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Campus Recreation

Equipment Area Rules

The following rules and etiquette guidelines can help you prevent injury, focus on your workout and protect your membership.

General Rules and Etiquette

Follow staff instructions and practice courtesy toward others at all times. Participants failing to adhere to the the rules will be asked to leave the facility.

  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older to use the weight and fitness rooms. Anyone who is under 18 years of age is not allowed in the weight and fitness rooms.
  • Place all personal items in day use lockers. Facility is not responsible for lost/stolen items.
  • Appropriate athletic attire is required in the Strength and Conditioning Room. Full-backed, unaltered t-shirts, shorts, warm-up suits, sweat suits, and closed-toe athletic footwear are required work-out attire. No Crocs, Scrubs, water shoes, sandals, open-toe shoes, hard-soled shoes, string tank tops, cut-off tank tops, mesh tank tops, jeans, pants with visible zippers, damaging buttons or anything that compromises the safety of the weight room are prohibited
  • Intermittent clean-up may occur at any time during operations for safety/sanitary reasons.
  • Personal radios are not permitted without headphones.
  • Activity area closes 15 minutes before building closes.
  • Patrons should use extreme caution in lifting weights to avoid potential injuries to themselves or others.
  • All weight training should be performed in a controlled, safe manner. Dropping, slamming, or bouncing of weights (both with free weights or sectionalized weight training equipment) is prohibited.
  • Use of equipment other than its designed function is prohibited. No exercises may be done while standing on the exercise benches.
  • Patrons unfamiliar with the operation of any of the exercise machines or weight equipment should contact the staff member on duty for assistance.
  • All equipment must remain in the area it was placed. Do not move benches or equipment from their designated place.
  • DO NOT perform overhead or squat exercises outside of the squat racks.
  • Spotters are recommended on all free weight and heavy machine exercises. Please provide your own spotter or ask for assistance from the Strength and Conditioning staff member on duty.
  • Weight collars (plate restraining devices) are required for the free weight area.
  • Weight belts may damage equipment, please remove or cover appropriately during use of equipment with pads.
  • DO NOT drop weight plates, weight stacks or dumbbells. Use a weight that you can safely lower to the floor.
  • All equipment must be returned to appropriate racks when finished. Including free weights, collars, dumbbells, pads, bars and benches. All free weight equipment must be kept in the free weight area. Weights left out are a safety hazard, as well as, an inconvenience to others.
  • The use of chalk is prohibited.
  • Weights and bars of any kind should not lean up against the walls, pillars, equipment, or mirrors.
  • Users should immediately report any injury or facility equipment irregularity to the staff member on duty. Patrons are responsible for checking equipment prior to each use. Broken or damaged equipment must be reported immediately.
  • Please wipe sweat off equipment after use with the fitness wipes that are provided. They are not for personal use.
  • Profanity or excessively loud or suggestive language will not be tolerated.
  • Improper behavior is prohibited and subject to immediate disciplinary actions. Disregard for any rules/regulations, posted guidelines, or verbal directions provided by the attendant may result in expulsion from the facility and loss of facility privileges.
  • Apparel changes should be restricted to locker room facilities.
  • Joggers-Inside Lane
  • Walkers-Outside Lane
  • Spiked shoes prohibited
  • Place all personal items in day use lockers
  • The jogging/walking direction will be rotated daily. Please follow the posted direction.
  • Stretching is allowed in designated areas only.
  • For safety purposes, no loitering is allowed on the track surface.
  • Observation of basketball activity should take place from the lower level.
  • Please do not stop on the jogging/walking track to observe the lower level courts.
  • Apparel changes should be restricted to locker room facilities.

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