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Payroll Department

Direct Deposit

All employees at the University of South Carolina are required to register for direct deposit. Find out how you can set up and manage your account.

Ways to Set Up Direct Deposit

  1. Set up or make changes by visiting VIP (Employment)
  2. Fill out the direct deposit form and bring to the Payroll office 


USC Columbia Employees

We will hold your check at the Payroll Office. You must be signed up for direct deposit and appear in person to have it released to you.

Employees on Other Campuses

The human resources office on your campus will hold your check. You must appear in person and be signed up for direct deposit to recieve your paycheck.


Common Questions About Direct Deposit

How long will it take to start my direct deposit?

Your direct deposit transaction will typically go into effect on the second payroll following your election.You will most likely receive a paper check on your first payroll, and will need to pick up your check from the Payroll office or from your designated HR location if you are employed outside of Columbia.

Can I make a direct deposit to more than one account?

No. Direct deposits in our current system only allow for one bank or credit union account. We expect this to change once the system upgrades are completed.

If I change my deposit, when will it go into effect?

Depending on the timing of the change within the payroll cycle, the direct deposit will either go into effect for the next payroll or the second payroll following the change.

You may receive a paper check on the first payroll after the change if the change occurred later in the payroll cycle.

What if I don't sign up for direct deposit?

Direct deposit is mandatory for all employees.