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Time Keeping

Employees, managers, supervisors and department approvers can learn more about the process of time and leave entry at the university with our helpful guides and troubleshooting tips. 


Access our online timekeeping system for secure and easy management of your hours worked.



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I can't get into the ITAMS system.

Have you set up your network name and password or VIP ID and password?
To access ITAMS through the Central Authentication Service (CAS), you will use your network name and password or VIP ID and password. If you have questions about your CAS login information, please contact the Service Desk at (803) 777‐1800, submit a self‐service ticket or visit one of the help pages below.

VIP ID Help Page »

Network Name Help Page »

Is your hiring paperwork processed and up to date?
You will not be able to access ITAMS if your paperwork has not finished processing, your paperwork is being renewed or your position has expired. Confirm with your supervisor.

Need help with ITAMS?

All weekly timesheets are due to be submitted and approved by noon on Monday, for the prior week unless otherwise requested.

This will depend upon your department's policy. Employees can choose to enter hours each day and save their timesheet, or wait until the end of the week to create their timesheet. Non-exempt employees are required by law to report time on a weekly basis.

If you are a non-exempt salaried employee who fills out a timesheet each week, the hours on your timesheet must at least equal your scheduled hours, or your time sheet will not forward for approval.

  • First, check to make sure your timesheet hours equal your schedule.
  • If you took leave without pay hours, use the LWOP-Persnl timecode to enter those hours.
  • If your position begins or ends during the week, and the paperwork is not current, your manager or approver will have to retrieve your timesheet and then approve it.

You must select an alternate approver, designated by your department. When you click to "send" your timesheet for approval, select alternate approver from the drop down box that appears in the ITAMS window. 

No. Your timesheet is locked once it is sent for approval. Any changes at that point must be made by your supervisor or an ITAMS department approver.

Yes. Supervisors and ITAMS approvers have the ability to retrieve your timesheet via the "People Search" function in ITAMS.

Yes. ITAMS allows you to access up to two upcoming time periods and save your hours. Any leave hours entered on your timesheet will be shown as "taken" once you have saved your timesheet.

If you did not fill out your timesheet in advance, your supervisor or an ITAMS department approver can create the timesheet in your absence by retrieving your record via the ITAMS "People Search" feature.

Hourly employees will not be paid unless their timesheets are approved and processed. If you are a non-exempt salaried employee, you will be notified by email if your timesheet is not submitted or approved by the appropriate time. Your supervisor and one of the ITAMS department approvers will also receive an email notification. 

If you are unable to create the timesheet, your supervisor or department approver can create it for you.

It is important to remember that unapproved timesheets cannot be processed for payment. If your supervisor is not available, an ITAMS department approver can retrieve and approve your timesheet via the ITAMS "People Search" function.

Full-time non-exempt salaried employees will receive an email notification if their timesheet has not been approved by the specified calendar deadline.

Login to ITAMS and check the messages in the box on your home screen. When your timesheet is approved, you will see a message that says "you have 0 time sheets waiting for approval." If you can't remember whether or not you sent your timesheet for approval, click "time entry" and go directly to the timesheet to see it's status.

ITAMS approvers are assigned based on a time department. An employee's assigned time department determines which approvers can access their timesheet. If there are active employees in your department that you cannot access via ITAMS, you may want to verify their assigned time department is correct. That information should be on their hiring paperwork.

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