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The university's internet-based time and attendence management system is designed to simplify your timekeeping tasks while keeping your personal information secure.


Access your account and manage your time through our online system. You can choose to enter your hours each day and save your timesheet, or wait until the end of the week.

Training Guides

For Student and Hourly Employees [pdf]

For Employees Reporting Time and Weekly Leave (Non-Exempt Salaried) [pdf]

For Employees Reporting Leave Semi-Monthly (Salaried Exempt) [pdf]

For Managers and Department Approvers [pdf]

Reference Materials

Frequently Used Time Codes

Code Description
USC-WORKED To record worked hours for all non-exempt employees.
USC A/L Annual Leave taken is paid leave that can be used by eligible employees for any purpose. Requests for annual leave must be pre-approved by the employee’s supervisor
USC S/L-PERSONAL Sick Leave taken is used for absences due to personal illness or injury incapacitating the employee from performing the full duties of the position
USC S/L-FAMILY Family Sick Leave -leave hours that are used to care for an immediate family member.
USC HOLIDAY Paid Holiday
USC S/L-FMLA Sick leave hours used for Family Medical Leave Act purposes. Pre-authorization by Human Resources is required.
USC A/L-FMLA Annual leave hours used for Family Medical Leave Act purposes. Pre-authorization by Human Resources is required. 
USC A/L-AS-S/L For use if sick leave balance is exhausted and employee has authorization from supervisor to use annual leave hours for sick leave.
USC COMP-TAKEN Non-exempt salaried employees who have earned compensatory hours will use those hours by selecting this timecode.
USC A/L-AS-LWOP When an employee who has exhausted all available leave balances and takes leave time, the absence will be recorded as leave without pay.
USC LWOP-PERS Leave Without Pay autocalculated by the system if schedule is not met.
USC LWOP-PERSNL Unpaid Personal Leave used to report authorized unpaid absences of up to 10 consecutive calendar days.
USC LWOP-UNAUTH An absence that was not previously approved by the Department Chair or authorized supervisor.
USC S/L-WCOMP Pre-authorization by Human Resources is required. Use the S/L-WCOMP time code when an eligible employee is incapacitated for duty because of a work-related injury or illness and elects to be placed on paid leave status using accrued sick leave 
USC MILITARY Paid Military Duty
USC HAZW-PAID The Governor may declare a weather-related state of emergency and provide paid hazardous weather leave to eligible state employees. Only use the Hazw-Paid time code to record hours when the weather related absence is declared as leave.
USC VOTE Voting Leave (approval required)
USC COURT-LEAVE Employees subpoenaed, or who appear as a witness or in any other official University capacity in a court, hearing, or mediation, should record the hours as Court-Leave.
USC BEREAVEMENT To record up to three consecutive days of leave due to a death of an immediate family member.
USC BLOOD-DONOR Employees are permitted to participate in university-sponsored blood drives without using annual or sick leave.

All Time Codes

There are three essential forms you'll need for timekeeping with ITAMS:

Appoint a payroll contact, an HR contact and a timekeeper for every department. Must be accompanied by a Statement of User Responsibility.
ITAMS Departmental Approver Authorization Form [pdf]

Acknowledge that the university's policy prohibits the disclosure of sensitive information.
Statement of User Responsibility [pdf]


Need help with iTAMS?

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