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Financial Aid and Your Financial Aid

Once you have enrolled, a bill will be generated for your university charges. To view your bill, log in to and choose your campus. Click on “Account Information” then “Print Bill for Term” or “Payment Gateway” to learn how to pay your bill and set up Direct Deposit.

In, click on “Financial Aid” then “Financial Aid Dashboard” to confirm you have completed all requirements for financial aid. If you have available aid, it will then apply toward your charges. You will be responsible for any remaining balance due to completing your course registration.

Refunds and Aid for Non-university Expenses (such as rent) 

If you have additional financial aid after your university charges have been paid, you will be able to receive the excess in the form of a check or through direct deposit. 

Direct deposit is preferred. You can sign up for direct deposit by 

  1. Logging into to 
  2. Choose the “Account Information” tab.
  3. Click on “Sign Up for Direct Deposit”.
  4. Click on the “eRefunds” tab and set up your account using the “Set up Account” link under the “Direct Deposit Bank Account” section. 

If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will receive a paper check mailed by the Business Office to either your local or permanent address as listed with university records on Check with the Business Office for the exact mailing dates and with questions regarding the mailing of your check.  

Excess financial aid or refunds that result from a Parent PLUS Loan will be mailed to either the borrower or the student based on the preference indicated on the PLUS application. Refunds will be sent to the parent at the address provided on the PLUS loan application, or to the student at the address on If the student address has changed, please update your address on If the parent address has changed, please contact the Financial Aid Office. 

You should contact the Business Office regarding the following information: 

  • Disbursement of all financial aid and scholarships 
  • Fees payment concerns or problems 
  • Perkins or Health Professions Student Loan collections  
  • Fees deferments 
  • Refunds 

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