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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment


All of the faculty of the School of Earth, Ocean and Environment are actively involved in research and scholarly activities. If you're interested in a particular faculty member's laboratory, you can access that information on their profile page.

Andean Geophysical Laboratory

Andean Geophysical Laboratory

The Andean Geophysical Laboratory (AGL) was founded in 1987 at the University of South Carolina to use geophysical methods to study the tectonic evolution of the Andean margin of South America. Director: James Kellogg

Coastal Processes & Sediment Dynamics Lab

Coastal Processes & Sediment Dynamics (CPSD) Laboratory

Shoreline evolution; nearshore and beach processes; surf-zone and continental shelf sediment transport; wave-current interaction; sediment re-suspension; hydrodynamic and turbulence measurements in the field and laboratory; time-series analysis; tidal propagation in estuaries and lagoons; numerical model applications to coastal zone; operational oceanography; HFR Surface Radar measurements.Director: George Voulgaris

McLane Pump

Marine Biogeochem Lab

In my lab we examine the mechanisms of aquatic particle formation, export, and burial and how the composition of these particles changes both temporally and spatially.  Much of this work focuses specifically on phosphorus and carbon biogeochemistry, but includes other elements and compounds ranging from mercury to the neurotoxin, domoic acid.  We use a variety of geochemical techniques in our laboratory, including radiochemistry and mass spectrometry.  My research sites span the globe, from coastal South Carolina to Venezuela to South Africa.

Petrology-Geochemistry-Volcanology Laboratory


Our research combines geological field work with geochemical studies that focus primarily on the use of trace elements and isotopes to understand magmatic processes and their roll in the evolution of the Earth’s crust and mantle. Our interest is primarily in understanding how the geochemistry of island arc volcanic rocks is controlled by tectonic processes in different subduction settings. Director: Gene Yogodzinski 

Satellite Oceanography Laboratory

Satellite Oceanography Laboratory

Our lab trains undergraduate and graduate students, Post-doctoral Scholars and Visiting Scientists, and conducts research in Remote Sensing, Satellite Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Ocean Dynamics, Air-Sea Interaction, Global Water Cycle, and Climate Change. Director: Subrahmanyam Bulusu

Tectonics and Sedimentation Laboratory

Tectonics and Sedimentation Laboratory

My students and I study the sedimentary record, which we use to better understand the evolution of tectonic plates, mountain belts, ocean circulation, climate and biogeography. We use sediment provenance, magnetostratigraphy, basin analysis, geochronology & thermochronology to meet these challenges. Director: David I. Barbeau, Jr.


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