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International Student and Scholar Support

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Off Campus Employment

Are you seeking education outside of the classroom? Perhaps you need an internship in order to graduate, or your dissertation research requires off-campus experience. Or maybe you are graduating and want to seek practical work experience in the U.S. Whatever type of employment you seek, an ISS advisor will help you determine your eligibility and apply for any applicable off-campus work benefits. Click through our sections on F and J off-campus employment to learn more about your employment options as an international student or dependent.

Types of Off-Campus Employment Authorizations

Curricular Practical Training

For F-1 students only. Curricular Practical Training is off-campus work authorization for employment that is an integral part of your academic program. Therefore if your program or class has a required internship, or your dissertation research requires off-campus work, you need CPT. You will also need CPT if you are enrolled in a Career Center internship program such as CIP or a Co-op.

Optional Practical Training

For F-1 students only. Optional Practical Training is typically used after graduation. Those approved for OPT have 12 months of work authorization in the U.S. to find employment within their fields of study. OPT can also be used prior to graduation in some cases.

24-Month STEM Extension Optional Practical Training

For F-1 students only. STEM Optional Practical Training is for students who have obtained a degree in an eligible Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math Degree. This extension allows for 24 additional months of work authorization in your field of study.

F-1 Economic Hardship

For F-1 students only. Economic Hardship employment authorization due to a severe, unforeseen economic necessity.

Internship with International Organization

For F-1 students only. This employment benefit allows F-1 students to work for recognized international organizations within the meaning of the International Organization Immunities Act.

J-1 Academic Training

For J-1 students only. Academic training is training related to your field of study. Academic training is limited to 18 months total for students, and you must be in the U.S. primarily to study.

J-1 Economic Hardship

For J-1 Students only. Off-campus work authorization may be granted by your program sponsor due to serious, unforeseen changes in economic circumstances since entering the United States of J-1 status.

J-2 Employment: Dependent Work Authorization

For J-2 Dependents only. J-2 dependents can apply for an Employment Authorization Document from USCIS in order to employed in the United States, as long as the purpose of the employment is not to support the J-1 student.

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