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My USC Lancaster


The all-in-one passport to campus life at USC, the CarolinaCard, is your mandatory permanent University ID. CarolinaCard is required:

  • for admission to student events on campus;
  • for checking out books in Medford Library;
  • for identification purposes when on campus.

What to Bring to Get Your CarolinaCard

Your student/faculty/staff CarolinaCard is your permanent USC ID card. University policy requires all students, faculty and staff to have a USC photo ID card, the CarolinaCard, on their person while on campus. All IDs are made in the Law Enforcement and Security Office located in the Campus Security Office. 

To verify your identity, you must be a registered student and bring:

  • Students must have one form of ID: US Driver's License, Military ID, Passport

Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards should be immediately reported through the CarolinaCard website, available 24 hours a day through MY.SC.EDU at You are liable for any unauthorized use of your lost or stolen CarolinaCard, and all accounts on it, until the University is notified. If you find your card, you can simply reactivate it through MY.SC.EDU at the same way you deactivated it.


The CarolinaCash account associated with CarolinaCard can be used as a flexible spending card. Each time you make a purchase, the amount of the purchase is deducted from your account balance. Use the card at::

  • the Bookstore at USC Lancaster
  • many drink machines on campus

Depositing Money to the CarolinaCard

You have a choice of convenient ways to make deposits to the card.

  • Use MY.SC.EDU at and choose "CarolinaCard Deposits".
  • Credit Card deposits can be taken over the phone at 803-777-1708 (Monday through Friday only, 8:30 - 5:00).