum 4003    
Cai, Yizhou Coliseum 4014    
Chen, Zhixin Coliseum 4019    
Duan, Jiasong Coliseum 4003    
Ebna Mannan, Imtiaz  Coliseum 4003    
Fan, Sijian Coliseum 4014    
Griffith, Evan    
He, Yang Coliseum 4006    
He, Wenbin    
Hong, Qingyuan Coliseum 4005B    
Kim, Jihyun Coliseum 4005A  
Laird, David Coliseum 4014    
Li, Yizeng Coliseum 4005D    
Liu, Qingyang Coliseum 4005B  
Mao, Yuchen Coliseum 4019A    
McNeish, Isabelle    
Phillips, Jerry    
Pittman, Ryan Coliseum 4027A    
Rank, Marisa Coliseum 4028A    
Rubaiya, Rubaiya Coliseum 4014    
Shan, Tong Coliseum 4005D    
Shen, Qinyan Coliseum 4019    
Song, Shuqi Coliseum 4014    
Tice, Nicholas Coliseum 4028B    
Wang, Shijie Coliseum 4005A    
Woolsey, Nicholas Coliseum 4022    
Yang, Shuyi Coliseum 4014    
Yang, Yun Coliseum 4007A    
Yang, Zhen   Coliseum 4005E    
Yu, Zehao Coliseum 4019A    
Zhang, Wenda  Coliseum 4002    
Zhao, Zile Coliseum 4019A    
Zhi, Xin Coliseum 4022    
Zhong, Shan Coliseum 4005E   






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