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Setting up Direct Deposit, Pay Schedule, & iTAMS Instructions

Revised: 8/8/2018

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is MANDATORY for all USC employees (part-time as well as full-time). Please visit these instructions to set up your banking information.

This Payroll page will have instructions as well as answers to some questions you may have. There is a link to the VIP page where you will set up your direct deposit. But you can always go directly to the VIP page following the steps below.

  1. Go to VIP
  2. Click on “EMPLOYMENT”
  3. Click on “SHOW ME: Payroll Direct Deposit”

Add your personal banking info as requested, save and log out. Should you change banks while employed with USC, go back to this site to change the information.

For income tax reporting, please keep your home address updated with the USC Payroll Office so that your W-2 can be sent to the correct address at the end of the calendar year.

** If you fail to sign up for Direct Deposit as instructed, your check will be held at the USC Payroll Department located at 1600 Hampton Street, 7th floor, suite 721. You will have to go there to pick it up; at which time you will have to complete the direct deposit form so carry a blank/voided check and an ID with you.**

Pay periods: All USC employees are paid on the 15th and the last day of the month.

View the pay schedule on the Payroll website. There will be at least a 2-week lag in your pay since you are an hourly employee. We do not get check stubs, but you can access your pay stubs in VIP under the Employment tab.

Instructions for entering hours worked into iTAMS

In order for you to get paid, you MUST enter your hours and SUBMIT them weekly via ITAMS — the University’s time keeping application. (If your supervisor will be entering time on your behalf — please disregard.)

  • On the USC Website, you will need to go to Payroll Toolbox.
  • Under Training Guides, click on “For Student and Hourly Employees” (This is a PDF that will walk you through the process of entering your time into iTAMS.)

Please enter your hours for each week & submit it for approval, no later than noon the following Monday.

To enter your hours:

LOGIN using your Network ID (usually your email address to the left of the @) and corresponding password.

*** If you receive a message that your SSN / Network ID / USC ID/ etc. is not recognized or is invalid or not activated, then you are not completely in the Payroll system yet. It is very likely that nothing is wrong. Just try again in a couple of days. You will be able to ‘go back in time’ and record hours worked on the correct day in ITAMS, as long as that day does not precede your effective (hire) date. All student hires have to be verified & approved by the Graduate School before going on to the Payroll Office.***


  • Be sure to select the correct Report Period Ending date (the work week runs from Sunday to Saturday)
  • Add your time by entering the number of hours you worked each day. (If you do not work one day, leave that day blank. If you do not work a week, do not record hours or submit a blank timesheet for that week.)
  • When finished entering hours for the week click “SAVE.”
    **NOTE: No student employee is allowed to work over 15 hrs./wk in total during the Fall & Spring semesters or over 29 hrs. /wk. during the Summer when not enrolled in summer courses.
  • When you are sure you will not need to make any changes, click “Send for Approval”. Your supervisor’s name should appear in a dialog box, click “SEND”. (This step MUST be done in order for your time to be approved in-house and then forwarded on to the Payroll Department for pay out.)
    **NOTE: If you do not submit your timesheet for approval, or it is not approved once submitted … You will not be paid for those hours.
  • Once you have submitted your timesheet for approval, that particular week is locked, and you will not be able to go back into it. If you discover that you made a mistake in entering your time, you should get in touch with your supervisor as soon as possible. (A supervisor will be able to unlock that particular reporting week and correct it for you.) Do not submit weeks ahead of time — they will be rejected.
  • Log out and you are finished with time entry.
  • If you get a message about your time sheet not being approved or submitted, check to make sure you have submitted it. Otherwise check with your supervisor to make sure they have approved your time sheet.