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International Student Services

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USC's International Education Week (Nov. 12-16, 2018) is a packed week of events celebrating all the ways USC students, faculty, and staff are involved in international exchange worldwide. You'll find more information about how to get involved and event details below. 

Maxcy Language Tables
All week!
The Carolina International House at Maxcy College
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
  • Arabic Table - Mondays, 4-5pm, Maxcy Dining Room
  • Portuguese Table, Mondays, 4:30-5:30pm, Maxcy Classroom
  • German Table, Wednesdays, 4-5pm, Maxcy Classroom
  • Japanese Table - Wednesdays, 5-6pm, Maxcy Classroom
  • Spanish Table - Wednesdays, 6-7pm, Maxcy Dining Room
  • Russian Table - Wednesdays, 6-7pm, Cool Beans Coffee 
  • French Table - Thursdays, 6-7pm, Maxcy Dining Room
  • Mandarin Chinese Table - Friday, 5-6pm, Maxcy Dining Room

Hosted by: The Carolina International House at Maxcy College

CineCola Film: Les Gardiennes (France)
Friday, November 9, 7pm
Columbia Museum of Art
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
7:00pm - Les Gardiennes (The Guardians)
Xavier Beauvois, 2017
(138 minutes. In French, w/ English subtitles)
Free & open to the public
Book Discussion: South Carolina's Turkish People
Friday, November 9, 2:00-3:30pm
Hollings Library (Inside Thomas Cooper Library)
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
On Friday, November 9, Glen Browder and Terri Ognibene will present their new book, South Carolina's Turkish People: A History and Ethnology (University of South Carolina Press, 2018). The book reveals a fascinating story of families who maintained their Turkish identity for over 200 years within the segregated worlds of rural South Carolina. Dr. Browder's analysis of documentary sources and Dr. Ognibene's gathering of oral testimonies, wrote one reviewer, "make South Carolina's Turkish People very likely the closest we will ever come to understanding the origins and tangled history of this elusive but persistent community in Sumter County." The New York Times featured an article on this fascinating history this summer. 
For more details, check out the event poster.
Hosted by: The Walker Institute
International Teaching Assistant Challenges in the American Classroom
Monday, November 12, 3:30 - 4:45pm
CTE: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5, Room L511
For: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, ITAs
Led by Dr. Michelle Hardee and Mrs. Terry Goodfellow

Are USC undergraduate student attitudes, priorities and behaviors different from what you are accustomed? International Teaching Assistants (ITAs) must learn to interpret and handle American students' actions appropriately, but seldom have the opportunity for this learning before stepping into the classroom. This workshop and discussion is designed to provide graduate students with the chance to discuss some of the difficulties they might have encountered in American academic culture, including cultural differences in classroom participation. This is not a lecture – workshop participants will identify peculiar aspects of American academic life that s/he has encountered, discuss similarities and differences in ideas, beliefs, or expectations with other participants, and develop a deeper understanding of the role culture plays in academic behavior. This workshop is open to all nationalities, not just International graduate students.

Hosted by: The Center for Teaching Excellence and English Programs for Internationals
Mental Health and International Students: Considering a New Approach
Monday, November 12, 12:00 - 12:50pm
Center for Health and Well-Being, Rm 219
For: Faculty, Staff, and Community members
International students have unique needs and challenges that relate to their mental and emotional well-being. This session will help attendees understand the cultural dimensions that may contribute to mental health challenges in international students, notice warning signs that should be reported and act on that awareness in a culturally sensitive and productive way. This session will be applicable specifically to advisors, health services, counseling services, and anyone who works directly with international student populations on campus. 
Please RSVP if you will attend; lunch will be provided. 
Hosted by: International Accelerated Program, Student Health Services
Study in Italy Info Session Aperitivo
Monday, November 12, 4:00pm
Close Hipp 453
For: Students
Join us to learn more about the Global USC in Tuscany Maymester study abroad program. Food and drink will be provided in the style of a traditional Italian "aperitivo"! Come explore Italian culture while discovering how you can travel to Italy with USC.
See event poster for more details. Email SAI with any questions. 
Hosted by: Study Abroad Office, SAI
CineCola Film: L'Atelier (France)
Monday, November 12, 7pm
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
Laurent Cantet, 2017
(113 minutes. In French w/ English subtitles)
Free & open to the public 
Carolina Productions Foreign Film Week
Monday, November 12, 7:00pm
Russell House Theater
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
7:00pm - Mother of George (Nigeria)
Synopsis and Review: A stunningly imagined account of African immigrant life in present-day Brooklyn, the Sundance-prizewinning "Mother of George" is a film with a visual manner so unusual and forcefully elaborated that it could conceivably overwhelm any story it was used to tell. Read More. Share the Foreign Film Week Poster.

Hosted by: Carolina Productions, Global Carolina, PANASA

Diwali: Hindu Festival Celebration
Monday, November 12, 7:00pm
Bates Social Room
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
A fun night to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali. There will be music, games, food, and a whole lot of fun!

