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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Marine Science

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Benitez-Nelson, Claudia Distinguished Professor Associate Dean for Instruction, Community Engagement and Research Petigru: 803-777-0525; EWS: 803-777-0018 Geology and Geophysics,Marine Science,Academic Advisors
Faculty Benner, Ronald Carolina Distinguished Professor 803-777-9561 Academic Advisors,Marine Science
Faculty Bourbonnais, Annie Assistant Professor School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment 803 777-7052 Academic Advisors,Marine Science
Faculty Bulusu, Subrahmanyam Professor 803-777-2572 Academic Advisors,Marine Science,Geology and Geophysics
Faculty Carbone, Gregory J. Professor 803-777-0682 Environment and Sustainability,Geology and Geophysics,Marine Science,Academic Advisors
Faculty Kimball, Matthew E. Research Assistant Professor Resident Assistant Director, Baruch Field Laboratory 843-904-9030 Academic Advisors,Marine Science
Faculty Lang, Susan Assistant Professor 803-777-8832 Academic Advisors,Marine Science,Geology and Geophysics
Faculty Pinckney, James Professor Director of the Belle W. Baruch Institute for Coastal and Marine Research 803-777-5288 Academic Advisors,Marine Science
Faculty Porter, Dwayne Research Professor, Marine Field Lab Professor, Environmental Health Sciences 803-777-4615 Environment and Sustainability,Academic Advisors,Marine Science
Faculty Quattro, Joe Professor Graduate Director, School of Earth, Ocean and Environment 803-777-3240 Marine Science,Academic Advisors,Environment and Sustainability
Faculty Richardson, Tammi Professor Associate Chair 803-777-2269 Marine Science,Academic Advisors
Faculty Rykaczewski, Ryan Associate Professor 803-777-8159 Marine Science,Academic Advisors
Faculty Scher, Howie Associate Professor 803-777-2410 Academic Advisors,Geology and Geophysics,Marine Science
Faculty Showman, Richard Associate Professor 803-777-2457 Academic Advisors,Marine Science
Faculty Smith, Erik Research Assistant Professor Research Coordinator, North Inlet-Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Baruch Field Laboratory 843-904-9035 Academic Advisors,Marine Science
Faculty Speiser, Daniel Assistant Professor 803-777-6597 Marine Science,Academic Advisors
Faculty Voulgaris, George Professor 803-777-2549 Marine Science,Geology and Geophysics,Academic Advisors
Faculty White, Scott Professor 803-777-6304 Geology and Geophysics,Environment and Sustainability,Marine Science,Academic Advisors
Faculty Wilson, Alicia Professor Associate Director, SEOE 803-777-1240 Geology and Geophysics,Academic Advisors,Environment and Sustainability,Marine Science
Faculty Yankovsky, Alexander Associate Professor 803-777-3550 Academic Advisors,Marine Science,Geology and Geophysics
Faculty Ziolkowski, Lori Assistant Professor 803-777-0035 Geology and Geophysics,Marine Science,Academic Advisors