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Payroll Department

Employment Verification

Applying for a mortgage? Renting an apartment? Buying a car? Verifiers and employees can use Experian Verify to easily retrieve accurate employment and income information.

Experian Verify is an employment verification system that automates income and employment verification services for employees. This system provides income verification, employment verification, social service request, or a custom verification letter. It eliminates all internal manual verification labor for the University through a secure and employee consent-driven process.

Using Experian's automated process will speed up the employment verification process when applying for big loans like cars and mortgages which is a big benefit to all University employees!

Experian has employment data for all employees who have been employed since 1/1/2020, but if a verification request comes in for someone who separated from employment prior to 1/1/2020 Experian will be unable to provide verification. In these scenarios, please have the vendor or former employee reach out directly to the Payroll Office ( for verification.

A Verifier is a lender, pre-employment screening firm, prospective employer or other entity that needs to verify employment or income for an individual.

An Employee is a current or former employee of the University of South Carolina that needs an employment or income verification for themselves.

Direct your verifier to to request your secure employment information.

Your verifier will need the following information:

  • Your full name 
  • Social Security Number
  • Name of Employer
  • Signed authorization (if requesting income)

Verifiers have access to request a report anytime, and the report will be automatically generated and returned to the verifier instantly.

Go to Here is a quick reference guide to help you get started.

Experian Verify Quick Reference Guide for the Employee [pdf]

On the Experian Verify page, begin by clicking “Get Started” in the I am an Employee section and enter the following:

  • Your email address
  •  The requested basic information
  • Your USC specific Experian "Access Code": D24522AF

As an employee you can also:

  • Request a Verification Letter or Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form
  • Manage your privacy
  • View and download your own verification report

For assistance, please contact Experian Verify directly at 404-382-5400 or

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