Hosted by: Indian Cultural Exchange
Carolina Intercultural Training
Tuesday, November 13, 1:15 - 2:30pm
CTE: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5, Room L511
For: Graduate Students 
Led by Julie Medlin
The Carolina Intercultural Training focuses on understanding cross-cultural communication styles and exploring strategies for increasing intercultural competence. The workshop includes information, activities, and discussion to help navigate common miscommunications between cultures both in the office and classroom setting. Participants will leave the workshop better equipped to provide and promote an inclusive environment on campus for all international Gamecocks.  Those who complete this workshop will receive an “International Friendly Zone” card.

Why should you attend?
To increase intercultural competency for the office and classroom
To explore and compare cultural models
To gain tools to navigate common cultural misunderstandings
To prepare for your future career
Hosted by: International Student Services
Preparing for a Multicultural Work Environment:
Global Companies, International Teams, Local Customers 
Tuesday, November 13, 5:30-7:00pm
Coker 211
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members

Are you interested in learning about building cohesive multicultural teams that will in turn help you in your future career?
Dr. Wolfgang Messner will discuss the possibility of bridging the intercultural divide, and how to build strong teams. Oftentimes team members and managers alike brush off cultural issues. Why? Because they are difficult to define or to measure, and at times delicate to talk about. Engaging with a colleague or customer half-way round the world is often perceived as a “necessary evil,” something one has to do to stay in business in today’s interconnected world and era of cost-cutting. Cultural misunderstandings mostly occur due to differences in communication style, reasoning, and expectations of each other. This session will show you why culture matters, and how you can overcome cultural differences in a work environment. Dr. Wolfgang Messner will share practical tips to help you become more successful in your international project or collaboration, and to enjoy the fun element of global interconnectedness.

Wolfgang Messner is Clinical Associate Professor of International Business at the Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina. Prior to joining academia, he has lived and worked as a business executive in Germany, India and the UK.
RSVP for the event at
For more details, check out the event poster.
Hosted by: Darla Moore School of Business, Global Carolina
International Potluck 
Tuesday, November 13, 6:00pm
RH Golden Spur Game Room
For: Students

Ever wondered what food from another country tastes like but don’t have the money to travel?  No problem- the international potluck will feature food from around the world.  Bring food that you think represents your country or a favorite dish that your mom makes back home. Can’t wait to see what different cultures are represented at USC and to taste amazing food from around the world!!! RSVP and sign up to bring a dish! Share the event poster.

Hosted by:  International Student Association, International Student Services
Dabke Dance: A Symbol of Love, Life & Struggle
Tuesday, November 13, 6:30pm
SJMC Room 116 (800 Sumter Street)
For: All Students
During this SJP topic meeting, we will explore the historical significance of dabke and examine how dabke dance tells the Palestinian story! Plus, we'll teach you a few moves too! For more information check out the SJP Facebook event. 
Hosted by: Students for Justice in Palestine
Interview Speed Round
Wednesday, November 14, 12:00-12:50pm
Career Center: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5
For: Undergraduate and Graduate International Students

All International students are invited to join the Career Center as we explore the American behavioral-style interview. This workshop will include an overview of the basics of responding to behavioral interview questions, strategies for preparing for an interview and following up afterwards, and professional attire. Students will also have the opportunity to practice responding to interview questions with Career Center staff. Participants will leave the workshop feeling confident in their ability to ace their upcoming interviews!

Why should you attend?
To enhance your understanding of the American interview process.
To gain strategies for responding to behavioral interview questions.
To increase your comfort level with interacting with your interviewer.
10 Tips for Advising International Students
Wednesday, November 14, 12:00 - 12:50pm
Russell House 220
For: Academic Advisors
International students bring a new level of diversity to USC, but their unique backgrounds and needs can also make advising them a challenge.  This presentation will provide 10 key tips to academic advisors on effectively advising international students on their coursework while taking into account linguistic, cultural and immigration related factors.
Please RSVP if you will attend; lunch will be provided. 
Hosted by: International Accelerated Program
Carolina Productions Foreign Film Week
Wednesday, November 14, 6:00pm
Russell House Theater
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members

6:00pm - The Mermaid (China)
Synopsis and Review: "The Mermaid will make you laugh. It doesn't matter if you don't like subtitles. It doesn't matter if you've never heard of the director. It doesn't matter if you've never seen a Chinese movie in your life.  It will make you laugh. Guaranteed. The Mermaid is a romantic-comedy fantasy from actor-director-producer Stephen Chow ("Kung Fu Hustle," "Shaolin Soccer") about a billionaire who falls in love with a mermaid." Read more
Accomplishments: The film won the Golden Angel Award Film at the 12th Chinese American Film Festival in 2016. The film holds the record in China for biggest opening day, as well as having the biggest opening week of all time in China. It is the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time in China. 
 Share the Foreign Film Week Poster.

