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Capstone Scholars

Capstone Fellows

Capstone students who exceed expectations are eligible to become Fellows after their sophomore year, getting recognition and benefits they'll enjoy throughout their time at USC and beyond. 

Apply to be a Capstone Fellow

Applications to be a part of next year's Capstone Fellows cohort will open late in the 2019 spring semester. 

Benefits of Being a Fellow

You can:

  • Include Fellow status on your college transcript. 
  • Continue to apply for travel, research and education grants through Capstone.
  • Wear a Capstone Scholars Fellows honors stole at graduation.
  • Become a part of an expanded professional network.


Capstone has pushed me outside of my comfort zone to do things that I did not believe I was capable of.

Caroline Hannon, Capstone Fellow, 2017 Cohort



To join the ranks of the Capstone Scholars Fellows, you must first be in good standing with our program. If you missed a requirement deadline, you must make up that requirement by the appropriate deadline the following semester in order to retain your good standing. If you are unsure of your status, please contact your consultant or email our front desk

Capstone Scholars Requirements

  • Complete UNIV 101 (or other approved course) with a “B” or better during your first semester.
  • Complete your Capstone Consultation requirement for each semester.
  • Actively participate in one service event each semester.
  • Select and pursue a personal challenge each semester.
  • Attend at least one additional Capstone Scholars event per academic year.
    • Only the events posted through our calendar count towards this requirement. 

Academic and Conduct Criteria

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Be in good conduct standing with the University.

Additional University Engagements

  • Attend at least one beyond the classroom event or experience in which you engaged with diverse perspectives.
    • This experience must be completed during your first two years at the University of South Carolina.
    • Examples include: diversity dialogues, multicultural events, international events, or Tunnel of Awareness, etc.
    • For other ideas, search the Graduation with Leadership Distinction Enhancement Experience Database.
  • Interact with faculty through experiences such as Out-to-Lunch, meeting with them during office hours, or working with them on research.
    • Faculty members cannot be Capstone staff members or U101 instructors.
  • Be an active member of a student organization.

Extensive Beyond the Classroom Experience

  • Complete at least one of the following core experiences:
    • Serve in a leadership position on campus which you applied for, were selected for, and/or elected into (at least one semester).
    • Participate in any credit-bearing study abroad experience that is approved by the University of South Carolina.
    • Conduct undergraduate research (at least one semester).
    • Get an internship, co-op or substantive work experience (12 weeks/ 240 hours or more).
    • Take a 3-credit hour service learning class.
  • Present your own experience as a Capstone Scholar at the Fellows Colloquium the fall of your junior year. Criteria for this presentation will be sent during the summer after your application.