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College of Social Work

BSW Student Spotlight: Karlee Lambert

Why did you want to study and pursue a career in social work?

“My mom has worked in hospice my whole life. When my great-grandmother and grandfather died, they were both on hospice, and we had social workers in both situations. I watched and interacted with them and that inspired me to study social work.” 

What do you find most fulfilling about your experiences at the College of Social Work?

“It’s knowing that at the end of the day you will hopefully make an impact on someone, even if it’s small. I also feel there's more diversity within the college compared to the rest of the university. It’s fulfilling to be around a diverse group of students.”

Is there a class that has had a significant impact on your social work studies?

“The diversity class I took last semester with Dr. (Sudie) Nallo. The topics were eye opening and made me think outside the box of all my experiences. That class definitely left an impression on me.” 

Has the College of Social Work helped develop your social work passions and interests? 

“I wanted to work with older adults when I first started, but my path has changed. Now, I'm interested in the inequalities of childhood and education based off class and race and learning more towards school social work.”

What advice would you give to someone interested in studying and pursuing a career in social work?

“Do a lot of self-care, especially during the pandemic.  Also, when I tell people that social work is my career choice, some may say that I won’t make a lot of money. You need to be a strong person when you hear this. Don't let others’ opinions about social work discourage you from staying in the program and pursuing a career.” 

Based on your experiences at the College of Social Work and the field program, how would you respond to someone who only thinks social workers work at DSS and take children away from families?

“When people say that, I talk about the positives of social workers and what they do. This includes comforting families when someone is dying, working at hospitals in trauma situations, and help in prisons and with criminal justice reforms. Most people don’t realize all of the positive contributions of social workers.” 

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