Hosted by: Carolina Productions, Global Carolina

Carolina Productions Foreign Film Week
Wednesday, November 14, 9:00pm
Russell House Theater
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
9:00pm - The Host (S. Korea) 
Synopsis and Review: "A horror thriller, a political satire, a dysfunctional family comedy, and a touching melodrama, Bong Joon-ho's "The Host" is also one helluva monster movie. It's the recombinant offspring of all those science-fiction pictures of the 1950s and '60s in which exposure to atomic radiation (often referred to as both "atomic" and "radiation") or hazardous chemicals (sometimes also radioactive) results in something very large and inhospitable: "Them!" (giant ants), "Tarantula" (giant spider), ... and so on." Read More. Share the Foreign Film Week Poster.

Hosted by: Carolina Productions, Global Carolina

CineCola Film: Makala (France)
Wednesday, November 14, 7:00pm
112 Sloan College, UofSC Campus
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members

7:00pm - Makala (Charcoal) 
Emmanuel Gras, 2018
(96 minutes. In Swahili an French, w/ English subtitles)
Free & open to the public

Hosted by: A​lliance Française of Columbia, SC

Wednesday, November 14, 6:30pm
Hootie Johnson Auditorium (Basement Level), Darla Moore School of Business
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members

Come to Darla Moore to watch the award-winning documentary, "Winter on Fire." The film follows the 3-month seige primarily led by college students against a corrupt regime in Ukraine, hitting hard and exposing the reality that people our age face in the world. A Q&A will follow.

Hosted by: Darla Moore School of Business

Fulbright Reception
Thursday, November 15, 3:30-5:00pm
Gressette Room in Harper College, 3rd Floor
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members

The Fulbright reception celebrates students, staff, and faculty who are Fulbright applicants and recipients in South Carolina along with University colleagues who support the Fulbright program.
Special guests: President, Dr. Harris Pastides & Vice Provost and Director of Global Carolina, Dr. Allen Miller
Please RSVP by November 8. 

Hosted by: Office of the Provost, Office of International Scholars, Fellowships and Scholar Programs, International Student Services, and the SC Fulbright Association
Carolina Productions Foreign Film Week
Thursday, November 15, 7:00pm
Russell House Theater
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
Thursday, 7:00pm - Shaun of the Dead (UK)

Synopsis and Review: "The movie is a new British comedy about clueless layabouts whose lives center on the pub; for them, the zombies represent not a threat to civilization as we know it, but an interference with valuable drinking time. When it becomes clear that London is crawling (or shuffling) with zombies, best buddies Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) lead a small band of survivors to the obvious stronghold: the Winchester, their local." Read More. Share the Foreign Film Week Poster.

Hosted by: Carolina Productions, Global Carolina

International Bazaar on Greene Street

This event has been moved to Friday due to inclement weather.

Friday, November 16, 11:00am-2:00pm
Greene Street
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members

Celebrate cultures from around the world with dancing, music, food, and creative displays all by walking down Greene Street by the Russell House! International student organizations are welcome to host a table display. Registration is available online now!
See last year's video of the Bazaar, to preview what the day will look like. 
Be sure to check out the event poster and student organization flyer. 
Participate in the Scavenger Hunt with your class. 
IEW World Cup Soccer Games
Friday, November 16, 3:30-7:00pm
Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center, Intramural Fields
For: All Students
World teams will compete in a soccer tournament for the 2018 World Cup title at USC. This year marks the 5th annual competition.
Teams or individuals are invited to register now. Students can create a team for a country or region of the world and individuals can join a team to compete.  See instructions for how to create an IMleagues account.
Team check-in is at 3:30pm, with the first game starting at 4pm. The full bracket will be announced closer to the event. 
Create an account and then register at 
Download and share the event poster. 
Hosted by: Intramurals Sports Office, English Programs for Internationals, Study Abroad Office, International Accelerated Program, Maxcy College, and International Student Services
Jashn: Indian Cultural Celebration
Saturday, November 17, 6:00-10:00pm
Russell House Ballroom
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
A Celebration of Indian culture: dance, music, food, and tradition. 
For more details, see the event poster. RSVP on the Facebook event.

Hosted by: Indian Student Organization
Film Screening: AlKhalil 
Sunday, November 18, 2:00pm
Russell House Theater
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
AlKhalil (Hebron) is a documentary by Yousef Natsha that examines to what extent human rights are realized in a Palestinian community under israeli occupation. Through provoking footage and interviews, this 40-minute film depicts Palestinian civilians attempting to exert their fundamental human rights, such as education, religion, and movement.

Join afterwards for a discussion with the filmmaker, Yousef Natsha. Yousef grew up in AlKhalil (Hebron) and began documenting the struggles and resistance of his community at the age of 19. Yousef has worked with local and international human rights organizations.

This event is FREE and OPEN to the public! For more information check out the SJP Facebook event. 
Hosted by: Students for Justice in Palestine