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International Student Services

IEW Calendar of Events

USC's International Education Week (Nov. 12-16, 2018) is a packed week of events celebrating all the ways USC students, faculty, and staff are involved in international exchange worldwide. You'll find more information about how to get involved and event details below. 


Language Conversation Groups

Maxcy Language Tables
All week!
The Carolina International House at Maxcy College
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
Times to be announced!
  • Spanish Table (LaTertulia) -  Maxcy Classroom
  • Arabic Table - Maxcy Dining Room
  • Mandarin Table - Maxcy Dining Room
  • Italian Table - Maxcy Classroom 
  • French Table - Maxcy Dining Room
  • German Table (Stammtisch) - Maxcy Classroom
  • Russian Table - Maxcy Dining Room
  • Japanese Table - Maxcy Dining Room

NOV 12 to Nov 16 -Carolina Productions Foreign Film Week

Russell House Theater
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
Monday, 7:00pm - Mother of George (Nigeria)
Tuesday, 6:00pm - The Mermaid (China)
Wednesday, 9:00pm - The Host (S. Korea) 
Thursday, 7:00pm - Shaun of the Dead (UK)

Hosted by: Carolina Productions, Global Carolina

NOV 13 - Carolina Intercultural Training

Carolina Intercultural Training
Tuesday, 1:15-2:30pm
CTE: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5
For: Graduate Students 
Led by Julie Medlin
The Carolina Intercultural Training focuses on understanding cross-cultural communication styles and exploring strategies for increasing intercultural competence. The workshop includes information, activities, and discussion to help navigate common miscommunications between cultures both in the office and classroom setting. Participants will leave the workshop better equipped to provide and promote an inclusive environment on campus for all international Gamecocks.  Those who complete this workshop will receive an “International Friendly Zone” card.

Why should you attend?
To increase intercultural competency for the office and classroom
To explore and compare cultural models
To gain tools to navigate common cultural misunderstandings
To prepare for your future career

Hosted by: International Student Services

NOV 14 - Career Center: Interview Speed Round

Interview Speed Round
November 14, 12:00-12:50
Career Center: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5
For: Undergraduate and Graduate International Students

Students are invited to join the Career Center as we explore the American behavioral-style interview. This workshop will include an overview of the basics of responding to behavioral interview questions, strategies for preparing for an interview and following up afterwards, and professional attire. Students will also have the opportunity to practice responding to interview questions with Career Center staff. Participants will leave the workshop feeling confident in their ability to ace their upcoming interviews!

Why should you attend?
To enhance your understanding of the American interview process.
To gain strategies for responding to behavioral interview questions.
To increase your comfort level with interacting with your interviewer.

 Hosted byThe Career Center

NOV 15 - International Bazaar on Greene Street

International Bazaar on Greene Street
Thursday, 11-2pm
Greene Street 
For: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Community members
Celebrate cultures from around the world with dancing, music, food, and creative displays all by walking down Greene Street by the Russell House! International student organizations are welcome to host a table display. Registration available online.

NOV 16 -  CTE Workshop 

Understanding Classroom Culture Around the World
Friday, 2:00-3:30pm
CTE: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5
For: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, ITAs
Led by Dr. Michelle Hardee and Mrs. Terry Goodfellow
How different is American Classroom Culture from other education systems around the world? Should these differences influence how you teach, how you manage your classroom, and classroom participation? Faculty, instructors, and graduate students are invited to learn and discuss variation in academic cultures around the world. Participants will have opportunity to discuss some of the challenges faced in a culturally diverse classroom and learn strategies for successful cross-cultural communication. Workshop content and discussion will address aspects of cross-cultural differences in academic life, similarities and differences in ideas, beliefs, or expectations with other participants, and developing a deeper understanding of the role culture plays in academic behavior.
Hosted by: The Center for Teaching Excellence and English Programs for Internationals

International Potluck

International Potluck
Time TBD
Golden Spurs Gameroom (RH basement)
For: Students
Ever wondered what food from another country tastes like but don’t have the money to travel?  No problem- the international potluck will feature food from around the world.  Bring food that you think represents your country or a favorite dish that your mom makes back home. Can’t wait to see what different cultures are represented at USC and to taste amazing food from around the world!!!        

Hosted by: Study Abroad Association, International Student Association, International Student Services

Annual IEW World Cup

IEW World Cup Soccer Games
Time TBD
Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center, Intramural Fields 1 & 2
World teams will compete in a soccer tournament for the 2017 World Cup title at USC. Teams or individuals are invited to register now. Students can create a team for a country or region of the world and individuals can join a team to compete.  See instructions for how to create an IMleagues account.
Hosted by: Intramurals Sports Office, English Programs for Internationals, Study Abroad Office, International Accelerated Program, and International Student Services